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NEW Mac Pro (2018) - REDESIGN!

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Text Comments (256)
Verlin Swarey (17 days ago)
Your ‘awkward’ outtro made me laugh and hit the subscribe button! Great video though too. I had always wondered about the spec differences between the old Mac Pro and the new iMac
Leo Joey (12 days ago)
shush no stop no spoilers
Claud Claude (18 hours ago)
Only an enemy of Apple can design this...
John Steffes (1 day ago)
Do you miss singing in crowded house?
McRom37 (1 day ago)
what i think of new Mac Pro 2018, well i will be UpGrading, But Back to Windows, i tried too give Apple a Chance, and ,very Limited what it comes to Apps And Programs, in other Words, And Notes, Apple "SUCK", they Failed BIG< ever since RIP Steve Jobs, Apple has gone back peddling.
Gee MeeL (1 day ago)
hahaha:-)) wow way to go.. keep the nuts rockin’ !!
K. J.S. (2 days ago)
now it just looks like air freshner
Shadowcruise99 (2 days ago)
Another joke from App Hole. I'll keep my cheese grater!
maza2010ful (4 days ago)
It‘s all just rumors. Let’s wait and see…
Mark Schneider (4 days ago)
I heard they're rolling out a new case based on the cheese grader old school big iron with new AMD threadripper cpu and the new Zeon GPU architecture, expect laptops next year running ARM
The Bringer of Rain (4 days ago)
Did you tell me to grab my nuts? Way ahead of you buddy...
koban4max (4 days ago)
What is MODULAR?
Julian Pereira (5 days ago)
+ZONEofTECH I am looking forward to something that would a tower. It was the 2013 trashcan design that made me get into Hackintosh computers. I would like something close to the old G4 Power Mac. That was really cool
Pooh Zie (5 days ago)
I think Apple had issues initially with 3rd party video cards possibly not working on a Thunderbolt 2 daisy chain. That may have been why they changed the large Mac Pro tower to the small cylinder design using proprietary video cards. So how will they solve the issue in the new 2018 design? From the look of your concept drawing are you're guessing that 3rd party video cards will pipe the video output back into the computer so Apple's own I/O can handle it? If so what about the I/O ports of other types of PCI E cards?
mchaleman (5 days ago)
I really hope that the Mac Pro will have the option for Nvidia cards
Paul Guy (5 days ago)
Cool design, but we shall see! Apple always manage to surprise us somehow ;)!
Andy MacLeod (5 days ago)
Also coming soon: modular and upgradable Hack Pros... at a fraction of the cost, and with better performance...
Daniel Widjaja (6 days ago)
for Now iMac pro is true power of Mac technology.. making new Mac Pro??? wait for next generation of XEON processor 8nn technology.. 32 core in one chip.. and combine 2 chip .. become 64 core!!.. Maybe.. apple make technology 7nn.. for new MacPro.. wait and stay tune of new technology
Tyler Durden (6 days ago)
I work in the video and we expect more Mac pro we find a better solution the Hackintosh
juan carlos almao (6 days ago)
Joe (8 days ago)
my last mac was a powermac g5 lol it was badass in its prime days
Tamouree Jordan (8 days ago)
From Trashcan to Coffee machine,....great............not
Scotty Pro (11 days ago)
So... if this new MacPro does appear, who is going to buy the iMac Pro ????? Nobody in the right mind actually, no point in getting the iMac Pro as it is not upgradeable whereas the MacPro will be (if rumours are to be believed). Apple shot themselves in the foot with the iMac Pro and I can see it being discontinued as it will be a real bad seller.
Randell John (11 days ago)
I've been a Mac user for 10 years. Sick to the back teeth of Apple. I'm going back to PC.
Glenn Ziqver Xavier (11 days ago)
Actually, the tech is from 2011. I had one it was totally crap!
Riff Chan (11 days ago)
Looks like a Nespresso coffee machine
typikaljesus (11 days ago)
Soooo cuteeeeee
White Rock (11 days ago)
Nice speculation, but if they come out with a design missing user accessible PCI E slots and starting price of $10K, they'll lose me.  So no I don't think they'll come out with a "custom" video card because then its not upgradable...if it was then why didn't apple release new cards for the trashcan?  The point of this machine is to make it NOT custom, so you can upgrade ram, video cards, drives, etc...anything less than that will be a bummer.
Bruce Morin (11 days ago)
I think I'll stick with my 2010 MacPro 5,1 12 core 3.06 GHz, 32 GB RAM. Just bought it in Jan. for about $800 US. I don't need 4K nor do I want to drop $3 or $4K on a 2018 MacPro. Sorry Apple, you'll have to look to others to increase your profit margin this year
Dan Allen (12 days ago)
The new Maceo is going to be overpriced. Hakentosh is the way forward.
