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Building the Ultimate PS4 Pro

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Upgrading the PS4 Pro with some questionable tech. Crucial MX300 SSD on Amazon: http://austin.tech/mx300 Seagate Game Drive for PS4 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/gamedrive Dobe PS4 Pro cooler on Amazon: http://austin.tech/ps4cooler Dobe PS4 Pro USB hub on Amazon: http://austin.tech/pshub G-STORY PS4 Pro monitor on Amazon: http://austin.tech/ps4monitor Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (4484)
Austin Evans (3 months ago)
Ken needs to be stopped. It's for his own good.
welive& learn (3 days ago)
austin if its possible could you compare the gaems m155 vs the gstory monitor, would love to see a video of that 👍
urban assassin (8 days ago)
Austin, my man I actually think that these (so called "ultimate")vids are good ideas
Dimas time (10 days ago)
Ooo yeah you also can dim the light
Dimas time (10 days ago)
That's cool
Shayan Umer (10 days ago)
Building The Ultimate Xbox One X
Isaiah K (2 hours ago)
It is not worth it except for the extra hard drive
Muhammad Barakzai (2 hours ago)
Do this with Xbox one x
Randy Coss (3 hours ago)
This is why I subbed
sp4wnersiak (9 hours ago)
Ugly af
thomas tate (17 hours ago)
Could u take it on a plane?
Marvin Monjarrez (20 hours ago)
Do xbox one version
jorge garcia (1 day ago)
nice vid
i dont even like playstation but i want that
You should do a ultimante ps4 slim
DavidQuinto Gaming (1 day ago)
It looks like the ultimate ps4 is a laptop
smeej .s (1 day ago)
F to pay respects
faraz ahmed (2 days ago)
raging anime fan (2 days ago)
This looks ridiculous but i want it
Allan Medina (2 days ago)
The PS4 Prooo...
Mahir Tazwar (2 days ago)
you should have used this monitor for portable ps4.......
Limão o lokão (2 days ago)
Make the ultimate x box one x please!
Jason Blundell (2 days ago)
Man, you have too much money to know what to do with.
Johnathan Koutsos (2 days ago)
Cole Pierce (2 days ago)
The only thing he's missing is the controller
Alxavier Murray (3 days ago)
Do the unlimited ps4 slim
Mamy de Mastu (3 days ago)
Make ultimate ps3 slim
Zack of Gold (3 days ago)
Ultimate PS4 Slim?
Shabnan's Moves ! (3 days ago)
Do ps4 slim
Felipe Henrique (3 days ago)
Good vídeo, bad console.....
Bassy Élkó (4 days ago)
what game was that on the screen?
robert king (4 days ago)
Man I looked at one of the links for the screen is 209 damn and I bet you this build cost a lot
Veronica Archiekins (4 days ago)
Did you take an Information Technology course or something?
tha Proforce (2 days ago)
hardware isn't the same as IT knowledge
Pandabearmadness (4 days ago)
Don't buy this junk
joneser0721 (4 days ago)
All that money you can spend on a pc
Random Planet (5 days ago)
love your videos
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Kratos King (5 days ago)
I just see a lot of unnecessary things on the PS4 Pro especially that sh*** monitor that's tiny and isn't 4k. Keep the external drive and replace the internal with ssd but that's it.
y si ases un video en español? :(
runescapefan0001 (6 days ago)
Say ps4 *PRUO* more times
runescapefan0001 (6 days ago)
When somebody says your gaming laptop is so thick... Show them this video
utub (6 days ago)
but... can it run minesweeper
Do they make a monitor for ps4
Paradox XVI (7 days ago)
Titanfall 2! I fucking love titanfall, it shouldn't be as unpopular as it is, its such a good game
Paradox XVI (7 days ago)
Build the ultimate PS VITA?
Michael Beaumont (7 days ago)
That's how you make your ps4 pro suck, apart from the HD upgrade everything else was garbage.
s s (7 days ago)
Sebi Martin (7 days ago)
The monitor work on ps4s?
Jasper Geronimo (7 days ago)
PrimeKoalaGaming (7 days ago)
Ultimate Xbox one x please
urban assassin (8 days ago)
This was totally not overkill compared to the other "ultimate" builds. I like it. And if you think about it all you need to do is find 2 outlets and you can play where ever you want.
Lucas Hytinen (8 days ago)
what a piece of junk
James Matthews (8 days ago)
The only thing I would buy is the game drive and the monitor. The 2tb drive is a good deal at $89
Its Chris06 (8 days ago)
So I guess you like Logic? In the background, I can see the art.
