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Moto E4 vs. Moto G5! Budget phone BATTLE

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The Moto G5 is a great phone, but how much do you lose going down to the $70 Moto E4? Moto E4 on Amazon — http://phon.es/swt1 Moto G5 on Amazon — http://phon.es/swt2 Please subscribe so you see more videos like this one! http://phon.es/acsub And follow us on social media: Snapchat: http://snapchat.com/add/mobilenations Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/androidcentral Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/androidcentral Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/androidcentral Google+: http://google.com/+androidcentral

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Text Comments (176)
Den Samme (4 days ago)
Thx, you covered what I needed to know. The difference between the front facing cameras was not apparent to me before.
Vishnu Iyyapu (1 month ago)
Ur looking so cute mam love ur video
Mike Soda (1 month ago)
It's only available as prepaid? So how many minutes does that have or actually what the fuck does it even mean if you've already got a plan with Verizon? Can't the phone just be used with that or is it eternally locked out from ever being able to just pop your old sim card in or however Verizon transfers an existing phone number to a new phone?
John Laws (2 months ago)
Great Video keep up the great work you have a very bright Future. Watch out Other Tech reviewers
Emmanuel Villarreal (3 months ago)
good job little girl
thaik56 (3 months ago)
How does the LG K20 Plus compare to both both of these?
Lenin chembiyil (3 months ago)
Very informative. Thank you sister for all the informations
Jeff A (4 months ago)
Excellent review. Helped me buy a phone for my mom. Thank you.
zen (5 months ago)
If someone wants the E4, but also wants a better camera, then go with the E4 plus. I own a standard E4, just like the one in this video, and love it. I went from a Moto G3 to the E4, and the E4 is MUCH faster, yet only has the 425 vs. a 410 in the G3.
IRL ADVENTURES (5 months ago)
y'all spoiled. these phones are fucking dope for the prices. go back to flip phones and tell me how bad these are after a month of a flip in ur pocket. I got my e4 for 39$ and for 40$ it is a great great fone
Ahsan (5 months ago)
Hey amazing comparison, I wanted to buy the G5, but it isn't launched in Pakistan (perks of living in a 3rd world shit hole - 'damn you Dad couldn't you buy the ticket yourself instead of being a cheapskate) he got the American student visa but his sponsored ticket expired.
Patrick West (6 months ago)
Without a doubt you are the least annoying Video reviewer I've listened too in a while. I'd stopped watching video reviews all together for a while because every second video was a whiny voiced kid spending half there time on meaningless trivialities like the colour if packaging. anyway just wanted to say thanks firstly for a solid review, and secondly for not having a terrible speech style.
NothingButTech88 (2 months ago)
Patrick West thank you:)
beeveedee (6 months ago)
First time viewer here. I have to say, out of the several reviews of the E4 I've watched, yours was hands down the best--most informative, clearly presented and thorough. Well done for someone so young. You know your stuff! Thanks for a great video!
NothingButTech88 (2 months ago)
beeveedee Thank you so much:)
Tony Dimaio (6 months ago)
I have it and its great!! Moto e4 I paired 65 bucks and its unlocked best phone for the money.
kickdabucket (6 months ago)
I'm not broke yo I just wanted the battery life stop making us look like panhandlers
iETxT3 iEPXD (6 months ago)
The E4 looks good with a case
Sajeel Aryan (7 months ago)
Ahhh.. She's hot!
Veedo C (4 months ago)
parvezjakson (6 months ago)
Your mom is also hot ...please give her my kiss
Asghar Khan (7 months ago)
You are cute baby.
dancek98 pop (7 months ago)
the test photos are unfair to me, I do not think the bike 4 take like that, that's your mistake not to take the picture well
Senior JP (7 months ago)
Great video! According to the specs the Moto E4 doesn't have a virtual keyboard. What does that mean actually?
Roberto M (7 months ago)
Unfortunately, Moto E4 comes with Mediatek CPU here in Italy and it's about 40€ less than a Moto G5. I think Moto G5 would be a better option here. Anyway, your SOTs are too low, there must be something wrong.
Muzzamil Ahmad (7 months ago)
g5 has 1080p display
Will Roberts (8 months ago)
Nice job on the review. I've now watched 10 of these videos and other people just don't get it. They shouldn't be creating videos. They repeat themselves 10x and take forever to make a point. Your video is tight and succinct.
NothingButTech88 (2 months ago)
Will Roberts :)
stefano giovannini (8 months ago)
thank you for the video. Between the Moto E4 and the Galaxy J3? I do not care abut the camera. I use a real camera
Andy Angulo (8 months ago)
Just picked up the e4 when my iPhone 4s failed, I will update any comments in a week or so, but the e4 looks good as of rite now, thank you for your review.
