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NEW Mac Pro 2019 - Leaks & Rumors!

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Text Comments (380)
Verlin Swarey (3 months ago)
Your ‘awkward’ outtro made me laugh and hit the subscribe button! Great video though too. I had always wondered about the spec differences between the old Mac Pro and the new iMac
Leo Joey (3 months ago)
shush no stop no spoilers
Dan Suno (3 days ago)
Looks like a coffee machine
The Elevator Daily (4 days ago)
Paper shredder?
Harder Harder (5 days ago)
Apple no longer makes displays. I have the feeling Apple will stop making the Mac Pro. The iMac Pro is a better Mac Pro and monitor combined.
Mike Floris (5 days ago)
A liquid cooled Hackintosh - problem solved. Still going to come in wayyyyyyyy cheaper than what apple will offer this trash-can crap.
WideEyedPictures (6 days ago)
Did you call the all metal Mac Pro desktop a “tank top“? If so, that is brilliant and regardless if this is what you actually said or not, I will start referring to it as that.
Laurent Valette (8 days ago)
Pas de jalousie, je m'en tape. Chacun fait comme il veut... Juste pour te dire qu'à ce tarif tu aurais eu: Intel Core i9 18 cœurs / 36 threads (1700 €). Carte mère pour ce i9 (400 €). GTX Titan Z ( 2000 €). 256 GB de RAM DDR4 (3500 €). SSD de la mort ( 300 €).... Écran 4 K 32 pouces + tout le reste.... => 2000 €. On arrive à environ 9500 € en poussant très fort...^_^ Donc il te serait resté environ 3500 euros pour emmener ta copine une semaine à Venise ! (2000 €). Puis t'acheter un putain d'appareil photo de la mort, par exemple. (Sony alpha 7 ou Fuji XT1).... Je te signale aussi que la firme très opaque Apple ne fabrique plus que des merdes qui tombent en panne au bout de deux ans, 3 ans maximum...En plus ils ne paient pas l'impôt en France...Vlo gros !!!
D M (13 days ago)
Trashcan mac is the definition of insanity
D M (13 days ago)
I’m grabbing my nuts
D M (13 days ago)
Bring back the real Mac Pro and take out the trash
TheGranitePerson (17 days ago)
If they make it upgradable I’m sure you will have to order the custom made apple parts from apple. They won’t be standard parts.
Steven Jacobson (17 days ago)
I want 3 asap
Jim Walker (18 days ago)
Cheese Grater aluminum case was the best case ever made.
Bass Lover (21 days ago)
I am Sticking with my Early 2009 5,1 12 core Mac Pro that I rebuilt from the ground up.
Tomi Tomion (23 days ago)
So it's gonna be even more expensive than iMac Pro and for that money u can buy some monster workstation + separate render farm
Carol Haynes (26 days ago)
5 year old tech in the Trashintosh - £3000 in the UK - bonkers. Why does anybody pay these silly prices? How much with the new Pro cost in 2019 (yes they pushed back) if it even happens? There is still a lot of oooing and ahhing from fans but anyone with any sort of tech background knows it is the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome - always was and since Jobs it is getting so much worse. Mac products are not so common in the UK but almost everyone I meet uses their iMac to surf the Internet, Facebook and email? Does this really demand a premium priced computer? The few Pros I come across use Adobe products (which actually work better on Windows now), Quark and occasionally audio/video editing. The latter two I can understand if you are used to platform specific software but Adobe and Quark? Why?
Soul Equaliser (29 days ago)
I wonder how Apples Design Obsolescence Department is going? I wonder how they'll make the GPUs fail this time around? Apple should stick to making phones, their a phone and nick nacks company, they should stick to making phones and let real computer companies make the computers.
Ronald Boykin (1 month ago)
The Macs are just not worth the price! I went with a Windows 10 gaming laptop which is super for the money, blows away most Macbook for half the price!
