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Apple CEO Tim Cook: Exclusive interview

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In an exclusive TV interview, CNNMoney's Laurie Segall asks Apple CEO Tim Cook about privacy, regulation, and the future of humanity's relationship with technology.
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Aaron Keogh (2 hours ago)
Is he trying to look like Paul O’Grady?
Elvis Paul (1 day ago)
Wow, it’s nice to hear that Apple is embracing immigration.
Elvis Paul (1 day ago)
I love the fact that Apple respects privacy so much. ❤️
ARCHER studios (2 days ago)
tim cook looks like steve jobs from behind
KillYourTV9000 (3 days ago)
It would be interesting to measure and compare the IQ of iphone users and the android users. Years ago there was a similar research that reported that Firefox/Chrome users are generally smarter than Internet Explorer users.
Maurice B. (3 days ago)
"Every generation should advance human rights"
MYVEDIO.COM (4 days ago)
I want to become CEO.
Jack Dolah (5 days ago)
Laurie is so gorgeous as fuck
kchoi345 (5 days ago)
apple sux
Zeus Space (6 days ago)
Best for humanity... Like patenting every peanut that comes out of the apple hq so only they can bring the good stuff to some privileged ones in a ecosystem surrounded by mountains while suing every company trying to bring the stuff to a more general community... Every word of his is a two sided blade... Endorse creativity and humanity... Look at their OS, humanity is individuality, but still they keep you in strict boundaries with least possible amount of customization to keep it 'simple' but humans aren't that way Even though his words were inspiring and the questions were typical American apple polishing, you always gotta keep the greater context in sight
gepatv (7 days ago)
Senior tech corespondent ? a complacent interview ... why not ask any question on the Mac ... no hardware update, will they leave Intel, the state of the professional market for Apple ... no tech question except how she is worried to find out how much time she is spending on Pinterest 🙄
Ravi Sorathiya (8 days ago)
I thought this is a video game clip.
Saganator cx (9 days ago)
Good to see Tim Cook isn’t an SJW when it comes to LGBT rights. Level headed man. Well done.
thebadness (9 days ago)
funny he still doesn't mention privacy violations that apple has participated in when they decided to comply with an illegal subpoena issued by an illegal fisa court.
fAhIm Jk (9 days ago)
Great.. Tim cook The man who highly deserve Apple after Steve jobs
Gamer Lycan (10 days ago)
Fuck this interviewer. Plaguing Tim with bullshit politcal questions to push her political agendas.
Israel Oliveira (10 days ago)
21:53 Pretty, pretty awesome this question😁
Pilgrim's Progress (10 days ago)
It's the Apps that make it addicting and the fact it has a screen. I think they should implement a simple phone screen that can stay in call mode that won't use much screen brightness, so it can simply be used as a phone. I keep my phone off most the time. I truly think apple should have simple phone. One that you can hold up to your ear knowing that it's not bringing radiation to your skull. It could be a companion to the smart for or replacement. Ultra low power mode low emf mode would be the singular best innovation that would help people be more healthy in their digital life. Not just tracking activity but actually changing it by design with modes that help in that. We see this in car mode. There should be a child mode as well. Tracking activity also means more data gathering more battery usage. Both are downsides for users. Ultra low power mode and Simple phone modes would be the best innovations for helping humans be less addicted to their phones.
Ian Murphy (10 days ago)
Tim Cook spoke very well in this interview. Impressive.
Ahmed Saad Eddin (10 days ago)
abulhasan murshed (10 days ago)
That's why I love apple. They really care about us:)
Andy (10 days ago)
If you start your setence with 'I mean'. You don't deserve to be on TV.
Jay Shank (11 days ago)
well the thinking about screen time was copying android P.
joshx413 (11 days ago)
This interview was trash! The interviewer was a divisive POS! How about stay on topic instead of attempting to further divide people. This was a TECH interview, meant to talk about WWDC. NOT A FUCKIN POLITICAL INTERVIEW!
EverythingPro😎 (11 days ago)
Tim answered every question confidently
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Ben O'Keefe (11 days ago)
Was great until Fake News started relentlessly injecting politics. Agenda anyone?
It's Akile (11 days ago)
He's pressing, I wouldn't want to play her on MVCI with auto combos on
Jez Brunatny (11 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pgo65s1R6TM smarthphones addiction a huge problem now holy shit.
Jez Brunatny (11 days ago)
Jez Brunatny (11 days ago)
Alexis Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Horrible interview
The Slogan (12 days ago)
22:07 "I think the data gives you the power and the- you can't- IT DOESN'T LIE" His smirky ass face telsl it all. Apple doesn't share or sell our data, HE SEES IT ALL HIMSELF! Pinche putito puñal.
The interviewer is so charismatic wow. I would never be able tom make questions like that and seem that nice.
