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10 Most Paid Engineering Fields

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If you want to get rich, You need to do a degree in one of these fields. Do tell us your experiences in the comments section
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Arthur Faler (23 hours ago)
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Filip m (8 days ago)
Environment <3
Sanchali Pal (9 days ago)
no, this can't be true where is AEROSPACE ENGINEERING
Dodraj Ratnakar (9 days ago)
Engineer Boy (10 days ago)
very nice video
Rosa Mendoza (10 days ago)
I laughed when they put biomedical as #1 lol 😂😂😂
Kyron Landry (12 days ago)
Cheenu T (15 days ago)
Super bro
apple black (16 days ago)
Ap to lolo l
amelia 123 (23 days ago)
where is aeronautical engineering...?
DRUMM!NG F0R Y0U (1 month ago)
I guess aerospace engineering is not one of them.
Its Wednesday my dudes (28 days ago)
DRUMM!NG F0R Y0U Aerospace is a subfield of mech, and many mech engineers with specialization in aero can take the jobs of aerospace engineers, but not vice versa.
Prateek Sharma (1 month ago)
mechanical cant be last, u fucking idiot
Rahul (1 month ago)
where is mechatronics engineer
Sin Of Wrath (1 month ago)
sine india (1 month ago)
Robotics is best option for engg....??
Juliet Lima (23 days ago)
sine india That’s part of mechanical
SamPlayzYT (1 month ago)
I was surprised not to see petroleum engineers...
muzammil pasha (2 months ago)
Biomedical has 1 no top most paid what words do it have actually
TECHSPIRITCHED (2 months ago)
where is aerospace engineering
SENPAL (2 months ago)
Surprised Nuclear engineering isn’t in there
Suriya Kathiravan (2 months ago)
Like if this video is cancerous
mTube (2 months ago)
*Thanks for essential tips*
ChefBuckeye (2 months ago)
These were unorganized like some of them went from 97k to 85k and this video’s about highest paying fields
malinga jayasekara (2 months ago)
Are you mad? Where is Aerospace Engineering.
pewdiepie Singh (3 months ago)
Great video amazing
TechTalkPro (3 months ago)
Ho guys. Can you please help me. I finished my IGCSE and results were good Did my A levels but dissapointing. I do not want to resit. I'am 19 and is there a way to become an Aeronautical Engineer without doing A levels. Thanks 😊
Sreejan Sarkar (3 months ago)
Plz share somthing on mechanical engineering its placements etc
elyas sadeghi (3 months ago)
so, what is the level of Mechatronics ???
Aniket Verma (3 months ago)
1st is petroleum engineering not biochemical
Smit Ardeshna (3 months ago)
Marine engineering also pays well.....👍
Kies AbuShalfeh (4 months ago)
Is it true about the biomedical engineering?
Antonella Santomauro (4 months ago)
I'm Both civil and environmental, I think i will do chemical engineering, too.
Mason Inc (2 months ago)
I'm sorry I didn't understand what you wrote
Antonella Santomauro (2 months ago)
Yes, but the are sapete pari well
Mason Inc (2 months ago)
Is it true that Civil Eng are among the least paid engineers?
clayton everhart (4 months ago)
This list is bs
R.A. Bifa (4 months ago)
where is nuclear engineering?
Sarder Sazzad Ali (4 months ago)
I want to be a biological engineer or software engineer
Sabir Shah (5 months ago)
Petroleum engineering???
owna Keeper (5 months ago)
LOl this vid is clearly bs
MR MKL (5 months ago)
In hungary, you get $9,300 annually as a materials engineer.....................
Mason Inc (2 months ago)
hahahah WTF?? talk about cheap labor lol
Ellivrac Thietnom (5 months ago)
where is mechatronic engineering?
Random Person (5 months ago)
Where is nuclear engineering
Kyle Tobias (5 months ago)
I know for a fact the civil engineering guy said “welcome to my office”
Saify (6 months ago)
Next watch 8 famous Engineering Quotes https://youtu.be/6VfXqBNf75A
Bernard Abillonar (6 months ago)
This video is liar
mohur yadav (6 months ago)
mechanical engineer is my dream please like this if you also dream to be the same .
Abhisek verma (6 months ago)
I only enjoyed the girl who came at last of the video
Spedz RL (7 months ago)
i acually give zero fucks about money i just want to make shit
Mohsin tawar (7 months ago)
where is mechanical engineering
واحد من الناس (4 months ago)
Mohsin tawar First one
Antoine Badi (7 months ago)
Was it is in order of most paid from 1 to 10 or are these just in random order? Because Computer Eng ($110k) is no 3 but is has a greater annual pay than no. 1 Biomedical Eng($91k) :/
Nishat Tania (7 months ago)
Where is mechanical engineering?
M.ZAMEER KHAN (7 months ago)
mechanical should be no 1 because mechanical is mother of all technology's
Avani Gandhi (7 months ago)
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gaming nd creation (7 months ago)
Where is aerospace engineering foool??
vishal kumar (7 months ago)
What about aeronautical engineering
Sakshi Rane (7 months ago)
aerospace engineering has much more scope...n their salary is also upto that high level....where is it ??
Sankar Gandhi (7 months ago)
Where is aerospace and aeronautical engineering?
Krishna Chaitanya (8 months ago)
Biggest joke of universe. Some of the Civil engineers are roaming like beggers. I don't accept with u
Tawanashe Mabaya (8 months ago)
hahahah telecoms is the most paying
Zaks Mahmood (8 months ago)
What about P.E
Ali Hussnain (9 months ago)
where is mechanical engineering
Dhruvil Nayak (9 months ago)
Where is industrial engineering??
