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SolarCity vs. the utility companies

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CEO Lyndon Rive discusses SolarCity's business model and how they compete with existing power companies.
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Raul Vargas (6 months ago)
My bill after SOLARCITY went up 300% Fuck SOLARCITY. Take your shit off my roof
Jim Davis (7 months ago)
The going away of net metering will destroy Grid tie solar. Go hybrid. Some utility company most solar power and 12 Volt.
Jim Davis (7 months ago)
So how is net metering going away going to change this Scenario. Big power companies are doing away with net metering. A hybrids system is the Best and off the grid is even better.
Doug Mac (8 months ago)
Solar power has cut my dependence on local power company by up to 75% some months. Some day everyone will be using it or your would be just throwing your dedicated resources away. You can take a cruise each year with what you save and start enjoying life for a change. Think about it. Your quality of like would get better, plus you will be contributing for a cleaner air quality for our kids. Win Win.
Ed Deetz (10 months ago)
Arizona utilities have shut down solar with fines, fees and delays. Systems are useless. Funny California has missed this revenue stream to tax. They lead in every other tax category.
Raul Vargas (1 year ago)
before Solarcity 40 to 60 a month. after solarcity 110 a month after one year i owe more than its worh. they are exempt from class action law sews. sign contract and you are doomed. the rebate goes to them.
twistedcells (1 year ago)
i get 300 dollars back come tax season
matt k (1 year ago)
They should take over a whole desert state and run the power all over North and South America. Or just buy Mexico
Charlie Wilson (1 year ago)
It just makes good sense on so many levels.
Thien Nguyen (1 year ago)
just like everything, you have to do your homework and calculate pros and cons.
Eileen the Crow (1 year ago)
An identical business model to show how absurd solar city is: "CoopedUp is a new company selling chicken eggs directly to the consumer. If you sign up you can have a chicken coop put in your backyard and maintained completely by our staff. In exchange for allowing us to place this here and accessing your property at times, we will sell you eggs at the exact same rate that they can be bought for at the local produce store / market. Come join the family so that we don't have to buy any land and can increase our profits!"
Dennis Harvey (1 year ago)
Wake up people and do the math ,it does not pay to lease buy the panels and do install that is only way it pays
shingshongshamalama (1 year ago)
"Basically, fossil fuel companies are butthurt because they're too dumb to just stop being fossil fuel companies."
Sean Currie (1 year ago)
My friend has a business that offers Solar through Solar providers. Its real easy and cool. If you want to be a Solar Advocate you should check it out at powur.com/james.peterson/learn
Dawn Lauryn (1 year ago)
The problem with this is that they are trying to compete with the other businesses who are able to deceive consumers with front end prices, while keeping the back end costs hidden. Still, the effort is a great start and hopefully one people will start to learn more about.
cruz47144 (1 year ago)
Solar Contractors are charging way to much and getting rich off dumb homeowners who will take decades to pay of there system. Do your own research and install yourself. Many companies on ebay sell solar panels
Robert Lewis (1 year ago)
+cruz47144 Try again.
cruz47144 (1 year ago)
Then your the crooked contraCTOR WHO STEALS HOMEOWNERS HARD EARNED MONEY AND HIRE home depot illegals to keep all the money for yourself. If people knew how easy to install solar panels are you'd be out of a job!!!
Robert Lewis (1 year ago)
+cruz47144 You're* a dumbass. And i do not work for a contractor.
cruz47144 (1 year ago)
Your a dumbass. You probably work for a contractor. First of all the solar contractor pays his supposed experts very little per hour and runs to the bank to keep all the profits for himself. Second you don't need to do a roof install. Contractors typically keep 20K for themselves but that's a dirty little secret homeowners don't know consequently people overpay.
Robert Lewis (1 year ago)
Dumb homeowners? Do you expect everyone to just look up a youtube video on how to install solar panels and have the physical capability to climb all over the roof with heavy ass panels?
monstercolorfun co (2 years ago)
did he say invest into renuables or invest into the noodles?
Jonathan Palmquist (1 year ago)
That's _my_ main energy source!
Caesar (2 years ago)
1:09 Elon on tv.
jeff galbraith (2 years ago)
Fuentes (1 year ago)
Homercon they repair or replace panels.. their warranty is very good
Dawn Lauryn (1 year ago)
Doesn't even include all the real benefits, e. g. doing your part in leaving as clean an environment behind to future generations who will undoubtedly need as much help as possible in trying to survive the giant mess their greedy parents made.