GamingNent (8 days ago)
Ебать бутерброд
The retro age Gamer (8 days ago)
How much
Bruce Green (8 days ago)
Do you have any recommendations on increasing the upload and download speeds on PS4 Pro? Using wireless that was giving me 4 mbps then went to wired that’s only giving me around 8mbps. The PS4 Pro is killing me on downloading!!!
Suzuki PV (8 days ago)
Just buy samsung 3,84 terabyte sdd
Miguel Ortiz (8 days ago)
PlayStation is better than Xbox
Quick Fall (9 days ago)
Ervis Gjonaj (9 days ago)
It fucking sucks,,, better switch
This is kinda... satifying...
Jason Vielee (10 days ago)
Make the ultimate Wii U
F4LLENIGHT 4EVA (10 days ago)
austin is a ricer XD
TheDragon0102 (10 days ago)
...... Headphones....
Flying Space Wolf (10 days ago)
Xbox one s plz
xvsniper1 (11 days ago)
Paying so much for a glorified DVD player
Est2004 (11 days ago)
What's that speaker in the background?
Craig Shillito (11 days ago)
using a "4k Capable console" and attaching a 1080p monitor is just kinda pointless
Atakan (11 days ago)
Why do you wear your watch on your right hand?
DC (11 days ago)
anyone else notice this cunts voice, cant quite put my finger on it but he has a drag to some words lol
ThaFox (11 days ago)
Ultimate Xbox one x
Spoder LAY (11 days ago)
how about the slim ??
TACOGAMING XD (11 days ago)
that kinda sad because if a kid get a ps4 pro and start to mess around with it he can take out the hard drive then might even break it
Brian Fietkau (11 days ago)
Ridiculous but good video
Y-star (12 days ago)
Make Ultimate Xbox one x
DereK Alskinov (12 days ago)
Does this one portable? And does the G-Story monitor work on the normal PS4?
Zero Cool (12 days ago)
we need ps5 hybrid pro
Cody Lamoureaux (12 days ago)
I'm almost done with that, yes I'm building it I just need to find thing that goes on top
Krispy Kumara (12 days ago)
Why are people arguing about what's better PC or PS4, who cares? This guy is just trying to show us how to make a laptop PS4.. Nothing to do with the battle between console and PC
GameHype17 (12 days ago)
Those usb hubs don’t work
Itzzz Jay (12 days ago)
PS4 Slim next?
Alex Sanagustin (13 days ago)
Building the ultimate Xbox one x
Kawakiru (13 days ago)
айтипедия в гробу переворачивается
James (13 days ago)
Click bait lol. Snap on accessories lol
Mr. Poo (13 days ago)
I have 2 of them you can buy it from chinese shop for $50-$80
KHIZI-YO (13 days ago)
Pls do building the ultimate Xbox one X
Lee Thaw (13 days ago)
not really an ultimate ps4 pro when you are using a 1080p monitor
betacrest10 (13 days ago)
I'd skip the usb hub.
lukaafx. (13 days ago)
P4 Pro lol...
Lewu Dokkan/R6 (13 days ago)
It's so beautiful
johan g verdi (13 days ago)
That is looking a lot more like a PS laptop
Dekstar (13 days ago)
Arssh Bajpai (13 days ago)
Monster is good just not worth the price personally don’t take my word I’ve only used it at my friends use it and judge by yourself
Cullen Gaspar (13 days ago)
But how well does it work? 🧐
Robb Nairn (13 days ago)
Nahhh I just noticed he looks like jared from subway...... ded😂 (sorry Austin)
Deirdre Maull (13 days ago)
How much did everything cost in the end
Alexander Denton (13 days ago)
Hi could you please do a video on building the ultimate PS4 slim. I know that there is no point but i have the gt sport PS4 slim and i would like to know how i could improve it
Gabe Wiseman (14 days ago)
So if I do this what would be my total bill I'm thinking maybe $800
Luki Craftable (14 days ago)
When you want to play on a beast, than play on a FUCKING PC, and don't upgrade this shit
Aleksa Alaica (14 days ago)
ssd is not worth upgrade. only few sec diff.
Kingonipaa YT (14 days ago)
Maybe in the near future, someone will have the tech to make the monitor 4K in favor of the PS4 pro
Opredstone 1639 (14 days ago)
has anyone count how many times he said ps4 pro
Randy Langworthy (15 days ago)
Really useful

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