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Top Tech Youtubers Before & After | MKBHD Unbox Therapy TLDToday Austin Evans LinusTechTips & More

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Hi! Here you have some of my favorite tech related youtubers, such as MKBHD, Unbox Therapy, TLDToday, Austin Evans, LinusTechTips, TechSmartt, TechnoBuffalo & Phonebuff! Enjoy, comment & suscribe!
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Text Comments (1064)
Lens Watson (1 month ago)
I love Marques's voice
The Realness (1 month ago)
Linus was the real slim shady.
Param Jani (2 months ago)
mkbhd looks like Carl Johnson
Amit Kolay (2 months ago)
excellent Video!!
BG101 Ent (2 months ago)
Where is everything apple pro???
Gurung pasang (2 months ago)
Linus doesn’t look like a very “tech guy”. If you know what I mean
katkom (2 months ago)
Where is iJustine? Are you trying to trigger all the feminists?😂
Ghulam Abbas (2 months ago)
Lew and Linus are the best
Clorox Bleach (2 months ago)
What's the intro music
asmr zeitgeist (2 months ago)
lol mkbhd
Kevin Bett (2 months ago)
MKBHD has had the ultimate glow up
Himank Kumar (2 months ago)
LMAO, the before Mkbhd in the thumbnail looks like a GTA 4 character model.
Sk Sadi (2 months ago)
Austin is cringe and dumb af also annoying. Btw i never seen his video. I am talking by watching this video.
aucool786 (2 months ago)
yoooooo linuses first vid looks like something from the 80s XD
Muhammad Renaldi (2 months ago)
Ayan Dey (3 months ago)
Baby linus looks like Justin bieber
Prism Sage (3 months ago)
Longbottom syndrome at its best
Danish Harith (3 months ago)
i came from system of a down
LeBron James (3 months ago)
Nekthek Eung (3 months ago)
Creator Sun (3 months ago)
Pause at 7:43 😂
Creator Sun (3 months ago)
Wait is this counting up by year?
Saurabh Jha (3 months ago)
lwis & mkbhd ❤️❤️
tasmania909 (3 months ago)
that background flute music made my ears bleed.
Michael B. Vélez (3 months ago)
I like how John’s hair gradually turned into the iPhone X notch. It’s like he evolved along with technology.
Debra Dukes (3 months ago)
Very nice I think I mentioned when first started watching all Love the Throwback Video's and this is by far definitely enjoyed Deb.👌✌️👍.What funny is I still follow All.
Priyank Chil (3 months ago)
Techsmart was so cute
JV TECH (3 months ago)
Why dose no one ever techsource
CivilGuy (3 months ago)
Gosh soon I’ll be showcased I guess
LegoStudios (3 months ago)
1:30 Why does he sound like Kermit the Frog 😂😂🐸
Daljit (3 months ago)
All Rounder (3 months ago)
only apple paid youtuber Johnson
Glanced (3 months ago)
Ashwin .B (4 months ago)
love this video!
Callum Sinclair (4 months ago)
Inbox therapy is a mess. Oh god
varinder singh (4 months ago)
hi bro ,pls send i phone 8+ for me pls pls
Nathan Allen (4 months ago)
hey, quick suggestion, mute ur music when music in the videos from the youtubers is playing
Kamesh Parashar (4 months ago)
Yes..... The video quality is improving 🙂
xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx (5 months ago)
Ayy Linus
Jay Jay (5 months ago)
Most seem much nicer in their earlier videos, then turn out to be douches. Examples, UnboxTherapy, Linus.
MangaAddict (5 months ago)
Blonde Linus looks like Eminem....
tech enthusiast (5 months ago)
Does linus even age......
Andika Chandra (5 months ago)
oh... i thought it was MKBHD on PS2 and PS4 remaster...
tristan calderon (5 months ago)
All that hard working...
Mustafa Mamuwala (5 months ago)
WTF where is Mr. Mobile 😤😤😤😤
Francis Santos (6 months ago)
mkbhd has the best intros!
Sumit, Your Subscriber (6 months ago)
Jack Le (6 months ago)
Kalim Manigault (6 months ago)
dave (6 months ago)
was that marques son?
