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YouTube Processing: Explained!

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How YouTube processing works and why it's important! More "Explained" videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6566A39B68523E18 Computerphile video worth watching: https://youtu.be/OqQk7kLuaK4 More on adaptive bitrate streaming: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adaptive_bitrate_streaming Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20 Intro Track: Deadmau5 - Slow Down, Start Over ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MKBHD http://instagram.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (2371)
shooky 99 (1 day ago)
Processing !!!!! okay i get it :) thanks love this video
Iris J. (2 days ago)
Literally takes 4 hrs for a 30 mins video for me
Damn Skulls (10 days ago)
Very useful to know
1Hour OfLove (23 days ago)
My video is "uploaded".  Yet it has not been processed.   YT says to "refresh" the page.  What does that mean?  It's been + 24 hours already.
Ghost gamer Wolf (1 month ago)
This makes a lot of sense thanks a lot
vislionM (1 month ago)
This man really knows! Thanks bro! Made me ease down for a bit, my uploads are sometimes so slow..
Jesus Hernandez vids (1 month ago)
mine is 2160 p
One time it start to 144p but first time it got stuck at 95% for 7 mins
James Watson (1 month ago)
How long does it take for a 3 plus hour psvr livestream to upload to youtube/my channel?
algo (1 month ago)
how long will a two hour 1080p 60fps video take to process? :S
Cedes Foster (2 months ago)
Thank you for the easy answer! 👍🏽 🐥🙂💙
VION (2 months ago)
I uploaded a 4K video, but the highest resolution is 1440p. It's been 7 hours and still hasn't see the 2160p resolution. Why. ?
elbrasilero 000 (2 months ago)
Thanks very well explained!
Muhammed Yaseen (2 months ago)
ROY (2 months ago)
Your old hairstyle is really cringey 😂
BMU arik (3 months ago)
thanks for this information
MODERN FLEX (3 months ago)
my latest video i add snow particles, when i finished the render and watched it locally it looked brilliant, but when i posted to youtube a lot of data was lost, making the video look really pixelated when the particles become more intense. anyone know a way around this?
THERESE OSORIO (3 months ago)
What happens if mine gets stuck at 54% ?? Will it still upload the video??
Harv 55 (3 months ago)
My vid took 24 hours to upload. And it is still going
Randy Eubanks (3 months ago)
Why? when I really try to be nice! you guys delete me for something political! Again why ! when you sell yourself as a channel where all are welcome you are not so much as welcome but as long as you agree with You! Not very nice! need develop another channel withou
Jay Kewalramani (3 months ago)
i watched it in full 4K
Yolanda Watson (3 months ago)
Holy shit! Thanks so much for this. I just started uploading videos here on Youtube and I was honestly super confused, haha. This was super helpful :D
Shari (3 months ago)
Mine keep saying it's uploaded and when i go to video manager it shows it but it's empty and it isn't on my channel
Jesse Cs (3 months ago)
How long ????
LookAtMe (4 months ago)
i've been processing for more than 12 hours. its a 4hrs long stream.
Gamer boy (4 months ago)
My video stuck at processing dont know why is it happening... Never happened before. My previous videos were uploaded without any problem. But now when trying to upload same video it is not processing again and again it is uploading...
patricia friedson (4 months ago)
Hi, this question is not exactly about processing, but you seem like you really understand you tube, so i hope you can help me. I sent a comment to someone. I never received any replies from that comment, but when i listened to the song again, i saw a little blue number 3 next to reply by my comment. What does that mean? Thank You very much. p.s. The processing video is very well-explained!
Hi MKBHD, Very useful, thanks. Great work. Nick
Sulfen (4 months ago)
This video doesn't show an option for 2160p.
