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The Property Show 11th March 2018 Episode 251 - Property Landscape

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Erick Ndegwa (3 months ago)
Hey George Muiru.Glad to see you talk of home home ownership. Keep up keja utapata👍
george muiru (3 months ago)
umelost sana bro
94110mission (3 months ago)
Good show, though the first segment was a repeat. Those apartment were to open in February 2017. I liked the building design with the Greek like columns and would like to see the real thing, not a CGI. I liked the interview with George and his apartment. He has good taste. However, I don't understand why so many homes don't have exhaust hoods over the stove.
94110mission (3 months ago)
I just found out today what they're called in Kenya on another episode. Whatever they're called they should be a standard part of every new construction.
babake marcus J. (3 months ago)

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