Nikeruto Shippuden (6 months ago)
You didn’t make your video longer than 10 minutes. Well, sucks for you
Nikeruto Shippuden (6 months ago)
Awww you didn’t manage to make your video longer than 10 minutes
Antphoneigh (6 months ago)
MKBHD got a few major upgrades!
comedyman112 (6 months ago)
lol, jonathan was such a sellout
Parker Barandon (6 months ago)
Techsmartt has slowly gotten dumber
freddiebootleg (6 months ago)
All these tech videos look like fucking clones of each other. I don't want to be a #Square or a nerdy snitch so I won't #Finger anybody. I'm not a rat or want pick on/out a specific human being.
Valentin Feinen (6 months ago)
Didn't know Slim Shady was into tech haha (6:30)
Đ4ΛŁŦ (7 months ago)
Techsmartt is a faggot
Gianni Zamora (7 months ago)
One thing we can all agree on though is that these guys persisted to actually make somethings for themselves. People always want a easy handout but this shows that you gotta keep grinding for your shit. stay up
Tech PK (7 months ago)
Nice content.... checkout my channel
Christopher .Cruse (7 months ago)
I wanna believe that Linus earliest clip was from before he was fiddling with stuff under 1080p but I don't feel that's the case.
Avijit Barua (7 months ago)
haha nice one m8... :)
Lucky Anthony Zulueta (7 months ago)
GtA San Andreas
Edmond Edilo (7 months ago)
Marques is the best tuber
PS Tech (7 months ago)
TED'S voice got soothing day by day
69 Solo (7 months ago)
0:40 are those Harman Kardon at the back? :'D
Josh LeRose (7 months ago)
Keaton was more professional when he was a kid. Tragic
Badboy DCX (7 months ago)
Gerard van Schip (8 months ago)
This is a very good video. It shows that these guys worked HARD and long to get where they are now.
MKBHD in the old days looks like jamal crawford😂😂😂
Lynette Lewis (8 months ago)
Joshua Blewett (8 months ago)
The days when techSmart wasn’t just click bait
Wing_ Pics (8 months ago)
Mkbhd looked like Koby
ComputerDude2600 (8 months ago)
5:27 "I have some great news for you guys, today is September 11th"
John Dita (8 months ago)
Nice haircut Austin
Tarela Tawari (9 months ago)
mkbhd and austin...my favourites
aswinvinayak 7 (10 months ago)
looking good now
Kaleb Hann (10 months ago)
When Techsmartt goes from mature tech person to fidget spinner cringe god
Zain (10 months ago)
MKBHD is more like GTA san adreas to GTAV
RebornChiekoGaming (10 months ago)
Hey guys,this is exhausting.
Alex K Tech (10 months ago)
That long hair :D +AustinEvans
Perry Sy (10 months ago)
I miss the calm and good keaton. Now he's always high af
Perry Sy (10 months ago)
Jonathan lookd so cute
Perry Sy (10 months ago)
All youtubers are shy on their old videos. Haha
Dattatreya Dinda (10 months ago)
flytech videos and gigabyte forever and
A mobile gamer (10 months ago)
before Keaton was gay
Franko Cardozo (10 months ago)
tech smart went from review to completely out of ideas
Creolelady98 (10 months ago)
Lol awe I loved how we saw a few of them go through puberty lol
Muhib Khurram (10 months ago)
Misbah Ali (10 months ago)
Unbox therapy used to be cool, I miss the old lewis, with the overhead camera over the white table and showing off that closet full of cool stuff, now after the whole "Bendgate" blow up, he took it to his head and now just does crazy stuff that's just weird.
Aminuddin Zainal (10 months ago)
Linus is like Justin Timberlake in the world of tech review.
BesTech (10 months ago)
4:03 Yo! CJ is that you?
JalanTikus (11 months ago)
Amazing video
Eric Ihnen (11 months ago)
Techsmart kid is the only one I don't think should've been in this. His videos are on an entirely different level and I don't mean that in a good way. He's god damn annoying as fuck and cocky as shit if you get him to actually reply to a criticism on his videos. I kept getting so annoyed seeing him in my recommended all the time until I realized there was a "I don't like this channel" (or content whatever it was) button and I got his content to never show up for me. He's a cocky little, lowest-common-denominator fuck
Bibek Pudasaini (11 months ago)
Do one of Detroitborg
Faiz Ubaidillah (11 months ago)
austin have some metal soul,i thougt linus is eminem
Dean Coke (11 months ago)
brian cosie (11 months ago)
mkbhd has come from far
*_-DEACERING.EGG-_* (11 months ago)
6:33 Linus is blonde wtf
Film Productions (11 months ago)
linus looked like eminem when he bleached his har

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