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Top 5 best Flagship-Killer smartphones

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Hello friend's here is the Top 5 Best Flagship-Killer Smartphones. All Smartphone have Great Design, Appearance Build Quality. High Quality Sound Audio. Hardcore Performance and a Lots of Features. Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe :- http://bit.ly/2e1ZOkE Facebook:- http://bit.ly/2dXOzoV google plus:-https://plus.google.com/u/1/111669875983746769268
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Text Comments (345)
Haste Raho Ritik Razz (12 days ago)
Pushpa Kumara (29 days ago)
best mobile phone
Bisku Boro Boro (1 month ago)
iPhone 7plus best
Shabnam Memon (1 month ago)
Ducky MoMo (1 month ago)
Haroon S. Khan (2 months ago)
how about for other brands which are about to launch and in some countries already working good and nominated in Mobile world conference and Asia Mobile Awards?? wanna get there info and details?
Rowan Gordon (2 months ago)
armed development thought adapt lifetime latin if cigarette alcohol injury.
Артур (4 months ago)
No thx
Techno Biology (5 months ago)
Where can I buy the Nox,please?
Chandan Kumar (5 months ago)
Vry2 nice video😂😂😂
Chandan Kumar (5 months ago)
Plz tell me bro 20 k under me best fones
Hanif Sumalani (5 months ago)
World sillem fone konsa he
Zy Zy (6 months ago)
Hp awesome
Mr betrayaL (6 months ago)
the nox design dah macam tenok
Prodipto Tushar (6 months ago)
What's the model of the phone in thumbnail
MaestrO Frags (6 months ago)
Yotaphone is tiny make a bigger screen one il buy it
surya sai (7 months ago)
Congratulations for 100K subs
All About Solution (7 months ago)
Thank you so much bro 😃
Subrata biswas (7 months ago)
ho nices
vik Rathor (7 months ago)
yotaphone is realy amazing nd awesome...
Rehana Majeed (7 months ago)
number one I want to buy so how I will buy this for it's very nice and beautiful
Luis (7 months ago)
What is about the Nokia 3310
Danny Shadle (7 months ago)
Where can I buy a Yoda phone? And will they work with carriers in the US? I would really like one!
ultimate fun (8 months ago)
yotophone is best 😍
pretty girl (8 months ago)
These phones look cool.............. But what about the price
babar shah (8 months ago)
from where i can get it in pakistan
HF socio p. (8 months ago)
Elite is awesome
Al Noman (8 months ago)
Symetium is shit!!!!!!!! They cant release this mobile
amit kumar (8 months ago)
Yotaphone is awesome
Walter rq (8 months ago)
the cellphone as like a computer comes from NOKIA N8 (Symbian belle) with tis HDMI output, so it's not new.
Nahuel Martínez (8 months ago)
That last one seems fucking stunning, really
King of Comedy (9 months ago)
I'm broke and I'm watching these...🙌🙌
Swapnil Vichare (9 months ago)
it's very coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool gadgets
Sonu sp Jaat (10 months ago)
best kona
Chromosome Five (10 months ago)
i liked symetium the best thn yotaphone
Nazar Akbar (10 months ago)
nazar hussain
Uday Patel (10 months ago)
If they are so good y barely anyone use them
Ma Nardi (10 months ago)
the the nox is big then my home brok
sk chocklate boy (11 months ago)
i like yotaphone
Suriya Maurya (11 months ago)
सर जि हमको चाहीये ये फोन आप अपना नम्बर दो सर जी
deepu royal (11 months ago)
All About Solution (11 months ago)
Thanks :)
Inigo Espiritu (11 months ago)
why smart phones gives us limited battery capacity?
jason jones (6 months ago)
Inigo Espiritu It's not like a battery can carry unlimited power also the power it holds the expensive it will be
Lyxn Son (11 months ago)
I like how creative they create yotaphone.
Dhaval Watwe (11 months ago)
Who needs 2nd screen on their phone I don't like the Concept of Yotaphone
Bharat lal Sirsuwa (11 months ago)
ericvdp1994 (11 months ago)
track starting at 0:40 pls? The whole MMA community is looking for this one too
HypNotiQ IV (11 months ago)
oneplus 3/3t??
CheasY (11 months ago)
Nox: Best brickphone ever :D
vikas paraste (1 year ago)
I also want like that phones
passingbyjimmyslittl (1 year ago)
how hard is it to put the links in the description?
DHINESH mech (1 year ago)
I like symetium and zte very much
Caelum (1 year ago)
Links please because I really want either the Nox or the Symetium but I can't find them anywhere
Bilawal Ali (1 year ago)
Axon7 How Much
Sheila Schwering (1 year ago)
tell us about phone. stop with annoying music
SUPERJACK7777777 (1 year ago)
come on guys this is 2017 , give the prices WTF
TheWoolyninja4 (1 year ago)
No windows phone should ever be on the "best" list they are a flop i owned one and it was great for work but sucked at everything else and i have other devices for portable work that have much better screens and processors.
