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The Property Tax Scandal in The US

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PUBLISHED ON OCTOBER 16, 2011 Local governments in the US (cities, towns and villages) rely chiefly on property taxes to fund their activities (public education, police, fire protection, etc.). However not all property is taxed: only land, buildings, automobiles and a few other items of "real" or "tangible" property is actually taxed. The kind of property that is UNTAXED in the US is "intangible" property: chiefly that property in the form of stocks and bonds. No level of government taxes that property. As that kind of property is owned chiefly by the richest among us, exempting intangible property from taxation is a gross bias toward the rich in our system: a scandal always and a special scandal in a time of service and employment cutbacks by cities and towns claiming they "have no money." Original Video: http://rdwolff.com/content/special-comments-short-clips ....... Professor Wolff's Website: www.rdwolff.com Professor Wolff's RSS Feed: http://blip.tv/professor-wolff/rss/flash Professor Wolff's Podcast: http://www.truth-out.org/economic-update-your-weekly-dose-revolutionary-economics/1310498361 Permission to reprint Professor Wolff's writing and videos is granted on an individual basis. Please contact profwolff@rdwolff.com to request permission. We reserve the right to refuse or rescind permission at any time.
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Text Comments (246)
richard miller (30 days ago)
Americas tax's r ridiculous but this guy is crazy he thinks you should tax stocks and bonds wtf the rich r in a strong place they don't set the rules they work around them the government are putting up barriers when they should be tearing them down now it would help usa if warren buffet and bill gates would stop sending money to third world in focused on there own maybe when people get rich they would move to Africa because that's the next place to glow in economic theatre my bets they're already richer than us so call 1st world countries but why admit that when ur getting fed i say we bulldoze Detroit and build better future city design the place like it was for billionaire's who's with me i have a dollar and a vision
Breaking Toast (1 month ago)
land tax is and should be illegal its a double dip by the shit house government and councils. if you have a land rate is understandable like we have in Australia but a land tax that is evil
Born Winner (17 days ago)
Breaking Toast Then they double & triple dip for wage withholdings & sales taxes on everything 😖. Crooks!
Habitacion 111 (1 month ago)
Property tax is a socialist aplication so the state can pay, mostly, for welfare. It is illegal and it is extortion. Even worse, it seems to go head on against the private property principle and right. If you do not pay your property tax the state reserves the right to take the property from you...how can this be legal?? Well...as i said before...politicians and burocrats maintain power by promoting a welfare state. It is for the votes of the lower classes.
Born Winner (17 days ago)
Habitacion 111 human welfare costs 30cent per week, & my property taxes in Connecticut costs 22k p/yr.. Do the math. 2) You are way off topic 😨
Habitacion 111 (17 days ago)
Born Winner Ohh..now i see! You think they only use 30 cents of a dollar a week for civil welfare! I understand better now. You are not concerned...fair enough. I am and you should be.
Born Winner (17 days ago)
Habitacion 111 I have my own business, & no i cant justify paying 22k p/yr in property taxes. Im not concerned with the 30 cent per week for civilian welfare. Nor am i concerned with corporate welfare's much larger deductions. Question, do you own a home in connecticut?
Habitacion 111 (17 days ago)
Born Winner Sure...crooks get rich off the people with taxes also. Don't worry if i am misinformed...just comply with your master( the govt) and pay them from the property that belongs to you. Knowing only half of the information does not make you smarter. You are a slave sustaining a welfare state and the crooks you talk about too. Meanwhile you are poorer. Ain't it great, know-it-all??????? Where do you think welfare money comes from... Einstein???
Born Winner (17 days ago)
Habitacion 111 Welfare??? Who told you that? I think you must be referring to corporate welfare, but even on that note you'd still be stunningly misinformed severely.. Basically this is nothing more than crooks getting rich off the ppl.
ufoguyspaceman (1 month ago)
Taxes on the middle class will destroy this country.
