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JBL Link 300 Review ||Best Google Home MAX Alternative?!

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Interested in the Google Home Max but don't have sh!t ton of money? You'll want to check out the JBL Link 300 with Google Assistant and Chromecast built in! ►►Buy It Here: https://goo.gl/Wa8X21 ►►Music Credits: ►DJ Quads - Downtown Funk ►https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads/downtown-funk ►Smurdy - Smile ►https://soundcloud.com/zack-sabirsh/smile STALK ME ON SOCIAL! TWITTER: @theJaredBusch INSTAGRAM: @theJaredBusch

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Text Comments (127)
alto (16 days ago)
Youre bad at the eyebrow thing cuz you dont have any Sorry just had too love the video really well made
Thrasher King (19 days ago)
Thrasher King (19 days ago)
You activated mine
Angelos Tselios (28 days ago)
Can you pair the jbl with other google speakers like google Max ?
Mark Schwacofer (1 month ago)
Mie Fischer (1 month ago)
Steve Worrell (1 month ago)
Will buy if they do it in white.
Ngakak Guling (1 month ago)
this vs homepod?
Michael (1 month ago)
That was pretty corny... I like it ^–^
ali humaya (1 month ago)
Reasons why we need to be rich ,so we can have afford anything we wish to have. Is fun
ScellyCraft YT (1 month ago)
Lol you triggered Google assistant on my phone that I was watching this on
金3 A.M. (2 months ago)
well if it's such a shitty looking speaker what would you prefer it to look like? plastic rainbow led bullshit? it looks elegant and sleek and simple. doesn't need anything more
TowmaX (2 months ago)
my google home mini went off in this video
Luke Lectka (2 months ago)
Channel 8 (2 months ago)
Haha super cringe puns dude, subbed for sure 😂
Squaller (2 months ago)
sorry, i dont know how to help with that S H U T U P
PK 4K (2 months ago)
Laber nich so viel scheisse
FirestoneVlogs (2 months ago)
*SeXy TiMe*
shahriar akash (2 months ago)
2.20 - 2.30 *sexy dance class with jared!*
Irmantas Irmantasd (2 months ago)
DISLIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dilyo624 (2 months ago)
you tripped my google home. how evil
GYU WISE (2 months ago)
This product does not sync video and sound sync.
michaelclld (2 months ago)
I think this is the one I saw at Best Buy yesterday that was 199, it sounded great even in Best Buy with all the noise
Obsidian Productions (3 months ago)
100'th comment.
Tony White (3 months ago)
What is up with these faggots always saying "dope"?
Sandy BoleYT (3 months ago)
U failed completely on sexiness
유두봉 (3 months ago)
MarzNet256 (3 months ago)
I have a Klipsch iGroove SXT 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock which sounds amazing. It's going for about $80 for a used unit on Amazon. I originally used an old iPod touch with Airfoil speakers app and used Airfoil app on my MacBook to stream iTunes library. More recently I plugged in a Chromecast audio and stream Spotify. I installed a visualizer app (which reponds to mic input) on the docked iPod touch. So I have this cool little visualizer going on unit while I play music. I can't talk to it directly, but I can control it from my phone or Google home.
Howard Horst (3 months ago)
Trolling the viewer's smart speakers was old a long, lonnnnng time ago. You might as well be saying "WHASSSSSSUUUUUP!!!"
UnrealUnicorn (3 months ago)
wow man alright just stop with the sexy time lol
HetGameForum (3 months ago)
When you sayed ok google 1:12 my google assistent was listening
NYQWZN (3 months ago)
1:13 hate u x2, my phone got a msg saying that the voice doesn.t match so it won.t unlock(good) and my gg home told me exactly what yours said
the eabster (3 months ago)
It's true everyone's dog resembles the owner 😂
J Chase (3 months ago)
@1:40 I'm pretty sure your ceiling has the Google Assistant.
ApertureAce (3 months ago)
proud new sub
Calvin Page (3 months ago)
Not a single word on sound quality compared to other speakers??
Tech blaze2 1 (3 months ago)
You set my Google home mini off
Ross Craig (3 months ago)
This speaker, the Google Max and the Apple Home Pod are not available in Canada yet, damn it. Great video
Bands&shit666 (3 months ago)
Haha my assistant on my phone wad triggered
Daniel (3 months ago)
Tempting device (and great review!) but.... being an ex-Nexus and now Pixel pedant I'm kinda hesitant to buy a non Google GA device. In case there's updates to the GA/Chromecast protocol, will Google be able to push firmware updates or is that reserved for JBL? ...in case of the latter I doubt it would ever happen.