Homercon (1 year ago)
Free until something craps out and you have to replace it. RMA process sucks, with any company. SolarCity has everything stocked in their warehouses so if you ever need service its done quickly. Plus, you buy it yourself then who is going to install it? I'll take SolarCity, Sunrun, Vivint Solar, any day over some local "contractor/plumber/hvac/roofer/landscaper/electrician" jack of all trades master of none.
Joe Monroe (1 year ago)
If you sourced it yourself, it would be about $40 for month for 10 years, then free after that.
2Awesome (2 years ago)
Do they get retail rates from the utility or a watt per watt credit?
Joe Monroe (1 year ago)
Depends on the state.
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Larry Annis (2 years ago)
the key to having utilities accept wind and solar is to have utility size batteries.this will allow the utilities to smooth out the peak demand and they will stop trying to stop solar and wind.the home batteries don't help the utilities until they have utility size batteries.
Joe Monroe (2 years ago)
They don't save you much money; and you never own the system.
Dawn Lauryn (1 year ago)
You are ignoring the back end cost of dirty energy and the benefits of clean, sustainable energy. This shouldn't be about instant gratification, but yeah... that's what a large chunk of the US focuses on. Shame on them, they have no business procreating.
Homercon (1 year ago)
You made a great choice. You will be done paying in 10 years or less and you will STILL have a full warranty and maintenance service with SolarCity for 10 years AFTER! Plus, you have Zep mounting which looks better than all others!
Joe Monroe (2 years ago)
I'm happy that you are saving money, but compared to sourcing a solar system yourself, it's a rip off. I will be installing 6,000 watts for about $6000 before any incentives. After 30% federal and other credits, It should cost less than 50 cents per watt. If you pay someone for installation, it should take about 25 man hours and cost 500-1000 dollars for labor before incentives.
Dave M (2 years ago)
let me rephrase. I'm buying, saving 70 a month off what I currently pay, and the payment is locked in!!! Compared to electric companies rates are not locked in. On top of that I get a 7500 tax credit. You lose
Joe Monroe (2 years ago)
The government can't give you anything it didn't already steal from someone else. It's still a ripoff unless you do it your self with 40 cent/watt solar panels.
egn83b (2 years ago)
You gotta be reckless to let this someone put panels on your home and be on the hook for 20yrs the panels and equipment don't cost that much to buy even on 5yr loan. Basically solarcity if you do your research makes money from the interest on the loans and over charging. The equipment isn't gonna last 20yrs unless they provide a means. If you look at how the guy talks to reporter he is a hard pitched sales man like a used car dealer. If you can stand his type. Solar isnt all that you can cut your usage or buy a wind gen or install your own solar cheaper then what they offer with no 20 year commitment.
jwsolarusa (2 years ago)
That's very true bro.....ther.....
Eileen the Crow (2 years ago)
Basically Solar city is a utility company that tricks you into providing them with a free spot to place their panels. In most of their deals you never own the panels, you pay a kwh rate similar to what you already pay the power company (they adjust it based on location, which when you think about it makes no sense..), they get to use your roof for their property and you pay them no matter what. They purposefully won't design a system that is positive for you to produce excess. You can't ever make a profit on the contract. But if you just stick with a normal company, buy and install panels yourself, the bill will be offset and on low usage days you will actually get paid. In some places this means you could actually make money by installing the panels.. But not with solar city. They're just a middle man scamming you by not paying for your roof space.
Eileen the Crow (1 year ago)
Justin Balsley You should always overproduce if you can. This is like saying only invest enough to retire like you're on minimum wage.. Why would you not do yourself a favor and produce more? You can get extra credit for it to balance out low production and high use months, keep up with rising electric rates in the future, and ensure that as the panels lose some efficiency over time you'll still be generating enough. Also worth what time? You make the investment and install exactly the same. It doesn't take extra time to get credit for excess.. It's automatic. Solar city doesn't care about you, they care that they can convince people to sign up for a plan that is essentially overcharging for kwh to pay off their panel investment and guilt you into sticking with them. They're in it to make money. Nothing more. That's shown by how they'll set their prices based on the local market instead of what the panels production would be.