Born Winner (17 days ago)
ufoguyspaceman I was looking at a house in Connecticut for $475k, but i noticed the property taxes is $22k per year for the house 😨. Hmm, thats weird.. That house will be unsellable i presume.. I'm definitely passing..
little wn (1 month ago)
banks own every piece of land....if you can't keep up the property taxes,, the property goes to the banks.....no one can afford any of these properties....some folks were destroying their foreclosed properties so that the banks couldn't profit off of it.. .but they still own the plot of lands it sits on.......so what do we do? how do we stop this insanity?? all of us are being forced to play monopoly by gunpoint...you are to move around in circles on the board empty handed oweing money to every property you repeatedly land on,, or else...!
Ven Geance (2 months ago)
If a property tax is a direct tax, then why is it not apportioned?
STEPHAN FEIBISH (2 months ago)
I haven't lived in Florida since 2001. Thought there was an intangibles tax in Florida back then.
Charley Dan (2 months ago)
The peppery tax of long ago was zero. Actually it still is zero if one steps out of public law and stays in private law. I'm going to and let my fellow citizens pay all they want for what our forefathers called corrupt governments.
AMSLPI (2 months ago)
what's a scandal is how much these municipalities spend.
Fr Louie Goad (2 months ago)
Fr Louie Goad (2 months ago)
After 30 Years! I now can stay for $1000 per year!
Dawn (3 months ago)
Ha ha- the bankers running DC fund the schools and write the curriculum to program all the children to be slaves to their banks and corporate monopolists AND also expect the land and property owner to fund the schools... Via the bankers extorting all the adult children they dumbed down in their fake primary schooling (at force) into thinking they too have to force their own children to attend to keep the slavery going. Fuck these land locked pirates practicing Roman commerce admiralty color of law on us in our courts- this is not the high seas mother fuckers. You are dealing with LIVING men and women- and you are not their fucking creator, therefore, you have NO legitimate authority over any living man or woman anywhere on earth... But, especially not in the united States of America.
Born Winner (17 days ago)
Dawn Private school? Finally someone who hits the nail on the head! You must be a vegan like me.
Jake thesnake (3 months ago)
You missed it professor, The property tax scandal is the fact that anybody can be taxed for something they own outright.
Kryt Sevenstar (3 months ago)
Taxation itself is the scandal taxation is theft especially on income and personal property
Art Carvajal (4 months ago)
More of the same BS...our land and houses we think own free and clear, are owned by the state, the corporation, so we are tenants in our own land. Property taxes are nothing else than a rent. The scandal and scam is no one will tell us about it. Who need those worthless morons in the county and state to run it??
KidCity Lynnwood (4 months ago)
You are taxed on the house when you sell it unless you put it into another property.
dobson777a (4 months ago)
This guy is a moron. Lower taxes not create more taxes. There is a city in Georgia who out sourced their city services which avoided the pension bomb and reduced property taxes at the same time.
cool beans (4 months ago)
You know what else is a scandal? pay property tax on property you already "own". Educate yourselves on our founding documents.
Howard B (4 months ago)
Yes a free country that robs you of money..
David Wagner (4 months ago)
Do a FOIA request for the Confidential Annual Financial Report for your County, City, Town, State. You will find they are holding millions if not billions in assets they don't tell you about. Go to CAFR1.com check it out.
Paul (5 months ago)
I have no time to watch the vid. New Orleans has the highest taxes of all USA cities, Will foever be #1..10% sales tax + water usage tax at $100-$200 a month!!! Yes you heard me right,,I pay in summer , $170-$200. + Property tax off the charts. Its all a scam,,and is costing home owners big money,,,Homes in Orleans parish will not sell for true value, b/c taxes are double what they are in our neighboring parish Jefferson. So a $400K home is Jeff parish is a quiker/faster sale vs Orleans, where homes sit on the market for months and months and forcing owners to reduce, reduce, reduce value,,Governments are thieves.
