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Ultra Gaming on a $200 PC - GeForce NOW

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Checking out Nvidia's GeForce NOW PC game streaming at CES 2018 - now for PC! Get on the (free) GeForce NOW waitlist: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/geforce-now/mac-pc/waitlist/ Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Austin Evans (3 months ago)
In case you missed it, here's GeForce NOW running on a 2009 MacBook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1gedwoyfbU
Vanessa Pace (10 days ago)
ily sm
Aka Swavy (21 days ago)
hi i have the geforce know but it saysthat your system does not meet the minimum requirments fo streaming if u see if plzz i need ur help
Master J (1 month ago)
It's says I need 5ghz to work
Gameking 012 (1 month ago)
It's surprising that Fortnite run at 120 fps, but PUBG runs at just 60 fps.
juuso enstedt (2 months ago)
How you buy this
Floyd Looney (7 minutes ago)
How does this work exactly? I don't really get how.
Ronnie Bo (21 hours ago)
Anyone willing to share there GeForce account with me reply back I'll let u use my overwatch account
Etalk Gaming (23 hours ago)
So it’s a app that u download on ur pc and it makes it better?
Naiem A (2 days ago)
This is 100% not sponsored..
mite letnikov (2 days ago)
why would some1 need 120 fps instead of 60 very stable ones, because your screen Hzs are just 60 and not more, can some1 tell me the difference. does your eyes get those extra 60 fps and see through and predict movements of enemies just before they even make them?. (doesnt refer to 144Hzs screen.) GEGE
Yo who's Andrew Blank (2 days ago)
Can it run doom tho
kk102 GAMING (3 days ago)
Geforce now says *your region is full*
G4sp_ (4 days ago)
dood i cant wait
G4sp_ (4 days ago)
Is there a delay when you press your keybinds?
PandaInAction ♐ (4 days ago)
if you own a tesla gpu I doubt you'd own a $200 laptop xD
Someone Mcfaller (5 days ago)
Jacob G (5 days ago)
I have a GeForce now code but my laptop is shit
Daniel Arenas (5 days ago)
how much will you sell for?
Jacob G (5 days ago)
Ronnie Bo I'm tryna get a better laptop or sell the code sorry
Ronnie Bo (5 days ago)
Jacob G can I have your code? Message me it on discord Ron#6408
ossified RANDOMNESS (6 days ago)
Can you connact controllers to this laptop?
TheChaoticDragon (7 days ago)
*2 frames every hour* Austin: “It’s totally playable”
pegs on (7 days ago)
when is ge force now going to be available for people in asia and oceana.
Bima audrey (7 days ago)
i have 20mbps internet, can it run nvidia now?
Charactor (8 days ago)
Just installed gefroce now on a celeron n3060 lets see fortnite!
Hakszer Dávid (10 days ago)
Geforce now free?
darklegended GT (10 days ago)
Nah for me the battle royale is bad
ItsPX12 (10 days ago)
will geforce now be free or paid
Lukson (10 days ago)
My 500$ laptop cant even run decent games like GTA IV or GTA V atleast I learnt a lesson to never send your mom to buy you computer
Xgamer pc-ps (10 days ago)
shaunthegamer (10 days ago)
I'm using a Lenovo ideapad 100 with a Intel celeron processor so this video tells me that if I download GeForce Now I will better performance?
[Toxicity 9] ABK ツ (11 days ago)
You have to pay per month?
LegionFilms (12 days ago)
Hair line
Mr. Yakubi (12 days ago)
See, I have a good enough internet connection. The issue is it eats up the 1TB of data my providers gives in like 80 hours of gaming. I started playing Witcher 3 on it and I got a warning once I hit like 70 hours on the game. So be wary, even if you have a good connection, make sure you have unlimited data for WiFi or calculate how much you'll play to manage it.
Console Pleb (12 days ago)
this is great for someone who wants to switch to pc gaming but doesn’t have the money to buy parts or a pc to play on. Using this as an alternative paying a little fee per month while you save money to buy an actual pc (or build) is just so much more convenient
cripplingdepression (13 days ago)
Zakaria Houdjedj (13 days ago)
can i play fortnite on a 1mbps internet speed but a good laptop
xSudipta (13 days ago)
Is Geforce Now ever going to be free to download?
