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Nigeria's illegal oil refineries

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Across delta swamps, oil thieves refine billions of dollars of stolen oil in makeshift operations resulting in frequent oil spills.
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Madhi Sathya (19 days ago)
Whatever it may be, you better dare not mess with the Middle East.
Madhi Sathya (19 days ago)
How are they so fucking ripped..? Clearly they got no fitness centres out there..
Nneka Pat (1 month ago)
I am from Africa I wasn't born there I was born in America so i'm glad I was here because Afrcia seems harsh no offense to Nigeria they are great dancers
SHERMAN YOUNG (1 month ago)
The United States was built on captializim, and slavery 🤔🤔🤔 and it's going to die on it 😂😂😂
motorhead (2 months ago)
so Europe and Dutch Shell BP can steal their oil while they live in poverty. Amazing evil.
SHERMAN YOUNG (1 month ago)
motorhead , absolutely right,
SOAP MacTavish (2 months ago)
we wuz oil workers and sheeeeeeeeeeeeit
Tomintx81 (2 months ago)
if shell would simply set up training centers and employ these people.... this documentary never would have been made and these people's lives would be infinitely better.
Rasta Lion (2 months ago)
Why these back are in very good shape and i go to gym n still look like shit
Freedom ForAll (3 months ago)
Look real world environmental problems.... Maybe a carbon tax will help. Lol
Thabo Sethipa (3 months ago)
Take back your resources otherwise Shell will loot everything
vulkein (3 months ago)
oil just needs to go away. the people who lose jobs? teach them new skills for the technology that will take oil's place... problem frucking solved.
viva padrepio (5 months ago)
Better go back to selling ivory. nyuk nyuk. Make America And Israel Great Again 2018!
Iretioluwa Rotimi (11 days ago)
Nigeria doesn't have that many elephants. Hopefully they'll educate their children and they'll be able to create large refineries. Currently, the world's largest refinery is being built in Nigeria. I plan to strive to help these people create legal refineries. Keep laughing at Africa. God will continually bless you for your kindness.
No way! (6 months ago)
"He continues to pour oil on the fire"- wel well Christian PureFake, I hope it is not Diesel oil hahahahahahaha Did you really never had any serious chemistry, not even in highschool you dumb fucking CNN reporter?
No way! (6 months ago)
Hahahahaha, CNN FAKE NEWS !!!!!!!!! Christian PureFakeFoy says: "These barrels with PURE Diesel are only 4 or 5 meters away from a naked flame"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Let's look at a NAKED flame put straight INTO Diesel oil: https://youtu.be/7nL10C7FSbE?t=3m24s Wow, nothing much happens Purefoy ! Are you even called that way or is that FAKE too hahahaha
Matthew Seneris (6 months ago)
If mother nature have arms these guys are already dead
Ramis Savci (7 months ago)
It is not illegally stolen oil!..Behind the scenes all these politicians has percentage of share from this stolen oils!..If the Nigeria modern and legalize country and you have had law enforcement department,Army soldier etc. all the man power which you need is within your hand right?So what is the problem?Dirty politicians they're just let it go and in the beautiful location of the country they're keep up their wealthy life style.That is all about.
Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber (7 months ago)
"these barrels of pure diesel are only 4-5 meters away from the flames" Use longer pipes! god do I have to think of everything. >:|
Aman Singh (3 months ago)
They don't use their mind
No way! (6 months ago)
Why should they? Those Africans seem to know more about Diesel oil than the fake CNN fake news reporter: https://youtu.be/7nL10C7FSbE?t=3m24s
D Gunny (8 months ago)
Now remember kids what you learned in school today . Black lives matter, just not as much as others . Not much difference between blacks anywhere in the world. They will destroy, and devalue everything around them
Nneka Pat (1 month ago)
D Gunny black lives matter more than whites in case you haven't learned history Africans actually got whites money by being their slaves SO PUT THAT IN YOUR GLASS OF MILK AND DRINK IT
SHERMAN YOUNG (1 month ago)
D Gunny , remember kids that Dumbass in the White House,got his money from the poor 😂😂
Daniel Dan (8 months ago)
All I see here is opportunity, these guys could be private oil refiners this is a business opportunity.