Justin Balsley (1 year ago)
You can produce excess. There is no benefit to it though. The utilities will only pay you a wholesale rate that is not worth your time. Instead, you should only produce what you expect to use, which will save you from paying otherwise. The utility companies have ensured that you will not be able to use them as a source of passive income, SolarCity is only playing within the bounds set by government and ruling parties. Your anger is misguided. SolarCity would love to sell more panels, that is the name of the game. However, SolarCity recognizes that the customer will not benefit from doing this, and therefore try to prohibit it so that they do not tarnish there reputation through shady practices.
Eileen the Crow (1 year ago)
Fuentes That's not applicable to this company at all. 1) Not a new company 2) Their prices are higher than panels that are readily available all over, they're not even producing them, they're just buying them and essentially storing them on you for no benefit whatsoever to the customer. 3) The model 3 isn't even out yet.. And that's not even relevant to this discussion.
Fuentes (1 year ago)
Eileen the Crow youre so confused.. they are a new company they are trying to stablish themselves only to make their product cheaper in the future juat like how his couain elon musk started selling expensive tesla cars now the model 3 is under 50k... its qhat all companies do.. well at least smart ones.
Homercon (1 year ago)
That is very incorrect. You can't just disperse where needed. LOL. Your utility company gets the excess energy and gives you a credit. Its called Net Metering. Bro.
Eileen the Crow (1 year ago)
From what I'm seeing right now solarcity is a scam. A direct scam. The rate is higher than utility power. And you still pay the power company, the only difference is the power company is now solarcity and part of the production is on your roof. You never get paid for excess energy, they just give you a bill credit and that offsets power later.. When you use more than it produces you draw from the grid and its still "dirty power" as the rep says. It seems to be a SIGNIFICANTLY better deal to just buy a solar system on your own and stay with local power companies. Sell your excess to them and pay when you use more. You can actually profit this way, even when the panels are financed. Solar city however purposely designs the system to be neutral. They don't want you producing more than you use because then they have to give you that credit. They basically just want to take over your bill. They advertise increasing the home value but you never own the system and the value DOES NOT increase.. Basically they'll ask the new home owners if they want to use them for power and if the new residents say no, they'll come and take their panels back. I was contacted in person by a rep who explained it all and then after investigating further I see the appeal, IF you live in an area with crazy expensive rates.. But for most people you're better off investing in a system without the $0 down scam.
Eileen the Crow (2 years ago)
+Miguel T That's why at the end I added that for some people in horrible areas with overpriced utilities, maybe it's a deal. For me, here in North Texas, it's a rip off.
Eileen the Crow (2 years ago)
+Miguel T In my experience no. A rep offered me rates above what a normal power company here charges.
Miguel T (2 years ago)
+vexx506 the first sentence doesn't make sense the rates are cheaper..
Solarcity needs to expand to all states. I like SolarCity. I fully support it. But im from Missouri. I have no local Solarcity representative or store around me. Solarcity has potential and a clear goal. I can see millions of people using SolarCity. Good deal.
Eileen the Crow (1 year ago)
Homercon Even better if you purchase from somebody other than solar city and actually save some money avoiding these con artists look.
Homercon (1 year ago)
But if you purchase a system, it will be cheaper than ANY utility out there.
2Awesome (2 years ago)
+Mr. Ronald D. Marlow III (RM3) The reason they probably don't is because they will probably charge you a higher price per kwh compared to your utility.
Yep SolarCity is awesome and we are expanding absolutely!
Eric Xu (2 years ago)
+Ronald Marlow III (RM3) Same, I'm in metro NY, I have a lot of roof space, but they don't cover our area yet =( hope they do so soon!
OaktownsGreatest (2 years ago)
BECAREFUL with this company. They will SCAM you. do a research on yelp, it says it all. It is all a sales tactic from the beginning with Elon Musk being in it. He is just a front!
Insane Ankit (1 year ago)
OaktownsGreatest Scam! hahaha seems you smoke nice tree ;)
Will Wayze (2 years ago)
It's not a scam but there are better programs out there for smart homeowners. This model is excellent for 10% of homeowners
Miguel T (2 years ago)
+OaktownsGreatest you definitely work for another solar company!
Yi sang in (2 years ago)
solar city make me wonderful life and Hopely share with my friend .