MØŚTÁFÂ. A. M.D (9 months ago)
I am engineer biomedical
Ash Ketchum (1 month ago)
MØŚTÁFÂ. A. M.D is biomedical engineering hard ?
kelvin lor (9 months ago)
I wished teachers got paid more why with out teachers these people who are in engineering wouldnt be there
Feysal Futuristic (9 months ago)
Gas & Petroleum engineering?? 😳
*OH MAN I JUST SAID* (10 months ago)
Muhmmed Nadeem (10 months ago)
Woahh!!! Not true to most countries!! in Australia, Civil is down right low!! Water Treatment and Chemical are the highest!!
Reese Horton (8 months ago)
Muhmmed Nadeem that’s why I keep saying any list or comparison in salaries for engineers is inaccurate because there are so many variables such as Country, State/Province, City/City-state, company, etc.
AJAY Kumar (10 months ago)
Par ye to other countries ke liye facilities hai to hum jaise isme interfair kaise kar sakte hai
Ajay Kumar (9 months ago)
AJAY Kumar hey bro
Introverted Dawg (10 months ago)
In the end, it doesn't matter if you're like the CEO of one of the companies in these fields lol
Suman (10 months ago)
what about Marine Engineering
Double Jump Gaming (10 months ago)
I'm gonna have 2 majors, Chemical and Mechanical engineering, and 3 minors, Computer Hardware, POSSIBLY Biomedical and Software engineering
Erik Sadul (8 months ago)
Gift Ndlovu (11 months ago)
civil is the best period
Vui (11 months ago)
Do you need experience to be a mechanical engineer?? Cuz I know no shit about building stuff
Anwat Alam (11 months ago)
computer science must be on top
Preet Dabre (11 months ago)
which engineering pays the most ?
sibusiso tshabalala (11 months ago)
SkyMine (11 months ago)
what about computer engineering ?
Its Wednesday my dudes (28 days ago)
bro do you even know what computer eng is? Hardware and software were there...
John Benson (4 months ago)
You forgot industrial engineering
Kenny Flonnoy (7 months ago)
SkyMine can u be rich bye being a engineering
Pam Jose (8 months ago)
It's the computer hardware engineering and also the software engineering...
GOD FATHER (1 year ago)
aeronautical engineering ??
Donut Craft (1 month ago)
hello,are you aeronautical engineer?
¿Bruh? (1 year ago)
What about nuclear
OBOY (1 year ago)
mechanical engineer has risks cause they might exchange you for a robot😂 because its more faster
Mohamed Osama (11 months ago)
ACTTUBER plus wtf you talking about
Divya Pateriya (1 year ago)
what about aerospace engineering.... i kept waiting for it.
malinga jayasekara (2 months ago)
Serck Sagun (1 year ago)
Divya Pateriya thanks for your answer :)
Divya Pateriya (1 year ago)
Kurata sagun yess
Serck Sagun (1 year ago)
Divya Pateriya actually ur not the only one , i kept saying to myself that ill take it for college is it very amiable?
Cesar Guzman (1 year ago)
where did you get your numbers?
chanuka jayasinghe (1 year ago)
Is studying mechatronics engineering any good
roberto hernandez (1 year ago)
how about mechanical
Fraperlop (1 year ago)
This video is sh*t. Really far from reality!
wj 098 (1 year ago)
how hard math is in agriculture engineering
somali viral (1 year ago)
software engineer is my dream.... if you are one of the interester software engineer like my comment hahah
Blaze Eagle (9 months ago)
somali viral I am in year 10 and I wasn't to be an engineer, I am Somali too
fffjkjk jkjkjk (1 year ago)
Shit... these figures are all different depending on the source
Lukman sulaiman (1 year ago)
Wtf happened to petroleum engineering?
shantosh lamichhane (1 year ago)
I watched it till Civil engineering and was so excited to predict wow so mechanical on first but fuck off !
Santosh Balachandra (1 year ago)
this video is so retarded. Civil engineers make the 2nd highest salaries? Biomedical engineers make the highest salaries even though biomedical engineering majors are absolute shit? where's petroleum engineering?
Igor Milyokhin (1 year ago)
extremely misleading and straight up wrong where the fuck are these statistics coming from lmao the highest paid are petroleum engineers followed by nuclear and chemical
Jima TutPur (1 year ago)
Petroleum engineers gets paid the most and it wasn't in the list either. You should do more research
Redline600 (1 year ago)
Ah c'mon the guys who are doing the outside work like civil and environmental should get paid more because of the risks involved and god forbid death risks too, most if not all of the others are safe inside their office and get paid more than the guys outside, not fair
Super Info (1 year ago)
where is network engineer
Kailash Bam (1 year ago)
its a random... without any data.. where is electronics engineering, telecom engineering, aeronautical, ...etc???
Kishore ganeshs (1 year ago)
ece is not even in the list....and i m studying ece/......lol
moniruzzaman shawon (1 year ago)
aeronautical eg..?
Donut Craft (1 month ago)
are you aeronautical engineer?
Vishnu Yadav (1 year ago)
what about IT
Jaimin Galaiya (1 year ago)
are those USD? I assume so
Rakesh Yadav (1 year ago)
really compare the civil enginner payment in video and compare it with software engineer the most paid is the software engineer even more the bio medical engineer
Beefy Beef (1 year ago)
i am majoring it that it makes a mean of 367k a year
Beefy Beef (1 year ago)
my point exactly

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