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See the jumbo drone that carries humans

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China's Ehang has developed a prototype of a fully autonomous drone to fly humans.
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mlasko74 (1 month ago)
Yea that seems safe🤔
Ronny Northington (1 month ago)
I could see this making sense when it has a gas motor, a gas tank big enough to allow it to fly for four hours and can be flown by a private citizen...
Enlightened Perry (2 months ago)
were goin jetsons baby!
Teresita Gaza (2 months ago)
RisetheXtreme (2 months ago)
Sum Ting Wong (3 months ago)
Chinese electrics...nothing to worry about....m
nicholas english (3 months ago)
I want one
nicholas english (3 months ago)
I want one
Andrew k Adams (3 months ago)
Awesome idea but still cost prohibitive for the common consumer. Can't wait to fly in one once, or if, the cost comes down. It has a long way to go to compete with ultra-light aircraft that don't require a pilots license or even light aircraft that only require the new sport license. It's niche seems to be that passengers don't have to actually fly the thing, but it still costs more than some light and ultra-light aircraft. No pun intended, but the sky is the limit if it can gain consumer confidence. Military uses would be a good starting point before trying the public I think. But it is exciting.
barnum99 (3 months ago)
I would give a thumbs up but screw you CNN. Propaganda network!
Sanjay Shetty (3 months ago)
Raden Ujang (3 months ago)
This is not a drone. This is a plane with 4 rotorcraft which is inspired by drone. The basic terminology of DRONE is UNMANED flying vehicle. Once human on it, then it is not drone anymore.
David Quarles (4 months ago)
If I had a drone like that I would be the coolest kid in school
Xavier Rhodes (4 months ago)
Sakura Leopard (4 months ago)
Why are a lot of high-tech things not available to the public? Fucking stupid and not fair.
bashpr0mpt (4 months ago)
Awkwardly too close to 187. Still no allowing of the media to film it in action. It's a white elephant IMO.
Mick Carson (4 months ago)
Drone my ass. You're all low IQ, ignorant illiterates in my opinion. It's a Quad rotor, it lifts off, hovers and fly in all direction exactly like a helicopter. So, how the fuck does it become a drone? You're certainly mentally sick to the point of having lost the ability of thinking clearly on the difference of this machine. There is no such thing as drone, the word is not a name, not a machine or whatever your sick brains tell you it is. Drone means one thing and that is a certain continuous and annoying sound. Anything else is bullshit. Stop following the illiterate sheep, cretins.
monticro 2456 (5 months ago)
Look at the real life guys
Dougie Quick (5 months ago)
The HUGE problem for MANY MANY people is going to pertain to the SECURITY of the radio control ...obviously IF someone hacks into the thing? The passengers could DIE or be held hostage somewhere...until they secure ALL networks NO logical person is getting the warm and fuzzies over this ...I might feel better IF the bird was entirely COMPLETELY disconnected from radio control while I am onboard! Just pre programmed instruction and ALL flight control via onboard cpu
boondockpaint (5 months ago)
23 mins battery capacity??? Come on. Needs at least an hour
Heavenly Air (5 months ago)
china is gonna invade a country 27min away with troops weighing 120 pounds. should be interesting lol
When the battery dies SO DO YOU.
Rei Lea (5 months ago)
200-300 hundred thousand dollars......no one but the RICH will ever afford it.
Amachetay Cybo (6 months ago)
we all can do anything guys let go of ur limiations n work together!
JTB -SPACE (6 months ago)
It is not a drone because it is manned
Wolfman Jack (6 months ago)
#fakenews CNN
Ian Stevenson (6 months ago)
So what do you do after reaching your destination? Who is going to recharge it? These are too expensive for most, so will this operate as a taxi service? It's all very well knowing where any other of your drones are, but what about avoiding other traffic that you don't control (such as ultralights)?
Ky Maloney (6 months ago)
This is the future guys.
