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Razer Phone Review: The Real Deal!

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Razer Phone gets so damn close for a great price, minus one huge dealbreaker. Razer Phone First Impressions: https://youtu.be/LzC_kkbFTHQ The Razer Phone: https://www.razerzone.com/mobile/razer-phone The test track: The Phoenix by Pyramid Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Under the Water by Alltta ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Phone provided by Razer for review.
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Text Comments (6066)
Mhd FARHAN (15 hours ago)
Rhino Gaming (18 hours ago)
Lack of a headphone jack is an actual dealbreaker for me even though I love Razer products.
Roderick Bailey (1 day ago)
How do I actually get the phone? I'm with Tmobile and they don't have it. Do I buy it online?
The Tech Kingpin (2 days ago)
Dat t-shirt!😲🤤
Quin Xeee (2 days ago)
you're an illuminati
Yeshwant Dasari (2 days ago)
dude, wow youre really kinda spoilt from flagship cameras...... those pictures looks great to me, sure not amazing, but something that to me looks great for photos! but then i Use a budget Lenovo, so thats a reason
Daniyal Naeem (3 days ago)
Today i unsubscribed u beacuse u r a fuckin illuminati and i hate illuminati. Fuck u
Alan Nalza (4 days ago)
Illuminati haterz like ples
exzeroex (4 days ago)
This thing sounds better than then Axon 7? Tempted to get as a media device and leave picture taking to something else.
1sammyboy100 (4 days ago)
QUESTION: Besides buying wireless blutooth headphones, what can we do for us old school aux input headphone users? Is there a converter like the iphone 7???
Askerovv (5 days ago)
Maybe it's time to upgrade from my pidgeon
Daniel Tindley (5 days ago)
The British releases we get very very strong and clicky buttons
Nebolizer (6 days ago)
I saw your recommendation on a commercial, glad to see how your channel has grown bro!
Jonas Martinsson (6 days ago)
that the headphone jack is gone destroyed everything for me, i was close of buying it but i need a really need a headphone jack, that's why i use oneplus, because they give there fans what they want
Zuzxo (6 days ago)
can it run pubg tho
I bark at My dogs (8 days ago)
Is it unlocked ?
Sauron Baggins (9 days ago)
Nice review Marques. Although the display is not IPS, is IGZO.
theswagyblock Gaming (10 days ago)
the Razer logo is a sticker watch, Jerry, rig everythings video.
anno nino (10 days ago)
illuminati confirmed >>>>>>
Messed-up Kid (10 days ago)
Damn those speakers are loud
sotnos90 (10 days ago)
Uhm...i have a Razer phone and it is good but...watching yt/fb/snap and so vids or any other vids are wierd...looks like the sound and vid aint sync and donno how to fix(if anybody know plz tell)...and i think the wifi connection is bad..my old iPad and old phone could connect to the wifibox om the livingroom but the Razer cant reach it, luckely i have two wifi boxes in my house.its not a big house..Cam have very bad focus but thats okay i guess.takes foreeeever for it to focus..and when it rings it sounds like a broken vibrator..xD but all in all im happy. Games looks amazing on it. Sounds is great.!
Alex Czyz (11 days ago)
Why on earth would you build a phone "tailored" toward gaming, and have no headphone jack? There's games out there that use audio cues, what of you're in a loudish environment and you can't hear them? Or equally an environment that calls for a restricted sound? It seems they worried so much about the technical specs of the internals they forgot to look at the practicallity and useability for the everyday mobile gamer. The only positive of this is you'll have 0 trouble running AAA games smoothly and consitenly, honestly I think the rest is pure garbage (especially that blocky design). Which is a shame but hopefully it pushes Samsung to increase the RAM in their galaxy range.
Captain Mjolnir (11 days ago)
Lol'ed hard at the Kobe SOFT moment.
Sen Madrona (12 days ago)
bezels like Sony phoneys
Clorox Bleach (12 days ago)
Yo, last time I used a camera was in mid 2016 so I might get this phone.
Tech2Make (12 days ago)
Any nova launcher fan here??😅😅
Nelson Acevedo (12 days ago)
Let me wear an Illuminati shirt so I can look cool and get more views. Fucking poser....
15 Inch Digger (13 days ago)
Iluminati puppet !!!
Ihsan Husandi (13 days ago)
"No other phones look like it" LMAO Sony Xperia have been 'boxy', 'sharp' and 'matte' too since XZ. Even the fingerprint scanner on this phone literally "copying" Xperia design since Z5
Bismarck (14 days ago)
I feel like this is the best phone in the world.
Derek You (14 days ago)
And the vibration? it just sounds broken. Made my day man subbed
vineeth adurthi (14 days ago)
Which song is he testing the speakers with?
iqbal al-ghazali (15 days ago)
What racing game is that?
Abhijay Thute (15 days ago)
TMAN2999 (15 days ago)
Ill buy razer phone 2 when they add wireless charging and headphone jack. Fuck the camera who gives a shit.
TMAN2999 (1 day ago)
Tejas Kulahalli for how little I use my cameras I will never have it be a major category for my buying process. Headphone jack and wireless charging matter way more to me than camera quality.
Tejas Kulahalli (1 day ago)
TMAN2999 u always need camera !!! Maybe not being "mobile photography"
RossHildick3D (16 days ago)
The headphone jack ended this for me. I was SO HYPED to get this, I have tabs open from different stores finding the cheapest. was gunna get this today.... now all im going to be doing is closing those tabs. Shame.
Manav Roy (16 days ago)
Nicholas Salyards (16 days ago)
What carriers carry this phone? I want to get it but idk if my carrier has it
Noa Dadic (16 days ago)
They should do they're buttons as Sony do. I found it really practical having all the buttons on one side!