Cris Blyth (1 month ago)
you were awesome in Spiderman...:)
Imhotep397 (1 month ago)
2019. I'm interested, but don't know that I'm jumping in 1st gen as a bought Mac Pro last year. I'm honestly hoping AMD and Nvidia offer current edition Mac Pro versions of a couple of their highest end GPUs.
darui Yan (1 month ago)
TeachLearner (1 month ago)
This title seems misleading. one sentence from the press release dragged out.
Meech (1 month ago)
I didn’t grab any popcorn or nuts
Leesa Michaels (1 month ago)
I always thought of the Neo Mac Pro as a Wine Cooler... but Trashcan is much more apropos.
foster scoot (1 month ago)
I think it is going to be a Triangular Mac Pro.. not circular at all.
Pooh Zie (1 month ago)
So now we have to wait until 2019. Is it really so hard to just update the trash can Mac Pro design and create a matching 4K or 5K Apple Cinema display? Is is so hard to sell after market GPU upgrade kits directly to customers so they don't complain about the fact that they can't upgrade the Mac Pro that they already spent over $3000 on?
korohone (1 month ago)
So.. The trashcan is pregnant ?
Chris Zayachkowski (1 month ago)
Get your facts straight. It is completely ungradable!
Brenden Michelus (1 month ago)
From trashcan to humidifier
C R Ξ A T I V (1 month ago)
Finally a bigger trash can!
No Names (1 month ago)
Lucky me - I'm not trapped in Apple "ecosystem" so I can pay reasonable sums of money when build my own PCs.
J Scott Upton (1 month ago)
I predict another over-priced, under-cooled desktop.
1111post (1 month ago)
Why would Andrew Garfield care about MacPros ? He’s rich.
rorrt (1 month ago)
I was thinking so hard about getting one.. I have the money. But then I had a think. The only thing i'd use it for is word, chrome, listening to music, occasionally playing on Kerbal SP and very little else... Pffft... I think i'll hold onto my money.
Sakurei (1 month ago)
Or do what I did. Order a mac pro 5,1. Gonna update it with a new gpu, ssd, etc. Can't wait.
Diana (1 month ago)
Can I use this with mi iMac
mai&BB 4life (1 month ago)
For real??
Alex Will (1 month ago)
I’d want the iMac Pro’s 128GB of RAM but a top of the line i9 processor with dual GTX 1080 Ti and 4TB of storage. That’s my dream modular Mac. Something that can do video editing, 3D modeling and especially high level gaming. It should be able to run games like GTA 5 in max settings over 60FPS. MAKE IT HAPPEN APPLE!!
Sean Hyland (1 month ago)
I strongly disagree with you that they will modify the current design. From what I've read, it seems like they know that the design was a failure and will probably want to distance themselves in the next iteration because of how much flack it got for looking like a trash can.
AYust22 (1 month ago)
Where did you get that shark shirt? :)
Daniel Rhodes (1 month ago)
I would depending on how upgradable it was.  I do wish Apple would get rid of intel though, as their A-chips are getting stronger.  I still like my Quad Core G5!
Charles Carr (1 month ago)
Can we talk about the elephant in the room and say how horrifyingly overpriced Apple desktops have become? It's gone far beyond the point that regular people can afford them. I've been using Macs exclusively since the 80s and they were never this unaffordable.
ahmed mohamed (1 month ago)
hi daniel am I the only one who think you look at least a little bit like "Andrew Garfield" hope that i m ont bothering you great video by the way
V E N D E T T A (1 month ago)
Apple makes their products even more retarded. Coffee mashine aka mac pro.
Dinopolese Sharkosaur (1 month ago)
Whatever happened to that whole idea of technology becoming CHEAPER over time?(not MORE expensive!)