New Smartphone007 (1 year ago)
Very nice...........................!
All About Solution (1 year ago)
Thanx :)
Speedbreaker700 (1 year ago)
yotaphone looks great and he had a dual screen hahah
Dark Black (1 year ago)
YOTAPHONE is amazing but the shapes are ugly
Dark Black (1 year ago)
The phone that is the main screen is the main camera tooo, like a mirror and there's a screen at the back of the phone for the readers.
Leonīds Podjava (1 year ago)
elizabete balčus un pakalpojumu izstrāde spēcīgu baltijas valstu čempionāts ugunsdzēsības aparāti ugunsdzēsības inventārs aparātu kastes un stiprinājumi velosipēdu turētāji automašīnu tirdzniecība, bet arī ar pārskaitījumu vai skaidrā nauda drošas un veselībai nekaitīgu uzturēšanās atļauju, bet arī ar pārskaitījumu. sabīne tilta, ka tas nenozīmē. sabīne berezina un kristaps
Anitha M (1 year ago)
where can we buy "symetinum" from? any idea about its release date in India?
Hussein Malik (1 year ago)
Noting better
Showrov Rockzzz (1 year ago)
vishal bhola (1 year ago)
Showrov Rockzzz fatkari
It's Awesome!
All About Solution (1 year ago)
Thanx Bro :)
khajabasheer (1 year ago)
wow amazing
All About Solution (1 year ago)
+khajabasheer Thanx 😊
Jad Daoud (1 year ago)
s8 note 8 iphone 8 ????
ThePerfectSpecies (11 months ago)
Somebody going to tell this guy or....
B.N. Marak (1 year ago)
Wet Shoe (1 year ago)
is it me or did the last one copied Microsoft's upcoming surface phone's every little thing expect its android
vatony putra (1 year ago)
symmetyum is the best killer
Julien PINSON (1 year ago)
I felt in love with the Nox. Or rather say the Hoax ! you got me there...
where do u buy the nox phone
ClynthSync (1 year ago)
Samsung sucks
Legenda Beril (1 year ago)
akses kemana mana pun sangat mudah senctral china town..cuman 150 ribu bayar langsung kalau pakai booking bayar 180 rb mantap
Legenda Beril (1 year ago)
harga murah dan fasilitasnya spt hotel
Ivan Spiteri (1 year ago)
The ZTE Axon 7 is the best smartphone that money can buy. It's a true bargain.
chevymuscle4life (1 year ago)
First of all all the phones here about destroys the Iphone 7.....the yotaphone does. That dual screen is truly revolutionary. That is so smart and I would buy that phone.....if I knew where to get one.
Pizza Bari (1 year ago)
All About Solution qqa
All About Solution (1 year ago)
+chevymuscle4life on Amazon
Tarique Aziz (1 year ago)
kis company ka hai
B Z (1 year ago)
zte nice cell
Renaldo Reid (1 year ago)
I kept my mouth open for the amount of time the yotaphone lasted it's incredible!!
Arslan Khan (1 year ago)
Arslan Khan (1 year ago)
LG G5 is best
symo 02 (1 year ago)
symetinum is good like
Kishore Koli (1 year ago)
Yota PHONE is brilliant
JTwonder (1 year ago)
cool ideas, very bad designs.
Faggot From Tumblr (1 year ago)
yotaphone looks like piece of shit
Kent Ignore (1 year ago)
The only downside on these mobile phones are, its android
Swamp Fox (1 year ago)
snapdragon 835,6-8 gb ram,16 mp f 1.8 above main cam(you don't even need front cam 😂),5.5" amoled into yotaphone = *I'M BUYING THIS THING no matter what*
stalain2000 (1 year ago)
I wish there was links to buy in the description
yaqoob muhammad (1 year ago)
Jahid hassan (1 year ago)
Oneplus 3T
Balwinder Singh (1 year ago)
Mg Lin (1 year ago)
nox .........
MrBroxMan (1 year ago)
wasnt yota phone released like 2 years ago?
Jash Rajan Modi (1 year ago)
Symetinum was looking like a box with a screen
Jash Rajan Modi (1 year ago)
NOX was so ugly
Vid Maksimovic (1 year ago)
and oneplus 3 ???
Danprazz Channel (1 year ago)
Sai Krishna (1 year ago)
Hello sir. May I know the back ground music of #4 "HP Elite X3" & #2 "Yota Phone".. Thank you in Advance..😃
Jacimira Soares (1 year ago)
gostaria de saber em quais sites eu encontro esses smartphones?

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