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Chinese Smartphone Wars - Xiaomi vs Huawei vs Oppo vs Vivo

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Chinese smartphones have gotten a lot better, but the competition between phone makers is now way more intense too. This is the story of what the big boys like Xiaomi and Huawei have been up to, as well as how challengers like Oppo and Vivo climbed the ranks. Also check out my article Taobao is Amazon, Instagram, Buzzfeed, and Periscope in one app: https://medium.com/@chenjyw/how-taobao-combines-amazon-ebay-buzzfeed-instagram-and-periscope-to-make-the-worlds-most-ad4f78d47622

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Text Comments (135)
alyaa200811 (7 days ago)
Oppo. VS huawel
Suchita Soy (14 days ago)
Sekendar Mondal (18 days ago)
Mi is the best 👍
minh tu do (28 days ago)
Oppp vivo low performan, android os is lag and no update but their price so high Bad mobile ever Huawei is best selling smartphone with high quality, Xiaomi is cheap phone with high performan flagship killer
Huawei going to become world's no1 smart-phone soon
Nico C (1 month ago)
How about Asus vs Huawei vs Xiaomi for gaming?
vishnu menon (1 month ago)
Oppo and Vivo, The 'Money Minded'..
vishnu menon (1 month ago)
Xiaomi might be mighty but Huawei is the beast, it may even put apple and samsung to shame
FURIOUS AliEn (1 month ago)
OPPO & vivo is same. The owner of OPPO & vivo is same (BBK electronics) and also OnePlus also includes them
pratap das (1 month ago)
Oppo, vivo and one plus all are owned by bbk electronics Options are an illusion
Youtube Ismylife (2 months ago)
I love Xiaomi best phone brand for smart people which are very affordable...am using mi max2 awesome phone...live Xiaomi love redmi
Zulqarnain Awan (2 months ago)
Xiaomi is the best
Hs Hridoy Sarker (3 months ago)
mi best
bobby singh (3 months ago)
Xiaomi now world 5th Largest Smartphone Manufacturers. Xiaomi is known for its best quality phones like Redmi Note 4,Redmi 4, Mi A1 & Mi max 2. Now Xiaomi is planning to sell phones offline too. Oppo vivo only focusing on Front Camera nd out of sensors(only fingerprint sensor is avialable) Xiaomi providing all sensors(Everyphone have 6 Sensors) , Better Camera(better resolution of image & video quality), Good Battery Backup(3500mah to 53000 mah battery capacity available), Good Screen(In Plain Switching Display), & features(IR Blaster, More RAM & Original Interface) to a budget phone, thats what make xiaomi better than other brands in sense of Virtual Technology. Subscribe my channel, Thank You
吃货小美女 (3 months ago)
VibeX MaTxeMa (3 months ago)
Vivo and oppo has taken over in thailand and nepal
Ashen Gamge (3 months ago)
Oh in Sri Lanka oppo is Tring so hard oh god so many adds of oppo. But yet the Huawei and Samsung are the most famous
My Md Rasel Ali (4 months ago)
sivakumar sivakumar (4 months ago)
bikash dass. (4 months ago)
Huawei and xiaomi is future (oppo and vivo waste of money)
bryan revilleza (4 months ago)
Xiaomi is low price but high specs of them all.. rise xiaomi users!!
Sabir Hussain (27 days ago)
Lenovo is also
Nahid Ahmed (4 months ago)
Huawei is best
Antonis Antoniou (4 months ago)
Xiaomi redmi note 5a prime is the best!
Ashen Gamage (4 months ago)
Is Huawei the best selling smartphone in China and the second in the global
The_Master 68 (4 months ago)
I am going to buy the Honor 6X on Amazon soon
Raul Cheng (4 months ago)
XIAOMI cellular is decreased In quality vs Oppo and Vivo and Huawei. In China the Xiaomi cellular sales is too decreased. IPhone decreased sales In China because is very closed ios and only represent status have a iPhone no more.