OldTownie92 (2 years ago)
+Daniel Pilz even with signing with SolarCity your still going to be paying for and getting part of your energy from the grid. This is what I'm talking about. People are so mislead by this company.
Miguel T (2 years ago)
+OldTownie92 that's perfect actually you aquire credits in the day! so at night you will be using up those credits you get it? its called net metering so infact you will actually benefit pretty good from this!
OldTownie92 (2 years ago)
+vexx506 exactly. Good point and well said.
Eileen the Crow (2 years ago)
+Shengz W™ No they won't be. You pay them a fixed Kwh rate just like you pay your current company. They design the system to not provide excess power, and you never own the panels. Basically you switch to SolarCity for your utility. They use your roof to install their panels and you get nothing in return. Then you pay them like you'd pay anybody else. Basically they are just a utility service that tricks you into giving up your roof for free so they don't need to buy land for their panels to sit on.
OldTownie92 (2 years ago)
+Henry Lo actually one more point here Mr Lo, since there are no batteries in the solar city installation what exactly am I getting out of this. 90% of the electricity I use is at night. Most people are not home during the day so once again there is another point made that makes the offer solar city made to me suck.
OldTownie92 (2 years ago)
+Henry Lo ok well I'm tired of arguing. Let me close this out with one more point. If this deal is so great and honest, why can't a homeowner cancel the contract and have the panels removed from their roof at anytime? Why does their need to be a iron clad 20 year contract?
ctwatcher (3 years ago)
Solar is a joke.  If you don't think so, turn off your natural gas.  The end.  Good-bye now, this company told me to die?  OK.  I did not know you had so much 'solar' power!  LMAO!  Read the fine print people, read it twice.
ctwatcher (2 years ago)
+EU Cupcake We swim in natural gas, burn it off to make room for more, no need of dirty ME oil, we have it here, they just want people to die by solar and wind as it can never power on it's own.  Hoping it all gets torn down January 2017.
EU Cupcake (2 years ago)
See, over here .. We have so much energy, that we don't know what to do with it. But we invest in stuff like infrastructure.
EU Cupcake (2 years ago)
But when prices start to raise, you'll think different.
EU Cupcake (2 years ago)
Did I say you should do that? It's just a common misconception that people can live without gas. The only problem is that solar can't supply or take blind currents.
ctwatcher (2 years ago)
+EU Cupcake When they run the nation on solar and wind and no animals die I might turn off my natural gas, nah, we work in it, live in it and subsidize the fake solar/wind.  I don't whine, just speak my mind and just because you live in a fantasy doesn't mean all of us do.  lalalalalalala.
Ronald Fries (3 years ago)
I went with Vivint just because the sales guy came to my door first. they to offer a PPA yes can have two bills one from Solar city and one from the utility but if Solar City is charging you .115 cents a kwh and the electric company charges 25 cents a Kwh you save money both Solar City and Vivint want to instal a system that provided at least 80 percent up to 90 percent of your electricity. So yo ucan save anywhere from 20 to 40 percent on your bill.  I would rater have two bills for 90 dollars than pay one bill of 150 dollars..  And it cost you nothing...  If you saw 60 dollars on the street would you pick it up or keep walking.....  Buying a system if you can afford it is always better but the PPA is a good way to save money in my case 60-75 dollars a month with no money out of my pocket...
DeadFishFactory (3 years ago)
Do not recommend. You may see savings initially, but after 7 years or so, you're actually paying equal to if you were just paying for tier-4 electricity. And halfway through your contract, you're actually paying more than tier-4 electricity forever (even if you're not in tier 4 at all). Remember, there is no *upfront* cost. However, you still have to pay a *rental fee* for the solar panels (which is as high as 100 dollars a month). This price is increased by 5% every year, so get ready to bend over backwards 7-10 years down the road. If you're planning on doing solar panels, I highly recommend buying your own and cutting out these fuckers entirely.
Eileen the Crow (2 years ago)
+Chuck Wortman I'm willing to bet you have a stake in this company. He didn't dismiss solar, he dismissed SolarCity.
Chuck Wortman (2 years ago)
+DeadFishFactory rates are fixed for 20 years. your 5% increase is not with SOlar City. Must be a different company. +ctwatcher I am willing to bet you're a climate denier
AWESOMEMAN MANN (3 years ago)
Jack Marsh (3 years ago)
+AWESOMEMAN MANN This isnt a solution you tree fucking faggot.
