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13 Smartphone Gadgets that will Blow you away.

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13 Gadgets that will completely change how you use your smartphone (Android or iPhone)! They can all be bought from Amazon: Mini iRoller: US: https://amzn.to/2LkhxPH Worldwide (Close Alternative): http://bit.ly/2swGm3B LED Charging Cable: US: https://amzn.to/2LmuNTL UK: https://amzn.to/2kJkwWq Worldwide (Close Alternative): http://bit.ly/2JcpFVP Marshall Major 3 Bluetooth: Worldwide: http://bit.ly/2xEgSGw Easy Macro: US: https://amzn.to/2LmxTav UK: https://amzn.to/2J7F5KO Divoom Tivoo: US: https://amzn.to/2swbZuh UK: https://amzn.to/2kKO1XO Worldwide: http://bit.ly/2J9KhxT Charging Station: US: https://amzn.to/2Jfnv3v UK: https://amzn.to/2J9k7eL Phone and Pen Stand: US: https://amzn.to/2JbbjEY UK: https://amzn.to/2stS3Z8 Earphone wrap: US: https://amzn.to/2xFwjyh UK: https://amzn.to/2kNyoyS Worldwide (Close alternative): http://bit.ly/2kSMOxD Remote Shutter: US: https://amzn.to/2Ju4QEo UK: https://amzn.to/2J7IR6W Worldwide (Close Alternative): http://bit.ly/2Hml5hF iON Wireless Charger: US: https://amzn.to/2LmEXE3 Air Blower: US: https://amzn.to/2LWTHdG UK: https://amzn.to/2JaTK88 Worldwide (close alternative): http://bit.ly/2LjQpjJ Headphone Splitter: US: https://amzn.to/2J7pT09 3-in-1 Lens kit: US: https://amzn.to/2J7JNZ0 Worldwide: http://bit.ly/2syj0L5 😄 Subscribe (IT'S FREE) 😄 : https://goo.gl/pLg6fE It would make my day if you could also follow me on: 🌈 Instagram: https://goo.gl/OUqBBa 🐦 Twitter: https://goo.gl/EFhwqL 😊 Facebook: https://goo.gl/Aluzl1 Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: Amazon US: https://goo.gl/3yS2aP Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/gvrsGZ Thanks to Marshall for Sponsoring this video! This has in no way affected any opinions given My Filming Gear: https://goo.gl/5HKrBp
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Text Comments (973)
Yahya Shams (5 hours ago)
5:19 Hey Boss The Charging spelling is wrong here!!
Amy Sandal (7 hours ago)
love your room sooo much. it is soooooo creative.
Ruslan Umarov (1 day ago)
My mind is not blowed
AHMAD Husain (1 day ago)
Nothing blew my mind...
I Love Speed Tests (2 days ago)
I’ll take one of everything in this video!!!
Shachar Petrushka (4 days ago)
thanks for not wasting (too much) of my time
Jack Bell (4 days ago)
This video was great. I love the fast paced style and good recommendations. No BS. No weird endorsement. Love it.
Jerry Yao (5 days ago)
Your channel should be renamed as Unbox Therapy. Just saying.
Prakash Sapkota (5 days ago)
Omg I am blown away. Such a click bait
Pikapanda (5 days ago)
I'm not blown away
tamarin (6 days ago)
I think i need 'em but i really just want 'em. XD
ailin sweetx (6 days ago)
Background music at 1.99
Manjunath Sherigar (6 days ago)
I like your cap
Tuur Van Rostenberghe (6 days ago)
Nothing blew me away xd
Jason Roberts (6 days ago)
Outstanding vid.
Chevoy Peart (6 days ago)
None of these blew me away....I'm disappointed 🤐
Zohaib Baqi (6 days ago)
zizak143 (7 days ago)
The one you say is a self explanatory one, but then you go, and completely mess up saying what it is and whats it used for... It's for flushing your guts when you wanna ride that d*ck
Noah George (7 days ago)
Middle recession lightly violate course train battery they happiness diet there
Old Fokker (7 days ago)
Great vid.
Abdur Rahman Patwary (9 days ago)
please can u make a review on Marshal major 3
Magic Wooter (9 days ago)
GOLDEN BIRD (9 days ago)
Don't wanna get blown tho!!!
Blaze Clarke (10 days ago)
Amazing how much your channel has grown in such a short time. I've been subbed for a while, and I remember being amazed that such an amazingly well put together channel could have so little subscribers. Was only a matter of time 😉
Reymart Abude (10 days ago)
I love me some gajicks! Oh wrong channel
DrDerpington (10 days ago)
Actually enjoy watching your videos, keep up the awesome work 👍
Supra 2jz For life (10 days ago)
Expensive stuff
TIlak Sevak (10 days ago)
I liked the Marshall headphones ))
Lisandro Reynoso (10 days ago)
For the last issue you mentioned: use your LG G7... ...huh seems like you haven't reviewed it yet :(
Well the roller you said one wipe but you went forward then backwards then you went to give it another roll but changed your mind. So my question is one wipe or 3
The Batman (11 days ago)
wouldnt keep earphones next to keys due to hygene issues with keys but on a purse or backpack sure
Jackson Scott (12 days ago)
20 dollars to wipe off a phone. lol.
This is the kind of unboxing which deserves a like a subscribe.Simple.
NEKOXP_VG (12 days ago)
This is so good, you need to do a whole series of these like maybe once a month.
