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Tutorial - How to Manually Install Google Play Store Update 3.5.15 on Your Android Device

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Website - http://www.mobilezworld.in/ Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mobilez-World/319780108070417 Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/MobilezWorldd Google + - https://plus.google.com/113327346114626548834/ Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/MobilezWorld Website Tutorial - http://www.mobilezworld.in/2012/03/tutorial-how-to-install-google-play.html APK File Link - http://www.mediafire.com/?2bzkpwmwc652vn8 SUBSCRIBE LIKE COMMENT
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Text Comments (18)
Alex B 1935 (4 months ago)
Thank You!
AGWild (3 years ago)
when i click to install it says that has been an error and cant analise the app
Exre (5 years ago)
When i open it says "There is a problem parsing the package". HELP!!!
Bill Ye (5 years ago)
help! when i try to open it it justs closes
WatDaForkBra (5 years ago)
does this work on samsung galaxy s because i cant get it to install
Veronica Silva (5 years ago)
Thank you so much!!! Yeah it really works, i have a MiTab CityPro tablet, awesome,
Uponthesun (5 years ago)
Awesome this totally helped me out!!
Todd Gibbs (5 years ago)
I installed this on a Zeki 7" tablet and it loaded but errors out when I try to install a app
Bert Nijs (5 years ago)
Same here, HTC One X on Cyano 9 as well. Have you found a solution?
xzkon (5 years ago)
any help plz?its my ES file explorer says that it cannot open that file on the link...
MisaMisa (5 years ago)
thank u very much :D it helps a lot :)
SirJohnModest (5 years ago)
Did this in like 2 minutes its a very easy tutorial...i have Play Store in my app menu but when i press the file, it force closes everytime without even opening... my phone is a rooted Nexus S running on a CM9 Mod maybe this is the cause... i dont want to have a junk file on my phone any one know a solution??? PLEASE INFORM ME or INBOX ME. THANKS
Daniel Caspiani Adl (6 years ago)
that would be AWESOME!
Daniel Caspiani Adl (6 years ago)
could you also show how you can get temple run????
Linet Lobo (6 years ago)
Use any File Explorer to explore the SD Card.
Daniel Caspiani Adl (6 years ago)
i dont have my files on my htc wildfire s
Melissa Gonzales (6 years ago)
thanks i now have the updated google play... :)
deanna setzer (6 years ago)
thanks :-)

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