Manish Kumar (5 months ago)
I think oppo is best
Tornike (5 months ago)
Good video
Crazy Jayray (5 months ago)
Fun little fact Oppo and Vivo is own and made from the same company just as OnePluse phones are.
Sadekur Rahman Saad (6 months ago)
This video is fucking awesome !
Deckard Cain (6 months ago)
I just subscribed to your channel... excellent review
Harsha Vardhana (6 months ago)
Xiaomi is always best oppo and vivo sucks all-time.
Crazy Hacker (6 months ago)
Huawei has best performance. Beautiful. Xiamoi mobiles are cheap due to low processor. Oppo and Vivo are nothing more than good selfies. Huawei is best in everyfield. Although I use xiamoi I love Huawei phones. Really awesome phone
Walter Lye (1 month ago)
Crazy Hacker Mi is better in performance but Huawei is better in camera slightly
Musaab Hamid (2 months ago)
Crazy Hacker so you think Snapdragons are low processors
danny MMXEmpire (7 months ago)
How do these chinese companies perform in customer support, warranty and stuff like that in America? Can we feel safe? Are they good at that? Do they have us covered? If yes I'd give it a shot.
Liwei Chen (5 months ago)
mynamehaschanged I think only huawei provides these stuffs in America.
Rahesa Sulistyo (7 months ago)
XIAOMI is best Smartphone
Eenno (7 months ago)
I had a Vivo phone before but decided to switch to Huawei. So far so good. Such a classy phone to use.
Bhagyashree Verma (7 months ago)
I have redmi note 4(3gb+32gb) matt black.
sai pattanaik (7 months ago)
oppo & vivo are also good in Indian smart phone market...
Patrick Harper (8 months ago)
Awesome video, very informative
Afdal Kimpa (8 months ago)
Xiaomi please open physical stores here in Philippines im a Xiaomi user and im satisfied.
ruzzell907 (8 months ago)
Xiaomi was sloppy. OPPO and ViVo delivered. Everywhere I look there's a store selling OPPO/ViVo phones.
Aayush Thapa (8 months ago)
Oppo and vivo are for kids Men use Xiaomi Legend use Nokia
thea yagami (8 months ago)
i personally love huawei but i think im gonna try using xiaomi soon :) but i still lovd huawei tho 😂
MagNus Z (6 months ago)
Welp both of them top the global sales
Afdal Kimpa (8 months ago)
Xiaomi is a bang for buck phone
Mikey Dee (8 months ago)
thea yagami huawei is better than xiaomi and will top the smartphone global sales soon
Rui Lima (8 months ago)
Isn't huawei a correan brand and not chinese?
lichwind (1 month ago)
huawei in chinese 华为, means Chinese achieve
ANormalPerson (4 months ago)
Rui Lima c o r r e a n
Wenjia Cao (8 months ago)
hua means china
Chandan Rath (8 months ago)
Whats about OnePlus and Mi cannot be Samsung.
Randy W Horton (9 months ago)
Huawei is the brand to watch and will end Samsung withing 24 months. Watch and see!
Punekar Boi (9 months ago)
Where is all the info about 1 plus ................they r a lot better then most of the Chinese Brands
All Bollywood (9 months ago)
Oppo is best
L.oviL (9 months ago)
Both OPPO and VIVO are getting popular, since they over exaggerate stuff, and they get away with it because they don't mention how it actually works, since people think that way. More Megapixels does not mean a better picture. An octa-core phone is not always faster than quad, dual, or even single cores.
ricky jatt (9 months ago)
hauwei is best
Pramit Nandi (9 months ago)
i support nd lv Mi 💓
swaggy jatt (10 months ago)
one question from where oppo and vivo getting money for doing all these things ?
Dust TO (10 months ago)
Huawei is best
Amit Gope (10 months ago)
smith george (10 months ago)
oppo and vivo ,,only for lady in China, lady phone
fenbekus (10 months ago)
Great video. You need to make more of these!
