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about Logan Paul

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excited to share this with all of you. immensely appreciative of YT and Robert personally for being so forthcoming and willing to participate with this. transparency is an essential ingredient to understanding and I look forward to hearing more and learning more of what's happening with YouTube.

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Jordy (3 months ago)
Casey's pulling off some Oprah shit.
Everybody is saying u got pinned but u got a love on ur comment as well
Darius BARBU (1 month ago)
Jordy 44k likes really?????????
Anthony P. Duncan (2 months ago)
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Osama Hazaskri (2 months ago)
44k likes bruh
God (24 minutes ago)
Logan Neistat
LOG ang (11 days ago)
What ever logan does is awsome ye ik he made a mistake I saw the original footage cuz I smashed that bell and my notification popped everybody needs a second chance
penny wise (17 days ago)
love ur hoodie💗💗
Divi Photos (17 days ago)
Derek The Dimple phan (18 days ago)
nikeeweston (21 days ago)
You don’t mention that they didn’t take his video down, Logan Paul’s people did. So a picture of a dead man hanging from a tree in a thumbnail is perfectly fine. They didn’t REMOVE THE VIDEO AT ALL. 24hrs later Logan’s people did it. YouTube has become revolting. There is no redemption for Logan. But he’s still on YouTube
Daily Cailey (24 days ago)
oh my god oh my god oh my god. he’s wearing david and liza merch!
Katlex plays (24 days ago)
David dobrik merch nice
Divyam Gupta (28 days ago)
Nice thumbnail casey
Guy Ferguson (1 month ago)
But where is the interview I can’t find it?
Cole Coffelt (1 month ago)
Is this the dude from the lost boys?
Zia hussain (1 month ago)
Mumbiker nikhil fans
Ben Vlogs (1 month ago)
Dantdm has way more subs than shifty Logan Paul
Nun Ya (1 month ago)
I find it amazing that all of these social just retards get so offended by the Logan Paul video but didn't say anything about news networks streaming the deaths of thousands of people on September 11th. Grow up people.
Nicole K (1 month ago)
I love that he's wearing David Dobricks merch.
amir abid (1 month ago)
that hoodie tho .... nice
Rob Erickson (1 month ago)
Fuck Logan Paul. He’s done
Steve Sheppard (1 month ago)
The last time I watched your videos, you didn't have a top bun. Hipster?
Trey's Day (1 month ago)
That sweatshirt is sick!
Jonas Rasalan (1 month ago)
he's wearing David Dobrik Merch!! 😂😂
Alex Tirendi (1 month ago)
Oh another social justice warrior, dude get the F of the Fing internet and delete your Youtube account. Thanks.
DuF DaG (1 month ago)
Hello I'm Russian,Good video
Elyce Behrsin (2 months ago)
I don't trust YouTube to tell the truth...just well briefed by their super expensive PR team. Also just a few days ago they had to apologise for sending push notifications about Logan Paul to people who don't subscribe to him. He's proven himself to be totally unreliable and a terrible ambassador for the platform and yet they haven't even punished him properly or arguably at all. I love your videos Casey but unfortunately I won't punish myself by watching some PR mumbo.
big slimey (2 months ago)
Michelle Anguiano (2 months ago)
I'm in the middle of not liking him and liking him but , like if you had a tape recorder and then all of a sudden spotted someone who died.. What would you like literally ? I think Logan reacted in most human way possible However not sure about joking about it .. Time goes on though and people make mistakes
Troy Matthers (2 months ago)
Yea that his a Dick bag! What More Needs to be said? 😏
Jack Phillips (2 months ago)
This is great news! First step to sorting YT back to it's original state.
BTR (2 months ago)
The interview was 18+ minutes of vague talk.
saurav kamble (2 months ago)
That David dobrik merch thou 😂😂😂😂
Surgo Neroko (2 months ago)
Tha Blvck Bardock. (2 months ago)
modern day Mr.Rodgers
danny boy (2 months ago)
Everyone that hates him, made him what he is..
The Motherfucker (2 months ago)
But, Sean Penn were my childhood. Here, take my goddamn hit 👍"LIKE".
