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Don't Buy This INSANE Gadget...

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You guys have to try this jerky from our new sponsor Savage Jerky - https://savagejerky.com/ - YOU WILL LOVE THIS STUFF Discount code - UNBOX for 10% off This gadget is absolutely insane. I DON'T think you should buy it. _________________________________________ WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS... How To Make A Smartphone... https://youtu.be/-8Kv9fWj9Co?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The Amazing Dual Screen Zenbook Pro https://youtu.be/II10hpVuqF8?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The Mind Blowing ROG Gaming Smartphone https://youtu.be/ZyWX6CjJCIU?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 Top 5 Most Unusual Phones In The World... https://youtu.be/D_Iei8Ge7bs?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 iPhone Bendgate Was Real After All... https://youtu.be/qkNlfMC1lzE?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The RGB Gaming Smartphone is Here... https://youtu.be/cBIRlDuTs5c?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 OnePlus 6 Unboxing - Is This The One? https://youtu.be/6sqfiBoksqw?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup https://youtu.be/r-3iathMo7o?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 Get The OnePlus 6 EARLY! https://youtu.be/yCxwmH3psxg?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9? https://youtu.be/SIR67et5tcs?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The True All-Screen Smartphone is Here... https://youtu.be/sYvH7Y16iUM?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The TRUTH About Smartphones in 2018 https://youtu.be/1kllbOrLfoo?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 World's Biggest Fortnite Gaming Setup! https://youtu.be/8x7UtZKwfHA?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The Weirdest Phones In The World... https://youtu.be/o6T9mUq9Vgo?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The Coolest Smartphone You'll Never Touch... https://youtu.be/5M3mKgLTn3Q?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 I'm Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S9 https://youtu.be/8g-VjqONplA?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The Most Expensive iPhone I've Ever Seen... https://youtu.be/JUi3psxB3QA?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The Limited Smartphone You Never Knew Existed... https://youtu.be/SMLgNZYW3XE?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The Almost All-Screen Smartphone... https://youtu.be/jAq9RV3k9Qc?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 TOP SECRET SMARTPHONE DELIVERY https://youtu.be/BNnFgT_CAEE?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The iPhone X Home Button... Is This Real Life? https://youtu.be/Vz_EE5Ta9ZA?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 Fortnite on an INSANE $20,000 Gaming PC https://youtu.be/Pvakr7s7qc0?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The $200 Smartphone You NEED To Know About... https://youtu.be/uxLOfjaWRvw?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 This New Smartphone Is NOT What It Looks Like... https://youtu.be/r8vFZ0HAaz0?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 Is The Samsung Galaxy S9 Worth The Hype? https://youtu.be/g30Rhk82rmg?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The Worst Gadget EVER On Unbox Therapy... https://youtu.be/ZOFoPTAqZlQ?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 What If You Could Get AirPods For Only $40? https://youtu.be/6N5V_7_n1uI?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 I Bought The Cheapest Smartphone on Amazon... https://youtu.be/YkGAg9WmYBs?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 DON'T Buy The Google Pixel Buds https://youtu.be/lGkrhR2mfl8?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 How To Turn Any Android Phone Into An iPhone... https://youtu.be/14pYNywLqDs?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 Is The LG V30 The Most Underrated Smartphone? https://youtu.be/YsWIHhKmmvY?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 It Has Double The Battery of iPhone X https://youtu.be/8Np9Kk82-zA?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The Mind Blowing 33 Million Pixel Display... https://youtu.be/OKAU1Xx59ho?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 5 Cool Gadgets Under $10 https://youtu.be/hNrSNrEVpkQ?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 Which Smartphone Do They ACTUALLY Use? --- MKBHD, Austin Evans, Linus + More https://youtu.be/Hi2tjMLVpdQ?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 Unboxing The World's Smallest Phone https://youtu.be/SSzyGCjH88o?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 The Most RIDICULOUS MacBook Pro https://youtu.be/46qTg3swoEo?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 A Message from Apple... https://youtu.be/UiaqBdzCcBA?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 4 Unique iPhone Accessories https://youtu.be/uZgnXJz_9DM?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 DON'T Buy The iPhone X https://youtu.be/2fGXDFiFBhg?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34 FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Text Comments (5136)
The_PRDrill (1 hour ago)
Bruh that’s kinky as shit
rj white (2 hours ago)
"time to go mobile" *bane voice*
2020Jackson Murphy (7 hours ago)
Clickbait Therapy
RAVEN STAR (9 hours ago)
how do we know QUAGMIRE didnt create this XD
KiraOnii Chan (10 hours ago)
Those beef jerky bags looked like condoms when I first saw them lol
MerS EBR (11 hours ago)
looks like some fckn bondage shit
FanZie (15 hours ago)
I did not know unbox theraphy was into roleplay
Red Hood (17 hours ago)
Made to muffle the late night sex moans so you don't wake your children...
