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How To Fix Your Asus ZenWatch 2 Smartwatch charging problem ll shat rong

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For those of you having trouble charging your ZenWatch 2's there is a simple answer. The contacts on the watch are in constant contact with your skin. It is impossible not to get skin oils on the contacts. I ordered the charging stand and still had problems with the watch kicking in to charge. I got a box of q-tips and a bottle of denatured alcohol and the problem is solved for good. Dampen a q-tip with the alcohol and then press the q-tip to get rid of the excess alcohol. Brush both the watch contacts and the charger contacts with the q-tip. Use a dry q-tip to get rid of the excess alcohol on both the watch contacts and the charger contacts. After this it will make the charging connection every time. Hope this helps. (Caution do not use the q-tip dripping wet with Alcohol. Squeeze the excess out before you apply it to the watch or charger contacts.) plz plz plz subscribe my channel fb : https://www.facebook.com/gopalkarmokerofficial/
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Prakash G (1 month ago)
Hi, My watch screen becomes white while charging after some time it got overheated within 10 mins. Do I need to change my battery? If I have to please give me a battery link to buy one.
Fallen Virtue Games (6 months ago)
Thanks! My Zenwatch 2 was being stubborn, had to fiddle with it in order for it to charge. I put some alcohol on the Q-tip, squeezed it, and rubbed it, dried it with the other, dry end of the Q-tip, and boila! Zenwatch is charging again! Thanks a lot! (btw, this I did without opening the Zenwatch, not sure why or what is going on in the video, but thankfully you had a good description)
mfe1896 (8 months ago)
Hello nice video I have question my watch shows nothing but a black screen no lightning bolt icon while on charger.. it just vibrate when I connect to charger will this fix work and what size screwdriver did you use thanks
Surender Agastya (6 months ago)
mfe1896 Just try to rub both the 4 points end of charging point from pencil eraser and try. If still not working, may be battery completely discharged due to non use. You have to ignite battery with 5 V for few seconds, then immediately charge normally. Battery should be ignited and should be charging normally as usual.

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