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Samsung Gear S2 & Gear S2 Classic Hands On!

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Here's our hands-on look at the sleek Samsung Gear S2! Is this new version what Samsung needed to find success in wearables? Talk about Android in our forums: http://www.androidauthority.com/community Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=androidauthority ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://google.com/+androidauthority - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://plus.google.com/+JoshuaVergara Joe Hindy: https://plus.google.com/+JosephHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://plus.google.com/+LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://plus.google.com/+JayceBroda Gary Sims: https://plus.google.com/+GarySims Ash Tailor: https://plus.google.com/+AshTailor

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Text Comments (706)
Atrain 1 (4 months ago)
I always see the gear s2 with messaging and not messaging?
Mina Johnson (7 months ago)
how come I can't get help changing from analog to digital
August (7 months ago)
Turn down the effing (and change it while you're at it, it's terrible). Don't you have professionel editors edit your videos??
Cristóbal Lagos (7 months ago)
Wtf? This guy sounds like 2 people talking
Niklas Ehrlin (9 months ago)
Jeeeezzzz.... lower the intro/outro music before you kill someone!!
Nicholas V. Anderson (9 months ago)
Hey bro where did you get and how much is the watch case also the one for the watch bands
hasan kharfan (10 months ago)
how does a circular screen have dimentions of 360×360 ........ if i remember correctly my third grade teacher told me that the area of a square is the product of its side multiplied by itself .....
kishankotecha2002 (10 months ago)
Can you browse the internet with it?
Lex Selfmade Life (11 months ago)
Another thing that doesn't hold up well under water on the Samsung Gear s2 Classic is the shiny bezel. Mine flew off yesterday as I was washing my hands, and the watch is only 11 months old. Luckily, I recorded the homemade repair and fixed it for free! Overall, it's a great smartwatch and I love it.
Timothy Nyota (1 year ago)
The intro volume doe!
Kumarjit Pal (1 year ago)
will it work with my iphone 6s
Joel Burg (1 year ago)
besides making reviews why else is this good for
Marios Sugar (1 year ago)
can zoom in pictures?
Max Berg (1 year ago)
Does this watch work with phones that aren't samsung?
SneakyMouse098 (1 year ago)
Omar Ortiz (1 year ago)
"This is your first look and hands-on of the Samsung Gear S2." DDODODOODODODODOODOOOOOODODIAOSDFBOASIDBF!!!
Christian Nunez (1 year ago)
Does anyone know where I can get that watch & phone dock/charging station @4:41? Everything I find says it's for iPhones :(
it's lit (1 year ago)
will you STOP spinning the bezel!?
Theresa Dillon (1 year ago)
can this watch take phone calls?
Adam Martin (1 year ago)
Theresa Dillon yes it can if you have the LTE version like I do through T Mobile. Works great for calls and has its own sim inside so that means you can leave your phone at home, work, car, etc. and use your watch as a standalone platform where all your calls, messages and emails are forwarded directly to your watch in real time so you'll never miss a thing, even if you don't have the phone on you! It knows to switch from wifi, Bluetooth or 3G LTE automatically depending on where it's at in proximity to your phone. It's pretty awesome really. But all that means you must buy the LTE version of the watch not the Bluetooth only. Be careful there. Hopefully that helped. Good luck!
miker6570 (1 year ago)
it does not have a speaker so no.
Ramon Gonzalez (1 year ago)
should I get the gesr s2 or the apple watch series 2?
Ramon Gonzalez (1 year ago)
+Vitaliy Prots Doesn't the gear s3 have a speaker though?
Vitaliy Prots (1 year ago)
Ramon Gonzalez gear s2 as it's cheaper and with the same functions, not only that it's up to you whether or not you want your watch to look like a normal watch or more techie such as Apple both a great
Novocrine (1 year ago)
Does it have some kind of sim card so I dont have to use it with my mobile?