Micah (7 months ago)
If people would have had the mindset that one finger couldn't be hurt in testing, we would never have airplanes today.. watch some old footage from 1915, you'll see what I'm talking about.. SMH people today have no danger left in them at all.. sit at home safe from the mean old world and watch TV
cegatocollov (7 months ago)
Is this a fully developed product or just a goodlooking prototype?
Marceen Robinson (7 months ago)
Dragonball Z in real life. <3
Micah Vick (7 months ago)
he shook his head no when he said he had taken a ride inside
Blizzard Owl (8 months ago)
What if someone hacks it? That would cost most people's lives and cause controversy.
Vladimir Putin (8 months ago)
Alex Block (8 months ago)
chris sullivan (8 months ago)
They need these at amusement parks separate area for drone flights with music on board and alcohol 5 min flights
jeremy m (8 months ago)
Only problem i see with this is one passenger,scale it to a 2 or 4 seater
Jeffro Doe (5 months ago)
Check out the Surefly passenger carrying drone. They have a 2 seater craft. That craft is a little different tho. The first model will be piloted by a passenger, but eventually they plan to have models that will be automated like with the ehang. Also, the Surefly is not battery operated. It is powered by a small gas engine that will generate electricity to run the motors. It has batteries installed, but they will only come into play in the event that the gas engine dies. The battery system will have enough power and life that it can bring the craft safely to the ground. The Surefly also has a ballistic parachute installed.
Max101 (9 months ago)
Great for illegal immigration
Max101 (9 months ago)
Eventually they will end up re-inventing the helicopter.
Dustin Guevara (9 months ago)
Good idea This concept should be used to help people escape from fire out of sky scrapers like 911.
添培曾 (9 months ago)
下這台多少錢我想買Under this how much be it I want to buy
glen mcnabb (10 months ago)
I want to slap the reporter with my cock!
Mister Man (10 months ago)
"unlike a drone, you don't need a person controlling it" i want to rip the throats out of people who think a drone is an R/C quadrotor.
how many much
Piesang (10 months ago)
Where will you take off and land with exposed blades? *Very safe* Also I hope it gives an error if you can't land somewhere.. or go too far and it lands and you can't recharge batteries..
Marvin's TV (10 months ago)
One person? 200k - 300k? Two parking lot spaces? Lol this definitely isn't an efficient form of transportation nor will it be in the future...look at a simple mechanical bicycle, fits one person, cost a few hundred or less, uses little space
Tyler j (10 months ago)
no insurance for crash landing that piece of shit. like how the reporter has alot of yes mam answers and dude wont admit there are two/three people at the company. dude is shady
songarkng1 (10 months ago)
What happen! You Chinese suppose to copy, not pioneers. THat is not right.
ReptileRandom (10 months ago)
look towards a new travel system
fernyg23 (10 months ago)
I came here after watching a drone carry a guy in a hammock. #Ahead of the game
Argiris Papadopoulos (10 months ago)
"What is this monstrosity behind me?" I mont sure where did he see the monstrosity. Its so elegant. P.S:I would prefer to be flying it.
8strings (11 months ago)
Yes, oh yes. So much potential, just like Martin Aircraft Company: https://twitter.com/FearlessFarang/media
Chelsea Jeffery (11 months ago)
if it can hold people, then it is not a drone. drones are flying things with no one in them.
Jeffro Doe (5 months ago)
Actually, you and the several people who all stated that same erroneous info, are incorrect. A drone is an aircraft without a Human pilot aboard. It can have a Human payload, as long as they aren't piloting/controlling it. It's all about what controls and pilots it, not what is being transported by it.
Henry RexEco (11 months ago)
This is so great! Good luck and get going...Gbu
Trusten Baker (11 months ago)
I would never never ever EVER get in that thing. Plus the Flyboard guy has got them all beat. It's only a matter of time before he makes that work for more than one person like he has done so far.
SPECIAL FORCES (11 months ago)
but too bad it doesn't have controlers
AirMaxPenny (11 months ago)
So for 300k, I can fly for a few min, and by fly I mean not really cause it doesn't allow a pilot to pilot it.
