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TOP 5 BEST 4GB RAM Smartphones 2016 !!!

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hiiiii guys.in this video we take a look of top 10 best upcoming smartphones 2017-19.we select all the new top company mobiles. like samsung , google , huawei , Asua. All mobiles have best camera's, highgraphic's, Full HD Display. 4G VoLET, Long Battery's , best RAM And ROM , Best Processer, AND Best Gaming experience. SUBSCRIBE my Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/Techxzo?sub_confirmation=1 Contact : technexthelp@gmail.com Smartphones List :- 1. Huawei Mate 9 Pro. 2. vivo xplay 5. 3. Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe. 4. Samsung Galaxy Note 7. 5. Google Pixel XL. -------------------------------------------------------------- Connect Tech Next On Social Media : 👉 Facebook : https://goo.gl/GQetuL 👉 Twitter : https://goo.gl/WNhCUA 👉 Instagram : https://goo.gl/NQViqm ------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTE ; we do not own any of the trailers,music,logos,songs shown in the video any they are all the copyrighted contents of the respective owners.
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Text Comments (57)
Loris Kalmen (11 months ago)
With ss note 7 a terroist could bomb with out bomb
alex Marshall (11 months ago)
as we say in south London...completely bollocks
Shiva Pathak (11 months ago)
Nice phone ...
sheela sheela (1 year ago)
khalid Khan (1 year ago)
the one it all be 💕 it fore it
Ahmad Mohsin (1 year ago)
p9 plus I a discovery .. really awesome phone
Beam Busto (1 year ago)
hahahah huawei cant run the nba 2k17 and you call it best smartphone? crap! 😂😂
Ajay Kumar Ajay Kumar (1 year ago)
natasha belle (1 year ago)
wow nice phones.....good job
Asgar Ali Saiyed (1 year ago)
natasha belle h
Rambabi singh (1 year ago)
Bablu kumar
narayan chebbi (1 year ago)
natasha belle Hi
Tech Next (1 year ago)
Thank Q
MANOJ KUMAR (1 year ago)
oppo f1s best phone
Jay Chaudhary (1 year ago)
bismillah basha (1 year ago)
Lyrical Dance Studio (1 year ago)
Redmi note 3 is best fones..
Brijesh Choudhary (1 year ago)
Tech Next (1 year ago)
hello hii
Md Wahid (1 year ago)
nice family
Eric Quartey (1 year ago)
How much is TECHXZ0
Chintu Raula (1 year ago)
Parema Media (1 year ago)
Sitaram Sharma (1 year ago)
pl send 4g phone 4gb ram price
Muhammad Gul Dendar (1 year ago)
I liked Nokia edged
Ashok Thorat (1 year ago)
Did not include Oppo R9 plus.. Has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage... 6 inch screen.... It's great phone...
Dillip Das (1 year ago)
Ashok Thorat
bhandaru somu (1 year ago)
Mi max
i am L (1 year ago)
where is iphone 7+ it is the best
HYD TRap (1 year ago)
Miten Patel (1 year ago)
blackberry dtek60 ????
Kashmir Palsra (1 year ago)
Miten Patel
Arun Singla (1 year ago)
wow what a phone i like asus zenphone 2
Adam David (1 year ago)
y the shit music?
Adam David (1 year ago)
efri wildo (1 year ago)
Adam David nice gadget
Sanjit Momin (1 year ago)
hi guyse
Kunal Bhattachetjee (1 year ago)
google pixel is batter then ever
kaku kumar (1 year ago)
where is htc ?
Lorenzo Gringo (1 year ago)
ASUS Best !!! Also high-performance and cheapest to buy
Lorenzo Gringo (1 year ago)
Southside McConaughey (1 year ago)
Lorenzo Gringo how much
filipinas (1 year ago)
Nokia is much better
Steven Davila (1 year ago)
lg v20
Shivam Singh (1 year ago)
samsung s7
LG V20 is the best choice for phone in 2016 !!!
Zuhayr Tarsoo (1 year ago)
no the S7 edge
AAL (1 year ago)
imagine if Note 7 Doesnt explode best phone on 2016
ninad singh (10 months ago)
Cherish life to stay away from Sumsang . Japanese products is much better than korean shit.
electric life freak (1 year ago)
Anas Mohd (1 year ago)
wow no 4 is note 7,hermmm does it explode
woodro morgan (1 year ago)
exploded 7 how that get on this lol
Jaga Sahoo (1 year ago)
Dwayne Miranda (1 year ago)
note 7..... are u serious
Soumyadip Maity (1 year ago)
Dwayne Miranda He must be jocking
Kevin Ip (1 year ago)
note 7 bomb!
satya nayak (1 year ago)
vivo was sooo Good then pixel xl
Chandana chandu (1 year ago)
nice phone

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