Ethel Cabanlit (3 years ago)
Have you looked at your electric bill lately? Are you aware of your killowatts usage these days and more importantly are you well aware of the charges you are paying for and what you are forced to pay, with your electric bill? Will you continue to pay more for dirty energy power as oppose to paying less for cleaner energy power? Ahaa..moment..
Eileen the Crow (1 year ago)
Ethel Cabanlit Are you aware solar city is a scam? Are you aware that their electric rates aren't cheaper than the competition but you willingly must agree to have a liability and eyesore placed on your property with no benefit? Are you aware you've been pulled into a pyramid scheme? Aha moment.
Brent maverik (2 years ago)
you are correct
OldTownie92 (3 years ago)
I just had a consult with this company. Not as good a deal as you think. You end up being locked into a contract with them and still have to pay your electricity company AND solarcity. IMO not worth it. Last thing I need is to deal with 2 greedy energy companies.
Kim Rollo (2 years ago)
+Will Wayze Of course its possible, money could fall from the sky too that's possible also but highly unlikely.....utilities wont drop there price unless forced to by competition even then I doubt it  .....A 2.9% inflation adjustment is still far better than the utilities 4% average....if people need power (which they do) why not just get it cleaner and cheaper at the same time....I don't see any down side? As for buying a system out right, its a fantastic idea IF you have the cash to do it but the vast majority of people don't, so leasing a system is far more financially viable. ....Its for this reason why solar has had such a up take which is what we need to happen  
Will Wayze (2 years ago)
+Kim Rollo it's very possibly the utility will compete on price, and even if they don't the panels have an escalator. Usually 2.9% meaning in the 20 years your price will be as high as it is today, if you do the math on overall savings over the 20 years it's pennies, and you could have purchased 2-3 solar systems with it, which will eventually allow you to pay $0 because your own power plant. A PPA makes sense I guess if someone is completely broke and wants to be more green, that makes sense, but to smart people it's a win/lose deal
Joe Monroe (2 years ago)
+LEG1N4M3NT Wrong. You still have to pay the $30-85/ month utility fee even if you use no grid electricity.
Daniel Pilz (2 years ago)
+OldTownie92 And for how long are you locked in to paying your current utility? How did you choose your current energy provider? If you would like to continue paying more for dirty energy by all means go ahead...
Kim Rollo (3 years ago)
+OldTownie92 I still fail to understand your argument,?....you pay less and its clean energy....I can understand the skepticism of the being locked into a long contract but  what are the odds that electrical energy is suddenly going to get cheaper?...... and even if in the future you sell your house the new buyer get the benefit of getting cheaper energy.........so what struck you as "not good?"
TheLamelyNamed (3 years ago)
Another joburg guy. Nice. 
cherished gail (3 years ago)
Read my complete review about this company on Yelp.com
Deepika Singh (3 years ago)
SolarCity installed the solar panels five weeks ago but haven't started yet.  According to the rep PG&E is taking their time, does anybody knows how long it really takes to get ok fro PG&E?
shon jon (3 years ago)
Is roof damage covered? I heard the company will not owned up and take responsibility.
Phillip Simmons (3 years ago)
+Lina Mazerati Do you work for Solar City?
Lina Mazerati (3 years ago)
yea its covered with Solarcity
shon jon (3 years ago)
They always say, if something is to good to be true it is!! Let's think about it! 😎
Tyrone Pierce (3 years ago)
So most everyone is trying to so it already. I work for SolarCity as an Inside Energy Specialist and we get 20,000 calls a month or more of people who have heard SolarCity and want to go solar. SolarCity cares about its customers and our earth. Can you tell me that whatever utility you buy from really cares? The only thing utilities care about is making money and ripping off their customers. I mean what are you going to do when your electric bill is too high. Stop is on electricity or just pay the bill. Exactly, everyone just pas their bill without question. SolarCity customers are forward thinkers that realize electric rates are climbing every year with or without your permission.
Jim Davis (7 months ago)
Tyrone Pierce net metering is going away. And the big Power Companies will destroy any solar system. Hybrid or better yet going off the grid is even better.