Fgl (1 year ago)
Novocrine only on the gear s3
enracy (1 year ago)
is the s2 bezel a touch bezel? or does it physically rotate?
mx brad woodall (1 year ago)
adam it physically rotates but you can use the touch screen also
Wickedd 012 (1 year ago)
is this unisex since so many shops on Google shopping say woman's watch for the modern style
Indigo Sunset (1 year ago)
yeah, its unisex.
me i (1 year ago)
I have classic s2..but I can not miss call any body by this watch.. any body has any information if I can miss call by my watch.. only I can call then I have to use mobile to end the call
Ibsin Deh boss (1 year ago)
I wish I had one.
Atez Geimer (1 year ago)
Go go SQUEEZE i have this and it is awesome
Luicho Mx (1 year ago)
+Fernando Núñez jajaja te dije q era como un pedo jajaja
Fernando Núñez (1 year ago)
aquí también luicho? jajajja
Luicho Mx (1 year ago)
sisisisisisi! ahuevo, que sean 2 para llevar porfa :v
Lauren Pedrick (1 year ago)
does it have a speaker?
CroatiaGuy (1 year ago)
I gave you a dislike because of the loud "in your face music" at 0:10
William Askew (1 year ago)
Where did you get that cool stand shown @4:43? i dig it!
cheeriomartinez (1 year ago)
I used to have the G Watch r and compared to this watch it's huge. if you go from the G Watch r to this watch you will notice the size difference. This was a small the reviewer has tiny wrists so that's why it looks kind of big but two people with normal man wrist this thing is small
why is no one talking about the rubber bands breaking after a month. i had that 3 times before i just asked for my money back,aside from that.gear s2 is the best smartwatch i tried
Előd Hampel (1 year ago)
how much does the gear s2 affect the phones battery life?
Aleksi Mäkinen (4 months ago)
It drains your battery about 20% faster because of the information the watch and phone are changing all the time. I`ve tested this with moto 360.
MatzoBallMan (1 year ago)
Előd Hampel Bluetooth has barely any effect at all.
xj41002 (1 year ago)
is there a gear s2 update coming out any time soon?
Harish Rabbani (1 year ago)
Can it turn me into at least 10 different aliens?
Harish Rabbani (1 year ago)
Is that you Andrew Nguyen from Perth, Australia?
Andrew Nguyen (1 year ago)
Is that you Ben???
Yoyo Mayo (1 year ago)
+Mr Waddles Gaming 😅
Radwan Ibrahim (1 year ago)
Daniel Salvadora (1 year ago)
it does if your actually drunk
Samsung gear S2 or Apple Watch ?
Luicho Mx (1 year ago)
he skub musem :v that watch is Android?
Skovmusen (1 year ago)
Samsung gear s2  but gear s2 only work with android and Apple watch only work with apple
Aidan M. (1 year ago)
where can I get that wood dock?
Ganesh Iyer (1 year ago)
Hello not sure if you're still monitoring this page. Can you connect 2 smartphones to the same Watch and access notifications?
Bayu Rinaldi (1 year ago)
is it waterprof??
Cody L (1 year ago)
I wish they'd make the Galaxy Gear S waterproof. I work at a marina and I'm always getting my arms wet. The Gear S looks so much better than the S2 imo.
Can this connect with the s5?
undocumentedspot (1 year ago)
Much better than pebble. I'm all support for a small company but till now they don't add support to the encoding of many languages, Something so simple yet not supported.
Tommy Horsfield (1 year ago)
is this watch compatible with the OnePlus 2?
Tommy Horsfield (1 year ago)
OK thanks
Samy_06 (1 year ago)
It could be , Samsung said that the Gear S2 is compatible with Android devices with Android version 4.4 KitKat and above and with a smartphone that has at least 1.5 gb of ram .
Alex HLUR13 (2 years ago)
Samsung Gear S2 or Gear S2 Classic?
Art Girl (2 years ago)
I bought the samsung gear s2 yesterday and love it! Only it doesn't have sound for notifications. Just vibrates. Does the classic come with sound for notifications?