TheBycara (6 months ago)
I am planning get one of these. How was your experience with the e4?
Sergio Soto Leiva (8 months ago)
This is probably one of the best phone reviews I've watched. Thank you very very much. Keep up the good work you're great.
Angultra (8 months ago)
Great comparison video. I'm getting the E4 because of the insanely low price, I think once you get into G5 territory there's a lot more options.
dhup galaxy (8 months ago)
beautiful expression ;)
Yuno Gasai (8 months ago)
E4 for 70$ not where i live, it's 150€ here :/
iETxT3 iEPXD (6 months ago)
Yuno Gasai It's different between countries
Eric C (8 months ago)
I get on average around 5 hours of screen on time on my e4.
Brian Kariuki (8 months ago)
Nice one AC. This kid is very expressive. I think back to the old mkbhd videos and it started like this
3lectronic0 (8 months ago)
Nice work, I subscribe...
Laurence Harvey (8 months ago)
Excellent review well done 5+++++
rajesh koothrappali (8 months ago)
Hey! I'm about to pull the trigger. E4 for $199 or a Gold G5 for $ 229. Prices in AUD. HELP!?
Rick Drent (8 months ago)
In the Netherlands (and most of europe), the G5 is €170 and the E4 €150 so in this case the G5 is a beter buy.
Rick Drent (8 months ago)
Great review!
Maxi Morillo (9 months ago)
Moro shi fai and moro i for
Julian Smithe (9 months ago)
Nice accent! God bless America! (Motorola used to be an american company)
Tim Van Grinsven (8 months ago)
Julian Smithe yeah fuck lenovo, plzz Motorola make a come back and leave Lenovo. Plzz google buy Motorola back
adobewanjerkobi (9 months ago)
Hmm, only 3 hours screen on? I consistently get almost 8 hours of screen on time per charge (almost 2 full days) on the E4
Sebastian Smith (9 months ago)
I have the Moto e4 on Verizon wireless prepaid... I get 4-6 hours of SOT I paid 43.88 after tax at Walmart for this phone brand new.
pawv (1 month ago)
In Canada it's over $200 😒
Darlene Paul (9 months ago)
Sebastian Smith Yeah awesome price right?
Jouz (9 months ago)
You look like the ring girl with that hair lol
Dejhanae Jackson (9 months ago)
Is the Samsung galaxy s6 better then the moto e4
Louis Londono (5 months ago)
Yes once you use a launcher touchwiz on that phone is unbearable
iETxT3 iEPXD (6 months ago)
Dejhanae Jackson no
Dejhanae Jackson (9 months ago)
Darlene Paul not on Amazon so do you think I should get it people been saying bad stuff about the battery
Darlene Paul (9 months ago)
Dejhanae Jackson Sure it is but it's much more expensive
Duncan Wynn Jr (9 months ago)
Actually that's easy in my case as I live in the USA so the G5 isn't available. Officially anyway.. That said , Jacklyn is right, save for the rear camera. I'd say the E4's rear camera is surprisingly good so I don't think you're missing out there.
グーチ動画 (9 months ago)
No chop for flashlight and no twist for camera in the e4 and the g5 plus has the twist and chop features. The g5 plus has fast charging Qualcomm 3.0 also backwards compatible to 2.0 while the E4 doesn't. So this should have been covered. The radios however for Verizon is much better in the E4 while the G5 Plus struggles to jump antenna to antenna on Verizon so I end up stuck on 3G because it doesn't jump to the next hour this close by. No volte or hd voice in g5 plus but does with the Verizon e4. But this doesn't matter cuz hd voice doesn't work right on either since I'm on Xfinity mobile a Verizon carrier.
グーチ動画 (9 months ago)
I own Verizon e4 and Moto g5 plus
SumDuud (9 months ago)
Would you recommend the E4 for a wifi only device at $40?
Fyah King (9 months ago)
your​ work here too?lol congrats!!
Ellie Snap-D (9 months ago)
If only all reviews were as good as yours with your explanations, and attention to detail, it would make choosing the right phone a lot easier. For someone so young, you have a thorough understanding of what is needed to create a great review. Keep it up, things can only get better.
AJ (9 months ago)
Hahaha Jacklyn is a great addition to the lineup! First time seeing her. Well done!
NothingButTech88 (2 months ago)
AJ Thank you!
Jose gonçalves (9 months ago)
Keep up the good work greetings from Portugal 👌👍
MariusS Catalin (9 months ago)
Wtf.. how old are you?