Conkay (4 months ago)
RGFY (5 months ago)
I'm Going 4K Resolution Guys, My Eyes Will Melt With Awesomeness My Router Will Catch Fire My PC Will Explode This Is Gonna Be Awesome After Video: Well....Not As Great As I Thought It Would Be
Dragn_ ice (5 months ago)
Thanks for the info.... that does help make sense
Mandala Addict (5 months ago)
Heyy any subscribers want to support each others , subscriibee and i will subscribe back 💙💙 let a comment if you did 💎
twaye30 (6 months ago)
thank you
Jabroney (6 months ago)
Thanks for making this video, it really helped answer some questions i had about my own videos.. was confused why sometimes my playback would look much worse than the original file i uploaded.. turns out i probably just need a faster internet connection lol
Peter Wicks (6 months ago)
load a thing on this site, keeps saying there is a error not a single vid will load
Robyn Charles (7 months ago)
... please explain your t-shirt.... I'm trying to figure it out .. like a puzzle?
TheCultChick (7 months ago)
The *thumbs down* , under comments, used to show numbered hits...then it changed to take away from the thumbs up hits, (on comments), now it doesn't do shit...way to go YouTube...fucking bad format as usual! Should have left our formats like they were 9 years ago! When YOUTUBE formats kicked ass! YOUTUBE kicked ass over any site 9 years ago....slowly it became controlled and not what their viewers wanted...then they sold out to bigbrother! Then it became *THEIRTUBE*
Ayrton Tapias (7 months ago)
Thanks !!!!!
Renee Sullins (7 months ago)
A great, informative, articulate video to explain this to a non-computer geek. Thanks!
Leyah Cheney (7 months ago)
Is it supposed to take that long?
Leyah Cheney (7 months ago)
Wait but my 4 min vid has been processing for almost 3 hours! Is it
Plexversal (7 months ago)
i pressed 4k and my router caught on fire!
Vinayak Maraj (7 months ago)
Yeah and YouTube's playback issue doesn't allow me to watch 60 fps videos on my Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 inches
Phil Schroeder (7 months ago)
Marques, you rock! Great video.
kerry brunker (7 months ago)
when i look for youtube editor it not there don't work
Alana Flynn (7 months ago)
Thanks for the explanation! Easy and makes sense!
Elizabeth Molineux (7 months ago)
You just consolidated a lot of fuzzy half-knowledge in my brain. Delightfully articulate and informative video - thank you! I'm off to see what else you talk about now :)
4m subs good job
D R Production Manali (8 months ago)
Omkar Muley (8 months ago)
This video is made so good!
Priyo M (8 months ago)
8k now
Wow, your video quality is crazy good. What camera do you use? Must be a really high end one :O
I am on YouTube but it says error preparing upload and I don't make it in I just did a video and it doesn't work is it says error preparing upload
Ryze 2Prime (9 months ago)
finished uploading a 11gb video which is 50mins long took 5 hours to render on Vegas and 3 hours to upload now it says 10% processing ad it hasn't uploaded sigh*
Chaz Downs (9 months ago)
awesome thanks for the info
WaaiaFNC (9 months ago)
your hands are enormous
Jesulayomi Agunbiade (10 months ago)
It didn't help. My video has been uploading for a week. Y???!!!
66lwmorgan (10 months ago)
When I add text to my description it pops up saying my description is to long, What's up with that and how do I add to my description? Thank you
Miguel_Dominic (10 months ago)
my video says we're processing this video. check back later. this happened after I tried to trim a video. what does this mean?
Trey Bullock (11 months ago)
Why do processing take so long ?
Rosa Maria Vidal (11 months ago)
How I can pre-process my videos? to save time? My videos seems to be very heavy and it takes forever.
Average Gabriel (11 months ago)
I have one quick question. When people vlog, do they use handbreak to reduce the file size or nah
Kuat Sidik (1 year ago)
n!K Ree (1 year ago)
boy, I'm stuck. uploaded video length 105 mins via mobile but now it's not showing on video list when I go to mobile app, it's showing video rejected and in desktop it's showing processing video
Nick Quiroz (1 year ago)
anyone help...plz I am new to this and I am trying to stream gameplay and stuff...I tried uploading to youtube from my legato and when it finished it said unable to process ...reason why unauthorized. need help?????
Isabella Ruth (1 year ago)
My 25 minute video has been "preparing" for 12 hours now it's taking forever
Isabella Ruth (1 year ago)
Is there any way to fix this or speed it up? Will it ever upload?