Kishan (2 months ago)
I miss the NYC studio runs and vlogs 😢 I visited his studio during Christmas recently! Posted a video about it, happens about halfway through so forward it if you want to! Casey, hope you keep up the great work sir!! 👍🏽👍🏽
Bram Panneman (2 months ago)
I love your hoodie
M B (2 months ago)
18k dislikes??
Txmilx ssi (2 months ago)
why are their 18K dislikes? I dont understand people anymore
AbzPlayzGamez (2 months ago)
I think we all hate Logan
Adrian B (2 months ago)
give me the link!!!
MANOHAR A L (2 months ago)
Hi Casey, Ppl have miss understandings .Every one are good from their inner mind. Any ways its not good to compare but as I am your fan ,i am letting u know that ...you r the matured ,interesting ,real life ,professional real life hacker, Guy in the youtube  stream.We don't  compare You  with no one ever . Cause u r Casey..  Some ppl need to realise that they r travelling their life with a crazy , little ppl that need to grow up.. We know we r travelling in a right path in the Youtube world wid U ;)
Ted Games (2 months ago)
I hope you see this Casey, I just want to say you're awesome and have a great voice to listen to
chael plays (2 months ago)
Logang 4 life
Eli Veliz (1 month ago)
Your a fucking idiot😂
Richard Kitzmann (2 months ago)
Can we remove Casey please ?? That would be helpful to everyone.
Richard Kitzmann (1 month ago)
Eli Veliz maybe you are right. I still think this guy is being popularized and paid for doing nothing other than entertaining the mindless, such as yourself
Eli Veliz (1 month ago)
I wish this was a top coolent so people can tell you why not😂 honestly 99.9% of people don't agree to you😂
Eli Veliz (1 month ago)
CubingGuy 2505 (2 months ago)
Richard Kitzmann No.
Matthew Seneris (2 months ago)
Im sorry about the title XD
SaugaCityBoomin (2 months ago)
ask why they're sensoring the majority (agree to disagree I don't care) anything but the leftist propaganda channels. Ask why their owners Google is monitoring our every moves 🤔 please don't ask any politically motivated questions to support your backers and check cutters at CNN 😩😂
EmilyJane Castro (2 months ago)
Do you play NERVE
da streets part 3 (2 months ago)
casey to logan : 'dude, you're a youtube star, i'm a youtube star. dude, imagine the views! dude, let's do it! dude?'
QUEENSNYCKID (2 months ago)
His voice is so fucking annoying
Eli Veliz (1 month ago)
I hope your talking about Logan cause if not your crazy.😂
Now We Eats (2 months ago)
Casey is back baby!
Penny Fabian (2 months ago)
Sergio Mendez (2 months ago)
Man fastforward
Pranai Rai (2 months ago)
Hi Casey. Lots of love and good luck from a small town Kalimpong in India :D
Tony Shibes (2 months ago)
logan paul is really nice, stop picking on him you libtards!
Ray Bronkourst (2 months ago)
Lame caisy
Eeco Rijken Rapp (2 months ago)
I need that sweatshirt 🤩🤪
Sunday Morning Re-Run (2 months ago)
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20yakobchukalina Unknown (2 months ago)
Is.....is that Liza merch you’re wearing?
CoderShare (2 months ago)
More views than actual interview = power of clickbait.l.
Con Nor (2 months ago)
blahblahblah nonsense get on with ur lives
Eli Veliz (1 month ago)
😂 people these days
Nami Ahn (2 months ago)
If you're curious, the interview was apparently very vague and didn't achieve anything.
Rinku Jakhar (2 months ago)
Why the fuck did he started the video by moving the trash aside?
EMRIFFEY (3 months ago)
This is such a cool idea!! So great. I can't wait to watch it right now.
FISH# Mr.RectoR (3 months ago)
what is the story about these glasses?
João Germano Luzio (3 months ago)
Interview with Logan Paul :) :) :)
Gregory Romero (3 months ago)
Competitor attempt proposal sad tennis order fashion sound so-called tour.