Andrew C (4 months ago)
Every third party speaker should give you both alexa and google assistant. It's what I love about philips hue, it supports nearly every platform out there!
#dapperlife films (4 months ago)
Damn, your "sexy time" set off my "sexy time" playlist.
Jamal H (4 months ago)
It annoys me that they didn't put connect+ on it?
José Fernandes Garcia (4 months ago)
hi, this JBL with google assistant, run videos of youtube app?
Jack Wright (4 months ago)
Brilliant review, thank you! xD
moremetafeta (4 months ago)
I bought one of these and the audio quality was pretty good. There were two things that the JBl can't do that the Google product can. The first is placing phone calls, and for me the second thing that I discovered didn't work was receiving intercom/broadcast messages from within the house. I liked the sound but end the end I returned it for a Google Home Unit and I'm going to try a separate Riva Chromecast enabled speaker for better sound.
Pietro Bailey (4 months ago)
Anyone else waiting for Google to finally let you set your own trigger phrase for activating home devices? This "okay Google" nonsense needs to stop.
Matthew Davidson (4 months ago)
Nice review! How do you yell loud enough over The Backstreet Boys so the mics hear you?
MikeTech1212 (4 months ago)
"ok google its sexy time" my google home home mini - "sorry I cant help with that" = story of my life
Eduardo Vejarano (27 days ago)
look for the application IFTTT (if this then that) and you can set up many combinations accorgin to the smart devices you have connected.
Bartosz Olszewski (2 months ago)
I'm dying
Korey Paul (3 months ago)
MikeTech1212 Same!
Christopher Lee (4 months ago)
Starting to look creepy? I thought you already were. LOL 😂 kidding. Another great video though! JBL usually makes great sounding speakers.
Babiboib7 (4 months ago)
+Jared Busch Ha!! Saying "Ok Google" did not set off anything around me. I beat google lol #PunGenius
bszent (4 months ago)
You're crazy. My fav.
Matt Fama (4 months ago)
I have this speaker. Surprisingly if you call Google support for help they have no idea what this speaker is. They wouldn't help me with a problem I was having with the google assistant. I had to call back and say I had a regular google home.
Adam Oros (4 months ago)
always triggered
Bestindotech (4 months ago)
Compare it to Sonos One maybe? Since it will also have Google assistant :3 awesome video Jared!
Shikhar S (4 months ago)
I tried the sexy time command around my girl. Didn't work I want a refund
Canoopsy (4 months ago)
This thing looks awesome for the price!
Kieron Boswell (4 months ago)
Can you rename its cast/home name? Say to Kitchen Speaker etc.
TechLineHD (4 months ago)
It reminds me of a lump that is growing on your back haha. Enjoyed the review, man!
Spandan Saha (4 months ago)
haha you are so funny
Elijah Waite (4 months ago)
When you said OK Google play sexy time playlist my Google home went off at 3 in the morning playing a sexy time playlist it had found.
Elijah Waite (4 months ago)
You know what we do to YouTubers who say "ok google" on purpose. We write an angry comment complaining
Cheng Jee Hor (4 months ago)
Jared’s voice is faster than his mouth movement in this video.
Nitik Sharma (4 months ago)
I'm so gonna assign a sexy time for the porn session
Robert Yacovelli (4 months ago)
you set off my home mini lmao
Aaron Bell (4 months ago)
Just noticed the Tardis in the back. I love it!
Stuart Turner (4 months ago)
Awesome as always dude!
Wade (4 months ago)
Nice dance moves! :D
Mayur (4 months ago)
Wow man, my home mini started playing some play list after u said play sexy time ☺️
Miso Monih (4 months ago)
Wow great speaker with google home😀👍 When the Dji spark winner announce?
Graigoree Jones (4 months ago)
Was with you till the pun. You're fired. 😂
adam young X (4 months ago)
GSO (4 months ago)
Bro, you're hilarious. I'm pretty sure you're trying to be funny while giving quality reviews on all of this tech and shit intentionally, and it's working. Subbed.
