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Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Unboxing & First Impressions!

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Verizon: https://www.verizonwireless.com/accessories/smart-home-security-systems/ Products featured: http://vz.to/2G8UzJT Audio 1: AudioJungle Glitch Pack Audio 2: I Know We Got It (Epidemic Sounds) Audio 3: I'm Falling For You (Epidemic Sounds) Audio 4: Audio 5: Audio 6: Audio 7: Audio 8: My Gear: http://bit.ly/2tutT24 My Social Media: Instagram: https://instagram.com/NBT88YT Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/nbt88yt Snapchat: NBT88YT Thank you guys all for watching!
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Text Comments (91)
saurabh dabhadkar (4 days ago)
Good reviews.
Dmitry Labetsky (7 days ago)
I really love your videos, but Samsung is half-baked sh*t, ARmoji is creepy half-baked ugly sh*t, blatantly copying Apple should NOT be ok in whatever industry unless you are Samsung, of course, lol. The greatest shameless copycat of all times.
Chris (8 days ago)
Completely didn't mention that they now have stereo speakers tuned by AKG, and it also supports Dolby atmos. Kind of a big new feature, super slo mo to.
Amr Ashraf (9 days ago)
Good job. You're gonna be something big.
himanshu patil (9 days ago)
awesome work keep it up
Pallab Basu (10 days ago)
Wow! Awesome! Cool 😎 😎 👌👌
Saif Vp (10 days ago)
Mohammad Rizwan (10 days ago)
When Ua Unboxing Nokia 8 Siroco and making Comparison b/w GS9 ??
Mohammad Rizwan (10 days ago)
From last 4days You haven't uploaded any video...waiting for Your video's
mohammad ahmed (11 days ago)
i want to see your unboxing.😗
Brad Allred (11 days ago)
Really concerned about the battery life on the S9. That is the one I have coming and now I am worried.
DATRUTHWARRIOR (11 days ago)
#ThemTittiesThough ( . )( . )
Biswajit Bala (11 days ago)
u r beautiful girl
Guillermo Delgado (12 days ago)
Anyone here because of Erica Griffin
first200 Aj (6 days ago)
first200 Aj (6 days ago)
Me lol I watched Erica’s old phone challenge thing trailer and I saw her and I decided to check out her channelcgpp
chaitanya prabhudesai (12 days ago)
Just loved the way you talk ☺☺ Keep working all the best
Gary Fleschner (12 days ago)
Really good video Jacklyn. I'm on #TeamPixel, but always like to see what everyone else is buying. Keep up the good work.
Sahil Kulbhaskar (13 days ago)
BAd thing about android is it still uses virtual buttons instead of gestures .. totally defeats the purpose of brezell less display.
Cody Jackson (10 days ago)
Sahil Kulbhaskar You can get gestures through 3rd party apps. Virtual buttons are just a little more reliable in general.
Y. Bakshi (13 days ago)
Adrian H. (13 days ago)
That video from s9 looks crispy. Great review!!
IRONJAY Retacco (14 days ago)
One of the Best Tech reviews ever on YouTube She is Amazing at what She does
g405t (14 days ago)
anthodote (14 days ago)
Love outdoor shoots. NY is really cool in bokeh.
NothingButTech88 (14 days ago)
anthodote Agreed. Was awesome being on the east coast for the event.
komandor121 (14 days ago)
please improve the audio
Baconface McGee (14 days ago)
This is the first time I’ve ever seen her outside her house!!!
NothingButTech88 (14 days ago)
Baconface McGee This is actually the Verizon headquarters modeled after a house on the east coast.
saul garcia (14 days ago)
giants22 (14 days ago)
Nice review. I would suggest to kill the "Uptalk." It does not make you sound sure of yourself. I understand that now almost everyone speaks this way however it should be overcome. Practice doing reviews without the Uptalk until you quit it. Love your passion for tech. Keep it up!
Jiachen Jiang (14 days ago)
Enjoy your videos!
Stephanie Carls (14 days ago)
Nice work, girl!! ❤️
Baconface McGee (14 days ago)
NothingButTech88 Yay!!!
NothingButTech88 (14 days ago)
Stephanie Carls Thanks, Steph!
yogesh kumar (14 days ago)
awesome 👍 one of the best female tech Youtuber
McBastard Tv (14 days ago)
It seems like they just came out with GS8 now its the GS9
Sohaib Hasan (14 days ago)
pls speek slow you r speeking very fast
Daniel Olai Danielsen (14 days ago)
Got my S9+ yesterday, upgrading from an 2 year old S7E with display burn-in and terrible battery life. As I was upgrading out of necessity I didn't have particularly high expectations, but woah. The two phones are similar enough for me to mistake them several times until I turned on the displays, but the S9+ feels like a surprisingly big upgrade. As soon as I figure out how to make the bixbybutton open the camera I'll be a very happy camper!