Gravity (9 months ago)
G5 costs 133€, the G5 isn't even out, but it should costs 129€. Thus, I bought the G5.
Blue Whirl (9 months ago)
Still less lag than Galaxy S7
Dark Angel Rafael (9 months ago)
Holy cow you're the host, director and editor? Multi-talented at such a young age! 😮
NothingButTech88 (2 months ago)
Dark Angel Rafael Means a ton! Thank you:)
l (9 months ago)
Nice review.
Clarence Ho (10 months ago)
how do the international e4 (mediatek) and the usa e4 (snapdragon) compare? ps the international e4 plus has 3gb ram
hari pn (10 months ago)
Moto G5 has the same Camera sensor used in Samsung Galaxy S7 also in India Moto E4 uses MediaTek mt6737 processor
Tenkashi69 (10 months ago)
the E4 reminds me of lg leon
MrMediaRig (10 months ago)
damn you are a part of android central...cool...
Sai Kumar (10 months ago)
can u make on Moto g5 and Moto e4plus
Hydro (10 months ago)
The G5 also has ghost touch, heating issues, headphone jack issues, more battery drain, non-removable battery and burn in. E4 is muhc better
Eduardo Gomes (17 hours ago)
Hydro vê se está tudo bem
Yogi on a Scooter (1 month ago)
Thanks for putting that info out for us!
iETxT3 iEPXD (6 months ago)
Avril Piffara also e4
Avril Piffara (6 months ago)
You must be talking about the G5+. The G5's battery is removable.
iETxT3 iEPXD (7 months ago)
Hydro waaay
JR S (10 months ago)
I put at&t SIM card in the unlocked version and only get HSPA. idiots at AT&T store told me it doesn't get LTE cause it has CDMA in it. nonsense,! I called tech support and they asked for imei. they said unknown phone and manufacturer. I had to inform them as to maker, model and fact it was just released for sale. they have to send email to their imei team in order to enable LTE reception on their system. hard to believe that a major carrier is this dumb.
Dennis Rumbley (10 months ago)
Bought the Moto G5 Plus after watching your video on them and reading a little. Nice phone.
Amar Mohanty (10 months ago)
HEY YOU DIPPED INTO EM PRO FOR SURE Here's a taco for ya 🌮
JSantana319 (10 months ago)
Awesome video comparison between the Moto G5 Plus and Moto E4.
rakim (10 months ago)
keep up the good work mate, cheers 🍻
Aaron Bell (10 months ago)
now if only motos low budget phones were actually good. I've had a few. They suck. I hate my g4 plus
Bhargav Sharma (6 months ago)
Aaron Bell I love my G4 PLUS ! ! !
iETxT3 iEPXD (7 months ago)
Aaron Bell the e4 is GREAT g4 sucks af... so ye
RubberKid100 (9 months ago)
The G4 is fucking great, it's no S8 but it sure packs a nice lil' punch. Actually got sad when mine broke and the retailer wouldn't fix it. Got the Z Play now, it's even better.
Hydro (10 months ago)
the E4 is amazing. I also hated the G4, but this is much better
Seriously Micro USB? No thank you
Hydro (10 months ago)
LOL that's the standard, and will be for years to come. USB-C is slow and has many issues as of now. One major one being if you use any charger besides the one the phone comes with, you run the extremely high risk of completely shorting your phone out
Pallab Biswas (10 months ago)
Are you sleeping or overslept?
Yitzchak Issac Hirschberg (10 months ago)
This channel has gone down hill and has barely grown over the years...Who is this girl???
woodsprout (6 months ago)
Says Yitzchak, whose channel "...doesn't have any content"
Jovan Plaza (10 months ago)
Jacklyn back at it again with another video! Your so talented, keep up the great work!
NothingButTech88 (10 months ago)
Jovan Plaza Jovan, that really made my day:) Thank you for watching.
Simon Says (10 months ago)
brill battle 👌
MrDefeater (10 months ago)
Is the G5 front camera better for Skype calls or are they the same? Well done comparison video.
NothingButTech88 (10 months ago)
MrDefeater94 I would say the G5 is better because it is wider!
Md. Asif Ali (10 months ago)
great review from this little girl...way to go kid !!!
Nick Ortega Louis (10 months ago)
Great review!
NothingButTech88 (10 months ago)
Nick Ortega Louis :)
Azo Pucho (10 months ago)
Great review. Sad that the E4 has fucking mediatek chipset here in India
BLACK (10 months ago)
i am not sure but some reviews probably mentioned e4 to have metal back in india
jeffscomp (10 months ago)
I'd get the G5 by lg 🙂
Yogi on a Scooter (1 month ago)
jeffscomp I've got the lg g5 and it's awesome but not a good daily driver for a high screen on time user like me. The e4 could be a daily driver.