se7ensnakes (6 months ago)
here is the funny thing. COMMERCIAL BANKS CREATE OUT OF THIN MOST OF THE MONEY THAT WE USE. They do this by taking a promissory note and turn it into expendable money. So when the promissory note is paid off the money it created will disappear. This means that the only money we have are these promissory notes which are debt. The banks have hidden this debt-money from the general public. Only the very few that actually look realize what is really going on. If every knew exactly how banks operate there may be enough momentum to stop this debt-money system. The constitution never says that promissory notes can be money. Money is only as per article 1, section 8, clause 5. So these banks are siphoning most of the laborer's work, and then steps in the government who is there to take from the crumbs left behind. The government not only want to take some of the crumbs but they are bought to keep people from learning about where their money comes from. The banks buy all these schools and politicians to keep people in perpetual ignorance. Even in colleges they misinform students by teaching them a concept called fractional reserve lending. Banks do not lend from deposits. So the bankers and the government squeeze the people.
Zwanzika Hatzel (6 months ago)
or... let's just have NO property taxes of ANY kind. let's just have only sales taxes: easy, efficient and fair
Ronald Avery (6 months ago)
This video is a scandal because it makes a distinction in types of property claiming that some are lawfully taxed on their value while others are not. This is false. Our forefathers knew that all property in America was of the allodial nature meaning disencumbered by any superior lien or unalienable. See my website for full documentation in a lawsuit at http://SueIT.org/avgcad.html and a short summary at http://sueit.org/special-session.pdf
Mr Hallman (6 months ago)
There should be no property tax at all, if I have to pay property tax on my home than I don't really own my property I am just renting it from the government, but unlike a rental i have to pay for all repair and upkeep myself and still pay the government.
stephen krawiec (5 days ago)
Mr Hallman you get it.
Cabin Bound (6 months ago)
So, by your logic a person has money in a bank should pay taxes on that money as well? You failed to mention that the wealthy pay a lot more in property tax as their houses are BIGGER!!!!
William Bell (7 months ago)
Typical leftist argument, "that guy has more money than me! Take his money and give it to me!" greedy bastards
Rick Reid (7 months ago)
Good video. Thank you.
Earl Haines (7 months ago)
why? because the rich buy the law!, meaning they bribe or blackmail politicians to pass laws to benefit the rich! also did you know as Americans we are by law allowed to view these bills before they are signed into law and to vote on them whether or not we want them passed as law. how these corrupt politicians in both parties do this with out our consent is they " classified it or a matter of national security " and this is why we should have term limits for politicians. it is no longer a government by the people and for the people ,rather by the people and for the corporations and fuck the American people.
the american colonists fought for independence for much less than whats going on today.
Daniel Gennaro (8 months ago)
I like this argument. Theres not many YouTube vids available on this subject.. Thanks for posting
Maurice Wilson (8 months ago)
I didn't realize he's a liberal
Jacob Taylor (8 months ago)
We didn’t finish the revolution here in America.
TheRantingRooster (9 months ago)
I'm amazed by the morons commenting on this vid.
The Daily Hustle (9 months ago)
so you are for taxing private property it sounds like. u are for wealth confiscation... taking ones pivate ptoperty sounds like u are good with that. sounds like u do not respect private rights and property
3beltwesty (9 months ago)
Local property taxed on businesses. The reason one takes a hammer to a 286 computer and crt and dot matrix computer and 2400 baud modem and dos based software. The entire group has a local tax of 2.8 percent on the original cost each year on the 10 grand thus 280 bucks tax each year on worthless crap. Your beloved government worker says the tax is on what the cost was when new, not on what it is worth today. Thus one purges and destroys older paid for capital items and paid for tooling that someday might be reused. If ones tooling to make a product here in the usa should be saved to make more parts in the future you do not want the added giant costs of local taxes. Thus tooling that is paid for gets scrapped if the carrying costs are too high. Japan and china does not do this. Thus local taxes in the usa help move making products overseas. Heck just make laws increasing taxes or make it illegal to make stuff in the usa? If that old pentium computer is paid for and works fine to print ups labels why pay the tax man on a pentium on his tax rolls worth 3 grand? Ie 84 dollars a year tax on a pentium machine? Face it . You are anti business.
