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Top 5 Smartphones of 2017!

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We highlight five of our favorite smartphones of 2017 along with several others that didn't quite make the "Top 5" list. With so many incredible smartphones, it's tough to narrow the list down to just five devices. Let us know which device is your favorite in a comment below! Check out Beau HD's personal channel: http://goo.gl/E5iM4N PhoneDog: http://www.PhoneDog.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/PhoneDog Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phonedog Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+phonedog Instagram: http://instagram.com/phonedog
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Text Comments (144)
Mr Tech (13 days ago)
*1. Google Pixel 2 XL* *2. Galaxy Note 8* *3. iPhone X* *4. LG V30* *5. Galaxy S8/S8+*
James Gonzalos (24 days ago)
htc u 11+
Humza 2004 (25 days ago)
Pixel 2 is better than pixel 2 XL
Thomas Komosinski (1 month ago)
What about essential
Tom Rock (1 month ago)
iPhone 10
Super Fleymez (1 month ago)
Next year we will see the “S” treatment on these phones which will fix many issues on these phones. Can’t wait to see the Pixel 3 XL, IPX plus, V40 and Note 9.
Super Fleymez (1 month ago)
The Note 8 is the best phone in general but the V30 is my favorite as the Pixel is yours.
mohammed mashud (1 month ago)
1. Pixel 2 2. Note 8 3. Mate 10 pro 4. iPhone X 5 v30/ s8 depending on DAC or release date HM are mix 2, 5t, razer phone, essential phone
Isaiah Quantz (1 month ago)
You missed the Essential Phone.  Does anyone even acknowledge it's existence?
jeff kennedy (1 month ago)
Isaiah Quantz essential was recognized by other reviews as best design and most unique it's just every reviewer has their own opinion
duidcudciu vfnvnhgv (1 month ago)
Hay talk about the s9 rumors
EdielG (1 month ago)
Watching from Samsung Galaxy note 8
Scott Taulker (1 month ago)
maybe the phones improve? The carriers continue to SUCK!!!!
Syko (1 month ago)
I farted. Just thought you should know
srinivasan iyer (1 month ago)
Hello sir, kindly make review for mi max 2 and mi a1
Samy_06 (1 month ago)
To me, the note 8 and, the V30 and the XZ premium are 2017's best flagship phones. The note 8 is undeniably the best phone all around, the V30 has great unmatched audio capabilities and the XZ premium has a much better screen and the 960 fps feature that is nowhere to be found elsewhere.
Scooba Weathers (1 month ago)
Great review. Pixel 2 XL is the best phone for me personally. However, I still wouldn't rank it number 1. I would put the note 8 & iPhone X ahead of the pixel, only because most people would prefer those devices over a pixel. The note 8 is the most complete phone of 2017 & the iPhone X is an all around great phone as well, & attracts more consumers. I own pixel 2 XL & iPhone X.
HBenefit HBG (1 month ago)
How about a top 5 budget phones of 2017
Aydin C. (1 month ago)
Pixel 2XL way better than iPhone 10🤔
Alvaro Mady (1 month ago)
I'm I alone with V30 ?
Ronel Geminiano (1 month ago)
Watching on v30.
Isaiah L (1 month ago)
My goodness how can people like looking at that iphone with that annoying forehead.
Nazmul Sorkar (1 month ago)
iPhone X is no 1
eazibaby eaZI (1 month ago)
No he didn't say the original xl had limitations 😂 really water resistance stop you from using it. You use your phone under water daily? So bezels serve what function? You reviewers should stop with the nit picking! Some complaints aren't worth mentioning
Rekha S Nair (1 month ago)
eazibaby eaZI www
Scooba Weathers (1 month ago)
eazibaby eaZI Agree. To tech junkies it matters. To the average consumer....it more then likely means nothing. I loved my original pixel. I have the pixel 2 xl and to me it’s the best phone.
eazibaby eaZI (1 month ago)
Scooba Weathers i hear ya. Just hard to see OIS as a limitation when the performance was hands down the best. To the average consumer all they know is performance to spec junkies this matters maybe.