Wang Ay Kuo (11 months ago)
xiaomi is smartphone for smart people.
Abhijeet Dhara (11 months ago)
This is a complete rippoff of techaltar's video. Seriously you have not only copied every word but also the background music and footages are the same.
Tushar Chudhari (11 months ago)
bad mobile oppo vivo
Nico C (1 month ago)
Vivo is not that bad
ANormalPerson (4 months ago)
Robert Balanay you're*
Robert Balanay (8 months ago)
Tushar Chudhari yeah your right
fenbekus (11 months ago)
"will become the phones we use" yup, here I am, in Europe, with a Xiaomi phone!
。。。 。。。 (1 year ago)
OPPO and vivo ,high price ,low spec
maykolee (1 year ago)
You got to understand! In China iPhone isn't just phones it's a status symbol, anyone one can afford iPhones will get it
smith george (10 months ago)
only a tiny reason
ZELENG ZHUANG (1 year ago)
I highly doubt it.
Matt Aydlett (1 year ago)
this is a great video, a lot better than the shallow "overall strategy" attempted by MQBHD and Pocketnow
Unknown Productions (1 year ago)
Got a Xiaomi phone already, don't know why there aren't more people in Europe buying them.
ich ich (1 year ago)
Unknown Productions cause of band 20 not all phones have band 20
BEASTING GENERAL12 (1 year ago)
the hardest thing for the chinese smartphones to success globally is overcoming the word made in china, In my country anything made in china mean its bad and will break fast so people dont buy them
James Charbonneau (4 months ago)
The reputation is slowly changing. After Huawei produced the Nexus 6p that open up a lot of Americans eyes that China is producing quality products.
wannawatch nastystuff (5 months ago)
looool same here
the grath (10 months ago)
lol that means your country is so backward their people can not recognize themselves what is wrong and right
Marwan Ahmed (1 year ago)
The Chinese are amazing i respect them so much . Now Manufacturing high end smartphones and high tech Cars with gr8 prices .
dstblj 52 (8 months ago)
Well they often have out right broken patents and the law to get their
Frank Kinubi (1 year ago)
super nice Analysis and write up. Much love fromTanzania
sharath chandra (1 year ago)
how can oppo and vivo compete each other??
Jaila Ranirriz (1 year ago)
vivo they only have phone's but they don't have accessories like smart watches
Pushyamitra Shunga (1 year ago)
Oppo and Vivo are shit. Xiaomi is lot better.
Pramit Nandi (9 months ago)
savage q yes
Ignatius Chan (10 months ago)
Matt Aydlett I agree with you, to be honest look at oppo design and internal software is a total copy from apple. how ever vivo is copying oppo. so technically xiaomi is coming up their own design and software. So xiaomi did not copy at all
Matt Aydlett (1 year ago)
AMEN! all oppo and vivo know how to do is copy apple's design (literally), Xiaomi actually has its own design language and innovations (mi mix). And everyone says xiaomi is copying apple.......
Michael A. Larco (1 year ago)
Nice job on the vídeo quality. Keep up the good work.
Clarence Chai (1 year ago)
'The Communists just beat us at Capitalism.' - Jon Stewart
Sean Tsang (1 year ago)
For them to Hit US market...They need to put the phone able to use Band 30. Because AT&T use more and more on 4G Band 30.
dstblj 52 (8 months ago)
And make sure their patents are in order which they may not be
Shishir Singh (1 year ago)
do a vedio on how big is Xiaomi
ruzzell907 (1 year ago)
Xiaomi. Fucking open a physical store in the Philippines already ! If Xiaomi had a physical store in the Philippines I wouldn't had bought the Asus Zenfone 3 5.5" ( 4GB + 64GB ) and instead would have bought the Mi Note 2 as a result. 😢
Tobias Shaw (10 months ago)
ruzzell907: Xiaomi already created Mi home @Bangalore and Hyderabad
ich ich (1 year ago)
ruzzell907 Import pressing buttons is hard right?
ruzzell907 (1 year ago)
Meizu is opening physical stores in the Philippines! Suck that Galaxy J7 Prime
ruzzell907 (1 year ago)
Philippines OPPO commercials: Celebrity: Singer/Actress Sarah Geronimo Devices: OPPO Mirror 5 2015, OPPO F1s 2016 Bravo OPPO for giving Samsung anf LG a run for their money in the Philippines.