CarderDusk2 (1 year ago)
Ok so I can't even watch this video or any video in fact but it'll let me see the comments and post comments and see videos on my page but every time I click on one it keeps saying "something went wrong try again" and I thought it was my Internet so I disconnected and reconnected but that didn't work so I tried turning my device on and off but it still didn't work so I tried to watch it on my phone but it's the same thing with my phone!!! Can someone please help me?!
Shah Rehman (1 year ago)
the black hokage sent me
Jams Only (1 year ago)
My video has been queued , now it's been an hour still not over , it's a video i made with a program, i joined clips and added music , also it's only 3 minutes ,, what should i do ?!!!!
Stone (1 year ago)
stuck at 0%. help.
great video that explains a lot it really helps
Pastel Ramen (1 year ago)
my processing is stuck on 0% im very worried, do i just need to be patient or is it the file?
True fans watch mkbhd in 144p
Hailie Rzeszut (1 year ago)
mines been processing for 4 days, its "preparing upload" not even on a percentage. Help please? I need to get this video up fast! I tried re uploading many times.
CDFV (1 year ago)
I think you forgot to talk about the auto mode on YouTube videos
YONGEASY (1 year ago)
Please shout out my account please
Master Sylgeek92 (1 year ago)
what book anyone suggest to built good foundation in technology?
blueredgreenroses (1 year ago)
Thanks! Really puts things in perspective for me! For the record it really is impressive how we have reached 2160P on YouTube, never realized I was watching content at 2160! . I have only just uploaded my first video but when you started changing the quality's I was in awe! 2160P is crystal clear its amazing.
Free Range Cheese (1 year ago)
I enjoyed this video in 144p!! My US Robotics 56.6k serial modem is also my space heater!
Linzey Terry (1 year ago)
Hello I have a question. How can I improve my YouTube videos with just a iPad?
Kaenicole (1 year ago)
Thought he was ganna help me fix the glitch 😒
Mr Robokid (1 year ago)
Yeah my process is stuck on 68%
Jack Vlogs (6 months ago)
Omega YT me too
Gaming With Jay-Bro (9 months ago)
mine is at 48%
Swift PG3D (9 months ago)
CraftBoy24 Craftboy24GD yup 95%
SparkShark101 (10 months ago)
Mr Robokid mine = 95%
Trey Bullock (11 months ago)
Mr Robokid I'm uploading now and mines stuck on 27%
Frank Rizzo (1 year ago)
Nigga, you so sharp I just cut myself.
NeonDragon1989 (1 year ago)
we need some laughing track cuz u pranked me with that fookin buffering effect it was funny as fuck. kill me
DuckCrouchSneakGaming (1 year ago)
Very informative, thank you!
Ed Rodriguez (1 year ago)
great explanation... i don't like the whole processing thing but at least i understand it now and know why it's important..
Clash With Willy (1 year ago)
hey can anyone help me , i made my first video for my channel on premier pro and its 9 min 34 sec long and 613 mb in size .should i upload this video like this or should i compress this using handbrake or other software and then upload the video ,
Antondi (1 year ago)
cant watch on 4k while uploading...shit internet...1440p is just so bad
Ten Hour Guy (1 year ago)
Um... okay. I'll just wait for these thumbnails to download.
Philip Kawik (1 year ago)
yo my youtube vid says 0% uploaded is there something i have to do?
Ms zSwazy (1 year ago)
i thought my youtube froze, lol
E M R A N (1 year ago)
How to compres any video without decrease the quality of video
Syed Vaneeza (1 year ago)
wow what a record 😉😊
PEZ- GAMING (1 year ago)
Mine says process 95% for hours
Tarmius (1 year ago)
y u no mention 144p 😭😭😭
Owen Cook (1 year ago)
I have recorded vlogs in 1080p with my new gopro and on the editing software, looks great! but on youtube, it looks so crap!
watching at 480p
hiJgame (1 year ago)
thx man you help me
Love your video! We have uploaded a video from my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It says 100% uploaded but never starts processing. We've cleared the cache on my Samsung and have the latest update and it still won't start processing. Do you have advice on what to do?

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