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FNN: Congressional baseball game - Courtesy MLB Network; 4 shot near Denver

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Diane Catts (8 days ago)
전자유 (8 days ago)
Happy Birthday to Mr. President Donald Trump! We are always grateful to the America! But, there are some Koreans who are not grateful to the America. I'm sure you know who they are. Mr. President trump! Save my country from the Communist Moon Jae-In regime, please! God Bless Mr. President Trump!! God Bless You All, and God Bless America!!
Пры Ыы (5 days ago)
Пар нуха
John S (8 days ago)
The way to get back to these jerks is at the polls....Vote Republican and that;s it.
terry hughes (8 days ago)
The way to get back at these jerks is at the polls....overthrow Republicans and that;s it.
Wayne Cooper (8 days ago)
Love this Title! America is such a tough place... If you try to overthrow the sitting president via unlawful means YOU MIGHT GET FIRED!!! I'm underwhelmed, at best.

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