Zlatko Jovanovic (12 days ago)
Why bother with Mac, PRO, iPRO... Release Mac OS for any computer and problem solved... There is many people who want Mac OS on their computers...
Patrick Flood (12 days ago)
I like the awkward outro...
roul3688 (12 days ago)
Why always popcorn? Such a boring snack
Xavier Breath (12 days ago)
Of course, if Apple really cared about their pro users, they wouldn't have left the Mac Pro without any upgrades for 5 years and then insulted their users with a non-upgradeable "pro" version of the iMac.
TheFlyHustla (12 days ago)
It looks like a toaster...
Metalmachine467 (12 days ago)
looks like a coffee machine lol
Hellfire Beats (12 days ago)
"Grab some nuts" Lmao
zenon (13 days ago)
My friend still has his mac Pro from 20'006..
Zero Wolf (13 days ago)
No iMac 2018 video?
FubarMike (13 days ago)
They should make a modular mac mini maybe with a ryzen APU in it
BlissinthemiX (13 days ago)
you grab nuts ... !
ORAN DSOUZA (13 days ago)
"So Grab some.... Nuts" xD
PAWs Thoughts (14 days ago)
Has anyone pay attention to the fact that apple has a new mac pro out for about $2500 to $3000 or more; why they are using old stock. DDR3, Solid State, only 16GB RAM, for that much money whey not give us DDR4, 850 or 960 Evo or Pro and more than 16 GB RAM. In my eyes this is a joke, plus their 2013 are being refurbish in just under/over 3 years. Can I upgrade this myself?
shoarma dj shoarma (14 days ago)
xD no
Kevin Levrone (14 days ago)
That trashcan we see in the intri look retarded, they better come up with the old mac pro case style
bob Bob (14 days ago)
God the garbage can joke is so old now. Can you use your brains and make new ones?
eltouristoduo (14 days ago)
If I want Mac I will just hackintosh thank you. Mac Pros these days are ridiculous, , impractically and pretentiously shaped, like some Scandinavian nightmare or something, and waaaaaay overpriced. Mac seems to think its for wealthy users that also are not hardware savvy. Like most people couldn't build their own if they wanted to. It's not that Mac reliability, plug/play isn't desirable... they could still keep the experience solid, but they should make it more like PC hardware experience. They should just make a proprietary chipped motherboard so you can run latest OS etc, but that conforms to PC mounting standards, they should use PC-like case, that is actually cool case, not pretensions crap, and that conforms to case standards, so that if owner wanted to they could easily put MB in a different case. It's like they want desktops to be single proprietary items like lappys or all-in-ones, which is completely ridiculous for a desktop. They should offer option for provision to dual boot into Windows. They should create Mac certified hardware partners for parts so you can modify that way. In other words, they should try to be more like PC world, while still being Mac, not the freaky perverse pretentious exclusive over-controlling attitude they have. Or maybe that is just firmly what Mac really wants to always be, idk. Mac's hardware designs, marketing and packaging approach, and costs literally keep me off of the OS, except that I may hackitosh. Which is admittedly a pain, but they give many of us 'no choice' with the totality of their attitude. If there was no hackintosh option, the OS wouldn't even be an option. It's like they are forever committed to a lower volume, higher priced model. Which obviously doesn't serve the public or increase the ubiquity of the platform's use. Like there should be such a thing as a 'luxury' OS or something. It's nuts.
Marcelo Glenadel (14 days ago)
Does it come with a tiny Guild navigator inside?
Kainthemain (14 days ago)
i got imac fully spec, using red 6k raw files to edit on that freaking sucks. But imac pro is way too expensive
robert dunlap (5 days ago)
Kainthemain lol yea I know right!
Steve Mullins (14 days ago)
They haven't said 2018 - no date has been given, could be 2018, could be 2086
David Ackley (14 days ago)
Paper shredder Mac Pro incoming!
SocialHostage (14 days ago)
It will probably only have usb c ports. F you Apple! You are not for the pro users anymore!
SocialHostage (14 days ago)
Apple is really starting to suck for pro users. Apple became successful through the pro users. We bought their computers because they were reliable, upgradable and have a smooth workflow! Now Apple seems to focus more on the consumer apple fanboys. We knew why we payed the apple tax because we knew the qualities macs had over pc's. The new mac pro really has to be a modern version of the old tower liquid cooled mac pro's. Or else people will likely just build a hackintosh. Or even switch to windows completely. They have been neglecting the pro users for too long!!
NetScalerTrainer (14 days ago)
pure speculation
mr drone (15 days ago)
I think you're a dick buddy no offence
Md. Faisal Mahmud (15 days ago)
I think they might put in the "Navi" architecture GPU from AMD inside the new mac pro
Dow Jones (15 days ago)
This better be compatible with Nvidia GPUs :fingers crossed:
Alan Matthews (15 days ago)
Having had new Mac's since 1985 and always wondering why they didn't operate faster I've discovered the best thing about a new Mac is the lower prices of the older Macs!