Shishir Singh (1 year ago)
Nice thing for xiaomi is that there phone is way better than vivo and OPPO so if they crack offline market they will kil it.but if vivo and OPPO come to online market no one will buy there crappy phone
pyrophobia133 (1 year ago)
kinda wished we can buy these in the states outside of amazon
ich ich (1 year ago)
pyrophobia133 you can import them from Gearbeast.com
Ahoy matie (1 year ago)
when I went back to China last year there were at least 8 of vivo and 8 of OPPO store's in a 50 meter radius
OBG Jay (1 year ago)
Wow very well explained video! The midrange market became the new battleground its becoming more exciting to see the competition adapt and adjust to the current trend.
Boomtime (1 year ago)
Incredible. You absolutely deserve more subs when you're producing high quality content like this.
HalfBreedMix (1 year ago)
4:59  Hey there little Han princess, what are you planning to do with that egg?
HalfBreedMix (1 year ago)
7:33, hell yeah, now just put those arrows on the screen, I'm ready !!
srinivasan r (1 year ago)
Very nice... Quality of this video presentation is on par with ngc, history channel documentaries..
Sneha mody (1 year ago)
i dont care how cheap they sell their phone, i dont want to buy made in china stuff. fcking bullies . #boycottcheapchinese
the grath (10 months ago)
if you talk about iphone i think except lcd screen and camera sensor 95% parts are made in china only software comes from usa and those lcd screen and camera sensors might also build in china because lots of korean and japanese companies are in china
the grath (10 months ago)
directly or indirectly you are buying chinese phone
fpbrunei (1 year ago)
dont you know Iphone also made in China ? hahahahaha
JL (1 year ago)
subscribed for great content and spot on analysis
PWGfreestyle (1 year ago)
Great analysis on a really interesting subject. Have been exploring the chinese phone market to try something different than what is shoved down our throats here in Sweden. Great eye opener. 1+ sub!
Pramit Nandi (1 year ago)
oppo nd vivo seriously sucks....they can only do one thing..nd its promotion 😡
Stephen Annan (1 year ago)
Oppo is new
Ervan Jabbar (1 year ago)
oppo they are everywhere @_@
Tony Lam (1 year ago)
Great analysis.
cswann8 (1 year ago)
I love the fact that OnePlus hasn't exploded.....they will stay small and lean and keep putting out better hardware for less $$.
James Charbonneau (4 months ago)
5t is a banger for under $560
ich ich (1 year ago)
L I unterstand now why Oneplus getting More and more expensive
Wannabepro (1 year ago)
Great, now you destroyed his illusions in his tiny little perfect world.
mutsa ushewokunze (1 year ago)
Excellent write up, does make one think. As good as the ColdFusion material - keep it up
The Coder (1 year ago)
it is new thinking
Umbro Khan (1 year ago)
Excellent video.
Weiming Media (1 year ago)
Thanks! Definitely planning on doing more.
arafath islam (1 year ago)
well explained bro but not too much likers or subscribers in your channel✌
karyn Lim (1 year ago)
any suggestion for the 4 phone ? i'm going to buy a new phone
Jack Xie (1 year ago)
karyn Lim huawei of course .as a Chinese, I can tell you any person who knows smartphone won't buy oppo or vivo. why? because they spend much money on ads rather than innovation or quality.
123静水丨流深 (1 year ago)
karyn Lim Huawei mate9. elegant desigh, fresh UI, top notch camera, and incredible quality. Go for it.

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