David Roach (9 months ago)
property tax is an AD VALOREM TAX LEARN WHAT THIS MEANS Ad Valorem tax An article of commerce may be subjected to an ad valorem tax in proportion to its value, which is determined by assessment or appraisal. Duties, taxes on goods imported or brought into this country from a foreign country, are either ad valorem or specific. An ad valorem duty is one in the form of a percentage on the value of the property, unlike a specific duty that is a fixed sum imposed on each article of a class, such as all Swiss wristwatches, regardless of their individual values.
Evy (9 months ago)
The justification is that land and its improvements and their ownership are easily determined. Stocks and bonds, not so much.
munchichi8 (10 months ago)
In China, there is NO Property TAX! The family owns the property in the rural areas and the government can't touch it!
Basil Rathbonez (1 month ago)
Sir...China is a COMMUNIST country....nobody owns ANY property...including the billionaires....the STATE owns everything.....That is why China can build huge social infrastructures....ie the world's largest road projects, railway systems, dams....they simply move people....Did you know China abandons...cities..manufacturing complexes...WHY?... they don't have to fix the infrastructure.......When they built the three gouge dam....they displaced millions of farmers and hundreds of villages...HOW?...BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT OWNS EVERYTHING.......They let the rich guys manage the economy(The soviets did not and suffered), and live large,...but they can take it back at anytime......
Jennings Cunningham (10 months ago)
End all property tax
Jennings Cunningham (10 months ago)
Taxation is theft.
Jennings Cunningham (10 months ago)
Property tax is just rent. We rent property from the government. No one really owns property. Btw. Taxing stocks and bonds would destroy he return of your 401k and mutual funds.
James Edmond (10 months ago)
The rich pay the politician(professional liar) to write the laws, exempting the rich-owned stocks and bonds from taxation. Time to flush the congressional toilet.
hotzpacho (10 months ago)
You were intelligent until you turned your argument into taxing the rich you socialist cuck
whoispriest (10 months ago)
well said. Ty
Welcome to Capitalism, its all about our capital, not giving any of it to you, but taking it away from you well thats just good business!!! Oh and causality, nevermind that now run along and watch some television, grab a magazine and relax, everything is just fine:]
David spiller (10 months ago)
You sir are a liberal professor who wants to( as to use a claque "stick it to the rich" ) The fact is Stocks and bonds by majority are owned by pension funds , (state and federal) government's and only a small portion that are owned by individuals as IRA's. The Rich you want to take from don't own the shirts on their back as they use trust endowments and corporations. to skirt the tax laws. All property in the US and all its persons are owned by the Bank of international settlements BIS that said to include All the RICH. Since the U.S. claims to own all people and property then they should pay the property taxes. The average flesh and blood human creates a promissory note to secure a loan from a bank and the bank creates a cheque using that note to produce the money for that security out of thin air, and the sir is the real scandal.
biskit911 Adkins (10 months ago)
My Perch view is very simply going to ask a couple of questions to see if I out on a limb or totally a looney bird(no comments please on the later); 1) How did this terra firma get here for all to seek claim and maybe have an original title of ownership from original owner? 2) If the renegades broke away from queenie over taxes-why are there no renegades speaking up until now & if the land contract paid for in full-why does one continue to pay taxes for something already purchased? 3) What happened to the composer and the original lyrics/words to the song to the land that time forgot; titled-"This Land Is Your Land"?(have already done my research for last ?); but maybe if people would just think like the simple mind that I am; There might be more youtubes to address this issue! Checkout #11thHour 's song & my mantra- "He Welcomes The Beggar" here on youtube! #PeaceBeWithYouAll from #mosthumbleandlonelysinner
franco annoni (10 months ago)
What country do you think you're living in? LOL. America does not tax the rich. It taxes and steals from the poor. If you want to live in a country that fairly taxes all of its citizens I suggest you move to another country
Michael Nisselius (10 months ago)
You had a good arguement til you suggest just taxing the rich, more. I am not rich but would like to be. The answer isn't more tax! The answer is to tax less and limit or down size the role of government. You Professors never want to say that though! There is a very limited role we need the government for, but in the current system we have it just seems to bloat and pretend and try to convince the common people that we need more of government. WE DON'T; That is the biggest problem we have it has gotten too big!! Tell me what does the government due well anymore? Social Security? Welfare? Food Stamp? Limited or clearing our National Debt, The VA system? Now they want to get into Health Care, why so they can make a mess of that too? You seriously think more taxation will make this country free'er? No tax added is just another shackle. Property tax is a shackle, you don't really own something if you are still indebted right?