Aventanario (2 years ago)
compatible with ZenFone 2?
edd xtrastrange (2 years ago)
You killed me twice with your freaking loud music. And yeah, this is my spirit writing feedback to you
Spoonful of Suga (2 years ago)
OMG the music is so freaking loud!!
Ethan LaBounty (2 years ago)
This was a good video. I'm looking at purchasing this now that Samsung claimed that it would be compatible with IOS later this year. This looks a lot cooler than the Apple Watch. Having a square watch face is just really weird lol
Bas (2 years ago)
apple watch
ProNinjaPlayz (2 years ago)
How do I get the 3G model? Pls halp
Prank Trizle (2 years ago)
in my school, taking mobile is illegal. so if i bring this thing, will te be legal?
Prank Trizle (2 years ago)
@Texas potato: Ofc not, living in Bangladesh. its illegal in our country
Do you live in North Korea?
tattoodrdoke (2 years ago)
dude your wrists are tiny. The classic looks medium on my wrist but looks like a g shock on yours lol
Violated Gerber Baby (1 year ago)
Does that make you feel better about yourself?
J Black (2 years ago)
Classic or Sport S2 peoples?
J Black (2 years ago)
+Venom R1 Yea my thoughts as well. The white one.
Venom (2 years ago)
+J Black Sport S2 for sure!
Jumble (2 years ago)
fck smart watch get a mechanical watch
J Black (1 year ago)
Smartwatch is good if your working or driving.
WolfMusikYT (2 years ago)
fck hipsters get a real career. jk
Nathan Nguyen (2 years ago)
can you have the dial on at all times? or you have to wake it
jferrellHot (2 years ago)
omfg turn down the music for the intro and the outro. it is way too loud
0ddMonk3y (2 years ago)
is this watch (classic) worth buying or should I get the lg watch r?
Venom (2 years ago)
+yourtube1234567 worth it! just got mine today
Nice Guy (2 years ago)
how do you turn it off
Lilo Pasha (2 years ago)
i think i'm going to get one, which one do you guys suggest the silver or the gray one?
Venom (2 years ago)
+Lilo Pasha isn't that the same thing?
H2OMudkip (2 years ago)
I'm texting myself all the answers on the test :D
NoReason (1 year ago)
Same here. But with Gear 2
MellMaryland (2 years ago)
haril majmundar (2 years ago)
can we use gallery in this watch?
Aleen Baruah (2 years ago)
Will this work with the nexus 6P?
spider (1 year ago)
+Samy_06 really because the last time I heard it works for any android phone
Samy_06 (1 year ago)
+Kevin Horng that has Android KitKat or above and with at least 1.5 gb of ram so entry level devices aren't compatible .
spider (2 years ago)
Works any android phone
You really need to LEVEL that intro and outro melody to me the same with your voice, man. I pump up the volume to understand what you're saying, then that shit comes up to damage my walls, wtf?!
Combo-Boy pro (2 years ago)
good video good hands-on good EVERYTHING but please that intro though IS LOUD PLEASE LOWER THE HELL OUT OF IT DUDE PEACE. ;D
ivan valenzuela (2 years ago)
do you know where can I get that wood stand that holds the watch charger and the phone?
Sara Rasoul (2 years ago)
is it work on note 5 ???
can you touch the screen on this watch instead of using the circle bezel
Dan Bennett (2 years ago)
Tanzeela Raza (2 years ago)
Do it contains aim card
bahrta sai (6 months ago)
Tanzeela Raza not this version but they have said they will release an lte version of both later.
Skovmusen (2 years ago)
hmmm white or black?
johns smith (2 years ago)
please some one tell me wats it's price ??
bahrta sai (6 months ago)
johns smith the s2 is $179 & the s2 classic is $229 at Walmart.
Jordan Moorcroft (2 years ago)
does it have a speaker?
Venom (2 years ago)
+Random Youtube Watcher I know with AT&T you can
Random Youtube Watcher (2 years ago)
+dymproductions can you use the 4G version on T-mobile without paying for an extra line?
dymproductions (2 years ago)
The 4G version does
moh ayad (2 years ago)
elegance watch !! so nice to wear it
Legoformerguy (2 years ago)
I'm more of an apple guy, but seriously, this is awesome. Kind of makes me kind of lose some faith in apple actually haha
Valentino Negovani (2 years ago)
has anyone noticed some friction and slight squeaking from the rotating beazle?
