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about Logan Paul

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excited to share this with all of you. immensely appreciative of YT and Robert personally for being so forthcoming and willing to participate with this. transparency is an essential ingredient to understanding and I look forward to hearing more and learning more of what's happening with YouTube.
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Jordy Admiraal (15 days ago)
Casey's pulling off some Oprah shit.
Benjamin The Moose (6 days ago)
MasonAdamMusic (7 days ago)
Casey can pull off whatever shit he wants
QUEENSNYCKID (7 hours ago)
His voice is so fucking annoying
Now We Eats (9 hours ago)
Casey is back baby!
Penny Fabian (18 hours ago)
Sergio Mendez (20 hours ago)
Man fastforward
Pranai Rai (21 hours ago)
Hi Casey. Lots of love and good luck from a small town Kalimpong in India :D
Tony Shibes (1 day ago)
logan paul is really nice, stop picking on him you libtards!
Ray Bronkourst (1 day ago)
Lame caisy
Eeco Rijken Rapp (1 day ago)
I need that sweatshirt 🤩🤪
Sunday Morning Re-Run (2 days ago)
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Is.....is that Liza merch you’re wearing?
CoderShare (2 days ago)
More views than actual interview = power of clickbait.l.
Con Nor (3 days ago)
blahblahblah nonsense get on with ur lives
Nami Ahn (3 days ago)
If you're curious, the interview was apparently very vague and didn't achieve anything.
Rinku Jakhar (3 days ago)
Why the fuck did he started the video by moving the trash aside?
EMRIFFEY (3 days ago)
This is such a cool idea!! So great. I can't wait to watch it right now.
FISH# Mr.RectoR (3 days ago)
what is the story about these glasses?
João Germano Luzio (3 days ago)
Interview with Logan Paul :) :) :)
ARGROW (4 days ago)
Youtube deleted my channel CoolNewsDotTV about 3 years ago, without any explanation WHY? Everything was green.. Three years of work was gone, about 10, 000 copyrighted videos where deleted by Youtube, again - without any explanation WHY? I just started back than making some money on this channel, it took three years to get a few thousand subs and make around one million views a month.. when suddenly one day I found that the channel was deleted.. Which video was wrong? It were red carpet and celebrity type of videos.. Why? After three years Youtube team still didn't give me any answer.. Three years of life and work was deleted.. I felt like Youtube just spited on me.. in my soul.. like they just had the right to rape me and get away with this.. I felt like I lost a child.. Fuck You Youtube Team!!! From the bottom of my heart, Fuck You!!!
Gregory Romero (4 days ago)
Competitor attempt proposal sad tennis order fashion sound so-called tour.
Soph Rav (5 days ago)
we love the clickybaitie shirt
Manny Perez (5 days ago)
lol Casey
Bernardo1212 Games (6 days ago)
We need more people like Casey who actually takes initiative and doesn't just sit there whining about it
Godam Goderich (6 days ago)
when will you finally get your speakers fixed? they are in need of new foams
eL Geno (6 days ago)
So boring
JAFAR Master (6 days ago)
Yeah, YouTube is in deep shit
William Su (6 days ago)
Around the same time this vid got posted Logan Paul decided to tase a dead rat~
David Smithson (6 days ago)
This guys really going for the Dr. Frankenstine (sorry Frankenstein) look.
PlaylistDude (6 days ago)
Lol you moved that trash can in the beginning? is there some hidden meaning? xD
Jesus Christ (6 days ago)
Let's be real, what this clown is really saying is I hope Paul Logan doesn't wreck my you tube income because of this.
RoboticTacoSauce (6 days ago)
Logan Paul is daddy 💦💦
triple Aye (6 days ago)
Trying to get the views.....
Peter M (6 days ago)
I hope he is candid, although it is extremely doubtful, good luck!
Wolkify (7 days ago)
i dont even have enough subscribers to get monetized, but as part of the community i still think logan paul is pulling off some pretty counterproductive shit there...