Brian's Mandamus (10 months ago)
You sound like the devil himself bringing the haste of demise among the people of this land. For the power to tax is the power to destroy. Gaze upon the poverty and destruction of our urban brethren. Tax more ye scream! Tax more! The undue payment to the unjust brings only more and more blithe to thine eyes while you squaller in delight of your comrades trades of delight and fancy. More to yee and none to thee! This is all I contend from this vomitus filth. Shall I speak to the rights of man? Earn what ye may and keep that which you will? What is this? For the art of nature is the tapestry of God. Who am I and who are you to fondle with the work of a master?
lahokc59 (10 months ago)
I recall in the mid '80s some dick in a suit with a pen and a clipboard telling me that I needed to grant him access to my property and all structures thereon that he might inventory my possessions , determine their worth and present me with a figure to be paid to the state for the privilege of ownership of said items. I told him (much to his displeasure) to fuck off. He made some threats and promised to return. He kept his promise and presented me with some random paperwork (none of which were warrants or court orders) in an attempt to make me believe it was my duty and a legal requirement to grant him the previously requested access to my property. Again I told him to "fuck off". I explained to him that I already paid annual taxes on my land and the structures thereon and that the personal possessions therein were either second hand or had been purchased with already taxed income as well as the attached sales taxes and I had no intention whatsoever to allow some dick in a suit to come into my home and determine how much I owed him to possess my possessions. Again he threatened to return with the necessary authority to overcome my unjustified resistance to his authority as a representative of the state. Haven't heard from or seen him since........
Sergei Zhukov (10 months ago)
You are confusing warm with soft. Educate yourself - tax was only originally imposed on capital gains from stocks and bonds. Let me repeat, on GAINS - a whopping 1,5%!!!! Government employees have to pay income tax, everyone else doesn't.
Dwayne Kemp-Bey (10 months ago)
If you can't afford stocks or bonds. How can you afford the latest iPhone rich people think and have their priorities in the right place. Bottom Line
BADD1ONE (10 months ago)
FEDERAL reserve act 1912. They are private not government. I.r.s. 1913. That's the government collecting for the fed. Criminal
gerald swanson (10 months ago)
Just another leftist attempting to get his hands on more of other peoples money.
Louis Anderson (10 months ago)
..0'God haven't we been taxed enough, this Sob wants to add to it.
Mariners (10 months ago)
Because the new owner of home pays. Property tax is criminal because there is no choice and if you dont pay they take property. Sounds alot like the british crown and why the revolutionary war occurred..or did it? All fed taxes pay national debt interest to the IMF..
TheseusTitan (10 months ago)
When I first saw the title of this video I thought there was going to be a discussion about how the property tax itself was a scandal. When people buy property it is referred to as “real estate” and that is usury not ownership. If you really owned your property then there would be no tax. The scandal is you aren‘t holding true title to your property and you don’t own it, only paying for all the liabilities and you’re using it. The country wasn’t founded on property tax. In fact, go read about Shay’s rebellion and you’ll see the Founding Father decided not to have a property tax and instead went to an alcohol tax which caused Shay’s Rebellion. The idea that someone actually made a video talking about property tax and then converted to a rant about stocks and investments not being taxed… are you kidding me?!!! I can’t believe I wasted 5 minutes of my life watching this nonsense! Stocks and bonds are already taxed! Just because it isn‘t called property tax and the cities aren’t taxing it, who cares, they’re taxed? The whole property tax issue is the fraud! Property tax is a relatively new tax in the United States. Government began thinking about it in the 1890s. Yet when my parents were growing up through the depression they didn’t have property tax. We need to own our land and get rid of the property tax altogether!