A7MED (15 days ago)
Nividia are crazy people i cant imagin if i try pubg on my bad laptop they will kill me 😍😍
It'zFireBoy Playz (15 days ago)
the Acer one
It'zFireBoy Playz (15 days ago)
can anyone say to me what is this laptop
Latistic (16 days ago)
That is pure awesome man nice vid
Scarf (16 days ago)
My steam account is worthless now. smh.
ISSY PLAYZ (16 days ago)
And what’s some laptops in a budget of 700-800, with a great amount of ram, that can run the game Fortnite smoothly?
ISSY PLAYZ (16 days ago)
Is the GeForce free
LinkedHaru (16 days ago)
So I got a GeForce now code, but I recently bought a super expensive pc and no longer need GeForce. First person to reply gets the code. Have a nice day!!!!
ammar alhuwaiti (6 days ago)
me please
Kona96 2018 (14 days ago)
You serious?
Kris Sellers (16 days ago)
Hey guys this is austin
Bentley Mulsanne (17 days ago)
I use it ALL THE TIME! It is really good for fortinite and overwatch. Ithe runs both the games on the highest EPIC settings.
kashingxu (17 days ago)
Did u change thumbnail
MODGEME (18 days ago)
what's the name of last laptop?
solidrate MC (18 days ago)
Ok guys I have geforce now and have stopped using it here’s why: 1. It chews up tons of your WiFi’s bandwidth which you have to pay for if it is overused 2. It’s a scandal, and will soon cost money even if your in beta I believe 25 dollars for 20 hrs 3. It has weird mouse movements and sometimes starts to lag really bad it blurs the graphics and I have a really good WiFi so trust me 4. My parents are friends with a guy in nvidia and the guy recommends not using this, and if anything to create your own pc, as if you pay for geforce now for a full year, it will cost as much as a decent gaming pc Edit: Like so this can spread awareness to the others who are blind of this issue
ammar alhuwaiti (6 days ago)
Ronnie Bo (7 days ago)
solidrate MC could I have your account? Been waiting for a beta code for a long time still haven't got one
Thule V3 (19 days ago)
This is bullshit, i have been waiting over 3 months still nothing... and my cousin got Geforce now it only increased with like 5 fps dont try it its worthless
NoxToni (20 days ago)
Saeed Akhtar (20 days ago)
Anyone selling a key or account, looking to buy one.
dan benson (20 days ago)
xX-KOALA-MAN-Xx (20 days ago)
Can someone pls tell me how long the wait list is PLEEEEASEE
Vikas Shukla (21 days ago)
How much speed is required?
Mad Maxim (22 days ago)
Been waiting since the beta was announced.. guess I'll have to just buy a key
LightningRick (23 days ago)
There's one problem with GeForce Now. It uses to much data. If you don't have unlimited data, like me I don't recommend you using GeForce Now. In 9 days Ive used 556 Gigabites worth of data on GeForce Now
Zoomin (23 days ago)
Why is it that all these YouTubers who talk about gaming but are trash at games?
Operator_six (23 days ago)
Does anyone anyone at all have an extra key I will do anything for it I need this really bad I have been waiting to long to be in the beta but I still have not got in :(
ItzMeFade Gaming (23 days ago)
I have Nvidia Geforece now but the quality is bad is it because of internet connect my ghz is 2.4
Pie Killer (24 days ago)
its geforce free?
BrokeManz Gamin (24 days ago)
how long is the waiting list? been on the waiting list for 6 months now.. help
Shadow Meder (24 days ago)
why tf i cant use it i waited for over 3 months
MiniLadz (25 days ago)
I played on this- fortnite has way too much latency and is basically unplayable unless you are such a god.
TheDestroyerVlogs (25 days ago)
Lol I have the same laptop wish this came out before I got my new laptop for 1000$
SwatSniper07 (25 days ago)
Can you play GTA 5 on Geforce Now?
Proper Asian (26 days ago)
I’m still on the waiting list for a month now
Aaditya Dahal (27 days ago)
what happens if your device isn't supported. Will it just not work
Parker Brooks (27 days ago)
Seems really great for casual gamers. I don't game enough to justify spending the money on an expensive gaming rig.
giacomo Gotter (27 days ago)
I can change language in a game? Or added patch o mod?