Mithrim Gaming (1 year ago)
Will you be able to bring small pets?
SKY-911☆CS:GO☆ (1 year ago)
good idea but I have trust issues lol can't trust this software
YONG LIN PERNG (1 year ago)
The serious guestion is not just only" is it safe?",and how far,how long it can fly?30 munutes?not good enough !the battery is a problem,it's already good ,but not good enough.
STERF (1 year ago)
china calls it a human carrying drone, we a chopper.
Mel Suarez (1 year ago)
This thing will sell for sure. A heli for $300k...absolutely. The idea of collision avoidance from some central location is different to say the list. Not sure that will work too well. One of the beauties of flying is being free in the air. But who knows. Those props look pretty dangerous. Why not have them above the cockpit I wonder.
Mau Zouza (1 year ago)
but what about in case of signal lost...? Or if the fk machine don't want to land..? l'd feel like bee flying around the sun🐝🌅
bonney gajadar (1 year ago)
why cant we use engines?
Lightning (1 year ago)
So awesome. Can I request a ride?
Riviak Stockman (1 year ago)
Like 20 years late but maybe we'll finally get our flying cars lol
Ha Fez (1 year ago)
Shut up and take my money, cant wait to buy one.
This is cool...but how us this new innovation when its basically a helicopter...
14598175 (1 year ago)
Airline executives and the FAA are already in the planning process to make airline pilots obsolete within the next 10 years, especially for long Int'l flights. There are literally 4+ people (half a million in total salaries) just sleeping or sitting up there for hours on end doing what automation could very easily do. Takeoff, cruise, landing are already fully automated. Airlines save money, compete at much lower costs, and since 90% of accidents are caused by pilot error, it would be safer.
greg lavers (1 year ago)
In my opinion this release to the public is way to premature. They need to continue innovating and get safety up to snuff and flight time to a reasonable distance and be able to carry us fat Americans with maybe another 150lbs to boot. This right now is a rich mans toy. Not practical. I do applaud them though.
greg lavers (1 year ago)
So basically they are selling us a motorcycle that will only get you 23 minutes of riding time. You can't haul much if anything depending on your body weight. No doubt these are expensive so it may be you sole means of transport. I live 100 miles away from 3 major cities and It won't get me to ANY OF THEM.
greg lavers (1 year ago)
Could this be easily stolen when left unattended? One style I saw on Youtube said it had roller balls instead of skids so to me it could be pushed away from where you left it.
greg lavers (1 year ago)
23 minutes flight time is not good. He was tapping that screen for multiple stops and I doubt a 23 minute flight time would be enough air-time for all that.
greg lavers (1 year ago)
One video on this type of craft mentioned a parachute backup. Yikes!
greg lavers (1 year ago)
They really need to prove to us the safety features to get you back on the ground incase of failures.
greg lavers (1 year ago)
I guess as you get closer to your destination, you'd need to re-select again where exactly you want to land the craft. That map was way to large to select a parking lot or whatever to land in.
Jeffro Doe (5 months ago)
I've watched several documentaries about the ehang 184, and read a lengthy article about it. When the guy was tapping the screen, he was not saying that "you can just tap the screen and it'll take you wherever you want to go...like this. (tap tap tap)". I think he was merely showing that it has an interactive video screen that the passenger uses. This initial system in Dubai will be very limited and very controlled. There will several pre-determined landing areas around town that one must go to to fly in this thing. The passenger need only tell the craft which pad it needs to fly to, and the craft does the rest. It wont come to your house and pick you up in your driveway. Eventually i'm sure they plan to be able to pick up people at their homes, or to have it fly to whatever address you desire like with uber, but the initial system will be very limited as to where you can fly from or to. In another of your comments you mentioned that a 23 or 30 min run time isn't good enough. Well, the flight times from takeoff to landing will only be an average of 15 min. Since it will be flying at a decent speed, a 30 min capacity is plenty long enough. Then it only takes 25 min to fully recharge the batteries, and it'll be read to go again. No doubt that as battery technology improves, they will be able to extend out the length of the flights to much longer...like 30 min or even an hour eventually. Just initially, the battery's capacity is 30 min, with the average flight being around 15 min.
aquahealer (1 year ago)
Still not understanding why the propellers are not above the cabin structure...looks too easy to get sawed in half walking near the drone...