Steve Bryan (10 months ago)
You should say "what they do to us".
David Roach (10 months ago)
No there not subject to tax unless there commercially used thats the only property that can be taxed
Federal Reserve (10 months ago)
U never own your home or land the government does
Federal Reserve (10 months ago)
Property tax equals communism
workwillfreeyou (11 months ago)
Definition of government: People working together to rob and screw a nation to death!
workwillfreeyou (11 months ago)
I have been F'ed right out of the state I was born in Scum Jersey and the naboring state by the government employees ( taxed to death).
workwillfreeyou (11 months ago)
Taxation without representation. Taxation at gunpoint. The teachers and the piggies robbed my home and retirement through properties taxes. I will never forget who my enemies are. It wasn't the Russians or Afghanistan goat farmers that F'ed me for the last 40 years.
Seals Rx (11 months ago)
You are calling for more taxes, retirement plans are in the stock market too so with this you are adding more taxes in top of the already existing taxes. So less money when you retire and remember you retire because you loose the ability of working.
Richard Myhan (11 months ago)
I am tired of the Leach that goes by the name of the Government!
yaimavol (11 months ago)
Okay, let me see if I have this right -- we should tax bonds that are issued to raise money by the government to pay for services?   So, we buy the bonds at a puny 3% interest these days and now what should that tax be on the value of our bonds?    This is idiotic.
Doug Graves (11 months ago)
Well, there's realized and unrealized gains and you don't "buy" stock, you bid and ask. But by the same token the value of a home is not "realized" until it's sold.
ocsob007 (1 year ago)
I never understood why people advocate stealing from anyone, "and yes, taxation is theft" but inevitably they wish to target the richest.. Answer a question, if you can.. Can anyone prove that their so called constitution/laws apply to anyone just because of their physically being within a given geographic area? Your challenge is below! Would anyone care to pick up the challenge and prove that any of it applies to anyone, just because of their physically being in a geographic area?? You can regale us all with your factual tangible personal firsthand knowledge that you can personally attest to the veracity of under penalty of perjury and your evidence that you rely on that proves any of it applies to anyone.. Remember, we want YOUR factual tangible personal firsthand evidence, not your feelings, beliefs, opinions or the feelings, beliefs or opinions of others..just facts! "interestingly, every time some putz responds, they always reply with their OPINION or someone else's opinion but no facts proving anything but their indoctrination and their inane ability to regurgitate propaganda!" The following does not equate to evidence proving applicability, the regurgitation of propaganda reinforcing your indoctrination, appeal to authority, confirmation bias, circular reasoning, hyperbole, hearsay or hearsay of hearsay, rumor, speculation, assumptions, presumptions, hypotheticals, conjecture, sophistry, obfuscation, scenarios, what if's, fraud or lies., nor the ever popular "that's how we've always done it bs". Do NOT reference any historical document that doesn't have the wet ink signature of anyone being charged. Nor reference any document that is compulsory,.. Fraud, threats, duress and coercion to accept a compulsory document, nullifies any implied acceptance or consent, which includes any CONstitution.. Well, unless you support slavery. You don't support slavery do you? Further, in your attempt to justify your indoctrination; You shall not invoke any magical legal citations, alleged laws, statutes, codes, policies, treaties, etc, or any Constitution or any amendments to any Constitution, as that presupposes that any of it is applicable, when that is what is in question in the first place! After you've flapped your gums in support of your propagandized bs "vox et praeterea nihil" and realize that you don't actually know what you're talking about, don't resort to "if you don't like the laws here, leave" that you failures inevitably fall back on as your last resort when you completely fail to prove anything other than they're so indoctrinated they don't even know it! the maxim applies: quod non apparet non est. The fact not appearing is presumed not to exist.