Justin Balsley (1 year ago)
There are more options than a PPA and Lease. These options only make sense for some individuals. Personally, I feel that Loans and Cash are the best, hands down. You own the system, increase property value, continue producing energy after the loan period is over, and all at a price that is generally lower than your normal electric bill would be throughout the loan period. PPA and Lease are great for those who feel that they maybe want to save a bit more in the here and now, and are not concerned with owning a system 20 years down the road. To each there own. However, if you still feel that SolarCity is a "scam" which is unwarranted and a logical fallacy. Then what would that make the utility companies? SolarCity is a very open and direct company, who else would post there agreements online? If SolarCity is what you consider bad, then your other options are stark in comparison, besides building your own windmill in your backyard.
Eileen the Crow (1 year ago)
Will Wayze Thank you. You get it. This is all just designed to get people to give them a free storage location by tricking people with the "feel good by going green" mentality. In the end you own nothing, no increased property value and you don't pay much less than other providers but have a liability on your roof.
Eileen the Crow (1 year ago)
Solar city is a scam and you should feel ashamed of yourself for tricking people into this mess.
Fuentes (1 year ago)
Tyrone Pierce every company wants money but some dont care at what cost
Dave Petrie (3 years ago)
After watching SolarCity's in-house add, I searched them out on YouTube and found this one by Fortune Magazine...after watching this and other, I have to wonder, "So why doesn't EVERYONE go Solar?" Your take?
Mark Ashby (3 years ago)
Amazing, a guy is involve in helping the world to move forward and away from our fossil addictions and the only thing that some tubers can comment on is his accent.
Jim Davis (7 months ago)
Mark Ashby yep.
Todd Alexander (4 years ago)
Call 1-888-SolarCity to Qualify for $0 Down + Free Installation. Get your free in-home consultation today!
gigi simmons (4 years ago)
Leases suck. Why would anyone lease an asset that depreciates? 
Lina Mazerati (3 years ago)
You would lease because you are paying for more affordable power. You do not pay for the system you just pay for the power the system produces.Why would you keep buying dirty power at a higher rate then clean power, When was the last time your utility lowered your rates.
Russell S (3 years ago)
as its stands now you don't own the power that runs to your house anyway.  If you choose not to pay you are in the dark.   Its not like cable or satellite tv you can't just cut it off and say ill be ok.  Solar, wind, dinosaur farts, whatever the power source is still going to be owned by someone else.
Theydare (4 years ago)
Look at it this way: right now you do not own any part of the utility in your area. Your only option is to purchase the power at whatever rate they choose. SolarCity comes in and essentially takes the place of the utility and does what they do for less. It's actually pretty simple. If buying the panels made sense, people would do that.
gigi simmons (4 years ago)
He sounds retarded.
Russell S (3 years ago)
so says the retard that makes that statement Numair.  What planet are you from?  That guy is a CEO of a multi million dollar company.  What have you done?  Because i just googled your name and it came up with a wikipedia page that described a mental retard working in fast food.
edathi (3 years ago)
He is from South Africa... Its just an accent.
Dipolelo Methi (4 years ago)
What makes you say that?
633r (4 years ago)
looks like he just want to speak afrikaans
juan solis (4 years ago)
osea q uno presta su casa para q solar city haga dinero con tu espacio bonito verdad 
cherished gail (4 years ago)
Solar power is a great thing. Not too sure about this company Solar City though. A lot of customers had to deal with inexperienced staff, nasty customer service and damage to their roofs.
dwc1964 (4 years ago)
Cities that own their electrical utilities - such as Palo Alto, CA, with which Mr. Musk is familiar - provide better service at lower rates, and promote clean energy, decentralized production and all that other good stuff. That's because the natural monopoly of infrastructure doesn't fit the "free market" paradigm, so private for-profit ownership creates perverse incentives. Just like streets and sewers, community ownership works better. We should all do it.
Tony Stark (4 years ago)
Jivendra kumar (4 years ago)
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Charles Ryan (4 years ago)
great video, it was very nice to hear what they are doing. I'm a fan and a follower
Vince Runco (4 years ago)
Agreed...Elon's father being an engineer I'm sure had something to do with his appetite for Physics. Lydon is incredible on his own. This company will certainly continue to grow by leaps and bounds.
Andrew Jamison (5 years ago)
Its no wonder they are doing well with this guy being cousins with Elon Musk that whole family seems to be filled with geniuses.
7926645 (5 years ago)
1:09 is that an Ireland Jersey??
Noah Merrill (5 years ago)
What an amazing idea!!!

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