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Jaybird X3 Review: Best Bluetooth Earbuds 2016!

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Jaybird X3 is an improvement over the best bluetooth earbuds, plus a lower price! Jaybird X3: http://www.jaybirdsport.com/shop/x3-product/ Jaybird X2: http://amzn.to/2efkboR Jaybird X2 Review: https://youtu.be/LObJOc5u7sY Jaybird Freedom Review: https://youtu.be/GiNSOLpC1-Y Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Headphones provided by Jaybird
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ms ce (6 hours ago)
I bought these earbuds a little less than a year ago because of your review and I must say that these earbuds suck ass. The ear tips constantly fall off with the slightest touch. Every single time I take them out of my ears, the silicone tips stay in my ear and I have to pull them out. The tips even fall off while stored in the pouch. I’ve lost so many tips that I now have no more matching ones. I wouldn’t be as upset had I only spent like $20 on these, but I dropped $130 on these shitty earbuds. You’re pretty messed up for not mentioning this issue in your video. I went to Jay Birds website and apparently many people have the same issue. Now I know your reviews are utter bullshit.
Is there any connection drop off when the phone's in the pocket or when using it with a smart watch like while running having left the phone at home?
Flippenchicken (8 days ago)
These seem to have an audio delay. Help?
ABMTV (8 days ago)
When I first heard the word “audiophile” I thought it meant pedophile but for audio...
Jessica Swanston (8 days ago)
How far away can you stand from the paired item (mobile) without loosing range?
Alex Davison (11 days ago)
These headphones do not have a flat signal response, they are very bass heavy, and if you like white noise at normal hearing levels these are for you <3
PKTV (15 days ago)
i still have the orginal jaybirds bluebuds X haven't found a reason to change they still work and work good
Spook Daddy (17 days ago)
just got anker soundcore slim earbuds and they're perfect. Only $25.... Jaybirds are overpriced as heck
J Tapia (19 days ago)
Lol got mine for 35 bucks.. blk Friday deal didn't think they were so expensive .. got the because I wear glasses
Saurabh Parmar (19 days ago)
Finally bought one 😍
provoceren (19 days ago)
They lag like shit though. Jabra Halo Smart are the best bluetooth earbuds. No lag, 10+ hrs battery, dont fall off...
Esplode Ice (20 days ago)
why everyone say the video is crispy? i’m hungry now😞 if could eat this video......
Jazli Long (21 days ago)
Sony WF-1000X or jaybird x3??
Sarah Mims (23 days ago)
Other than the fact that the headphones aren't magnetic so that they don't fall off so easy, and the new charging method that we've been presented with, these are by FAR my favorite headphones I've owned. The sound quality and battery life is definitely great for me. I use these headphones every single day, and surprisingly, I haven't lost them yet.The best method that I've found for keeping them around my neck when I'm not using them is tucking them in my shirt instead of letting them dangle free. I didn't do this when I first got them because they rarely left my house, but when school got back in, the idea of losing a pair of $130 headphones made me sick! My personal biggest gripe is definitely the charging cradle, though. A lot of the time I don't plug them in until right before i go to bed and it's typically dark, so if I don't ensure that the charger snapped onto my device, they don't charge at all. I use my headphones everyday for 6+ hours, so if they miss a charge, I'm just out of luck. Please don't let these two issues keep you from buying these headphones, I personally think that they're the best investment that I've made in a while!
xDinox (9 hours ago)
Have you got any reliability issues? I'm thinking about getting either the X2 or the X3 but I'm quite concerned about the charging method of the X3. Not because it uses a funky charging method. I'm not afraid of losing some charging adapter. But would you think the charging pins or adapter itself would stop working over time because of the pins being exposed and such?
Josh Rasberry (24 days ago)
Mine has a delay, 1-2 seconds. Anyone else have this problem? Seems like it’s only for iPhones
Jescide Life (26 days ago)
damn you’re smart
FrameGame (27 days ago)
Who thought that x3 means there was going to be 3 pairs of them?
Space FOx (27 days ago)
Does anyone here know if X3 or the Freedom 2 is better overall?