Abdullah Niazi (14 days ago)
very well explained sis
ZSTO (14 days ago)
Content on fleek 🔥😄
Good video
Md Asifuzzaman (14 days ago)
Thanks for new video...
Tech Therapy (14 days ago)
Hey i lovveee you 😍😍😍😙😚
DIvyansh Raghuwanshi (14 days ago)
Animoji wasn't even apple's idea there was an app in iOS they stole it.
DIvyansh Raghuwanshi (14 days ago)
Shivasharma Nallaikkumaran yep
DIvyansh Raghuwanshi really..
HeavyHDx (14 days ago)
God the thirst in these comments is disgusting. You guys should be ashamed of yourself.
EpicMango (15 days ago)
Cool video. S9 is a nice phone
Tech Urdu (15 days ago)
Nice video. It is kind of noisy. Ops!
NothingButTech88 (14 days ago)
Tech Urdu Definitely was. Was not really a quiet place to shoot but for the full review it should be pretty quiet.
Swatantra Gupta (15 days ago)
you are very pretty...may I have your number please...?
Y. Bakshi (14 days ago)
Tigran Mamikonyan EXACTLY!!!
Tigran Mamikonyan (14 days ago)
Swatantra Gupta Dude I have no bias against you, you probably don’t even know where I am from.But I think when you call someone pretty that may give hints towards sexual desire. But hey I am just stating my opinion.
Swatantra Gupta (14 days ago)
Y. Bakshi u fool if u think asking number from a girl is only for sexual desire....then believe me u r mentally sick...very sick...that poor thinking of yours is taking india to a dark side...not mine
Y. Bakshi (14 days ago)
Swatantra Gupta it is because of people like you that Indians have a bad reputation globally
Bandhan Jha (15 days ago)
You are the best female tech reviewer !!!!
NothingButTech88 (14 days ago)
Bandhan Jha That means so much to me:)
sharafatul alam (15 days ago)
Finally you made a smart phone video
Sumit Roy (15 days ago)
Very late unboxing S9+
Dereck Gutierrez (15 days ago)
I think the lighting in the outdoor video test was great. & the test photos afterwards were great too. I appreciate that you took indoor shots with realistic, indoor lighting because that's the most average user's lighting situation, lol. Great video!!! 😃 Keep up the awesome work! 👍👍
Rabinarayan Sethy (15 days ago)
Mam... If u say i will make a intro for ur channel.
Shami Arshad (15 days ago)
your emoji is too funny
Shami Arshad (15 days ago)
nice jacky.....
Jaun Mirza (15 days ago)
in the words of Chandler bing, God,is there a remote control on this woman? 😂
riley busse (15 days ago)
You are so pretty and I ❤️💖💓💗💙💜💛💚🖤💝💞❣️💟 all your vids
Anth.Tech (15 days ago)
Cool video, the S9/S9+ look to be great phones.
Mr Tech (15 days ago)
Very nice video!!
Eli Sir69 (15 days ago)
Estimated ship date 13th through the 15th fml
THE G.O.A.T (15 days ago)
Goddamn you got boobs now
dee sheppard (15 days ago)
Good video jac
clariceave (15 days ago)
Awesome video thank you. I really need to start saving my money for a S9.
venom5809 (15 days ago)
Nice video. At 1:42 the woman on the TV and you have the same shirt on 👚 LoL
GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) (14 days ago)
"Send us this color Samsung" -them.
adisorn suksakorn (15 days ago)
Ha Ha just noticed that
NothingButTech88 (15 days ago)
venom5809 didn’t even realize that:)
Mario A (15 days ago)
yay new video :D
Ty Kara (15 days ago)
Incoming horny indians... Show bob
dee sheppard (15 days ago)
Jac I know you don't wish that phone I know so as a favour to you I wouldn't do this for anyone but for you I'll take the phone off you you can pop it in the post to me
Bryan (15 days ago)
you sweet girl more than phones
Mohammad Rizwan (15 days ago)
Great Unboxing with a Beautiful Smile...happieee IWD
Xhaunted Gamer (15 days ago)
Watching this on my Samsung s9+. Amazing review though. 👍
NothingButTech88 (15 days ago)
Hope you guys enjoy this one. Halfway through the shoot my sd corrupted some footage so I had to shoot some things in 1080p. Hope it looks ok:) Thanks for watching!
mohammad ahmed (1 day ago)
i love you and marry to you
Million Miler (14 days ago)
NothingButTech88 Hey beautiful how are you today? 😁
Adithya Kingdom (15 days ago)
NothingButTech88 it's very good..but we want depth review about the device.
Mohammad Rizwan (15 days ago)
NothingButTech88 hmmm ohk..so now let's get in work uploading speed test/camera test/slow-mo test comparison Review...
Ayur Bhatta (15 days ago)
You're so freaking pretty!😍

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