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Samsung Galaxy S8 After 30 Days || Review

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Here's my experience with the Samsung Galaxy S8 after 30days! RhinoShield Crashguard Bumper Case: https://goo.gl/0WYVeJ Follow Me and Stay Up To Date On My Videos: Google+: http://www.plus.google.com/+JaredBusch Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/smokingandroid Facebook: http://full.sc/VEfB9v Please Support My Channel By Buying From Amazon: US - http://full.sc/YsiC9M UK - http://full.sc/Wmc1Py FTC Disclaimer: This video features a paid sponsored message from rhinoshield.com. All opinions expressed in this video are my own.
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Text Comments (1551)
촤컬릿 (3 days ago)
still better than the iPhone X
Ahmed Shams (9 days ago)
Does this video get demonetized by youtube ?
George Walton (11 days ago)
You're a great reviewer could possibly bitch anymore tho just use an iPhone then
Wendy Mcclain (12 days ago)
Great video, Thank you! I have finally made up my mind to get this 1. I am currently using the Note 5, I am on it all day for business, very happy, but overdue for an upgrade. I was going to go back to the Droid, but after seeing this I will give it a try!
JackieDJ (15 days ago)
I'm typing this on my new Samsung Galaxy S8 :DD
LaV 5 (15 days ago)
My old note 7 charged fully just under an hour (57minutes)....no wonder it went kaboom.
Mi Ropa (22 days ago)
clean up your language
Ifraan Jemal (26 days ago)
i like it realy smartphone
Danny Kendall-Torry (26 days ago)
Man, this guy is funny!
Büsra L (26 days ago)
Got a Samsung S3 :O tomorrow I will upgrade to S8. I liked your video. Comparing to other Youtubers you are not cursing thaaat much xD
Jamyr Fernandez (27 days ago)
He said "that retarted bixby button"
syzhm channel (29 days ago)
Samsung💕 Iphone look more clean..But samsung have more feauture like bixby, camera that can translete and more...
América Alarcón (1 month ago)
Is this phone really fragile? I am planning to buy it tomorrow. Thanks!
Fuck You (1 month ago)
I have the 6
Ali Mahmood (1 month ago)
bruh you can review anything and i'll watch it. This is amazing
Antonio Esquivel (1 month ago)
The edge options are amazing what are you talking about man lol and the finger sensor is so easy to find with a otterbox I have. It's an amazing phone don't play
Rolando Gamonal (1 month ago)
Like me I’m Korean rice
janissary (1 month ago)
got my s8 for a week and very happy whit it.but cant even get the courage to put under wather and test it out🤐
Tee Mega Music (1 month ago)
U are very negative, and the cursing is unnecessary it makes you look like a 13 year old and very unprofessional, it's just a cell phone review my dude lol
Jon B. (1 month ago)
"But nooooo" lol
Mike AtGoogle (1 month ago)
I just subscribed. Like your quick talk and to the point video and humor. Maybe shorten future videos a little?
jake_gaMiNg (1 month ago)
You can hard press to get off of app if u dont pull up the stuff
Cringe God (1 month ago)
Don't really think it's tha5 slippery
foxibri 808 (1 month ago)
Wasnt expecting to watch the whole video but you sir are funny and ive made up my mind about switching to a iphone. Thanks jared👍 subbed!!
Faizan Saeed (1 month ago)
ow about the bettry life while data using.. I mean how many hours you can servive woth charging your fone.. If you chating with few guys...
Contane 21 (1 month ago)
damn look at that view count
Apurva Thapa (1 month ago)
Bruh what the hell its amazing
ADDITIONAL SHEET (1 month ago)
Please speak about best mobile phone in the world
Luke Bull (1 month ago)
Your an idiot
Michael Farrell (1 month ago)
Have my s8 for 3 weeks and loving it! My previous phone was an HTC m one9. What a piece of shit! Fact not opinion: DON'T BUY ANY HTC PRODUCT! PERIOD! The S8 is light years ahead in EVERY way, shape and form! For those considering the S8 or S8+, go for it! It's money well spent!
dj berg (2 months ago)
Thanks for the mo bullshit review.
Cliff Hankins (2 months ago)
I just can't part ways with my old HTC 1 Max. Dual front facing speakers are hard to give up, not to mention the superior audio quality using ear buds. The thing just rocks...Maybe if Samsung would include dual speakers I might consider buying one.
Octa Bus (2 months ago)
Black color sucks
GingGaming LTU (2 months ago)
Awesome video! Thx for making it.