Scooba Weathers (1 month ago)
eazibaby eaZI It's not about what is important or not. It's all subjective with every consumer. The point I was making was in reference of the YouTube video. The dude said "the original Pixel" had limitations for him. I simply jus pointed out the limitations it had cus u only mentioned 1 limitation that he brought up as if to say that was the only limitation and/ or u were saying it's pretty much not a valid limitation. I jus stated that it is a limitation to people. Maybe not u. But it is to normal consumers. I also mentioned the other limitations. Now if u wanna talk about whether its actually a limitation then that's a debate for another day. But ultimately, not everyone has your perspective. So what might not be a limitation to u....can be a limitation to others. Regardless, it's a limitation when u are reviewing phones and being technical about everything, especially when being compared to other phones.
eazibaby eaZI (1 month ago)
Scooba Weathers cool,, why is OIS important when it was the best performing camera of the year without it?
Zviad Ambroladze (1 month ago)
No HTC?!..
Whiterin (1 month ago)
Zviad Ambroladze He addressed the reason for no HTC. He didn't get a chance to use the U11.
Alex Wong (1 month ago)
Personally for me: Note 8 Pixel 2 XL LG V30 iPhone X One plus 5t
Abhirup Majumdar (1 month ago)
Mate 10 Pro
CHINMAY DAS (1 month ago)
You missed Matta 10 pro ...
Romeo Diyong (1 month ago)
Hey where is htc u11+?
DreamLegendary (1 month ago)
Most people hating on the Pixel 2 XL haven't even experienced it in real life. They're just riding the over blown problems wave lol
Aaron Seabolt (1 month ago)
Gotta say i love my Pixel 2 XL, all of you saying Note 8 is better. You wouldn't understand it's a Pixel thing. ;)
Flavio A (1 month ago)
Aaron Seabolt you sound like an iPhone user.
M C (1 month ago)
I own a galaxy s8 plus and iphone 8 plus 256gb but all the devices above are great options.
Tack World (1 month ago)
iPhone is the best
Tack World (1 month ago)
Giorgio Ceriani (1 month ago)
Tack World hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha
Mrkeith (1 month ago)
mate 10 pro dude.. the price all around.. the screen.. the camera..
Aaron Inscho (1 month ago)
TopGunAce23 (1 month ago)
If the OP 5 T and the Google pixel 2 XL had the micro USB slot they would be the perfect phones!! I'm happy that the LG V30 got some love.
Mom of Four (1 month ago)
Note 8 is better. The display is what is looked at all day long. Pixel 2 XL has inferior display and not just a little inferior.
Flavio A (1 month ago)
It's hardware versus software. Do you want update software with meh hardware or do you want software that's behind but top notch hardware and features. Can't go wrong with either
Marty S (1 month ago)
troy 028 yes I agree with you just take what u like
troy 028 (1 month ago)
Scooba Weathers I agree. That's why I love android. It gives us choices.
Scooba Weathers (1 month ago)
troy 028 That’s fair. Everyone is different. If the screen is the most important thing to u when paying more then $800 on a phone then I can’t dispute that argument. So the note 8 is the best for u. I believe the note 8 is the most complete phone of 2017. However, I prefer Pure google and pixels camera. Me personally, if I’m paying more then $800 for a phone I want the best camera and pure google and good display. That’s what the pixel offers. Not a great display. But it is a good display.
eazibaby eaZI (1 month ago)
troy 028 i look at my phone flat on the table or desk as well. The update really calibrated the screen more. So the shift you say isn't like it was at launch is what I'm telling you. I see the blue shift more before the update. Now you really have to do tricks to see it. I assume you using some real audiophile headphones, because had the v10 and compared my wired beats to my Bluetooth headset. With the DAC on it would be louder but clarity was no different really. If audio through the headset is your thing, the v30 os a better choice. If you not using really expensive bose or Sennheiser headphones the quality isn't better then what Bluetooth offers. Most people will not spend that much on their headset!
Thi Henry (1 month ago)
My top 5 phone of 2017: 1) iPhone se 2) iPhone 7/+ 3) iPhone 8/+ 4) Apple Watch 5) iPhone X. I’m not a Apple fanboy, I have and use the first google phone.
bigmaxcc (1 month ago)
Thi Henry loool apple fanboy
ntprsm (1 month ago)
I would definitely get the LG V30! If I had the money, that is. Here I am, still viewing this video on my OnePlus One which I have had for three years so far. :(
SuperChiko4000 (1 month ago)
Those are nice phone s
Crazcompart (1 month ago)
...I wouldn't be too keen on the Note 8 right now...Android Authority just reported that some devices will not turn on, nor attempt to charge up after the battery level reaches either zero or close-to-zero levels... Problems again, perhaps?
