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iMac Pro Setup Tour 2018!

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Video editing desk setup tour for early 2018! ↓↓↓ All product links ↓↓↓ Desk: https://xdesk.com Phillips Hue light strip: http://amzn.to/2CEURJ2 Yamaha HS8: http://amzn.to/2CBih25 Auralex Isolation pad: http://amzn.to/2qsgbNb Promise Pegasus 3 80TB: http://amzn.to/2AtAdqo iMac Pro:https://apple.com/imac-pro/ Twelve South HiRise Pro: http://amzn.to/2CqXdb6 Sennheiser HD800: http://amzn.to/2CrjBkT Colorware: http://www.colorware.com Apollo Twin MKII Duo: http://amzn.to/2CE8Oa9 Herman Miller Embody: http://amzn.to/2lXGg0O Hasselblad X1D: http://amzn.to/2Cqvnfh Logitech MX Master 2S: http://amzn.to/2CrK6X4 Aluminum mousepad: http://amzn.to/2CFxFua Google Pixel 2 XL: http://amzn.to/2lTV4h4 Apple iPhone X: http://amzn.to/2AqY75K OnePlus 5T: http://amzn.to/2CUhuqu Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e Intro Track: Zebulon by Alltta ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (4022)
trideep nath (2 hours ago)
can someone tell me which twitter app is @marques using on his mac?
Svilen Konac (1 day ago)
Xmac cheap like newer before 👍
WretchedDrake (1 day ago)
Tour of my office paid by the money YouTube pays me for you suckers subscribing to me!
CP King (1 day ago)
Hi Marques! I am new here, it is the first video I just watched. Your last lines, about the way you can watch the setup tours are really amazing. I appreciate 👏
jorgech11 (1 day ago)
Not including the phones the products listed tally over $133k. That's a hell of an investment. I didn't know you'd need serious gear like this.
VINCENT Samuel (1 day ago)
What is the price of the table
Alexander Sandalis (1 day ago)
Can anyone recommend any standing electronic desks like XDESK for Australia consumers that can't pay $2-3k with shipping?
FrostCarrot (2 days ago)
I guess its time to change your name to MKB8K
raboub (2 days ago)
I want that desk !!!
Microbe Pretator (2 days ago)
Super Studio
ItzBlade (3 days ago)
MKB2K for me
chevalier (4 days ago)
Red Depo (4 days ago)
What's the case at the base of the iMac?
Life82 (4 days ago)
plaese stop it all that stuff was free for you stop it not even mad
Nathan Rogers (4 days ago)
discuss ensure store gkgmox emergency care broken nuclear employee comment.
The Terrible Puddle (4 days ago)
Primacoustic RX7 is better and fits the size of the Yamaha HS8 perfectly. I pulled the front sticker off my RX7.
Techtonic Tech (5 days ago)
The Apple Watch standing things actually means like walking around a little bit not just standing
Tech Review Ireland (5 days ago)
what an amazing set up,, can we get a full studio tour?
Svillen Atanassov (5 days ago)
How good is this chair? Does it worth it?
Pendragonthegreat (5 days ago)
I have the Embody chair, its the best chair I ever used/owned in my life
z3ro 362 (5 days ago)
Nice setup but hey CAN YOU DO THIS??
google pixel (5 days ago)
What about old setup Is it there or not??
Marc (6 days ago)
What RAID setup do you use with your eight drives? RAID 5? 6?
Ralph Rodriguez (6 days ago)
did I just hear giveaway woah haha!
Ralph Rodriguez (6 days ago)
did I just hear giveaway woah haha!
Kwistenbiebel200 (6 days ago)
The iMac looks small...I would expect a huge screen :)
leecm (6 days ago)
Apple needs to make an ultrawide Mac Pro.
Sanu (6 days ago)
3rd way we view setup tour is to drop our jaw at all the stuff that we can never afford.
537VIK (6 days ago)
SWEET VIDEO! Where did you get your aqustic panels from and did they cut those for you?
Abdulrahman Jameel (6 days ago)
I love your setup
Sean Fischer (7 days ago)
Between you and Tailosive, I have been thinking a lot lately of starting a channel
Pegasi (7 days ago)
Also, how do you feel about a NAS/10GbE networking set up vs the Thunderbolt DAS down the line?
Pegasi (7 days ago)
Q for the next QnA: If the acoustic foam is perfectly aligned, why don't the corners line up? Is there some science going on there?
Med Az (7 days ago)
I have to say that your work is clean.
Mitja Grega (7 days ago)
Starting a new Gaming Channel - sub. and like - i do the same ;)
Jack LIN (7 days ago)
lol why do u need a ultra expensive Mac Pro MKBHD ?