Charley Weinhardt (28 days ago)
I have a freshly opened box of these next to me and I just want to say these are the worst earbuds or ear anything so I've ever had in my life I think I enjoyed the sound quality of like $5 CVS brand headphones more than these they're clumsy they just sound so bad high pitch crispy crap lots of noise battery went from 40 to 25 + like 3 minutes loud annoying high pitch girl voice that comes on when I touch any of the buttons everything about it I'm trying to think of aproduct thats bothered me more than this. zero bass. i have song wireless 30 dollar LG's that bump and sound really nice compared to these I'd like to say more but I don't think any of this negativity is good for anyone I don't recommend these things
Charley Weinhardt (22 days ago)
+Charley Weinhardt 'not' 'the worst product' tryin this other one comin in the mail
Charley Weinhardt (22 days ago)
+lǝᴉso I'm using a tablet I don't own a cell phone the tablet is Android 4 2 2 but I did find an application that does equalizer Bluetooth sound so I take it the sound decent but they're still just uncomfortable and I don't like the Frankenstein effect of things sticking so far out of my ear I still got them I'm trying a couple different things and the battery seems to be really bad the standby battery seems like it's not working or something I'll turn the thing on forget about it play one song forget about it play a couple songs later on in the bed early be almost done I do think I'm being a bit of a complainer. The worst product ever made but I don't know I'm trying a couple other things letter come in the mail we'll see if they're going back
lǝᴉso (22 days ago)
you can alter the way they sound with the jaybird mysound app. Add as much bass as you like.
A.D (28 days ago)
just got mine for 79 dollars N these are Great!!!
Helmer Nunez (28 days ago)
Well my X3 lasted only 4 months the left side stopped putting out audio just great 😂🔫
Caleb Pestal (1 month ago)
They're $130 on the jay birds website they're. And they're $80 on amazon... ok. Back at it again amazon. Ay?
I wanna get these, but the biggest thing that turns me away is the charging port thing. Really inconvenient to my everyday life. So maybe I'll get the X2's?? Willing to drop money on either, but, man, goddammit. I hate deciding.
lǝᴉso (6 hours ago)
xDinox I don't know how the pins will fair with time, but I recommend you get a case if you buy the x3s. The little pouch that comes with them isn't going to do much in terms of protecting the earbuds. I've been using a hard case meant for small cameras. The x3s fit nicely inside and are completely protected from dirt and light splashes of water.
xDinox (9 hours ago)
I'm think about buying the X2 or the X3 but I'm gearing towards buying the X2 because it's charging port is covered rather than the X3. Do you think the charging pins would stop working because it's exposed and may stop working after being exposed to natural elements and possible small scratches from normal use?
lǝᴉso (14 days ago)
○•.Laиa Kaч.•○ if you don't mind a slightly larger size and really dislike the charging method than go for the x2
Kasandra (1 month ago)
Hi Marquez, I love my jaybird X3 .. only gripe is that sometimes they play random music that isn't from either of the devices I've paired it with, why is this and how do I stop this? Is there some sort of storage system in there for music rather than simply settings and functions? I make sure my devices don't have apps open so no idea where the music is coming from
aionskullss (1 month ago)
Best earbuds I've ever heard. I also have the beats x and a pair of skull candy's and these just thump hard and sound amazing over the others. I love that you can change the way they sound on the app, I use Hi Def Audio preset or precision sound preset and makes these thing come to life
M3xicanAmerican1 (1 month ago)
They are the best in terms of sound quality but after having them for a while, the ear peices fal off and get lost easily as well as are annoying to use cuz of the remote weighing down one side
Andrew Sustek (1 month ago)
So excited to get them for Christmas. Thank you for making my decision easy ❤️
lifematch (1 month ago)
Jst bought the jaybird x3. Worst decision ever. The jaybird is way out of sync with iPhone. Mkbhd did u even test it on iPhone? I even watched this video with the head and the audio is not sync with ur lips.
Towabear (1 month ago)
They’ve made a pair related to the AirPods, the Jaybird Run.
Andrew Guzman (1 month ago)
My jaybird x3s only have sound coming from one side. I'm assuming they aren't good anymore.Anyone else have the same problem?
The Wild Frame (1 month ago)
Please review Vmoda’s Forza Metallo Wireless!!!!!!!!!!! Compare them to Jaybirds x3!!!!!
Nicholas Louie (1 month ago)
Great earphones but the earbuds keeps on falling out so it’s really easy to lose. I lost them a lot but luckily I found them just lost them again not in the best of moods not spending another 100+ on these ever again
Kevin Gao (1 month ago)
Watching this with Jaybird X3s, audio lags so much
SavageArfad (1 month ago)
9 D 9 9 D 9.
Sovannraksmey khom (1 month ago)
Bro, can I use a 5V 2A charger to charge the X3? M hesitating because the company recommend 5V 1A, and I'm so confused.
xDinox (9 hours ago)
The company really recommends you to charge them with 1 amp or less. 1 amp + will damage the battery and it would fry the battery. Making you no longer charge them.
Emil Olbinado (1 month ago)
Can I use this on my iphone 7 plus?