Debra Dukes (4 months ago)
Jared would like to hear it compared to another but it does look nice.Always enjoy Deb.✌️👍
Rasmus Djerf (4 months ago)
Some "Wicked game sexy time"😁😁
Kevin Davis (4 months ago)
Great video, and stop setting off my shit. Ha ha ha 😂
Andrew Leary (4 months ago)
Sweet Jared
Nuno Lopes (4 months ago)
Hey Jared. Cheers again from Portugal! Hope you and your family had a great Christmas and wishing a Happy New Year too in advance! This is one of your best ones. Great lighting and sound for those moments... Just remember to turn off the microphones after when you get "busy" with your lady as Google is always listening!!! Hehehe. On a mor tech issue, people say Google Home Max is insanely loud with great quality, do you confirm this JBL is also that loud? I do like their speakers but not many are the loudest... Keep it going and cheers!
Oracle (4 months ago)
Love the style of your videos c:
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
Thanks Oracle! I like the style of your comments 😉
Mine said voice couldnt be recognized lol
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
LOL! It's weird, even though it's trained to mine and my wifes voice, when we have guests over, they can still use voice commands just fine
Matt Morgan (4 months ago)
Dammit man, my mini went off each time.. including playing a google play music playlist called "cool and sexy" haha
SociableBacon44 (4 months ago)
Same here
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
Sergio Jaime (4 months ago)
Sexy time playlist dance...lol
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
haha, I though you'd like that 😊
Kaminsky Evans (4 months ago)
I have to find me a smart speaker.
Kaminsky Evans (4 months ago)
Jared Busch I’m going to get me one.
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
Bro, they're awesome!
Andrew Leary (4 months ago)
I use my Amazon echo dot to tell me the weather sports
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
Nice! In the mornings, I always get it to tell me about my day, it reads out the weather, news and sports 👍🏻
StrikeFreedom1920 (4 months ago)
You're 'pun'ishing me with your puns lol Cringy yet hilarious vid X-) The speaker looks dope imo so I might upgrade from my current BT speaker, thanks.
Anabelle Cody (1 month ago)
StrikeFreedom1920 g ,j
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
Nice, ya I think you'll really like it!
9Lives (4 months ago)
That’s got to be the most extensive gun collection on YouTube, and the safest 😁
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
LMAO!!!! Rouge Assassin 😉
EveryThingSamsungPro (4 months ago)
Make videos withe your wife
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
No, she's not allowed out of the closet
Eduardo Rocha (4 months ago)
great vid man!
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
Cheers bro 🙂
Pedro Faia (4 months ago)
Ok Google. Remember Jared to reveal the winner of the "best tech under $100 gift guide (2017)" 😂😂😂
shrlnzam (4 months ago)
Please do a smackdown with the home max
shrlnzam (4 months ago)
Jared Busch great!!!! You're the best
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
If I ever get one in, I will
amir nazhan (4 months ago)
When was the last time you masturbated?
CGrish Reviews (4 months ago)
amir nazhan (4 months ago)
Jared Busch felt so good.
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
Nice! Feel better? lol
amir nazhan (4 months ago)
Jared Busch Around 7 hours ago.
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
I don't remember, I have a wife for that...you?
Tarek (4 months ago)
99th comment 😎✋
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
james aketch (4 months ago)
Godammit you made my google home and mini and phone go off ugh 😅
james aketch (4 months ago)
matthigast I got 2 phones and guess me and Jared sound the same sorta
matthigast (4 months ago)
How... It recognizes your voice and shouldn't listen to anyone else (especially through speakers)
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
YES!!!!!! Muahaha lol 😊
Martin Voynov (4 months ago)
How is the sound compared to home max?
AtracBreezy (2 months ago)
The Max sounds pretty poor at loud volumes and too bass heavy at low volumes. I think the Link 300 and the HomePod are the best sounding smart speakers out right now.
William Dell (4 months ago)
Martin Voynov the home max is built to be the best smart speaker available, sound quality wise. Super loud, amazing bass and great highs. JBL is about to release a new speaker in the link series, the 500, in February. It's meant to be as good as the Google home max. The 300 is a great intermediate speaker, price and music quality wise. It's a great buy if you don't wanna blow $400 on the max, but if you're an audiophile or want that great music blasting at the party, go for the max
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
The Home Max will have better sound. It's a quite a bit bigger than the Link 300
DRONE review man (4 months ago)
I like j.b.l. are those par cans on a stick in the background!!!?
DRONE review man (4 months ago)
Jared Busch. They look nice lol im a stage hand for the last 11 years so i know stupid stuff about theater lighting
Jared Busch (4 months ago)
lol, sort of. they're just lamps, not meant for studio use, just decorative

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