Jeevan Sankar (7 days ago)
Please share and help us to find someone in apple at administrative level , indians must read We are using this method cause apple care doesn't have any customer care in india that handles these kind of things .Local service centre doesn't have authority to replace product and the end customer care person we can contact is senior service advisor who will only explain the policy again and again. Beware of apple macbook products (indians mainly plz read their warranty thoroughly or read our experience) We are describing our experience with apple care here. Those who blindly support apple products know this, mac products doesn't have replacement under warranty (until the product cant be repaired in any manner that means every part has to die at same time, I am saying this because the only part thats not replaced in my Mac is base panel that has nothing on it only serial number every other bit has been changed ) be it has been repaired 3 or 4 times under 7 months, in my case its been given for repairing 5 times within 8 month. The display itself has been repaired 3 times ( even the spares doesn't have the build quality). And let me remind you we are speaking of a product that cost 2.3 lac (3560 dollar). There may be brands that has same policy as not replacing the product and repairing it for 2 or 3 times but only using repair as an option for 5th time too, apple would be the only brand that do so. The product was bought on april 28 from 1st month onwards its showing complaints with display then it was speaker, then keyboards then again display and now again with the display. Seriously do apple have any quality with their products. Just search google with macbook hardware issues and you will find a mammoth of them. Even after this most of the people are stuck with apple because of the apple software final cut pro that we video editors use. So anyone who is looking for macbook just for brand name dont do it you will regret and thats for sure ask your friends those have macbook. The funny part is most macbook users doesnt know their product has a complaint like there is a popping or rattle sound apple care would say its normal but it isn't, mine got rectified after changing display panel ( then it started showing two tone contrast on display 5th complaint).Now the sound has again returned as they changed the display again on 5th complaint. Another is if you change volume from right to left, one speaker might be having low sound that can't be easily recognizable when played on both speakers. Just look onto macbook issues in youtube. In total the product has been non usable for around 3 months actually right now we don't use it cause every time the data has to be backed up before repairing so I stopped using the product. As per apple the rattling sound is normal and the apple reply is attached(on a 2.3 lac machine guys grow up). .Even the Executive Relations EMEIA Mr. Rohith Sharma is saying rattling sound is normal in mac (even though there is no moving part inside macbook). The sound persist even after there so told procedure of checking normal rattling sound mentioned in attached apple circular that means its a complaint otherwise the pinching procedure wasn't needed to specify on circular. If you want to waste your money even after hearing this much carry own its your money and for video editors you guys are stuck with apple as i am as long as a better video editing software emerges
teiiko (7 days ago)
what about power cable taps and management?
mininameless (8 days ago)
the wallpaper on your iMac Pro looks amazing though.
Borna Matić (8 days ago)
Fady Mina (8 days ago)
The best setup tour for the best youtuber
Johnson III Tom (8 days ago)
Take a shot every time our good man Marques says "obviously" and "of course" for an interesting YouTube experience.
Grandilex (8 days ago)
Hey Marques love your vids and the setup, it's so...clean spotless and it reminds me of those white rooms that have no spots or lower shades of white. Just white. Anyway again love your vids and I just wanted to ask that if there could be any by chance maybe a gaming setup, I'm a gamer-ish and still love tech just wanted to know if you happen to maybe have that. For PC or Xbox or Playstation either one I just wanna see good you can do with it.
Michelle Lawrence (8 days ago)
Nice, I like the colors.
Extreme Gamers (8 days ago)
Any good headphones that look good and sound good?. I currently have JBL syncros eb 50 are they any good, mean they are good for my standards
Jan Paul Schnabel (8 days ago)
i dont know how much harddrives have changed lately, but doesnt having them with 6-inches of a woofer have some sort of consequence on longetivity? especially an 8 inch woofer that has to have a pretty beefy magnet to make it run.
#Thunderworld (8 days ago)
Make me bro
Stephen Rodriguez (8 days ago)
Curious, so you have an interior designer? Lol
No need to explain MKb... U deserve it man!
Ashley Marin (8 days ago)
choose free golden shock ago southwest mexican doll hang pleased.
Jay Matthew (8 days ago)
Is there a button to lock my hidden office door some where at that desk?
DuperDupy 123 (8 days ago)
Pewdiepie be like: BUT CAN YOU DO THIS!?!?!?!!?
Aashutosh Tiwari (8 days ago)
Cool setup!!👌
feliwi (8 days ago)
You think its better to buy an iMac or just a macbook and a separate monitor? Can anyone gibe me a suggestion for a reasonable priced usb-c monitor?
Sandybunting (8 days ago)
For anyone who’s wondering, his background is Small Memory by Mikael Gustafsson.
