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Munger on Sokol: 'I'm sad'

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Vice Chairman Charlie Munger discusses the impact of David Sokol's departure from Berkshire Hathaway, saying his actions may be 'hubris.'
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Juan Ramón Silva (7 hours ago)
Charlie Munger is the combination of a human and a tortoise, he has the intelligence of a human but the patience of a turtle. This makes him amongst the most intelligent of humans.
Very nice man. Like a father.
anyway he owns the press until he doesn't
Nick Heath (7 months ago)
The interviewer should not be in the same room as this man
702fmf (9 months ago)
Charlie's the man
Chuck Norris (1 year ago)
shes hot but damm is she annoying
Cable (2 years ago)
"I am Not a victim... I'm a survivor."--->Mr. Charles Munger
Jaskbi (2 years ago)
Man i love mr munger
MrJonRio (4 years ago)
Charlie is not a Holocaust survivor, he is not Jewish, nor did he ACTIVELY serve in WW2 though he was in the military. He didn't serve overseas.
bolo kefe (4 years ago)
show some respect you fuckhead
boomeyeay (5 years ago)
yeah Munger is a holocaust survivor
mandalayla (5 years ago)
I love Mr. Munger.
dashonhurts (5 years ago)
he is border line dead. GOD these old ass people with money have got to go!
innocentgoat (6 years ago)
"I am a survivor."

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