Jeffro Doe (5 months ago)
The props wont operate if anyone is within a certain distance. Not until you are on board and buckled in will they start turning. Then, when you arrive at the destination, the props will instantly shut down and stop when it it lands. That way nobody will have any amputations. Frankly, I'm a little surprised that you wouldn't assume there was a safety factor figured into the operation of the craft. I shouldn't have to explain it to you.
sebastian manning (1 year ago)
I lov it
Amir P (1 year ago)
drone Limo, coming soon
Arwyn Jones (1 year ago)
im sure if you strap an alternator to the rotors it will charge the battery whilst moving meaning no re charge prices :D
Daniel Pelletier (1 year ago)
This product would be perfect if the passenger had the choice between automatic or manual mode.
Ecco Sabanovic (1 year ago)
..no disrespect for designers, but, isn't such setup with propellers, as presented, shall we say, 'undesirable' ? I mean, is it more stable and safe if props are above cabin ?
nimay13 (1 year ago)
The problem with this thing is what would happen when shit hits the fan (pun intended)? You have no control over this thing.
Panos Lehouritis (1 year ago)
Hold on a sec, can this be brought down by one of this weird microwave guns?
Panos Lehouritis (1 year ago)
This looks dangerous...and noisey. The future is about gravitation neutralizers not drones.
Bernd Kohler (1 year ago)
I hope also you do not need your legs in the future. What an idiot thing to hafe the props so dangerousely down
kwokwing (1 year ago)
This craft is good for fire escape purpose. Placed one or two on roof top of tall buildings ; when fire comes, sit inside and fly to building nearby, return, pick another one and fly again. Think about that.
Jeffro Doe (5 months ago)
It would be fun to watch 20 panicked people fight over who gets to fly off the burning building first.
Jolt le Renard (1 year ago)
Welcome to the future people
saintzeno (1 year ago)
that is called helicopter.. for that size you fools.
Stephen Nichols (1 year ago)
next generation Uber
Richard Gertes (1 year ago)
that's monopoly in the air and air system. still dangerous because you can not manually control it. nor full of sensor for safety. 1. voice control is much better. 2. access control for speed and maneuvers is very important in safety and etc... 3. surrounded multiple camera with night vision for safety just in case for trees n structures at night. 4. visual purposes light for safety if manual mode is ready 5. too much budget for a little idea. 6. you can't manipulate monopoly in the air due to the known vision you have. your not the only person with resources. 7. you are just applying a bigger drone to fit human. as simple as abc. so please be more innovative and practical. remember you are still using a propeller :(
Guided Hand (1 year ago)
Lance Rambert (1 year ago)
EHANG? Great name.
N Weld (1 year ago)
Awesome. Can't wait to have drone transports replace cars. I no longer buy cars because I EXPECT transports. Drone mail delivery. Drone package delivery. Drone garbage removal. Drone grocery delivery. Drone pet carrier. Drone child carrier. No more road building. No more crumbling bridges. Give me my drone service !
Steve Haigh (1 year ago)
1 year old video and still no video of a human flying in one of these. i don't think it has the power to lift a person.
eddy ficio (1 year ago)
reporter: what its this monstrousity behind me? yan: yeah
Stephane Dufresne (1 year ago)
the next big thing!! no doubt but,,,, now transport Canada will have to get involved by regulating every square inch of this commodity marvel. Permits, licenses, mandatory training classes, endless fees and so on.. in the end the operating cost will have double and every ones bubble will be burst... can you imagine running a taxi fleet of these..

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