Muhammad Darwish (12 days ago)
With all respect to him, but to be fare, boasting so much about humanity while blocking App Store from Iran and always banning it from your services is not humanity. The Islamic Republic of Iran, and its supreme leader has always stayed with the oppressed around the world. They have clear visions regarding Palestine, and have not parked their war ships near the US borders. On the other side, the US has caused several wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, supports the oppressors in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and shows enmity toward us. Apple, as a US company, also cooperates on this oppression, yet talk about humanity. Seems some people's blood is more colourful than ours. With all that being said, don't think we beg for your services. We stand on our own feet and will become tech leaders ourselves one day.
Preethesh D'Souza (12 days ago)
Tim Cook is a great person
bertram gilfoyle (12 days ago)
This kind sounds like action jack barker from silicon valley
everydayfun (12 days ago)
tim cook already ruined Apple if Steve were here he'd be very disappointed on him for not talking the company properly Steve can take of the company better than him R.I.P Steve I wish he didn't die 😭😭
Seth Arvila (12 days ago)
When did you start developing screen time? Tim: Right after Google I/O announces their version
Lexxi (12 days ago)
6:29 there you have it! the slick slip of his "but i told you there can be something embedded in our privacy policy"
Shadi Ramahi (12 days ago)
Please add caption in english
M4st3rm1nd (12 days ago)
moral of the story: delete your facebook account, if you really care about your private data
Jack Lols (12 days ago)
1:43 Like where (Doesn’t want to admit pornhub) *nervous laugh* I don’t want to give you all the apps but just too much 6:45 But this website you were on 3 or 4 times earlier is still tracking what you’re doing (Pornhub)
steven uk1 (12 days ago)
Tim Cook is excellent.
chilrad (12 days ago)
To all complainers, I think it's highly probable that every single one of these questions would have been discussed with and approved by Tim well in advance of the interview and that if she had deviated from the agreed list, he would have called a halt to proceedings, and blacklisted her along with every other CNN journalist from attending all future Apple events. Tim states at 5:14 that he is "not a big fan of regulation" and yet, ironically, that is precisely how Apple regulates its publicity these days.
SluggaRaptor (12 days ago)
I love Apple. Their perspective on privacy is great and their products are amazing to use and at an affordable price to most people. I saw some windows machines with the same specs as iMac Pro going for about 1.5x the price.
David Cares (12 days ago)
At least he is talking about smart immigrants and not MS13.
VibeX MaTxeMa (13 days ago)
woow.... Apple's new way to make money by not letting people USE iPhones..noW!!!
Ironicist (13 days ago)
It's selfish to vote Tim for President. He can contribute more to the world as Apple's CEO than as a president. Historically most presidents don't have a good track record sorry. Even kings of the past only wage wars and conquer other kingdoms. Not that it's bad, some did save people's lives for a better world. But without politics Tim can perform far better under Apple's umbrella.
Tom Tom (13 days ago)
Heres a hard question. Ask Apple if they abide by national law, and refuse to employ gay or transgender staff at the Dubai store...
Tom Tom (13 days ago)
I love that people finally can about privacy... but where the hell were all of you during Bush and Obama???? It took one facebook/ Trump issue to make any of you react???
Chris Hobson (13 days ago)
evil capitalist
The Real1st (13 days ago)
Regardless of my political view or yours. Its amazing to know we have a CEO as powerful as Tim Cook, thats willing to stand up for the rights of its users. Its truly amazing to see someone so inspiring and true to himself standing in the world spotlight for what he believes in. A pretty great role model for the next generation that's for sure. You were a great successor to Steve and he knew you would be, why else would he pick someone like yourself. Hope to have you head this company for the rest of your life as well. Especially now in these stormy moral and ethical technological times. We need someone heading one of the giants with a proper head on his shoulders. And where your morals and ethics are as a human being, I think you're the perfect one to be leading Apple through these "Rough Waters".
UnrealProductions (13 days ago)
Great work how Tim finesses the interviewer out of her politicized questions and gets back on track. No surprise, it’s just CNN being CNN after all.
riccia888 (13 days ago)
worst interviewee ever
carmelito de jesus (13 days ago)
i still love tim cook❤️
carmelito de jesus (13 days ago)
and i love apple
Red Tiger (13 days ago)
Why didn't she ask him about bend gate and touch disease.
Eric Timm (13 days ago)
These questions are so dumb. TALK ABOUT THE TECH!!!
Anees Jassim (13 days ago)
Tim like to suck balls he make pink iPhone for gay people like him
allthingsbgi (13 days ago)
So glad he became CEO, so proud of his representation in the LGBTQ community and his wise stance on the power of tech to impact lives and be useful to us.
SG pro (13 days ago)
Bill Gates is Asian, Tim Cook is Russian. Wait, Russia is in Asia... or is it?
Vignesh Balasundaram (13 days ago)
It reminds me of Humans holding powers like Harry Potter's Wands but of no control over how to use it. We have been using our powers unwantedly too much. Imagine we have a Magical Wand and just using it like a Madman. We should know to limit and use it when needed right. I am starting to understand the purpose and power of the phones.
inso ninenine (13 days ago)
The smoochy, liberal SWJ circlejerk atmosphere rising throughout this interview - so sickening. How about fix your fucking graphics drivers before engaging in political bullshit, Apple. For global warming. And the reporter - we don't give a shit about you sympathies; you're there to interview him about technology.