Edward Grindstaff (18 hours ago)
thats some Ghost in the shell shit.
rmendoza720 (18 hours ago)
Oh sweet Mother of God that's kind of stupid-ass fucking thing I've ever seen
Mr Mom (20 hours ago)
Mmmmmm.... *therapy....*
Demonetized ! (22 hours ago)
Don't Buy This INSANE Gadget, people your going to scare away the girls no Bueno at all.
Miguel Francisco Burneo (23 hours ago)
Does anybody know what's the name of the song in this video???
Melissa Pollime (1 day ago)
You could use it when chewing gum or food around people who can't stand hearing that noise.
Sean Wilson (1 day ago)
It's a kinky item
รקєςՇгє (1 day ago)
Wow its a muzzle AND a strap? Kinky...
Erdem Yilmaz (1 day ago)
you should have sang the walmart yodeling kid song in that
snag (1 day ago)
Does that mask come with Gimp suit ??
James The Vlog (1 day ago)
Better get those furry handcuffs out
Frank Mbala (1 day ago)
am cracking
Dns_Error80710102 (1 day ago)
At the beginning of the video I felt incredibly uncomfortable watching a smiling man chew food and look me in the eyes....... Why did she have to walk in at the wrong time, the look she gave me.........im done good night
☢ G-Zone ☢ (1 day ago)
The most useless gadget yet
Anthony Roberts (1 day ago)
you look like bane
Cuckles McSuckles (1 day ago)
Kinky Communication
TopLessTanks (2 days ago)
This might be the new thing for football coaches to talk to their quarterbacks without the other team reading their lips.
Do You Continue? (2 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this video was hilarious keep it up unboxed forever guys poor will loooooool
Kim Jong-un (2 days ago)
Why i thought they were condoms at the beginning
armin talebi (2 days ago)
Dr. Hannibal Lecter ? :))))
Literally bout to bust out the whip and handcuffs and black dildo
xMamoon (2 days ago)
ur beard is making the voice escape :>
Charles McFarlane (2 days ago)
This is some s&m shit.
Chasseur de FAKE (2 days ago)
A fucking useless Thing ...
Lumber Jack (2 days ago)
Nice sex toy.
suli0786 (2 days ago)
Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!
Ben Evans (2 days ago)
Hannibal lector Therapy 😂
DarkErrorCode (2 days ago)
someone upload this to pornhub
Beast Hacks (2 days ago)
Man the intro 😹😹😹
AJax (2 days ago)
can see the 3d printed lines on there. low quality print.
Srking (2 days ago)
50 shades of Bane...
DavyDave1313 (2 days ago)
I know its like a joke/gimmick, but i really dont like that the asian dude is always getting the butt end of everything/ Always put down.
Gizmo Boi (2 days ago)
Nobody heard him until he put on the mask
Zacharia Perkins (2 days ago)
Look up Gost In the Shell they had futuristic "huffing" equipment that looked like that.
gnikytta m (2 days ago)
I found a reason to use this device! I'm in a hotel room with family and need to rage on some R6S but can't be too loud.
The Danking Dead (3 days ago)
It looks like a sex toy
Aaaahhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha👌Classical peice of dung 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Razvan Dragos (3 days ago)
I know im a small account, but help me out and lets grow together guys. We all gotta start somewhere, and teamwork makes the dream work!
Lou (3 days ago)
Between gag-ball and bane
Andrew Robinson (3 days ago)
You're not gonna get a good seal on there with that beard.