Patty N (7 days ago)
It's hard for me to understand the outrage over the Suicide Forest video. I have seen at least 2 other documentaries on the subject and both had shown skeletal remains that hadn't been located or removed as yet. Obviously if there is a video on the subject, the impact of the conundrum can only be felt by showing some of the sites where this occurs. There are plenty of programs that show deceased individuals, however briefly that may be (such as true crime shows or coroner shows). Also, if a person is mindful of their privacy, they probably wouldn't commit suicide in a public place. And since the particular individual in the video hadn't been identified, how harmful was it to the family? Youtube shows videos of horrendous attacks by animals against humans, humans hunting animals for sport, etc. Why is America getting so judgmental about reality.
isthis aname (7 days ago)
So he makes a video showing a dead body: against Youtube terms Shows animal abuse: Against Youtube terms It should be strike three pretty quick, how does he only have one?
son nguyen (7 days ago)
Fuck you
Argo Grayson (7 days ago)
Logan is not going to be punished... because he and his brothers & their friends..... make youtube ALOT of money.
Trippy Parafron (7 days ago)
Joe Kal (7 days ago)
casey's dabbing in the thumbnail
KibaMosaki (7 days ago)
You will never be cool u dumb fuck
MrBgklug (7 days ago)
nice to see you did something useful and that actually worked.... unlike you announcing who you were voting for in 2016 : )
inDZone12 (7 days ago)
Lol, That sweater!
Spencer Dinwiddie (7 days ago)
Sorry for the spam but does anybody want to do a sub 4 sub? Comment on my latest video once subbed.
Joe Kae (7 days ago)
[WUT]Kushi Mushi (7 days ago)
Please don't be one of those people who try to get into drama and make it worse so if you have nothing to do with it LEAVE IT ALONE LOGANS ALREADY FIGHTING KSI WE DONT NEED MORE
erin green (7 days ago)
Brody Miller (8 days ago)
Oe he sounds like every buddy who did not like Logan’s thing and who even wants to here a video about him combining
mike10dude (8 days ago)
this guy looks like a uglier version of james ellsworth
Ryan Cross (8 days ago)
I was more disappointed when I found out CaseyNeistat didn't have nice tats.....
Ivy King (8 days ago)
Wrong choice to wear these glasses, They make you look unsincere. And they just distract the attention
DoYouSmokeKush (8 days ago)
3 Trees Photography (8 days ago)
Note to self: google Logan Paul.
Dizzy Fpv (8 days ago)
Who? Google owns this crap, not that shrill
Harley Quinn (8 days ago)
Saddens me greatly that because some stupid YouTube blogger goes there we want to talk about. Let me clue people in Japan has highest suicide rate mostly due to family disappointment or shame. Japan is our ally and a private country. Do you think Paul Logan is Indiana Jones? His a punk kid that knew he would be first, because no other journalist would display a horrible site. People need to check there morel compass if they let desensitized youth break certain boundaries. Him laughing what an ass proves he is a cold unsensitized youth. YouTube bares responsibility, for flipping this kids bill. Get some sense of rite people!!!
Harley Quinn (8 days ago)
You should just dig a hole you pathetic freak
Harley Quinn (8 days ago)
This kid crossed a line point blank as a member of the Armed forces who has visited this eerie place. The only correct behavior put the camara down out of respect he’s a spoiled pathetic youth no morals needs to go. His had his 15 min get over it. I have personally traveled to the foothills of Mt Fuji he makes himself and the whole affair a mockery. This brat doesn’t deserve to have endorsements from YouTube point blank. Then he ask for subscribers? YouTube are you Satan. Japan is a great country ,but not complacent behavior US is. Perhaps why they succeed. This brat doesn’t deserve nothing but real work
Ugandan Knuckles (8 days ago)
About Logan Paul, his content is shitty, we know
Brianna Covarrubias (8 days ago)
I hate Logen Paul 🤬😡😤
Brianna Covarrubias (8 days ago)
I love Jake Paul 😋😜
Ugandan Knuckles (8 days ago)
Brianna Covarrubias boi
Mr Mellow (8 days ago)
This nigga looks like the TV kid in Willy wonka
V Reacts (8 days ago)
Must watch it..heading over now!
Anthony Rasa (8 days ago)
Fuck Logan paul
Ivan Volynkin (8 days ago)
That jumper has my second name on it.
Beauties Want It BIG! (8 days ago)
Stop watching Logan Paul. Watch Alyssa Violet (his ex) instead... she's not a sociopath, and she's awesomely hot! 😃 She says she's moved onto "bigger and better things," which means Logan Paul has a small dick... which figures, when you think about it! 😂
GiuseppeM (8 days ago)
And then... he pussied out
Daniel Ginatulin (8 days ago)
Fight Vitaly "The Russian Nightmare" Zdorovetskiy
BENDER tharobot (8 days ago)
You hate him cause he bigger than you and him being bigger takes money from you
jeremyelliott1 (9 days ago)
Fuck off
NotTheBrightist 1 (9 days ago)
Casey is dabbing in the thumbnail lol
LuCkYv02 (9 days ago)
Krzysiu, kiedy Zapytaj Beczke? Robisz tylko te vlogi, wiec kiedy ZB?