TheTenebrianDrummer (2 months ago)
I got the S8 and I'm in love!
Sphereslip (2 months ago)
I use Bixby for phone operations only, when I'm busy. Using Google Assistant for everything else. Also it does have OIS.
Dafok (2 months ago)
You're language is so fking great man love your videos
WhoDoesThatt (2 months ago)
Had an s7 and have to say that the s8 is a huge upgrade, the screen is amazing and the camera is a lot better than the s7. Best phone on the market without a doubt.
Big John Stud (2 months ago)
after 3.5 hours of having the s4..i'm finally upgrading to the s8 on friday..lol!
Jascha Amiel Malik (2 months ago)
Another normie reviewing a Great phone
Niderfyn (2 months ago)
I'm watching this video now again and I just realized. THREE AND HALF TO FOUR HOURS OF ON SCREEN TIME??? WHAT? My refurbished Nexus 6 gets FOUR AND HALF usually, 90% of the time connected to WIFI, mostly used for social media, internet browsing and camera use. How can this be? The battery is only a 10% bigger than the one on the S8. (3300 mAh vs 3000 mAh) How can a 3 year almost 4 outperform a phone with the current best hardware and technology out there?
Lillian Jackson (2 months ago)
Amro Elmalah (2 months ago)
Jared really deserves more subs props for you man a great video as always
Donovan Hall (2 months ago)
Yea I'll never leave my place with my note8 with out a case the most random situation will have your phone cracked hell no
Kristína Labayová (2 months ago)
I love this guy , is funny , made my day 😃😃
Joey Wong (2 months ago)
@6:38 Well said HAHA
O3O O3O (2 months ago)
Bruh I literally cried when a little scratch appeared on the front 😤
Honesty Integrity (2 months ago)
Galaxy S8 is the best phone ever made.
Ron swanson (2 months ago)
The s8 sucks, its too fragile, i got 7 whole cracks just because I dropped it from 1feet. I suggest you to buy samsung s7
ᅚᅚᅚ (2 months ago)
s7 too, ffs
Ron swanson (2 months ago)
ᅚᅚᅚ Yes but s8 has the glass edge
ᅚᅚᅚ (2 months ago)
both have same glass
nigel wiltshire (3 months ago)
My Samsung s8 has froze and won't turn off how do I fix this
ᅚᅚᅚ (2 months ago)
i think u got clone
tyler torres (3 months ago)
You people must be dumb i never drop my phone and i use it like everyone else
Jordi Porta (3 months ago)
I think that upgrading it from the LG G3 I have its going to be a huge difference!
Dave OG Miles (3 months ago)
just got it it's super nice
Azz Zaa (3 months ago)
Worst phone on the market by far dont get one u will be savagely disappointed
PDX503 (3 months ago)
I regret getting an iPhone 7 now:/
nrw andromedav (3 months ago)
S6 is still better ...
Portrait in Black (3 months ago)
0:54 Yanks say "bloody"? Well, I'll be darned. 👍
JkJQU (3 months ago)
But is it expendable
ᅚᅚᅚ (2 months ago)
samsung gives free 256GB sd card, so u can expand it to 512GB
itsasin1969 (3 months ago)
If you have the edge??? dump that piece of shit. I did so today.
Henry Muldowney (3 months ago)
I've not havmde any problem with the finger print, maybe it's cud I got the normal s8 or have long fingers but idk
Lexie Townsend (3 months ago)
Opinions on upgrading from Galaxy S6 Edge to this? Is it worth it?
ᅚᅚᅚ (2 months ago)
s9 is releasing in february 23th, i suggest to go for s9 cause samsung confirmed to have 960fps camera
freighttrain10 (3 months ago)
A few questions from a current Apple user (who's never used any other platform) looking to switch: 1. I hate how in my music app if I close out the app it doesn't remember where I left off in a song or on a playlist. On the S8, if I close out the app, will the banner still be at the bottom, and will it remember what song I was playing? 2. I record music on my voice recorder app currently, and used to be able to add those songs into my music library. Now that I have Apple Music, it decides what music I can put in my library and what I don't if I have the iCloud Music option on. If I used a voice recorder app, could I add that in as a music file and listen to it like any other song? 3. Are there any apps that would allow you to add music that you have purchased in the past (my normal library), and stream music to download, all in the same app? That was my draw to using Apple Music before, as opposed to Spotify. I wanted to be able to listen to all of my music in the same app instead of switching back and forth from my library (purchased music) and streaming music. Does the Samsung Music app, or any other, allow you to do both? Thank you very much for any feedback. God Bless and have great day!
suzie joy (3 months ago)
Am not liking this phone very much I have to keep reseting my apps and my contacts don't have name's and I keep getting error on some apps
pandurang maske (3 months ago)
ok mobile
Anas Uddin (3 months ago)
Got a oneplus 3.. should i upgrade to s8?
