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A New Android Market for Phones

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Now you can find apps and games, rent movies and buy books in Android Market on your phone. (Books and Movies available only in the U.S.)
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Text Comments (1053)
Caetano Antonini (1 month ago)
Smallmanchild (1 year ago)
Does the android market showcased still work in 2016
Space Walker (5 months ago)
Guy Twig it doesn't work on Android 4 or above
Guy Twig (5 months ago)
Yep. You just need to get the apk.
kuutti (1 year ago)
Browningate (1 year ago)
Wow, the Android Market sucked so much less back when this video was released. What happened, Google?
LIMESITEs (3 years ago)
its here! -Sweden
Moayad Abu Rmilah (4 years ago)
Try "UnitBullet"
Liangtang Wu (4 years ago)
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galaxy pocket plus
guelasz (4 years ago)
I hope you'll make famous game to all gingerbread user like temple run...
Riley Sommerville (4 years ago)
It's because your cellphone money is used to pay for internet and phone access, not electronic goods.
Yahoo! Philippines (4 years ago)
Good bye Android Market and hello to Google Play.
Debra Rice (5 years ago)
Great job go-ogler's! I sure wish synchronizing my cell was easier. I wanted the Google play Store App on my cell. Too busy for classes. Debbie R
Setthanan Yukantorn (5 years ago)
Are the new android market available in Thailand?
Spoogebooge (5 years ago)
Are the movies books and music available in europe/ireland now?
nohemi gonzalez (5 years ago)
the gamesi87 (5 years ago)
Fábio Oliveira (5 years ago)
I can't buy with sellphone money -.- I've got to use my credit card ... Is that some problem or it's just like that ?
Kostas Eftaxias (5 years ago)
Please Greece needs: (1) Movies and Book at Google Play (2) Navigation at Google Maps (3) Offline maps at Google Maps! Please... !!
Anka326 (5 years ago)
europa needs movies and books!!!
Mwandia Ndumbu (5 years ago)
Only Apps&Games in all countries except U.S.A, U.K, and maybe Australia, Canada and Japan hmmm..... seems fair :[\
PwN0oGrPhy (5 years ago)
FU GOOGLE. in austria we only have apps&games
fpczk (5 years ago)
One year later in germany: Still no Music, no Movies :(
chickennuggetfan (5 years ago)
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D47.Biryu (5 years ago)
Hmmmm. Why do I search on the market "Sexy Girl" and I found the "Justin Bieber" result ???
EducatingStupidity (5 years ago)
RadFilmz I agree
Husnain Attique (5 years ago)
Thanks buddy :)
Mejevoli (5 years ago)
Im not sure why but the new android market/play store is very very slow on my galaxy SL -_-
lilfimack10 (5 years ago)
I got Google play
SlayerEdition (5 years ago)
@safwan997 i wound say 80% is free, yes i got samsung galaxy s2. best phone ever had! fk iphone
SlayerEdition (5 years ago)
@xXWeezTheJuiceXx it still works?
Juan Patino (6 years ago)
How do you get it
Jana Moc (6 years ago)
@haikallptube WP sucks hard m8
Cheyenne Harrison (6 years ago)
Make the android market like the app store for iPhone because they have good games like temple run
darmawan satrio (6 years ago)
Always connection time out suck
Teo Skate (6 years ago)
I hate this market!
Nikoloz Khabazi (6 years ago)
@slawjah у меня тоже дудки их :(
N3Cl20yUpY95 (6 years ago)
Why is it that Books and Movies are not avaliable outside U.S.. I'm sad.
bangwi a (6 years ago)
OK, so I just got my first android phone and I noticed all the apps at android market when browsing through my phone are so expensive. An app that cost $1.99 when browsing from my desktop cost $14.99 when browsing throgh my phone. Am I the only one getting this problem? need help
slawjah (6 years ago)
Все заработает! Пока дудки кинофильмов и книжек. o_O
Mimpsztal (6 years ago)
america fuck yea
Rediwed (6 years ago)
"Select countries" means Canada. You can do :even: more with the new android market, IF U HAS CREDIT CARD!! 1. I is no 18 2. lol, why get credit card, I don't want any debts...
Turk ATA (6 years ago)
It's soo UGLY and SLOWLY
HlddenTalent (6 years ago)
Y i hate rooted phone
Thomas Burke (6 years ago)
@NickMaovich That's the default Nexus live wallpaper that comes with the phone
extremepsychogamer (6 years ago)
this market is so fucking gay. its slow as fuck and looks like shit, AND I CAN'T DO JACKSHIT ABOUT IT! I WANT THE OLD MARKET BACK GODDAMMIT!!
2O482 (6 years ago)
I dislike the font in description and reviews
Nick Chebykin (6 years ago)
Wallpaper at 0:00 is Nexus Revamped (i think)
Peter Kos (6 years ago)
Mayur T (6 years ago)
@Oscar846 fucking lame bitchy troll.
Forev3rsolo (6 years ago)
Shit just got real, the latest update made the market superfast and i mean NO Lag wat so ever
DeleriousSheep (6 years ago)
does it have a Juiz? then id go for it.