Marcin Świątko (9 days ago)
You are Hillarys nazi whore not a youtuber
Crypto Stefan (9 days ago)
Rose That’s me !! (9 days ago)
Who??//:: like u, who u??
Creative Arts (9 days ago)
looks like Cassey is gonna have more subs .THumbs up champ!
assclown (9 days ago)
no one gave a shit about what LP did. He didnt do anything to get mad about. anyone who got mad is a problem to this society
oussama rlala (9 days ago)
Dude you steel talking about him
lovelife02 (9 days ago)
Love it!
Kara Young (9 days ago)
Jutheloser (9 days ago)
I’m only clicked because same hoodie bruh
Borking Corgi (9 days ago)
Here comes the triggered Logan Paul fans
GraiShawn Landry (9 days ago)
What did Logan Paul even do?
Ugandan Knuckles (8 days ago)
GraiShawn Landry He filmed a dead body and YouTube didn't really do anything about it
Jitana Martinez (9 days ago)
Thought he was tryna dab on the video cover
Steven Horton (9 days ago)
Why is the in my sub box? I don't watch your videos. Great video though. Thank you.
Tim Marsh (9 days ago)
Paul Logan's an asshole
San Handles (9 days ago)
Because your just fucking perfect aren't you,,, we should all follow our lives by your standards by what YOU find appalling,,, you will be the judge and jury and it will be by YOUR STANDARDS that we should judge and be judge,,,, piss off 🇦🇺💩
Randy Levine (9 days ago)
People who don't communicate very well don't run companies that communicate very well... This guy Logan is about as exciting as watching paint dry. No passion, no excitement, no emotion, just a flat and insecure businessman muttering empty business-speak. Is it any wonder that YouTube finds it difficult to effectively communicate with it's creators? Logan, squirming in his chair and unable to maintain normal eye-contact with Casey during this interview, speaks volumes about the type of direction and example YouTube is receiving from it's highest level.
Brody Miller (9 days ago)
Casey you need to shut up
Ugandan Knuckles (8 days ago)
Brody Miller Explain why he should shut up?
My biggest question/concern about this is: How the hell can these morons like Paul Logan or PewDiePie get multi-millions of followers by posting such stupid crap? It makes me seriously worry about our society.
Wayne 1218 (9 days ago)
you youtube people cry to much. and F--K Logan Paul
FinFamilyFun (9 days ago)
i'm glad you waited and contacted the right ppl for all us here creating here on Youtube.. thanks from the LITTLE GUYS (little channels) for speaking out for all of us.. i can't wait to go watch that interview... SIDE NOTE.. that HOODY IS SO AMAZING!!! i need it!!!
Dustin McElveen (9 days ago)
How does this guy have 9Mil subs.. I don't see what's so interesting. I've heard his name a few times here and there but never really checked him out, and those glasses.. Really? Does he always wear those goofy ass things inside?
Diogo vlogs (9 days ago)
Do you are sick???
Andrew Blaze (9 days ago)
Logan is full of shit.
Love Earth (9 days ago)
U kinda look like an older version of him
GoatGirl 45 (9 days ago)
Ugh, just leave Logan Paul alone. Yes he made a big mistake, we are all human.People are already telling him to die so just leave him alone. Would you want that happen to you? No, so stop.
Big sexy (10 days ago)
The only reason YouTube exists is because of the content creators ! Yet YouTube demonetizes the content creators all the fucking time now!! My other channels I watch talk about this all the time how there making a lot less money. YouTube is the Borg either do shit there way or your done NOT COOL !
BrawnyLion (10 days ago)
Casey is 40 but looks 70, 70 years of age with a 100 pro fights and hella lot of scar tissue
Eze Martino (10 days ago)
Bro it already happened. Like the interview shouldve been posted 2 weeks ago. Not now, the drama passed. Youre so late on this. Disliked.
Eze Martino (10 days ago)
That logan paul title just paid your rent
chazeverett (10 days ago)
he said hes sorry for this video said he was gonna change and recently he tasered dead animals and and youtube again stooped hsi advertisemnt when is youtube going to say u know what he cant use our site any more
Ugandan Knuckles (8 days ago)
chazeverett Lmao learn how to spell first

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