Christo Roppolo (2 months ago)
Does anybody really want to shell out that kind of cash for anything any more? Give me an iPad Pro with the full power that’s in the Mac book or iMac pro. Period . Till then forget it. Peace 🎶🐕👽🕺✌🏻🔦🛸👏🏻👍🏻🙏Christo
Arctic Fox (2 months ago)
Alberto Serrano (2 months ago)
John S (2 months ago)
Nobody wants a 2.0 trashin/tosh.
Conrad Taylor (2 months ago)
Yes, I'm waiting patiently for the Mac Pro with the ability to add two Nvidia Titan V cards later. It would be awesome if Apple did provide Nvidia GPU options but I doubt it from past hardware releases. BTW, I do a lot of work with machine learning. Thus, GPU performance matters and I'm looking for a fully integrated system like a modular Mac Pro instead of build-your-own (BYO).
Baylen (2 months ago)
From a trashcan to a toaster... revolutionary innovation.
Ben (2 months ago)
mac pro 2 = 2 trash cans put together XD
Mike S. (2 months ago)
"The trashcan Mac Pro is finally getting an update this year" . Hold on....where is this proof that the Mac Pro is coming in 2018?
Tow Dow 3 (2 months ago)
How come I can’t find any of what you talk about on apples website? Maybe because you’re lying and you have no idea when a new Mac pro is dropping and what specs it’ll have? FOH
Hello _ (2 months ago)
If the new mac pro is rumoured to look anything like this, then it will look horrible. I thought the trash can design was bad ,but now it just looks like someone has stretched it. And after they have just reposed the iMac Pro (apples most powerful machine to date) I don't think they will bother with the Mac Pro.
Moonlight Wing (2 months ago)
Mac has become expensive crappy computer ! it glitches too much! It doesn't spell correctly The operating system doesn't work right ! add too much junk to the operating system when it doesn't need to be ! It's all about making profit now ! it out for price range!. for buy one ! and the quality is crappy they add too many parts to charge you more money an I could only use Mac products with your system. I would never buy a Mac again it's easier to use windows
Doan Le (2 months ago)
bigger trash can!
Jeffrey Colin (2 months ago)
I thought that Apple had said, at least at a point, that the iMac on steroids was going to be the permanent replacement for Mac Pro? When did the Mac Pro come back into play?
blanda o'reilly (2 months ago)
Apple can kiss my white lily ass
another trashcan
alienrefugee51 (2 months ago)
It will have an aluminum space grey case, not the trash can design imo. They're not going to revisit that failure.
MK (2 months ago)
What about the Mac mini... Why does no one ever remember the mac mini?
Marky Goldstein (2 months ago)
it's 80% Intel
Robert Bloom (2 months ago)
Are you Daniel? lol the awkward outro is endearing. Great vid! thanks for all the details
Elite Extremophile (2 months ago)
Oh man! A $4000 toaster!
Ernesto Martinez (2 months ago)
Get ready for a 44 Trillion USD all new Mac Pro !!! Enjoy !!!!!!
Alex Illemszky (2 months ago)
They need to build a mac pro with 4 to 6 usb drives and a CD Drive
The Original ONION (2 months ago)
I’m going with the iMac Pro fully loaded
Porter Bay (2 months ago)
I chose to grab nuts
Kris Bohr (2 months ago)
As if people realy want a "Classic Computer Style".. Either Apple starts to get worse or people expect different things then. I'm just judging the Thumbnail and the Visuals of the possibly leak.
C Rizzy (2 months ago)
I wonder if the new mac pro will also have soldered ram and SSD. We can only hope!
TechPimp (2 months ago)
Does anyone really care if the price is so expensive you might as well make a Hackintosh
kkonsti (2 months ago)
Who needs 256 Gigs of RAM though
huexley Yannick (2 months ago)
The almighty Toaster will crush the Trashcan
Andrew Robinson (2 months ago)
This actually looks worse than the trash can
Bashanvibe (2 months ago)
I want one
chloe devereaux (2 months ago)
wow and yet again you people with no sense will continue to buy out dated crappy slow hardware cos it has an apple logo on it....... will you ever learn,only if apple release an app to teach you......retards
SPX (2 months ago)
Please stop making these hideous video, just stop...
