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A Career in Automotive Engineering (JTJS22008)

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Thomas Larsen enjoys all things mechanical and is excited he's going to learn a whole lot more than he already knows when he sees what goes on at the state-of-the-art Ferrari and Maserati servicing area of Continental Car Services in Auckland. He quickly learns that the work areas are kept meticulous and that's what expected. Thomas is straight into it when he's shown what's involved in identifying a mechanical problem with a car that has come in indicating an issue via the onboard computer. The technology is something else when it comes to cars worth several hundred thousand dollars as Thomas soon discovers. Along with servicing, Thomas is also made aware that the vehicles are groomed to perfection before being handed back to the owner. But his real highlight comes as he nears the end of his experience...there's no denying the buzz an expensive, fast car can give! Find out more about a career in automotive engineering at http://www.justthejob.co.nz
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