Charles Rozario (10 months ago)
Great review as always. And hey would you be kind enough to a do a Nokia 6 review?
Ahmed Shams (10 months ago)
Loved how you touched every details. Usually budget phones don't get that much attention to every details unlike this review . Great work !
NothingButTech88 (10 months ago)
Ahmed Shams Means a lot:) Thanks!
selw0nk (10 months ago)
Moto G5 for sure.
Eduardo Gomes (17 hours ago)
selw0nk no man
iETxT3 iEPXD (7 months ago)
selw0nk nonono get the e4 waaay better
Alex Tesla (10 months ago)
girl no like tembr,no like theatrale
Bandhan Jha (10 months ago)
Moto e4 comes with a shitty Mediatek processor in India.
iETxT3 iEPXD (7 months ago)
Bandhan Jha get one from Amazon and switch the store to US
Potato Gamer (9 months ago)
Yea i am Indian pata nahi bc itna acha phone he bass mediatek kyu diya
Leo Ferreira (9 months ago)
Europe too
Bandhan Jha (10 months ago)
hari pn take my word bro. This phone will never receive any mejor update.
hari pn (10 months ago)
have you used a phone with mt6737 processor for the price it is a great processor it gets the job done and I know there are phones with better processes at this price range but you don't have that brand recognition of Motorola nor the tech support also Moto uses near stock Android because of that the phones performance is pretty good for this price if you take any other phone at this price range from any chinese OEMS you are going to get skinned versions of Android with better hardware configuration and you are not going to have a great experience on that phone if you want to have a similar experience on that phone you will have to root it install a custom recovery install a custom ROM so in my opinion for the price Moto e4 is a great phone It everything right for a normal average user if your power user it's not the phone for you if you want to give it's not the phone for you if you want to take great looking low light photos it is not the phone for you but if you are looking for a phone for basic social networking watching an occasional YouTube video playing some casual games go ahead and buy that phone
Christian Griffith (10 months ago)
MRmoofoo2you (10 months ago)
good review!
NothingButTech88 (10 months ago)
MRmoofoo2you Thank you!
Vineet Kale (10 months ago)
love u from India
Dewester (10 months ago)
the e4 has a fingerprint sensor?
Dewester (10 months ago)
NothingButTech88 whoa
NothingButTech88 (10 months ago)
Dewester Yup!
SwedishGamer322 (10 months ago)
Saw Jacklyn in the thumbnail and immediately clicked the video, don't even care what the video is about. Love you girl!
Shondrick Hampton (10 months ago)
This is the second video of yours I have ever watched, I don't travel youtube as much anymore, and your delivery and attention to detail is phenomenal. No other reviewer would have done this. Well done. Also, usually don't comment on review videos so, also a first.
marc miceli (2 months ago)
good video, I just bought the G 5 you did a great job :)
Shondrick Hampton (10 months ago)
NothingButTech88. No problem, keep it up.
NothingButTech88 (10 months ago)
Shondrick Hampton This means a ton! Thank you so much:)
Eduardo Soto (10 months ago)
Keep the great work :)
NothingButTech88 (10 months ago)
- - :)
Tech4 Networkers (10 months ago)
I rather get a Nextbit Robin
Gavin Bond (1 month ago)
Good luck with Durability jerryrigeverthing
Naveen Dennis Barnabas (6 months ago)
It is no longer supported! https://techcrunch.com/2017/08/01/nextbit-ends-support-for-robin-smartphone/
RubberKid100 (9 months ago)
>Cloud Any decent phone will allow you to expand its storage at least twice as much with an SD card
Mr. West (9 months ago)
Tech4 Networkers enjoy the overheating and constant charging.
Chris Panton (10 months ago)
Matt Dargis haven't had issues with build quality and have had it for 1+ yrs
Darkbyte2005 (10 months ago)
yeah! Jacklyn another great video with a very detail clear explination.. you done a great crisp video again.... fantastic...
NothingButTech88 (10 months ago)
Darkbyte2005 Thank you a lot DB:)
udit Shanker (10 months ago)
TheEseJandro (10 months ago)
love this kiddo!! so well spoken! lots of potential! 👌👍
Deathstroke 87 (8 months ago)
alexyz z she is a girl dumb fuck
James Webb (9 months ago)
Quit thinking with your dick
David Losi (9 months ago)
alexyz z _She is a girl._
aLeXyZ L (10 months ago)
For a second I thought it was a girl, my dick is confused now @.@

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