Luis Alberto (1 month ago)
Emil Olbinado Yes you can
BipolarUnboxesStuff (1 month ago)
Should i get these or the Bose SoundSport Wireless?
BipolarUnboxesStuff (1 month ago)
Thanks for being helpful
Luis Alberto (1 month ago)
BipolarUnboxesStuff These
Foss Al (2 months ago)
BE CARFUL. I was fooled by these reviews .When I connect them to any ios devices iphone ipad ipod there is delay and sound latency for about 2 second . Not only me it is common with many ppl
Alt plus F4 (2 months ago)
on sale 99 bucks now, nice price
Mity skill (2 months ago)
Are the sounds better than the x2s?
Stu Trix (2 months ago)
Do I need to be near my phone for these or can I go on a run and leave my phone at home?
Luis Alberto (1 month ago)
You need to take your phone with you
Stu Trix (2 months ago)
Daniel James yes.
Daniel James (2 months ago)
Stu Trix are you serious
Boyapati Aravind (2 months ago)
X3 🤔💆‍♂️👎👎👎 bass is not so good.
CFS (2 months ago)
if you get the app, you can change the intensity of the bass
joselo yasay (2 months ago)
Anyone of you having bad connections with the x3?
Alexandra H (2 months ago)
Could you do a Bluetooth headset comparison? In particular the Marshall Major 2 Bluetooth, Bose, Beats etc?
Adarsh Chauhan (2 months ago)
The silicone earbuds keep falling off as they get loosened up after some time of use; in all other respects, these are really good sounding wireless sporty earphones, with decent battery life and affordable price range for the quality.
Harris Wi (2 months ago)
Thanks for making this video ,  its really help
Shawn Murphy (2 months ago)
Is there anyway I can get plastic tips like the apple earpods have? None of the 6 tips the jaybird x3 comes with fit in my ears. I've tried all of them, and the fins don't help either. What should I do?
Vxneji (3 months ago)
Thinking of buying these, shoud I wait for an x4? price doesn't rly matr much to me
sumanyu sinha (3 months ago)
Thankyou for this song ... you are awesome in choosing songs
Identity80219 (3 months ago)
Analog beats digital every single time when it comes to Audio. Too and analog never went Bluetooth.
Rabiul Rahat (3 months ago)
Waiting for review 1.Bose soundsport free 2017 2. IQ BUDs
div jaidka (3 months ago)
Are x3 with a huge bass?
William Ray (3 months ago)
Have you had any problems with audio lag/latency with the X3? Mine have terrible lag. Does anyone know a fix?
Arif Shaikh (3 months ago)
these cost as same as apple airpods in India LOL
WoodCastor (3 months ago)
Man you're the best your videos are so well done and detailed
Dave Restino (3 months ago)
love the cradle!!!
zac mann (3 months ago)
man i expected at least 8k video not this crap
Dillon Meng (3 months ago)
The tone of Jaybird is really, really, really flat.
Amal Ranjan (3 months ago)
Is there an MKBHD preset on the app?
Elior (3 months ago)
As of September 2017, is there any better bluetooth earbuds out there? Or should I get the Jaybird X3? Please reply.
Constantine Antonakos (3 months ago)
What do you think of the Phaiser wireless earbuds? Jaybird Freedom2 or Run?
Laminar Flow (4 months ago)
Hey you haven't made a earphone video in awhile how about a 2017 update
It's Complicated (4 months ago)
Man ur videos are all great. Great stage presence, got style and cover all the basic stuffs.. great job dude
Ryan (4 months ago)
I got my x3s for 100 bucks
chuknorth (4 months ago)
Nice review, thanks!
505Nicoya408 (4 months ago)
Don't buy these if you sweat a lot. I got a pair two months ago and it broke down on me today. They are not sweat resistant. I'm so disappointed I want my money back or a new pair!
_HAN_MAN_ (4 months ago)
did you include the fact that the intro message is FUCKING LOUD!
Gerald Ander Lee (4 months ago)
ToiletDuckify (4 months ago)
I like you actually use then review stuff, rather than read the manufacturers spec sheet, and show whats in the box. Thanks to this vid, i'm going to get a set of these.
Dylanica (4 months ago)
I bought these headphones somewhat recently, because I wanted the convenience of Bluetooth headphones and a sound quality burp from the Apple ear pods that I was using. Once i received the Jaybird x3 I tried it out and was immediately very disappointed. The headphones were comfortable, yes, but the build quality was slightly lacking and the audio quality was even worse. I don’t know if it’s just the pair that I got, (maybe they were defective) but the headphones had no bass at all. I didn’t notice anything wrong with the miss and highs, but the lack of bass made the headphones incredibly bad sounding. Also the instrument separation was disappointing. The audio quality was worse than my ear pods. I returned them as soon as I could My main reason for commenting is this: Do these headphones sound a lot better than ear pods? Are these headphones the best at (or lower than) their price? And should I repurchase them under the presumption that mine were broken?
