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Legal HD Episode 86: Inheritance - Wills or Testate Succession

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In this episode, Attorneys Karen Jimeno and Rod Nepomuceno will discuss your legal rights on inheritance via will or testate succession. Writing wills is not one of the more common practices observed by Filipinos but legal experts recommend that it is better to prepare your will while young. Know the different kinds of wills and how to write one. What are the benefits of preparing and writing a will? Who should be the benefactors of wills? How are wills executed and by whom?
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Anna Schwab (2 months ago)
Question po. What if the will has named only to illegitimate child only and non to legitimate families?
Loreta delos Santos (6 months ago)
Kung maaari po ay magdiscuss or magsisalita po kayo ng Tagalog para mas maintindihan po ng masa o nakakarami kc di naman po lahat ay mayayaman lang o may pinag-aralan lang ang dapat po makaintindi ng husto po ang mga tao o nanunuod po ng inyong programa.Salamat po. Concerned citizen.
Rubyflor Guinniling (10 months ago)
thank u po attorny rod n attrney karen marami po kmi natutunan sa program ninyo at marami pa kyo natlungan kapwa na my mga pinagdada anan ng ganitong sitwasyn.God bless po sa inyong lht.
Bio Qsa (1 year ago)
intestate ..the half will go to the wife????? and the remaining will be divided among the wife and the the 2 children......? ano daw parang malaki pa share ng WIFE.... kakahiya naman to mga guest....a regular law student would know this.....
lopi asianbibinka (8 months ago)
the one which the guests were referring was not to the estate of the deceased spouse, rather, they were referring to the congujal/community property of the husband and wife after the demise of one of them. the community/conjugal property has to be divided first (Art. 43 FC), then after that, the corresponding share of the deceased spouse shall be his estate for purposes of succession. halata ka naman masyado. bokya ka na nga sa class, bokya ka pa dito. lang libro ay inalaam, hindi lang binabasa.
Mudra Ma (1 year ago)
My mother transferred the land n house title of her property to my youngest brother's name years before she passed away, and my youngest brother reconstructed to a new house. After my mother's death that property was sold, I want to know if I can still claim for a share of sale of that property. I am the second to the youngest in our family of five children and live abroad.
Rubyflor Guinniling (10 months ago)
bkt kc sa bunso ipinangalan d po b dpt sa panganay?
Mudra Ma (1 year ago)
cabsup thanks for your reply. This has enlightened me.
cabsup (1 year ago)
If the lot was transferred via donation, the value of the property should be included in the estate of your mother. So in computing the inheritance of you and your siblings, the value of the property may be included. Thus, if it is necessary to complete your share, you would have interest in the property. You can go after your sibling for reimbursement.
hyniee naga (1 year ago)
Hindi nakapag explain yung ininvite n law office sinagot lahat ni Atty. Karen..
hyniee naga (1 year ago)
parang sayang din pag invite sa nicholas and De Vega Law Office, kasi s agot ng sagot si Atty. Karen. just saying!
Jayz 322 (1 year ago)
Hi guys, just a quick question. If a person pretending to be a solicitor but is really not legit and steals of will of great value, is it a criminal or civil matter? Thanks for any answers.
MusicELLE (1 year ago)
Just found this website: http://www.lawdepot.com/contracts/living-will-medical-power-of-attorney/?pid=pg-5TZV4EYEVR-living-will-medical-power-of-attorneytextlink&ldcn=livingwill&loc=US This info could help me figure out how to secure a will. Should be a common practice.....
Panakkat Gaffoor (2 years ago)
Nishad, it is highly informative and academic.
Ricardo Nolasco (3 years ago)
can u let your guests finish what thy trying to explain !
Sync Master (3 years ago)
what time nag i air tong program nyo? nakatulong sakin. tnx.

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