Matthew Kefford (9 days ago)
How is the scrolling with the Logitech mouse wheel? I have a M175 and scrolling is really stuttery with my MacBook and I assumed I’d have to get an Apple mouse to fix it
Blessed Guy (9 days ago)
Hussnain Mughal (9 days ago)
From where do you get money to buy all that stuff you have in your studio
eb Johnson (9 days ago)
Such a neat and crisp layout. I absolutely love the desk!
Who won the giveaway list sir peace ✌️☮️🕊️😎
At Oussama (9 days ago)
i love the minimalistic approach in your setup. great!
Jakob Daníelsson (9 days ago)
he is so fucking hot amirite
Oleh Khomey (9 days ago)
What's the exact "larger than pro" size?
Hey Marques, wanted to hear your take on the JBL LSR305 bookshelf speaker.
Clorox Bleach (10 days ago)
But can your chair do this!
Umar Shaheen (10 days ago)
Make a house tour Marques
Saleh Aljurbua (10 days ago)
i love your work
Gagansci the scientist (10 days ago)
Love your video that desk is awesome entered giveaway, love Mac pro, Yamaha, awesome best tech sir Peace , sir that 1+5t s sir these time peace ✌️😎🙏 namaste
faris alfarsi (10 days ago)
Nice to watch you @mkbhd grow man... Been watching your videos for three three or four years, and I like how ou have grown. Keep the good work @mkbhd
Carlos Fernandez (10 days ago)
*Deletes spreadsheet
Victor Kyed Kjeldsen (10 days ago)
Dream setup
Samiur Rahman Alif (10 days ago)
I guess I'll have to sell my full apartment to make a desk like this 🙊
John Rowley (10 days ago)
I find it hard to believe you marcus doesn't usually have an extra monitor or two plugged in to that imac pro
Zain Faiz (10 days ago)
The tech is awesome and everything... but I just want to know where you those desktop pictures from.
Wojtek M (10 days ago)
Wallpaper name ?
Zak z (10 days ago)
do more of these please and aren t you going to do a review of PEWDIEPIE S headphones
Hulk Smash (10 days ago)
Is there a way to use the iMac or iMac Pro as a display for a PC laptop? I want to have my desk with only an iMac monitor but I need to use a PC laptop for work. My preference would be to connect a PC laptop via VGA port w/ adapters to thunderbolt and use some sort of software to view the VGA signal and use two different keyboards. Any ideas?
SOLOMON WEHR (10 days ago)
what did you use for cable management under your desk? i have a 2 leg motorized desk at work, and haven't found anything that works to my liking.
The Asian Beast (10 days ago)
MBP (10 days ago)
very nice
SweetFriend. (10 days ago)
nice bro
Christian Theroux (10 days ago)
You have me dreaming of a setup like that... One day I'll get there!!! Seriously awesome setup!!!
M Adnan (10 days ago)
I like the way you describe the things.
James Linley (10 days ago)
I just watch it cos it's cool.
Gabriel Machel (10 days ago)
Love the table and the speaks. Great setup!
Stefano Caliò (11 days ago)
You should have the tweeters of the HS8s pointing towards your ears as much as you can, the foam pads are lifting them in the wrong way. Also, the Senn HD800 is not a "flat" headphone and that audio interface is surely far from giving you the sound experience you're expected to get from the cans. I'm amazed by how all this doesn't seem to matter so much, given your videos' audio is usually on point, but still...
Saul Muñoz (11 days ago)
Are those Yamahas much better than JBL equivalent?
Is it worth it buying the old mac pro ?
Ceasar Langley (11 days ago)
I really like the setup, very organized and clean.
24A Tech (11 days ago)
david k (11 days ago)
nice vid.
Harsha Sai (11 days ago)
Can't respect someone who uses a Macbook. Now, iMac too; they just changed the color to make it desirable, and some basic specs upgrades. PCs are way ahead. I used to be a hardcore iPhone fan tho, but the image recognition on both Samsung and Pixel got me
Computing Net (11 days ago)
Only product I have in common is iPhone X 😂
Edgar J. Miranda (11 days ago)
Great setup, but those cables are killing me
Jaemseh (11 days ago)
you rich prick
Jr Martinez (11 days ago)
Also the watch probably needs fixed. My watch dose not do that
Jr Martinez (11 days ago)
Can I still win the giveaway or its over. I hope it's still on
Luis Cabrera (11 days ago)
Did he do the phone give away or nah?
adam cain (11 days ago)
$12,000 camera body, are you doing photo shoots for commercials wow. I guess hard work on you tube pays off big, well deserved you work hard to be were your at.
Caleb&CalebOUTDOORS (11 days ago)
Marquis what would be a good video editor for me if I’m just starting out

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