Marlique Sheed (1 month ago)
Crazcompart I have a Note 8. Didn't hear about that being a problem with the phone. Interesting. I haven't experienced any of those charging problems yet and I have had my phone die more than a few times now.
M.K. Cooper (1 month ago)
Watching this on my S8!
Rich Brown (1 month ago)
I think it's significant that on every list of the top 5 or top 10 phones of 2017, Note8 is the only one that makes it to the top 3 of every single list.
Nikka M (1 month ago)
I agree, if not for the great form factor and hardware of the iPhone X, I might have returned it. The new gestures need more refining, and cropped videos and the notch is annoying.
Jordan Ivey (1 month ago)
It used to be nice when we could vote for the top phone of the month. You'd have expert vs viewer based opinions
Vernon Warren (1 month ago)
Note 8 number one in my opinion. More bang for your buck.
Vernon Warren (1 month ago)
Br0xstarr it's definitely a great phone. I got it brand new off of eBay for $670.00
Vince Lam (1 month ago)
You can get it well below $1000 as of today.
Br0xstarr (1 month ago)
Vernon Warren well, seeing as it is $1,000, I'd hope that it would be a really good phone.
Fonsidian (1 month ago)
#Razer Phone is awesome!
TailsTheCat (1 month ago)
We miss Aaron.
Whiterin (1 month ago)
TailsTheCat Aaron works with HTC now.
TailsTheCat (1 month ago)
Watching on Pixel 2. #TeamPixel
Video Uploader (1 month ago)
Bro you have missed Huawei mate 10 pro ! @ PhoneDog
Video Uploader (1 month ago)
PhoneDog hmm ok thanks buddy !
PhoneDog (1 month ago)
We look forward to checking it out when it arrives at AT&T next year! ;) -BHD
shawn cypret (1 month ago)
I enjoyed my ZTE V8 Pro it's got a very nice I like the front fingerprint scanner and home button to dual 13 megapixel cameras aren't as good as I would have liked but the battery life for me goes over a day and I'm a heavy user the axon 7 is very nice I haven't had any time to play with the Axon M
mumblefluff (1 month ago)
Nokia 8 - best priced flagship
Kevin Davis (1 month ago)
Nice video, I find myself in agreement with your list.
PhoneDog (1 month ago)
Jake Marx (1 month ago)
what about the BlackBerry Keyone or Motion?
You were Wondering (1 month ago)
Really glad to see Pixel 2 XL making the top spot of the list, i personally would've chosen Note 8 over Pixel 2 as the no.1 spot because of all the issues the Pixel 2 XL had at release, i just don't think it's fair to actually give it a pass for a smartphone that makes you pay $850. But pixel 2 xl is an amazing smartphone and it's definitely my favourite smartphone of the year, because if that amazing camera and great software experience, But would've give it no.1 spot because of that though. I make tech contents, if you could spare some time please do give my channel a look. I will appreciate it quite a lot.
abanoub waheep (1 month ago)
Man , you need to learn color grading and correction for real
game com (1 month ago)
We're is the Huawei mate 10 pro / Nokia 8 /
mumblefluff (1 month ago)
Nokia ftw :D I kinda get why it's not here, but it definitely could be.
MARKELTHEKID45 (1 month ago)
Please add me on psn beau i follow you and love your videos
FAIKOO Kushnadev (1 month ago)
1. Pixel 2 XL 2. Note 8 3. Mate 10 pro 4. Iphone X 5. One plus T
Markus B (1 month ago)
5 Google Pixel 2 XL 4 Galaxy Note 8/S8+/S8 3 LG V30 2 One Plus 5T 1 iPhone X
David (1 month ago)
Markus B Really??? My list of best phone 2017 is much better than yours because I tried all the phones out before picking one out for my daily phone in a 2 years contract with 02 network in the UK. Worst experience I had was using Apple iPhones in the past year their all the same design as iphone 6 since 2014. Android is already way ahead of Apple as invention. Only Apple can win is the Benchmark with A11 chip they left the door open for Android to bring a powerful processor soon
Markus B (1 month ago)
David you keep repeating your pooor 1 and only example vs my real world experience. You can’t even imagine the experience if you’ve never used it. Nice list but I still don’t agree with it. See how easy that was?