David Hamlin (1 year ago)
and it will never go away so talking about it makes no difference
Indiana Joe (1 year ago)
The scandal is this, the people have an unalienable right to property. Property is a right held in the same regard, and mentioned in the same sentence in the early constitutions of the states. Many state's constitution even made that right excepted for the general powers of government and forever inviolable. The general powers of government include taxation. THAT'S THE SCANDAL. Your sworn public servants in government have usurped the sovereignty and rights of the people via the offices the people created to protect their rights. But the best part is, life is short. These people WILL stand in judgment.
Murrell Selden (1 year ago)
Corporations do own property in towns and villages, and they do pay property taxes (often on cars, trucks, land, etc.). Taxing the owners of stocks would be double taxation. Churches and educational institutions do in most cases pay utility taxes.
Sparkie Lyle (1 year ago)
That's rite, 80% of all kinds of Equity, Futures, Bonds, CFD's etc. Markets r invested & controlled by the 1%'ers thru out the wrld. & the other 20% is watt is considered The Retail Market/The Suckers Market left 2 the average John Doe. & 15% of all the JD's loose there hard earned $'ers 2. U guessed it ? The Greedy, Selfish, 1%'ers/Capitalist !& the 5% that's left is watts left 4 the Ultra Luckie who r able 2 make a nice livin fr the Crumbs that r left by the Wealthy ! Talk bout an Up the Ass Rigged Systm 4 & by the 1%'ers. Period !
Gregory J. Walters (1 year ago)
Super! Prof. Richard D. Wolff... Super! Herewith, Prof. Wolff addresses The Property Tax. Note Well that this compelling communication does not address Private Universities, and Universities in Canada that receive Tax Subsidies by virtue of Tradition. Peace.
t6667778 (1 year ago)
This guy is a marxist idiot.
t6667778 (1 year ago)
The federal income tax started out as a one percent tax only on the rich, today its massive and we all pay it.
t6667778 (1 year ago)
He say that we will only put a 1% property tax only on the rich? Thats what they said about the federal income tax in 1913. Today, the federal income tax is massive.
Craig (1 year ago)
I had a few acres up north and it all sudden skyrocketed one year. In the end I sold it, the county was gouging me for their gravy job employees pensions. There's no security, and you wonder why there's a homeless problem.
Mark Aven (1 year ago)
Privatize everything, have only trade schools run by individuals, no taxes on any property, remove all taxes all together. No more federal government, only local small government run by human beings. Gold and silver as money. Power to the individuals. Peace, love, opportunity and power for all.
Mark Jr. (1 year ago)
The corporations get tax cuts, the people get increases on property, income, sales, motor vehicle, gas taxes!
toto wolf (1 year ago)
The average house should deflate not inflate...unless there location is prime it's just absolutely absurd...they need all kinds of maintenance and remodeling yet they are fucking half million for 2000 sq ft for homes that are 50 years old...ridiculous...plumbing goes bad after 30 years...duck owning a home...RV until his shit comes crashing back down to earth
Alex Vandrummer (1 year ago)
There taking my house and this is my story
daleon96 (1 year ago)
the kicker is,it was deemed unconstitutional by congress long long ago....so why are we still paying????????????? we are to blame, we the people are the fools
AZI THE MLG PRO (1 year ago)
we dont anything people...
