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G.I.A.N.T - Founder team BARTENDAZ

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Text Comments (27)
ZO WO (3 months ago)
I wanna meet the 4 bums who gave this video a thumbs down! Probably got mad when they came home from school and saw GIANT doing pull ups in they mama's bed
Frederic Ko (10 months ago)
Boss of all bosses with Hit !
DON FETUCCINI (11 months ago)
All day!
Ramel Hagins (1 year ago)
keep up the good work Giant.
BrothaAshyknees (2 years ago)
Cris LeRoi (2 years ago)
Giant can't be human.
WORKOUT (3 years ago)
cirethgr8 (3 years ago)
What ever happened to Iborn ?
WORKOUT (3 years ago)
Steve W (3 years ago)
myleskrocks (3 years ago)
Is there anyone who knows how the first one works or is there a tutorial or "trickname"?
Raw Tropical Healing (4 years ago)
inspirational natural movements - god bless that GIANTISTIC mind!
Ihor frozin (4 years ago)
Второй потом ганибала.
CALISTENIA DOCTA (4 years ago)
Making the beast !!!!! respect bro!! frontman from cleaner minds!
///No Power (4 years ago)
epic form
Jorel Byssainthe (4 years ago)
GIANT is the truth
Dimitar Dimitrov (4 years ago)
The music is SGT Dunson - Elite Soldiers
27081985cp (4 years ago)
simply and classy // Who knows the name of the the soundtrack?
Rafael López Medina (4 years ago)
GIANT and HFK the old school of Street Workout
WONJAE CHOI (4 years ago)
so beautiful
actionman Ess (4 years ago)
Salute from UK .
Rasclot222 (4 years ago)
growing is a Noble Thing
Tha_Jerry (4 years ago)
this video shows true canlistechnics
samzfisher (4 years ago)
the true BIG BOSS of the Bar
FitnessAesthetics (4 years ago)
WaterBARTENDAZ (4 years ago)
Salute that mind
Thomasgipsy (4 years ago)
Thats real streetworkout

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