Memphis Spotter (17 days ago)
I got stuff stuck in my speaker grilllllllll ughhh
Kim Andersson (17 days ago)
What about Bloatware and Privacy?
darius ryan (17 days ago)
Kept thinking this was the razor
Raksha Agrawal (18 days ago)
SalsaProductions (18 days ago)
Can it run minesweeper though?
Stillo 23 (19 days ago)
Where did you get the Nintendo switch skin from?
Cynthia Lau (19 days ago)
This phone came so close to being my next goto phone..... I am still using my Nokia 1060 until someone comes out with a good camera phone
sultanabran1 (20 days ago)
deal breakers for me would be camera and headphone jack. so this phone ticks both.
Rias Gremory (20 days ago)
the sensor should've been the logo.
Taven Clint (21 days ago)
Does it come factory unlocked?
wclifton968 (22 days ago)
My Lumia 650 has better speakers than this shit phone
Youtube GAMER BROS (23 days ago)
illuminati ???
Optic Peterbilt (24 days ago)
This looks dope. Definitely want to try it
Khantech Hd (24 days ago)
1 year ago I thought you were related to UrAvrageConsumer
Aidan McLaughlin (24 days ago)
Hey Marques, I really value performance in a smartphone but at the same time I don’t want to have to sacrifice a quality. Would you consider this phone to be competition with the Google pixel two XL in that regard? Is it worth going for the Google pixel two because it is just a better phone, or is the difference in performance really noticeable?
Salad (24 days ago)
Hey, so I got an iPhone 7 (matte black) about a year ago, and I just recently took my case off, and it appears as though dirt got in between the case and the phone, and it basically sanded the finish away in a lot of places. I thought about getting a bumper case and a dbrand skin. Has anyone else had this issue??
Mr. Potato (25 days ago)
Here are my grades for this phone: Build Quality - 8.0 Display - 9.0 Camera - 6.0 Performance - 8.0 Battery - 9.5 This phone is a solid performer but is lacking in the camera department IMO. 👍
Sebastianrrdgz (25 days ago)
Dee Wong (25 days ago)
Where is the shining logo?
Andy K (26 days ago)
So everyone bashing Sony design but here everything's fine with the bezels
Youtuber (26 days ago)
Illuminati member spotted.
atiq982982 (26 days ago)
never been seen (27 days ago)
Sony is best
bigmantim (27 days ago)
noice doggo!
Naveen Kumar (27 days ago)
Amaan Ansari (27 days ago)
Razer take it seriously !! 😁
Big Boss (28 days ago)
Meanwhile Razer installing car speakers in their phone lol
riverstyx9 (29 days ago)
Shitty camera? Couldn't care less. No headphone jack? Complete deal breaker.
Kid Poizon (29 days ago)
Gamers should have good cameras
Tony Pugliese (29 days ago)
Poor camera and no headphone jack... Two things that the Galaxy S9 will excel at. Love the design of this phone and the 120 hz screen, but these two things are indeed dealbreakers. If they get it right on the next model, I will give it a try.
Razor (30 days ago)
I would rather spend £600 and buy jack adapter for this, than spend £1000 on iPhone X and spend more in it, also be scared to touch it cuz screen may brake...
HamTacoDerp (30 days ago)
Marques or anyone that has the phone and is with Verizon, how does one get set up with this phone that is with Verizon?
Udith Arora (30 days ago)
Man this has bass😍
wols frosty (1 month ago)
i disliked cus ur t shirt
Monish Ranjan Naik (1 month ago)
Did anyone saw him wearing illumaniti shirt
Mike Czenkus (1 month ago)
The motor didn’t sound like that for me.
zdz 123 (1 month ago)
Shankar Iyer (1 month ago)
R u illuminati
Kalyan Gupta (1 month ago)
its a dual camera why is it not good
Wali (1 month ago)
Wooo ! MkBHD is Illuminati look at his Shirt , Man f**k 😱😱😱😱
jaykay00 (1 month ago)
Can you do an update review of the new software update to the camera?
Rabuga Sangma (1 month ago)
I think God help me to win Iphone X please I already follow ur Rules
Monomanian Distream (1 month ago)
It sounds... Broken.
Rankup Your Games (1 month ago)
time to play vainglory 5v5
Ali Nezamzadeh (1 month ago)
What was the name of the car racing game you were playing on this phone?
Deny Christian (1 month ago)
what racing game is that?
3LUE (1 month ago)
Why are you wearing illuminati shirt???. Are you Satan worshipper?
Graveyard Bull (1 month ago)
Instead of placing a bad camera on the device they should have made it camera free.
IPlay GamesForFun (1 month ago)
dayum think it will be kinda cool if the logo was an LED Light that glows when you power it on
Aadil Faizal (1 month ago)
which game are you playing on your phone pls tell
Felipe Matienzo (1 month ago)
What race game is that?
Finn The Human (1 month ago)
ima wait for the next one
encruste8 (1 month ago)
Rubbish phone from a singapore company
12w0 (1 month ago)
I bet Razer was waiting for your reviews specifically.
CIBER_GAINZ14 (1 month ago)
Great video highly recommend
Zanniia (1 month ago)
Is it worth the price as of right now?
TheLazyShogun (1 month ago)
no RGB Dealbreaker!
Are You using MAJESTIC CASUAL'S music?!
John P (1 month ago)
Great review! Camera is also a deal-breaker for me.
faidhi abdullah (1 month ago)
What twitter app you use?
Amit Marcovich (1 month ago)
Hey, Is it good phone to watch movie on?

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