Daniel Sturgill (15 days ago)
Cool video also I think they will use like a 30 core Xeon or some Xeon with lots of cores and like a p6000 Quattro I know this will cost lots of money but you’re statement that amd will make a better new workstation grad gpu is unlikely I think
Ayoub Ma (15 days ago)
The old design was great why would they go for this one
iSebastian (15 days ago)
Honestly i dont really see a new refresh of the Mac Pro at all because apples new pro machine (iMac Pro) just came out i see a new Mac Pro in 2020
Hexspa (15 days ago)
Grab your nuts and let's do dis
Demmie Quinones (15 days ago)
T2 = Hackintosh killer
RoughDog (15 days ago)
Get rid of the curves. Im male
RoughDog (15 days ago)
Lets hope the hard drive and memory is easy to replace. Replacement parts are possible to purchase should the power supply fail etc
Donny Smith ! (15 days ago)
Mac pro will probably start at 15,999$
Pilgrim's Progress (15 days ago)
Swedish fish shirt?
Wade Wiltfong (15 days ago)
I don’t see anything very exciting from Apple. They are going to improvise or revolutionized much until people stop buying which won’t happen until 3rd party computers get made a lot better and sold for a cheaper price.
DeanStuff (15 days ago)
So it's just a longer version of the trash can?
Seeg (15 days ago)
Sorry, but you are so hot.
Kirk Monteux (15 days ago)
Most annoying and whats keep me from buying apple is their f... glare displays
wingchunfan (15 days ago)
Quick sync is the reason the old mac pros can't compete with today's cheaper macs?
Levi Hanson (15 days ago)
There is SuperMicro up to 6TB of RAM; it runs hackintosh. The new MacPro will beed to be able to host 8x 2.5" SSDs; or NVMes
Cloud Music (15 days ago)
Mac Pro should have a configuration for i9 X
K Perttula (15 days ago)
If the cooling is the problem, they might use on the surface a similar mesh as in HomePod. It would totally change the game for traditional powerhouses.
Rodrick HD (15 days ago)
you are still running the 2013?
kilic20 (15 days ago)
we also need a NEW mac Mini!!!!
1whiteiphone (16 days ago)
Love the Shark Shirt Daniel!!! :)
Ram Revivo (16 days ago)
Nah mate I think they’ll do the cube thing again
Raise Hell Recordings (16 days ago)
The GPU in the iMac Pro is a RX Pro Vega 56. It is workstation grade.
Laurent de backer (16 days ago)
Come on, you don't really think Apple is going to make a higher resolution monitor then 8K hu... Even a 5K display is very rare to get and cost so much money. If they're going to make an 8K monitor i will eat my shoes...
Mei Ling Chang (16 days ago)
Will it be able to play Big Rigs at 60fps?
Avin Chavhan (16 days ago)
*S P I D E R M A N N   TT*
starbucksmonkey (16 days ago)
Hoping for a Tesla series graphics card from Nvidia
furonwarrior (16 days ago)
If I get one, I'm putting a recycling sticker on it. lmao
furonwarrior (16 days ago)
Grab some n-uhts.
bhokz gonzales (16 days ago)
baby shark
Monk (16 days ago)
Grab some nuts and enjoy ...
nougatbitz (16 days ago)
Just bring the cheese grater back or something like the XServe rack. Both were pretty much perfectly designed for easy maintenance and made you feel like you were dealing with a machine. They put some hair on your chest when you were dealing with them
MrGHLover107 (16 days ago)
apple should make the first true 8k display that is yes 8192x4320 at 120hz plus hdr support and maybe oled or probably just keep it led panel at 30" and sell it for $7999 with the oled or the led for $4999
Kate Srisermwong (16 days ago)
You just got new sub😁
Rodney Kirchhofer (16 days ago)
You're always making me eat ... thanks.
ismael ramirez (16 days ago)
thank you Daniel. I need to upgrade!
Luke Laforgia (16 days ago)
Haha grab some popcorn. Or nuts😂😂
iwonder (16 days ago)
Another awesome vid - LOVE your shark shirt!
andreas van westbroek (16 days ago)
AMD has confirmed Vega workstation GPUs on a 7nm prosses
Jayvie Reyes (16 days ago)
Apple is the most greedy company in the world if not the most stupid!!!
Zaren Allen (16 days ago)
I’m Daniel! Lol!!!
U are focusing on apple more then normal
Jeff captain (17 days ago)
mac pro there trying to make it smaller and portable with powerful performance , there is pointless to make it larger then last version

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