David (1 month ago)
Markus B Sure about that Face ID is more reliable than Touch ID what happened in Apple's Keynote when the guy try to unlock the phone with his face 3 times and straight to password. You just hurt that iPhone X isn't the best phone in 2017 it's between Note 8 and Google Pixel 2. Admitted that Android is better operation than Apple plus Apple had never caught up in features. I wonder how many phones you broke on high end smartphone????? My Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is 3 months old is running smoothly even my old phones Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia S are the same. My ranking for BEST PHONE in 2017 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2.Google Pixel 2 XL 3. Sony Xperia XZ Premium 4. HTC U11 Plus 5. One Plus 5T 6. Razor Phone 7. Blackberry Passort 8. LG G6 and LG V30 9. Huawei Mate 10 Pro 10. Apple iPhone X and 8 Plus
Markus B (1 month ago)
David no ones making excuses your just but hurt over my ranking. Face ID has been more reliable than my Note 7’s shitty Iris scanner. Literally the FaceID is just as accurate as Touch ID. Your clearly a fanboy troll with no experience. I’m on my 24th High End smartphone. I’ve had everything from Berry’s To Teros To Apples. I’m running public betas on my X and this best thing money can buy I’m having zero bugs
David (1 month ago)
Markus B All Android phone has fast charging charger comes in the box. Plus Apple ipad charger is £15 to buy in the Apple website. Apple iPhone X is real disappointment in 2017. Face ID failed in Apple's keynote in September 3 times. My Opinion the Finger print scanning is more secure than FACE ID because what happen a twin has same feature as you and use your phone to unlock the phone in ease. Finger print scanning someone need to cut your finger to use the phone. You run out of excuses already
Roderick Fountain (1 month ago)
Why wouldn't the Moto Z Force 2 be on the top 5 considering it has the best Hardware upgrades with the Moto mods. What other phone allows you to leave your Bluetooth speaker at home with the t.v, because you have an attachable JBL speaker and the insta share projector. No other phone can compete with the benefits of the Moto mods
Roderick Fountain (1 month ago)
Every other phone company only making their displays, and camera quality better, when they should focus on making a better more user friendly experience for the consumer. Something that holds it's usefulness longer than we hold the value of our phones now days
Kimumwe Douglas (1 month ago)
Note 8 and iPhone x is the best lol
Nico Schmidt (1 month ago)
the s8 has a pack a punch hehe
Chester Foster (1 month ago)
The iPhone should not be number 3. And theirs no way on earth the note 8 is 2nd on the list. The note should be at the number one spot and the iPhone should be number 2. Pixel should be number 3. But that’s just my opinion
Marius 20CM (1 month ago)
LG always had very good displays
LLC (1 month ago)
Whassup Phone dog
Deboprasad chakraborty (1 month ago)
One plus 5t
xMyrna (1 month ago)
uhm im thinking about getting s9 when it comes out should i get pixel2 instead? can't rly decide 🤔
Support You (1 month ago)
But the real question is it Dog proof seen it’s Phonedog channel after all. 😄
Sam Devita (1 month ago)
Mate 10 pro should be be up here as well
Markus Kröger (1 month ago)
Watching this on my Pixel 2 XL #teampixel
Fine ranking. Why don’t you rope in Aaron Baker.
Whiterin (1 month ago)
sivakumar krishnamurthy he works for HTC now.
David hunsinger (1 month ago)
The U11 is a beast. It's faster than the 5T and the note 8.
Michael Upchurch (1 month ago)
Great review as always
Michael Upchurch (1 month ago)
Note 8 and HTC u11 plus
ClynthSync (1 month ago)
iPhone is the best
Giorgio Ceriani (1 month ago)
ClynthSync mmmh nope
David (1 month ago)
Marius 20CM Apple had a lot of iOS updates this year and never fix the issue
Marius 20CM (1 month ago)
David that bad? a glitch that can be done very hard to see the photos while the phone is locked is a bad problem? all those problems will be solved...
David (1 month ago)
Marius 20CM not all phones have software issues that bad
Marius 20CM (1 month ago)
David every phone has soft problems m8 it can't be flawless...
Aidel Hilmi (1 month ago)
Nice video..
Labowich (1 month ago)

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