Anas Uddin (2 months ago)
ᅚᅚᅚ did it and don't regret it
ᅚᅚᅚ (2 months ago)
100% yes
Tom Vlogs (3 months ago)
Guys when I tap the screen on my s8 it makes different noises in different places. Some areas sound hollow and my tap sounds obvious. But in other areas it sounds solid and cannot hear my tap. Is this normal?
Miss Monroe (3 months ago)
Great personality
almostRyanMacleod (3 months ago)
my camera looks horrible and i only got the phone yesterday
eli saedinia (3 months ago)
Can you download Kodi on this phone? Thank-you🌺
Danielle Willson (3 months ago)
Well done review of the phone, thanks so much :) could do with less swearing though.
Leki games XD (3 months ago)
should I buy Samsung galaxy s8 or Huawei mate 10 pro
Pablo Y2K (3 months ago)
Samsung should stop trying, everyone knows apple is better 😋
ᅚᅚᅚ (2 months ago)
22:00 already, go to bed
Minilik Yerega (3 months ago)
Do u fkn think its a stone from cryptonite.yeah it scraches when it falls.
Lisa (3 months ago)
Love how honest you are in this review hahaah
joe rustidge (4 months ago)
Just got this for Christmas 👍
Norma J (4 months ago)
currently watching this on my galaxy s8. got it for christmas today. so far I really really like it!
Kim Jong Un (4 months ago)
Upgrade dat bitch😂😂😂😂
Kim Jong Un (4 months ago)
Ady Edzry (4 months ago)
Wait what ? 10 sec to unluck ur phone with pin code 😂
The This Is Why Guy (4 months ago)
“Packed to the tits” - Jared Busch, 2017
MiniMayPro (4 months ago)
I don’t have a phone I have an iPad and I want to upgrade to a galaxy s8 is it worth upgrading?
Terry tibbs (4 months ago)
how do you make vids full screen can't find the button?
FallenPhantom (4 months ago)
Hey Google, i'm looking at you... goddamn motherfu- 😂😂
William Junior Van Daele (4 months ago)
Worth upgrading from an samsung s6 ?
ParanormalPat (4 months ago)
I currently have a Samsung S6. In your opinion, would it be worth the expense of the S8 upgrade? My biggest issue is the camera. What say you? Thanks for posting this informative video.
Y Bach (4 months ago)
I personally use the side panel a lot. But only one of them, the one with my most used apps which I think is very convenient. But I turned off all the others. Nice vid
john gabiana (4 months ago)
can i have that phone your using because i very love samsung s8 and i dont have any phone at all
Jason P (4 months ago)
Brilliant work on the Video... had been contemplating upgrading my old trusty S5 to the S8.. will do it tomorrow! Thanks again!
Do Sanjh (3 months ago)
Jason P Me too! I'm planning to upgrade mine soon
min young (4 months ago)
Change from iphone6 to samsung S8 not sure if i shound switch to iphone8
jB Tejero (3 months ago)
min young did u ever went back to Samsung ? LOL i thought of switching . but I did not and stayed iPhone 8+ instead
ThatWasLeftHanded (4 months ago)
I got a Nokia 6 recently... Not switching to any other phone again.
HazelTragy (4 months ago)
Hello, i am thinking of upgrading from my one plus two to the samsung galaxy s8, would you recommend?
Fluffy (4 months ago)
it takes you 10 seconds to unlock your phone? oh the pain and agony of waiting 10 seconds its just so horrible isn't it
Mr. McMan (4 months ago)
Can someone please tell me the name of his wallpaper?
Martin Maeses (4 months ago)
You speak the truth my friend! 👌 awesome vid!
Grace (4 months ago)
Wow, one of the only phone reviews I've seen that was both entertaining and informative. Great job!
urbeautiful! (4 months ago)
Good Review! Like the recap at the end! Maybe a little less swearing/cursing but otherwise very informative! Thanks!
Da Wae (4 months ago)
Jeramiah McCants (4 months ago)
Fuck you talking about one of the best phones like that.
McMahon143 (4 months ago)
Samsung galaxy or iPhone?
ᅚᅚᅚ (2 months ago)
galaxy obvius
Tom Vlogs (4 months ago)
I’d rather a camera button than a bixby button

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