GiraffeStrafe (12 days ago)
Can u do these types of videos always? I like the way u unbox it in front of us everytime
HaShEm XD (12 days ago)
leigh richardson (12 days ago)
If none of these tempt me you owe me 10 pounds
leigh richardson (12 days ago)
That double jack thing nearly got me but meh no thanks. Not tempted
Justas Senetas (12 days ago)
none of them blew me away, used adblock, disliked the video
Sir Kim (13 days ago)
What is the wallpaper very lit btw
Joshua Gregory (13 days ago)
I like the red light will it control Netflix. I watch a lot of Netflix at work on my phone
Badu M. (13 days ago)
Produkt Placement
Gamer Technology (13 days ago)
I want some of those but can't afford any of them. Lol
Detr0y (13 days ago)
I rly need that cahrger
Learn Animation (14 days ago)
Brother you remember me
what phone do you use daily
Shivam Tiwari (14 days ago)
Great video some great gadget.
Mahin Ahnab (14 days ago)
Felix Egger (14 days ago)
I swear i never saw an video for smartphone gadgets that was so straight to the point and not boring at all. I really like the style of your editing its literally just so nice to watch.
ImPikachu Gaming (14 days ago)
Kinda like the Marshall headphones and the Tivoo! At first I thought it was a MINI TV!
Speedracer124 (14 days ago)
Those look like PewDiePie's lighting shape thingies in your room xD.
Samuel Burton (15 days ago)
5:19 typo for charger, just so your aware Arun ^^
Aviraj Korde (15 days ago)
Who liked the video before even watching it?😂😂
International one (15 days ago)
I love it
Stergios Aspros (15 days ago)
A bunch of overpriced stuff, thanks but no thanks
Hi guys *fk gaming therapy * is best
*fk gaming therapy * is best
Achim Torok (15 days ago)
Very nice "cahrgers" 😂😂😂👍
damolin77 (15 days ago)
Super impressed by the video Arun thank you and I just broke a good headset and that Marshall set looks sweet Keep up the awesome work bro
rkoyou (15 days ago)
Thanks for your video man ! very informative :) Does the Marshall headphone sound very good , clear voice, treble and strong bass? I never use Marshall before as it is selling quite expensive at my place here Malaysia. Hows the brand headphone sound quality if compared to Sony, JBL, Beats?
Tech Chi (15 days ago)
Kitna mm ka lens use karte ho 🤔
damianhbk1 (15 days ago)
Thank you for the work you put into your videos. Would you mind telling me the brand of ear buds that are shown in this video? Thank you! I enjoy the content and value you bring!
richard lopez (15 days ago)
Nicely done...
Poonam Aggarwal (15 days ago)
Love from india
Gurpreet Goopz (15 days ago)
I like earphone wrap
PCM (15 days ago)
Wat wallpaper does he use in the thumbnail?
Zain Ishaq (15 days ago)
The link you have to the remote shutter is different than what you show in the video. Is it possible to update the link?
Dildacorn (15 days ago)
There needs to be a headphone splitter with a mini amp built in so you can push more power to two IEMs.
HallowDeath (15 days ago)
So when are the robots taking over Earth?
Captain Pudsey (15 days ago)
The style of video cuts on this channel reminds me so much of how to basic...
Håvard Heggdal (15 days ago)
Love the wide angle cam on my LG G6.
MohammadFaisal TECH (15 days ago)
headphones was the best gadgets given its look
mustard roshi (15 days ago)
This is awesome make your videos like this from now on so simple yet beautifully presented
TEK ZONE (15 days ago)
The gadget are soo cool bro. Nice work done
Abdullah Kashif (15 days ago)
If that tivoo had google assistant,I would've baught it by now!!!
Game Play (16 days ago)
which ending song do you use?
Dinesh Kumar (16 days ago)
Those Marshall Headphones
Haysham Tc (16 days ago)
Cosmin Rotaru (16 days ago)
I like your videos and decided to subscribe. You don't need the click bait titles though. I almost missed this video because of the title.
MR.AwESomE ! (16 days ago)
Does the ION Wireless charger work for all ios and android phones or for the phones which support wireless charging??? By the way great video
Rahul Banerjee (16 days ago)
Mewhosetheboss, you should mention that the links you've provided are affiliate links! The one from Marshall for example has this at the end of the URL: major-iii-bluetooth?flushcart=true&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=influencer_placement&utm_campaign=major-iii-bt_unboxing&utm_content=mrwhosetheboss How are we to trust you that this wasn't sponsored content?
brr.its.cold (16 days ago)
These Casey Neistat edits are so cringy
yuwaraj nathan (16 days ago)
Love ur room too ...
J. M. Pérez (16 days ago)
Why wasn't I blown away? Not even a scratch. Wasn't impressed at all.
socrayhte (16 days ago)
That unboxing knife #IWANT
Clement Siby (16 days ago)
Editing + Room setup
Sharad Srivastava (16 days ago)
You look like Guru Randhawa
Scarface (16 days ago)
Man your editing is fucking incredible.....
Asakur Tariq (16 days ago)
Some of them are really useful. But I don't think that I'll buy a keyring that cost 15$.
Patryk Czaja (16 days ago)
Hi pal, none of these blew my mind. Best Regards
Adriel Syiemlieh (16 days ago)
Cool accent man!😀
Chemy Torres (16 days ago)
I found here a couple of good ones. Already have the Giotto
Suman Chaulagain (16 days ago)
Those items are life savers🤣🤣🤣
Arjun Pro (16 days ago)
Bro pls charger not cahrger
David hunsinger (16 days ago)
I kind of find these kinds of videos to be stale, no offense.
Hassan Sheikh (16 days ago)
5:19 Wireless Carhger :P
Janelee Keller (16 days ago)
Fun - Interesting - Useful - Thanks 😊👍. JL ^_^. 🔔
Rahul ji (16 days ago)
Mister who is the boss 😁obviously me
Gaming for Life (16 days ago)
Your room is😍
Skill Squad (16 days ago)

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