Gasagara n thacien (8 months ago)
Authorities are ones causing all the Chaos! Stupid wickeds
Michael Robins (8 months ago)
Africa is going to get worse, they are still having 5-6 kids per family, disgusting
SHERMAN YOUNG (1 month ago)
Michael Robins , America is getting worst!!! because of Hitler Trump 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Nneka Pat (1 month ago)
How? that's more than the average american family which is 2.2 kids
SHERMAN YOUNG (1 month ago)
Michael Robins America is disgusting along with that Dumbass in the White House 😂😂😂😂
Iwanvs 95 (9 months ago)
They have resources and manpower, just need a white brain to make it working.
Alex Whitton (11 months ago)
So I have to breath their smoke from there shitty refinerys. They dont get that their polluting the air what a shame
ihate (1 year ago)
This is that bullshit, you got multinational oil companies cutting deals with government to lease or own the land they are producing oil while cutting out alll the locals on any of the revenue from the oil for which they could benefit.
no no se llama (1 year ago)
Saud A (1 year ago)
0:52 pure diesel my a$$. But that's ok business people talking...
David Soudek (4 months ago)
It's "Hydrotreated"
Gazoline (1 year ago)
i don't see why this is illegal it is like digging for gold if you find it it is yours it is just greedy companys thinking everything is theirs.
The Eh Team (1 year ago)
It is stolen from company wells, probably approved by corrupt officials.
Machiavelli's Prince (1 year ago)
If they don't do this, there are no jobs and there kids can't go to school. When you see someone doing incredibly dangerous work, that means they're desperate. This whole video wants to talk about theft and pollution but nothing...nothing...about the people doing it. The guy said "illegally stolen" because they're stealing it back from oil companies who have stolen it from them. One theft was legalized and one is not.
Nneka Pat (1 month ago)
Stop with the hate
Raimot Oni (5 months ago)
and yet Africa is underpopulated so that argument can't fly. The population of China is larger than the entire African continent.
Lotte Lotte (6 months ago)
I can tell you if germans got 6 kids each for 200 years and their country had 1 billion people there would also be suffering, the africans create their own suffering.
Christopher Grear (1 year ago)
who is doing the stealing? the locals or Shell?
Bee Zava (2 months ago)
Primarily the shell steal for big profits. The local steal because they are hungry.
Jonathan Omisore (1 year ago)
aboriganals in australia would be too slack to do this, giood on them
cracknigga (2 years ago)
niggas gettin crafty in detroit
Aiden Snacklad (2 years ago)
"i cannot count"
ノクス「Nokusu」 (2 years ago)
"Illegally stolen" Wait, there's a legal way to steal?
Lauri Levola (5 months ago)
Land-use zoning
heartbreaker9099 (2 years ago)
+Naux Ask your Congressman for more information.
Anime Sekai (2 years ago)
be a bank
Chet Bobby (2 years ago)
+Naux Wall street.
bobojr456 (2 years ago)
He can't count the number of dead colleagues probably cause you know, he can't count very high.
Nneka Pat (1 month ago)
not funny
No way! (6 months ago)
He doesn't seem to know a lot about Diesel oil either: https://youtu.be/7nL10C7FSbE?t=3m24s
anony anon (2 years ago)
This doesnt look kyoto approved
realitycheck623 (2 years ago)
Diesel doesn't burn in contact with a naked flame, despite what the reporter likes to think.
406Monaro (2 years ago)
+realitycheck623 I does when it's hot enough (about 52degC). Also the evaporated diesel is highly flammable.
Parker King (2 years ago)
+realitycheck623 Yeah exactly, diesel doesn't burn like gasoline.
dux mea lux (3 years ago)
African entrepreneurs
Miguel Villegas (4 years ago)
Shit is Crazyy!!

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