PrezidentTrump (13 days ago)
Alex Saw (13 days ago)
Steve jobs is the past.. There is a reason why he pass it to Tim Cook for greater good.
Jose Carlos (13 days ago)
even for truly Apple fans last WWDC was a bit of disappoint. Who the heck really wants that emoji stuff? come on Tim... Google are already ordering pizzas using AI do something.
Sabhan Ayyoub (14 days ago)
Steve for president
kevozworld (14 days ago)
Damn this chick digs deep
Merivel mar (14 days ago)
Tim Cook needs to spend more time in Quality Control.
Alexander Veem (14 days ago)
Been talking about an app or something that should do this. Limiting the use will make these tools(phones) super effective. But today it's just an addiction.
ElliOatIBix (14 days ago)
Tim is such a smart guy
Ivan Lynn (14 days ago)
Tim Cock is the GOAT!
Cosmos (14 days ago)
What a creep...
tikslolo (14 days ago)
I picked up my phone 150+ times a day.... I thought I was in control.
Kishore Neduri (14 days ago)
A nice marketing strategy... The current mobiles has a back up of more than 12hrs.. but Apple has a max of 8 hrs. The defect in the product is also being marketed in a great way...
Jeevan Batla (14 days ago)
If Tim gives power to the user then he should listen to the consumers feedback like what features they would like as OnePlus does and we should have the freedom to customize the settings
Timeless soulja (14 days ago)
You gotta love Tim:-))
Bobo Momo (15 days ago)
I wish Jobs was alive he could fix this mess.
zerocurry (15 days ago)
This video is less about Apple's business / products than community, ethics, privacy, politics
Christian Clark (15 days ago)
Apple Rules !!! LOL
Commando Master (15 days ago)
Humans turning into robots is already happening. So many people glued to their iPhones everyday and we are losing the human interaction aspect of life. I also agree that data is power.
Scan End (15 days ago)
perhaps he could do less fucking interviews and virtue signalling and make a decent laptop and phone again
Hexspa (15 days ago)
Can't innovate, my ass!
Shubham Gupta (15 days ago)
ohh gosh i wanna fuck her 365 days. she is just perfect for my dick... oh lady please sleep with me
Benji M. (15 days ago)
Headcartoon (15 days ago)
Cook 👩‍🍳 is not a good CEO. When iOS launches: the longer he is in command the more buggy the OS. IOS 11 is Apple’s Vista. We need POWERFUL computers. Selling a laptop that cannot efficiently run iMovie is BS. Still using intel is BS. Why can’t we have AMD? Where is Dark Mode on my iPhone? I’m sick of these gay pastel colors. Stop saying you’re doing something then not follow through, Airpad?
Hard RIght (15 days ago)
Bootleg steve job.
Paul Martin (15 days ago)
It's about whether people are *wasting* time on their devices - it's not about 'addiction' or any other silly catchphrase. Part of being able to manage that requires information on usage and these tools are great for providing that information and an easy way to control reminders on usage.
Miguel Sobrevia 2 (15 days ago)
That's an interesting question. What apps are on Tim's iPhone?
I spend about 6 hours of my time on YouTube on Weekdays and 10 hours on Weekends
640abdalla (15 days ago)
Don't trust him, they may not mine our data like google and facebook but they screwed their customers and lied about bend-gate and touch-disease and are just as bad!
LulzRoyce (15 days ago)
Tim Cuck
Cosmic Soda (14 days ago)
LulzRoyce take it easy there this man could buy your balls and chop them up
Swe dish (15 days ago)
I get inspired by Tim and respect him as a person. 👍🏻
Justin Quinn (15 days ago)
God CNN can you be anymore of a propaganda machine? "Do you think Apple is okay with self-regulating?" NO! THIS ONLY LEADS TO MONOPOLIZATION AND RIGGING OF THE FREE MARKET!
Arth Armani (15 days ago)
Tim Cook is ok, but Steve Jobs was great at interviews:)
Edwin Andrade (15 days ago)
sure... but i can’t upgrade ram,hd....
Dan FlyBristol (14 days ago)
Edwin Andrade Software can't upgrade RAM. This was a software event. Anyway, Samsungs cant upgrade RAM either. It's not possible without soldering skills
Winston Philip (15 days ago)
i set my facebook limit to 1 hour a day. so far so good.
Steven C (15 days ago)
Steve Jobs is rolling in this grave with how this company has turned into a polished turd. Garbage laptops with CPUs that are 2+ years old, on top of the premium price LOL.
Max Gorriceta (15 days ago)
"Incredibly satisfied [...] with our devices." Dude, never been more dissatisfied with you taking away the MagSafe, two pathetic USB C ports on the base MB Pro, bugs on iOS and MacOS, more expensive macs with less hardware, and really... the Magic Mouse 2 with a charging port underneath it... Really???

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