Eden Hazard (27 days ago)
can it run fortnite
NOLTEMAN (28 days ago)
So GEFORCE NOW means the end of the Cheaters?
Shyho (28 days ago)
L : P:
martijn_ 31 (28 days ago)
Is this working on any pc?
Prasanna (28 days ago)
Guys I am giving away a GeForce account for 15$ iTunes gift card
SliceRPlayz (28 days ago)
Austin I know this is late but I just got gforce now it works it’s good the only problem I have is my settings on the games I play don’t save let’s say on rainbow six siege I will turn my settings how I like them then when I exit out of the game and go back in it my settings aren’t the same any help?
blackhazard 110 (20 days ago)
SliceRPlayz same with me. and idk if it’s just my laptop( trash samsung from 2013) but randomly the resolution goes really low and it’s annoying. sometimes it lags so much where my cursor just stops moving in game but when i exit it starts working. and my internet is bad either i always have below 9ms
Asomeness R (29 days ago)
Can you link the laptop?
Zai Du (29 days ago)
does it require nvidia driver? or you can download in any pc
lionel dias (29 days ago)
You look like berry Alan from flash
Enigmatic (29 days ago)
is it free?
Novation Hax (29 days ago)
wait... im confused... what did the nvidia actually do? like is it a plug and play? or do you have to install something into your pc? or is it some app?? i am in confusion please explain to me!
Eric Thornton (30 days ago)
what's the point in me watching these hoping to get a good computer to play on? I cant even afford 90% of these.
Rottenlinx (30 days ago)
instead of wait i will just build my gamin pc... this takes years! not sarcasm i've waited years!
Rottenlinx (30 days ago)
guys this takes 891289678168723643986478364846843847384739021893267894632874563782398218309246783264821390688732648729191847389264782874638725 trillion years !
Rottenlinx (30 days ago)
we've waited months and nothing! what is happening with geforce now!!! I DON'T WANT TO WAIT OTHER 126752583675387268753221264840987349853 YEARS !
Neisor (30 days ago)
Steam in-game streaming and good PC running. :)
logan mabry (30 days ago)
i have the exact laptop
JAY ROCK (30 days ago)
Selling 2 beta accounts for 20$
Ronnie Bo (7 days ago)
JAY ROCK could I get one for free help a brother out
Ghost (30 days ago)
But can it run crysis
BlueDaKing (1 month ago)
Could you make a geforce now account on the same IP adrees
Anonymous Life (1 month ago)
Ever since I had a 32bit laptop before I couldnt get it, now I have a 64bit laptop thats brand new and now I can get, YAY thanks!!!
Denofu (1 month ago)
I have been on the wish list for a year. No message yet...
Idea (1 month ago)
The thing that nvidia hasn't realized is... That if someone has fast enough internet for this they're most likely going to have their own gaming PC. I have gigabit aka fiber, but I have my own gaming PC... Maybe there are a few console gamers out there with fast internet, that wants to get into PC gaming, but don't want to invest into a gaming PC yet. However for that price... Save a few months and you'll have enough for a gaming PC.
A Wild Skribbly (1 month ago)
i have nvidia go
MoviesOnRequest HD (1 month ago)
ƿıҡѧċһ3ȗ (1 month ago)
Trading Fortnite code for GeForce now code...Anyone?
Oanh Nguyen (1 month ago)
Nvidia geforce now can run pubg on a toaster... BUT CAN U DO DIS?!
Why Not (1 month ago)
Is that laptop the Acer Swift 1 or 3
Lil Pump (1 month ago)
Well I just turned my HP stream 13 into a gaming pc
i requested for the wait list and i cant wait to try it out
John Jones (1 month ago)
Hey guys Im selling Geforce Now keys/accounts very quick easy and cheap! Just contact me on my discord :HOTBOMB#3134 EASTER SALE! COME QUICK!
p3rs0nn (1 month ago)
I have GeForce Now :) Good frame rates on Fortnite 😂
More Ninja (1 month ago)
I got 3 codes for 25$ PayPal
Random Tech Tutorials (1 month ago)
Praise austin! Thank you!!!
Skippy Productions (1 month ago)
If anyone is willing to sell my there account Ill pay up to 25 dollars

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