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Denon AH-D1200: range of portable HiFi headphones

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Denon AH-D1200: range of portable HiFi headphones Denon continues to present its new headphones: the AH-D1200. It is a model designed for mobility that has been designed with circumaural format and closed acoustic box with swiveling and folding type headband to be able to transport and store it with ease. It incorporates 50 mm drivers with neodymium magnet to achieve a frequency response between 5 Hz and 40 KHz reducing distortion to a minimum and being compatible with Hi-Res type sound. In addition, its impedance is kept below 24 ohm so we can use it from a mobile terminal without problems. The pavilions have been covered with visco-elastic foam and synthetic leather has been used to improve comfort, allowing it to go unnoticed once we get used to its 260 grams of weight. It has a microphone integrated into the removable cable to make calls from a smartphone and a second 1.3-meter cable is included without a microphone.
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