Greatest Ever (2 months ago)
Dylanica I've been using these for a year now and I have experienced no problems except for the audio cutting off but that isn't a problem anymore I had the powerbeats 3 before that the feel was better but the audio quality was way worse when people say that the audio quality on beats is better are trying to convince themselves that they didn't waste any money
DEADLY PAIIN (4 months ago)
The bass can be adjusted in an app. And yes they do sound kind of shitty as default but if you use the app it's way better.
Tuna Sami (4 months ago)
I bought these, over a $100. Save your money, it died after little over 2 months.
Ben Adams (4 months ago)
Found a pair of these in a parking lot. They still work great and are replacing my current headphones!
Hint Hunter (4 months ago)
well it sucks i cant order those for my country and on ebay it comes at me too expencive
Nate W Thibodeau (5 months ago)
no aptx support though...so high latency....will notice audio lag in videos
Tim Cornthwaite (5 months ago)
I'm a little late in the game, but I was looking for a great set of ear buds and ran across your review of the Jaybird X3 and your spot on. Picked them up and couldn't be happier. Thanks
Tunde (5 months ago)
Do the Aukey EP-B40
Malte Frey (5 months ago)
they drop out constantly whenever outside, dealbreaker!
Dhruv Agarwal (5 months ago)
Hey Marques! Do you have any news on the jaybird x4? I'm thinking of getting the X3s but I don't want to be disappointed if the new ones are coming out anytime soon! Also, are the X3s good enough for a base lover or should I be looking at something else?
Manish Patel (5 months ago)
Ahhh man. Seriously was thinking of getting these but the whole charging clip thing has put me right off. I know I will loose it for sure. Couldn't they have just put a standard micro USB jack somewhere in it ffs
MrDuckie228 (5 months ago)
129EU, no thank you...
Big Papa (5 months ago)
I bought these cause you're black
Flick3r (5 months ago)
these are the best headphones i’ve ever owned
Hannah Worthington (5 months ago)
I think this review is paid. I bought these but they are shit. The 'stylish' shape makes them fall out of my ears every couple of seconds.
Flex M (5 months ago)
If you are planning to buy this product, please don't. This product is beyond horrible. Connection issue is terrible. This is the worst product i ever had. Please don't be a fool buying this product because of the great reviews online.
Adriel Paul Aguilar (6 months ago)
This or Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless? I only care for the sound quality. I don't really care for the form.
Señor Steffan (6 months ago)
I have the X1s and after more than a year (way outside the warranty) the battery is fucked. If anyone has the X3s can you let me know if you're having any issues with them not turning on or the battery suddenly being empty after like 3 hours of use.
Random Gabe (6 months ago)
If anybody is curious, my Jaybird Freedoms has issues with the wires coming loose and the coating falling away from the edges. So I bought the X3 after originally owning the original Bluebuds X
Cody Nunez (6 months ago)
Yo they went down to 100$!
vikram sp (6 months ago)
+mkbhd is this water proof
Fathur 45 (4 months ago)
vikram sp yes
yozpay ozpay (6 months ago)
Doesn't stay here n your ear no matter what !!!!! Foam or no foam wings or no wing it suckkkks
Renne Virtanen (6 months ago)
Watching this video with jaybird x3
BornySwag (6 months ago)
they're supposed to go over your ear? The world has changed for me today, guys
DEADLY PAIIN (4 months ago)
I realized too lol
Walter G sin city (6 months ago)
love them
Sugi Wei Yep (6 months ago)
I was wondering why the X3 is unable to connect to Gear S3?Need help here.thanks!
Niccolò Sarao (6 months ago)
I want the best bluetooth earbud just to listen to music, is jaybird x3 the best? (If not i've got almost unlimited budget)
Malachi Alston (6 months ago)
Saint Pablo is 🔥 2:49
peace set keeper (6 months ago)
What is the intro song? *Mind blown*
peace set keeper (6 months ago)
Erwing Gallegos (6 months ago)
I'm deciding between the X2 and freedom. what do you guys recommend best for gym use?
GalaxyNexus1 (6 months ago)
Marques Brownlee I'm looking for the best wireless earbuds I can get right now for use in the gym, with my Android Pixel phone. Sound quality, noise isolation, battery life, comfort and stability are all of utmost importance. Do you still think the Jaybird X 3s are my best option? I must admit I'm not too crazy about the proprietary charger. Any thoughts on Powerbeats 3? Any others?
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