Manny Perez (3 months ago)
lol Casey
Bernardo1212 Games (3 months ago)
We need more people like Casey who actually takes initiative and doesn't just sit there whining about it
Godam Goderich (3 months ago)
when will you finally get your speakers fixed? they are in need of new foams
eL Geno (3 months ago)
So boring
JAFAR Master (3 months ago)
Yeah, YouTube is in deep shit
William Su (3 months ago)
Around the same time this vid got posted Logan Paul decided to tase a dead rat~
David Smithson (3 months ago)
This guys really going for the Dr. Frankenstine (sorry Frankenstein) look.
PlaylistDude (3 months ago)
Lol you moved that trash can in the beginning? is there some hidden meaning? xD
Jesus Christ (3 months ago)
Let's be real, what this clown is really saying is I hope Paul Logan doesn't wreck my you tube income because of this.
RoboticTacoSauce (3 months ago)
Logan Paul is daddy 💦💦
triple Aye (3 months ago)
Trying to get the views.....
Peter M (3 months ago)
I hope he is candid, although it is extremely doubtful, good luck!
Wolkify (3 months ago)
i dont even have enough subscribers to get monetized, but as part of the community i still think logan paul is pulling off some pretty counterproductive shit there...
Patty N (3 months ago)
It's hard for me to understand the outrage over the Suicide Forest video. I have seen at least 2 other documentaries on the subject and both had shown skeletal remains that hadn't been located or removed as yet. Obviously if there is a video on the subject, the impact of the conundrum can only be felt by showing some of the sites where this occurs. There are plenty of programs that show deceased individuals, however briefly that may be (such as true crime shows or coroner shows). Also, if a person is mindful of their privacy, they probably wouldn't commit suicide in a public place. And since the particular individual in the video hadn't been identified, how harmful was it to the family? Youtube shows videos of horrendous attacks by animals against humans, humans hunting animals for sport, etc. Why is America getting so judgmental about reality.
isthis aname (3 months ago)
So he makes a video showing a dead body: against Youtube terms Shows animal abuse: Against Youtube terms It should be strike three pretty quick, how does he only have one?
son nguyen (3 months ago)
Fuck you
Argo Grayson (3 months ago)
Logan is not going to be punished... because he and his brothers & their friends..... make youtube ALOT of money.
Trippy Parafron (3 months ago)
Joe Kal (3 months ago)
casey's dabbing in the thumbnail
KibaMosaki (3 months ago)
You will never be cool u dumb fuck
MrBgklug (3 months ago)
nice to see you did something useful and that actually worked.... unlike you announcing who you were voting for in 2016 : )
inDZone12 (3 months ago)
Lol, That sweater!
Sorry for the spam but does anybody want to do a sub 4 sub? Comment on my latest video once subbed.
Joe Kae (3 months ago)
[WUT]Kushi Mushi (3 months ago)
Please don't be one of those people who try to get into drama and make it worse so if you have nothing to do with it LEAVE IT ALONE LOGANS ALREADY FIGHTING KSI WE DONT NEED MORE
erin green (3 months ago)
Brody _15 (3 months ago)
Oe he sounds like every buddy who did not like Logan’s thing and who even wants to here a video about him combining
mike10dude (3 months ago)
this guy looks like a uglier version of james ellsworth
Ryan Cross (3 months ago)
I was more disappointed when I found out CaseyNeistat didn't have nice tats.....
Ivy King (3 months ago)
Wrong choice to wear these glasses, They make you look unsincere. And they just distract the attention
DoYouSmokeKush (3 months ago)
3 Trees Photography (3 months ago)
Note to self: google Logan Paul.
Dizzy Fpv (3 months ago)
Who? Google owns this crap, not that shrill
Harley Quinn (3 months ago)
Saddens me greatly that because some stupid YouTube blogger goes there we want to talk about. Let me clue people in Japan has highest suicide rate mostly due to family disappointment or shame. Japan is our ally and a private country. Do you think Paul Logan is Indiana Jones? His a punk kid that knew he would be first, because no other journalist would display a horrible site. People need to check there morel compass if they let desensitized youth break certain boundaries. Him laughing what an ass proves he is a cold unsensitized youth. YouTube bares responsibility, for flipping this kids bill. Get some sense of rite people!!!
Harley Quinn (3 months ago)
You should just dig a hole you pathetic freak

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