Diego Acosta (3 days ago)
so basicly its a muzzle fore my daddy, Nick Wilde
Trevor Beck (3 days ago)
i kinda want to see a video of you out in public with it on lol
Siddharth Bhagwat (3 days ago)
Shit Gadget
Sage Oblouk (3 days ago)
I thought those were condom wrappers at the beginning of the video
Iyns Taueu (3 days ago)
Song at the start?
GoodTimes (3 days ago)
omg its so funny looking
Giannis Dravis (3 days ago)
Darth Vader simulator.
fickön geil (3 days ago)
stupid trash no one needs, thanks capitalism.
SDFG SDFG (3 days ago)
Limited edition comes with a whip.
Ahbab Islam (3 days ago)
yo this man looks lieka kotha
Bosingr (3 days ago)
It's time for Gotham's reckoning.
Caio Costa (3 days ago)
this is the most ridiculous product i've ever seen, lol
Keenan Reitz (3 days ago)
It’s another fucking HUSH ME
mujjuman (3 days ago)
it works but it just looks crazy
Sassy Welder (3 days ago)
Is this the famed pussy magnet
Gameboy6 Tanki (3 days ago)
Rip X
Random Fandom (4 days ago)
UnBANE Therapy
Juan Icaza (4 days ago)
Im annoyed that he didnt do a bane impersonation
Marky 360 (4 days ago)
You look like you've been kidnapped by a dominatrix and made into a sex slave lol.
Marky 360 (4 days ago)
This looks like some shit that Ken would make Austin Evans try out lol.
Marky 360 (4 days ago)
Looks like a sex toy lol.
Ray Stevenson (4 days ago)
lmao on speaker he sounds like church from rvb
Ray Stevenson (4 days ago)
im so hungry rn imma die.
Nes343 (4 days ago)
Will's ringtone. Nice.
Forlorn Vox (4 days ago)
IF i take the mask off will it kill me?
F T (4 days ago)
very Sith
MotionWolf (4 days ago)
"You merely mumbled in the dark. I was born in it, molded by it."
Raniel John Mercado (4 days ago)
Why he sounds like Rhett and link xD
Shawn/IO (4 days ago)
this shit is completely pointless
The Best (4 days ago)
Thumpnail looks like ur wearing an overpriced sextoy .
Netty Voyager (4 days ago)
it wont even make a good door stop maybe you could prop up something with it lol
Bjørn (4 days ago)
Fifty shades of Therapy... If you want me to stop say the safeword.. Mmmmmhhh.. what was that? .. Mmmmhh
Tsundderated (4 days ago)
Kinky 😏
PapaWheelie 47 (4 days ago)
I cant tell if he looks like bane, or more like a sex slave
Danklus Jeffrey (4 days ago)
SuperSaiyan Ryujin (4 days ago)
i feel like that would be good for when it's night and you're talking to someone while everyone is asleep
Matthew Hicks (4 days ago)
who ever buys this is a complete idiot….the people that made this need to be slapped!!!
Martin marty (4 days ago)
Ab C. Def (4 days ago)
I would buy this.
Shyoh (4 days ago)
Why Not.
Lawrence Hortizuela (4 days ago)
you sound like Cayde-6
FR1908 (4 days ago)
Fire Willy
Ren Suzugamori (5 days ago)
This is really pointless because if you have earbuds anyways, you can just whisper into the mic.
shogrran (5 days ago)
Is looking stupid part of your plan? Bane: "Of course!"
Varga István (5 days ago)
I didn't care who you were until you put on the mask.
Manraj Brar (5 days ago)
10mil plaque?
Naqeeb Chohan (5 days ago)
This is so weird but I wanna have it. This is very useful while driving bike
Banana Child (5 days ago)
That'd work nicely if you're hidden in n a hostage situation at your own home
Abou Bakar Khan (5 days ago)
If anybody knows please tell me thanks
A View Bot (5 days ago)
Kinky shit it looks like a.... sex item
Damalycus (5 days ago)
Gimp Therapy
Noowis (5 days ago)
if you need to talk to someone privately this bad either go to somewhere where people can't hear you or text them

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