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How to create a Developer Account for Google Play

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Android Development Tutorials to create a developer account for Google Play to publish Android apps into Google Play Store. http://developer.android.com/index.html https://play.google.com/apps/publish/signup/ https://play.google.com/store This video covers all the following: 1. Create a Developer Account For Google Play | Android developer Tutorial. 2. How to make a google Developer account to publish Android Apps. 3. How to create google apps developer account. 4. How to Signup for a Google Play Developer Account . 5. A complete tutorial for Google Play Developer Console Account. 6. Creating Google developer account for submitting android apps and Games.
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Text Comments (22)
QUOTES KINGDOM (1 day ago)
the $ 25 is a lifetime registration or you still have to pay another $25 for every year?
QUOTES KINGDOM (1 day ago)
the $ 25 is a lifetime registration or you still have to pay another $25 for every year?
mountain blogger (19 days ago)
mbarek golmim (1 month ago)
thanks man
Baljinder Singh (1 month ago)
Is website required for it.(is it must?)
B.C. Studios (2 months ago)
25 bucks permanently or per month / year?
RewForeN (2 months ago)
BillvogComp $25 for a lifetime
Engnr. hamza hanif (4 months ago)
Sir i have master card All going right but payement are not tranferr to google account payement pending take much time
ThirdEye (4 months ago)
It shouldn't take much time. Check your Master Card account transaction and let us know if you need any help.
Nir Gaiger (5 months ago)
when a bot say "what's up dudes" , priceless.
Have a nice time! (1 day ago)
Peter Schmidt (10 months ago)
Hello, I know your problem too closely. That's why I offer to publish your app with my account. Just contact me here: Peterbecker1996@gmail.com
DEKH KAR SIKH (9 months ago)
Peter Schmidt Bro mera app publish kardoge
Muhammad Ibtehaj (11 months ago)
can i buy developer account by UnionPay debit card? because there is no option for this.
Indian Technicals (7 months ago)
Hello I want sell my Google play developers console account in just $30 if you are interested then reply me here
Muhammad Ibtehaj (11 months ago)
Siddiqui Noor (11 months ago)
Hello! There is a nice article about the payment method. Would you please check the following from google: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2651410?hl=en
DarkMental (1 year ago)
what text to voice app did you use in creating this?!
Abir Khan (5 months ago)
use fl studio speech vst
Luka (6 months ago)
You didn't find it xd
ThirdEye (1 year ago)
Actually there are a lot, we do not use any specific tools online. We search using keyword "text to speech online free" then select one which is the best. I forgot which was used to create this voice. If I can remember or find I will re-comment you. Thanks.
gooplay developer (1 year ago)
Hi, Buy Account Developer >>>>> http://www.gooplayaccounts.com/

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