Amin.Vlogs (2 years ago)
id be embarrassed to wear that
Jon Guntert (2 years ago)
where can I get the case that holds just the bands?
Tyler Cochrac (2 years ago)
yea that rotating bezels great..until you smack it on something and smash it into the frame,boom watch becomes unusable
Raahim Ibrar (2 years ago)
Apple is just a ripoff. you could get a better smart watch which is the gear s2 for about $299 and the apple watch starting at about $549 to $1,099. Would rather buy a Samsung watch
Samy_06 (1 year ago)
549$ for the base apple watch model ??! 😐 That's freaking insane I'd rather get a galaxy s6 edge for that price or just get two Gear S2 .
Beboabracadabra 234 (2 years ago)
wait so can you receive calls from the watch, call me a noon but I don't know much about this and he didn't touch on it
Beboabracadabra 234 (2 years ago)
*noob lol
Sami Ba'abbad (2 years ago)
I just need to know, if I keep my silent will the watch will be able vibrate once someone call me
Josh Banks (2 years ago)
Will it work with the Nexus 6P? Thanks.
Tibuleac Leonard (2 years ago)
Can I cheat with this on a test?Like see photos or texts?
OneDollarBill (2 years ago)
Even if the watch isn't connected to your watch??? 3:54
Hulagu Nazarbek (2 years ago)
I enjoyed the video but the talker seems like he's gonna eat the microphone. No matter how i decrease the sound i still hear him loud.
Jose Diaz (2 years ago)
Where did you get that wooden stand for your phone(4:40)
Shehan Choudhury (2 years ago)
3:06 the WHOLE PHONE is eerily similar to the moto 360, even the damn box. I'm dissapointed in how much samsung ripped off moto on this product, but I guess I have to be honest, it is a bit better.
William K (2 years ago)
compatible with xperia Z5?
Mahesh Lopez (2 years ago)
why are you guys commenting a Tizen product?
Xiao Bayui (2 years ago)
Olf Way (2 years ago)
Hey guys, I just bought one of these, the app is not compatible with my phone, my phone is 2 old. I am in the position to buy a new phone that works with this watch. Can anyone tell me what phone works well with this?? :)
PCMasterRace (2 years ago)
Can the bands be swapped out with any other bands? Most watches use a 22mm band (I think), is this watch compatible?
bahrta sai (6 months ago)
PCMasterRace I know this is old but for anybody reading it now, on the s2 classic yes. The s2 is only compatible with the proprietary bands from Samsung. I think it comes with 2.
Poochi (2 years ago)
Fix your mother fucking intro for fuck's sake.
imhoteppsm (2 years ago)
I just purchased the Samsung Gear S2 and was wondering if there is a way to set the display so that my phone doesn't go blank within 5-10 seconds? I would like to keep it on for 1-5 minutes at a time if possible. Thanks!!
Zer0isurher0 (2 years ago)
Answer me this, would this watch do any good with Pokemon go????
Nicholas Giannopoulos (2 years ago)
would this work with a note 3 and moto x 2015
Hadi Kalantari (2 years ago)
I first moment love this time and bought from Ebay
Mary Poupart (2 years ago)
So, does you phone have to have the bluetooth on pretty much all the time so that the watch continues to sync?
NFSWorldNews1 (2 years ago)
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is better!!!
nbsalad (2 years ago)
"watch connected to your smartwatch"
ConceptVBS (2 years ago)
To show multi-window on your watch: On any screen, swipe (halfway) up and immediately down. It will show you multiple open apps all in one place.
ConceptVBS (2 years ago)
To take a screenshot of your watch: Swipe right and hold the home button at the same time.
jetraydude (2 years ago)
Samsung has made the Omnitrix. It's a real thing now. The future has arrived.

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