Ænigmatic Productions (6 years ago)
How do I get it
Spoogebooge (6 years ago)
work on samsung galaxy mini??
J.S.H.Z (6 years ago)
It has music now too :)
Spoogebooge (6 years ago)
available in ireland yet
mechacentral200 (6 years ago)
@InvincibleForeverNL yeah it feels slower here too but at least it can now handle multiple downloads again! Sweet!
mechacentral200 (6 years ago)
@jesusypedro we have to download it from the web instead of waiting for an update to come to our phone.
Mahendran D.R (6 years ago)
Market In HTC isn't this color, but I get the design
Pavel Dzyubo (6 years ago)
Отстой целый возвратите зелененький!!!!
Ali Zurix (6 years ago)
@eiirimarki Hate This ''Android = South korea''
Ali Zurix (6 years ago)
Jordan Alvarez (6 years ago)
@Sweetybboy ok im going to send you the link in a msg just download the apk file and connect ur phone into ur pc then place the apk file into ur download file....You also must download an app called androzip its free...
John Maxwell (6 years ago)
@jonathanalvarez713 so but through which torrent file? can you explain it exactly please.. and is it really for free? for example i wanna download from market Power amp unlocked but i cant it`s costing;)
Jordan Alvarez (6 years ago)
@Sweetybboy i downloaded a torrent filled wit apps and games
John Maxwell (6 years ago)
@jonathanalvarez713 hay bro how can you?? can you help please.. just i`ll be wait ya answer..! thankss..
MaxzMoviez (6 years ago)
I really don't like this market. On my LG Optimus One P500 with android 2.3.3 gingerbread it's very very very slow. Is there a way to get my old back? Btw clicking that "remove updates"-button doesn't work for me... it will re-update again in a few minutes :( PLEASE HELP!
Ema Cerutti (6 years ago)
is like a metro ui
Joshua Cecil (6 years ago)
got books ages ago but i just got movies yesterday on my desire and im loving it. dont have htc watch so this makes up for it. rumor has it that htc desire is getting ice cream sandwich. cant wait.
ViiltajaHenkka (6 years ago)
i got it when i miss clicked some stuff what was not free..
daft punker (6 years ago)
esto es una mierda!!! porqueria de market !!!! era mejor el 2.3.6
Junior Escobedo (6 years ago)
Tha new android market if u look something up it only gives u 20 out 5,349
ban on (6 years ago)
Brendan Justis (6 years ago)
Brendan Justis (6 years ago)
why do they make there commercial just like a apple commercial... Dont get me wrong I like Android and all but this is just like watching a apple video... what in the world android
tom abourmad (6 years ago)
How can i have it on my phone ?
George (6 years ago)
which is this telephone?
midge996 (6 years ago)
Some of my friends have it but I don't any help
Brandon Andre (6 years ago)
@eiirimarki Im in canada, but I dont really need to watch movies on a tiny screen...
Scoots1293 (6 years ago)
I hate the new market =/
bluetorch13 (6 years ago)
@protonr you know that the Android Market is for tablets too? I wont read a book on my cellphone either.
Ben Melbourne (6 years ago)
What other countries are getting movies and books etc. ?
Jesper Lindberg (6 years ago)
@protonr You know u there are phone that got HDMI?...
lanorzar (6 years ago)
when that android will be able
Oneiros (6 years ago)
Horrible. Reminds me of the tile user interface of WP7
raul2662x (6 years ago)
I don't like this new version! It's too slow! Hey...GOOGLE!! Why not give me the option to return to the old version?
supachoke saisoontorn (6 years ago)
for ss galaxy mini is fucking slow !
Chester Tham (6 years ago)
Looks like an Apple video.
Ravi K (6 years ago)
new market sucks i want my old app back how to get that
KlaasDeKaasBaas (6 years ago)
@protonr Who even calls with cell phones.
Shuyi Wang (6 years ago)
wtf that's damn ugly ><
Sundeep Singh (6 years ago)
Reply To This If You Know When Its Coming To The UK?
supermagas33 (6 years ago)
I just got it on my galaxy its awesome !!!!!!
Klodeckel (6 years ago)
Bogdan (6 years ago)
I prefered the previous version much more!
Olli Heimala (6 years ago)
The worst app in the market is the Market.. Unbelieveable SLOOOOOooooooooowwwww. If there is no 3G available, impossible to use. Too sad if compare to the old one.
Joshua Cecil (6 years ago)
All I need now is the books and movies in England
Joshua Cecil (6 years ago)
@disneynl he said RENT
Alex Boasman (6 years ago)
To bad android Market 3.15 runs like crap on my Wildfire...
Mr.Yeah (6 years ago)
@cheynestokes14 Except the music.
H (6 years ago)
I've got a Galaxy Tab and the the new Market is there but it won't appear on my HTC Desire HD
PK (6 years ago)
probably users get error signing in for youtube account while playing music on their devices or opening market app because google is working on music service to link it with youtube I GUESS. like itunes and all shit and should be done in couple of months, and there won't be error anymore.

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