Nanescu Radu (2 months ago)
you forgot about their vega frontier edition and that card is a workstation grade gpu
capndavey1 (2 months ago)
how about a Mac pro that looks like a dumpster hehe
mira coli (2 months ago)
moving vom trash can to an urinal
Roy Patton (2 months ago)
A Mac that DOESNT Thermal Throttle ...... I will believe that when i see it
dopamining (2 months ago)
Hackintoshes VS 2018 Mac Pro . . . .
Martin Wallace (2 months ago)
The cooling system on the Mac Pro stinks!  I should know, I have  been fighting with this garbage mac since early 2014
tim walling (2 months ago)
apple had their day they will fade away since the products are overpriced and break
Yonder Observer (2 months ago)
Like you, I've been waiting since 2010. Gotta have customizable upgradability. Been a long time waiting. With a red Tesla now in space, these times call for a super-fast super great MacPro! Thanks for speculating and explaining!
Lama Steve (2 months ago)
Now why not use the iMac pro for a monitor, and the Mac Pro for power, but use both cpu’s For tandem power and processing. Oh thanks for the end of rendering in 4K video on an iPad Pro LumaFusion. Apple keeps making problems for ports, cables and file format so Tim Cooks friends can provide solutions without ever having customer service or even a phone number ? Funding for the screwed on backwards people ?
Ernie G. (2 months ago)
Pcie is a must
davide bruno (2 months ago)
Probably will be a Pyramid shape with Illuminati or Massonic symbols
listerine 2010 (2 months ago)
cool it down dude ,you look so tensed and constipated
James Gardiner (2 months ago)
Sorry, WRONG! If you cannot mount it in a Rack, what all Pros ask for, its a FAIL. So something like the older tower is much more likely. Otherwise buy a iMac Pro. its pretty. Pros don;t care Pros what usability, upgradability etc.
Ultra NEO (2 months ago)
I upgraded from a Mac... Built a PC.
J4DEE GAMING (2 months ago)
Ultra NEO Great choice. Welcome to the PC master race!
Username (2 months ago)
Seems like this design is a bit dragged out by now...
AMD its not sirious video card. I work only with Nvidia. When i buy my MacPro first step i delete ADM and put Nvidia. But if this MacPro 2018 cant change AMD to Nvidia... Its stupped!
Jeff Watters (2 months ago)
Mateo Gomez (2 months ago)
over donor stretch competitive intelligence recording coach defeat sentiment series past pace hold.
Dave Taylor (2 months ago)
I need a recommendation for a new video card for my 2010 Mac Pro that will get me through 3D and after effects, until the new mac pro comes out... any suggestions?
Triniti Coclough (2 months ago)
People keep assuming that due to everyone buying the iMac pro, there is no need for the new MacPro. The iMac Pro is a means for apple to keep pro users in the fold of their products. Many of the top level pro users have multiple systems. a recording studio whos main room is centered around the older Mac Pro could decide to buy this new iMac Pro for one of its smaller rooms and see how it turns out and if its great, they may invest in the new MacPro . I could right now go and buy the iMac pro but I don't want its screen so as powerful as it may be, I will wait for a MacPro (new) because I already have screens. Larger ones that apple ever provided and larger than what they provide from the form factor of the iMac Pro. I know I can use it and add my screens but I don't want an all in one just sitting there taking up space! Not everyone needs the screen. So don't assume that apple will be happy over the sales of the iMac Pro that they will never create the new Mac Pro. The iMac Pro was just something to eat until the main meal comes! If the Appetizer is this good omg the meal must be amazing!
Robert Oti (2 months ago)
Who can afford a mac pro though. The only good thing is being able to upgrade over time. What Apple need to do is revert imac and macbook pro back to customisable.
Ronnie Baga (2 months ago)
Another trash can full of garbage

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