Andrew Godly (1 year ago)
I like him but he almost always comes off as a crazy conspiracy theorist even though what he says is actually true and factual
Edward Dodson (1 year ago)
What Professor Wolff briefly mentions is that the property tax is really a tax on the value two very different assets. It is a tax on land value, and its is a tax on property improvement value. However, land is not something we produce; it is provided to us by nature. The value of the location is almost totally based on the quality of the location and the amenities provided by the community (e.g., roads, water and sewer systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, etc.). Buildings are assets we produce. To tax buildings is to tax legitimate private property. The tax base should be limited to the value of land, the value we do not as individuals produce. Every parcel of land has some potential annual rental value as determined by market forces and permitted use. The community should be collecting this rental value from each owner of land to pay for public goods and services. Once this payment is made, the owner of land has fulfilled his or her financial obligation to the community. Edward J. Dodson, M.L.A. Director School of Cooperative Individualism www.cooperative-individualism.org
russell stone (1 year ago)
Property tax isn't supposed to apply to your home. It's a sham. All for money grabbing by bloated govt. Check out Bo and Rocko show with their guest who explains the REAL fraud. Free people should never pay a tax on their private property. Americans are being destroyed because they are being defrauded by their supposed government. The property tax is what has made many many Americans homeless even after they paid their fraud "loans" from the banksters. This video is way off course.
yaimavol (11 months ago)
In my city, the mayor embarked on a huge municipal building program, putting taxpayers on the hook for $ 1 billion in bonds, then he turned around and complained he needed a tax hike or he would have to lay off police and teachers.   This kind of emotional extortion goes on over and over.  It's how your city becomes Detroit.
sacovenzetti (1 year ago)
taxes are unlawful , simple .
Nathan Dehnel (1 year ago)
Huh, that's weird, I distinctly remember the power to tax specified in the constitution.
Ryan Magnan (1 year ago)
Well, it isn't unusual for a bourgeois state to exempt the rich from property taxes. That is as typical of the bourgeois state as mandatory labor is of socialism. What is capitalism without exempting capitalists and what is socialism without a boot in your ass to work?
Ryan Magnan (1 year ago)
I'm enthusiastic about all the expenditures of my Arizona property tax. I happily pay and it is always fairly assessed in terms of home value.
Dongseong Hwang (1 year ago)
property price in US is very stable compared to Europe and Asia, thanks to hight property tax. US property tax is about 1.5%. If you owns $1M house, you have to pay $15k. It prevents insane bubble. Look at other country. $1M house requires $1k tax. The price easily go up to $15M because the owner can handle the $15k tax. So next generatioin has to save $15M to buy $1M worth house. It's why most youth in HongKong cannot buy any house. Many US system is screwed up but property tax is great invention.
Jared Caudill (1 year ago)
The scary thing is, this is only a tip of the corruption iceberg
Nick Chiechi (1 year ago)
Taxes are a form of theft and slavery
Rapa TV (1 month ago)
Nathan Dehnel it don't matter if we vote purple or any other color we know, all the parties serve to one cause, "the private property" or capitalism which essentially means the rich fucks the poor in any way they want. Parties are just there to make us believe that we have a choice when we really don't have one.
Rapa TV (1 month ago)
That is call capitalism.
eliteman152 (5 months ago)
sanford sklansky your an even bigger idiot. I guess you think you have it all figured out, huh?
eliteman152 (5 months ago)
Nathan Dehnel you are the definition of brainwashed moron. Wow
i dont
Marina Capri (1 year ago)
It might interest all of you to know that we are paying 50% give or take 5% in taxes every time he earned and spend money. Only the rich financially independent are exempt from this.
Scruffy Mclick (2 years ago)
What if everyone just stopped paying??
Mark Aven (1 year ago)
Scruffy Mclick It already happened, it was called The American Revolution.
AirHeadBoone (2 years ago)
What you going to do about the insurance company's & the government officials voting themselves a steady paycheck off of our real property, leaving your wealth in stocks and bonds alone Mr.Trump ? the town County and state levels the town County and state levels the town County and state levels,those are the things that I plan for , reinforced an independent Citizens Capital Holdings #WriteInGrig2016
powernoje (2 years ago)
What a complete moron. The wealthy own REAL property as well as stocks and bonds. Completely fair. Fuck you.
old fan (2 years ago)
It's not to late to join the National Tax Strike.

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