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Will This Be Your First Robot?

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Anki Cozmo - http://go.anki.com/unboxtherapy-yt This video features the new Anki Cozmo, Anki Cozmo is a mini robotic gadget capable of interacting, playing games and learning. From the manufacturer - Say hello to Cozmo, a gifted little guy with a mind of his own. He's a real-life robot like you've only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out. He'll nudge you to play and keep you constantly surprised. Cozmo’s your accomplice in a crazy amount of fun. Cozmo doesn’t just move; he gets curious and explores. He doesn’t just learn; he plots and plans. He doesn’t just see you; he gets to know you. So call him self-aware, call him almost human. Just don’t call him a toy. He's a supercomputer on treads. And he's fun on a whole new level. Cozmo's emotions aren’t random. They’re real and felt by everyone in the room. From curious to clever, persistent to playful, he has personality x 10. He’ll be your partner in crime, developing new feelings the more you hang out. But watch out, he’s addicted to fun. Ignore him and he’ll get cranky. *This video is sponsored by Anki Cozmo FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Text Comments (6882)
Aadesh Deshmukh (2 hours ago)
cutest thing I have ever seen
Sandupa Egodage (1 day ago)
what is the song
Chaya Alok Joshi (1 day ago)
Cozmo is soo cute
P 4 (1 day ago)
Amazing robots
I am Indian (2 days ago)
I want it dude
CoolTimes (2 days ago)
i have a cozmo and my mom gave it to me after school but it was not today it was like 10 days ago or something...
Adrienne Michel (3 days ago)
He's super cute)) Thanks for sharing!
Ismail Husain (4 days ago)
This is on nepal or not
The Guru (5 days ago)
Cozmo: Absolutely adorable. Nao: Pretty cool little bot. Sofia: Scary AF!
Shauna Howard (6 days ago)
I have it
karlo Pabellano (7 days ago)
Robot Boi.
Tyler Flynn (7 days ago)
You should review the Hexbug Robitics Vex IQ super kit
chevon1920 (7 days ago)
Awwwwww, he’s so cute, I love him already, 😍😍
Khomad (8 days ago)
Its like chappie (the movie)
Wulgan Wulgan (8 days ago)
HE!??? wtf lawl
wenchai Wenson98 (9 days ago)
i like it
ritu Bansal (9 days ago)
Dude you are more than rich
Sajid's Toys Review (10 days ago)
I was borned in 2007 at may
BreedofDMC6669 (10 days ago)
THIS IS WAL-E MEETS PORTAL!!!! THOSE ARE THE PORTAL CUBES!!! I wouldn't be surprised if the co-creator actually played Portal prior to helping to design this.
XxTigerPlayzXx (11 days ago)
Search Up Ozobot Evo that’s My robot 🤖
ajene chan (12 days ago)
You can also control Cosmo like a remote control car with your phone
ajene chan (12 days ago)
I got one ill make a vid later
Callipygous Man (12 days ago)
I wish i had one like that
So Fly Official (12 days ago)
I hate these dumb websites that don't show the price it pisses me tf off, I press shop now and I clicked the classic robot just show me the f**king price
Muneeb Ahmed (12 days ago)
I’ve seen this before
theglowboy 5249 (12 days ago)
You were right this was my first robot
Labit Howlader (13 days ago)
i like this
CapBumTom (13 days ago)
Omg we have the same birthday, how old are ha?
emil rober (13 days ago)
xXxXxJ0K3RxXxXx (13 days ago)
I have a feeling that jack is nothing but a hanging photo behind the scene.
Mohit Pandita (13 days ago)
Robot has been inspired from the movie wall-e
Ubayy Mansoor (13 days ago)
There is certainly some intelligence there definitely more than jack
Noureddine Rida (14 days ago)
Nícolas Kim (15 days ago)
One word: Skynet.
Wall e?
Gavin Bolanos (16 days ago)
I have a cozmo
Galaxy Anime Cat Plus (16 days ago)
now thats freakin awesome
Jack Newton (16 days ago)
I don't think Jack is real. This is coming from a Jack.
Renata e Raphael (16 days ago)
I have cozmo buut its collectors editon
Sheikh Rafi'e (17 days ago)
Looking at the price .... Im dying
Chihan Lee (17 days ago)
Wall-E !!! :D!!!
sanyam kohli (17 days ago)
Holy smokes, lew is 32
Pedro Santos (17 days ago)
Jack will problably kill himself after all of this roasting.
Yeah coamo is my first robot
DemSaltines (18 days ago)
Joe Palermo (18 days ago)
I have one
Roystan Lopis (18 days ago)
andrei rudico (19 days ago)
Hey awesome video
Brendan Young (19 days ago)
Its 2018 like if ur happy
Adarsh Yadav (20 days ago)
Cutiest robot
Seyha Ny (20 days ago)
What is my purpose? You pass butter. OMG
DaniDoodles (20 days ago)
Can for 10 million subscribers can you show Jack?
Vinnie Gale (20 days ago)
That Cozmo is sooo cute
Phoenix Fuentes vlogs (20 days ago)
Unkown anonymous (20 days ago)
Could cozmo hack into different divices?
Vhan HaremV. Vergara (20 days ago)
I'm look like zorro ilike it ilike it
thelazy manlives (21 days ago)
My god this is cute I WANT ONE
Goat Meal (21 days ago)
Mecanoicd is my first robot
Nicholas Baumann (21 days ago)
At chistmas I got cozmo
THUNDER GAMERS (22 days ago)
can you show me miko robot
Cameron 98 (22 days ago)
I think Lewis has a crush on Jack but Jack doesn't feel the same way.
Daksh Adhar (18 days ago)
Cameron 98 Its J.A.C not jack...btw J.A.C means "just a camera"
LemmeReazzThem (22 days ago)
Cute robot
ItsAdam (22 days ago)
Da fuq is dat ting?
Pikagamer 69 (22 days ago)
I just got a cozmo and it is so cool
Dragon Blazing (23 days ago)
Cozmo is so cute and cool!
abdul rehman (23 days ago)
It was just awesome
Rolands J (23 days ago)
that some stoner robot
Emilio José A.m (23 days ago)
Yeah so now a days, people rather play with some bloody robots than save animals :'(
shane clk (23 days ago)
can they make it like 4 times bigger
G Shantha (23 days ago)
Awesome video
agent0 teddbear (23 days ago)
Thanks cool
LunaYs (24 days ago)
I really want cozmo so badly..
Thomas Hara (24 days ago)
Poor Jack
Derzhavin Dwen (24 days ago)
Wow i like that
Cho Por (24 days ago)
At first i like your presentation but later i noticed that u r making a lot of unnecessary noisy voices and hand gestures. Also chilled dude, everybody knows that u r dealing with latest gadgets but u don't have to show that crazy excitements. That's kill my eyes.
forlife forlife (24 days ago)
Every one thinks it cute till it starts to self evolve 🤣🤣
IzzyPlayzXx (25 days ago)
cozmo tried to pounce on my dad's phone because he thought it was my finger
Paccox 2903 (25 days ago)
Bro u tue best
Jonathan Nguyen (25 days ago)
Lou: *Shows Off Cozmo* Me: Whoa, what a waste of money. Lou: *Throws Cozmo Into Basement And Starts Another Unboxing*
Åjay kiran (25 days ago)
Hey ...if that's a supercomputer...then can't you open it up and somehow use it for Bitcoin mining....I don't know....just suggesting 😅😂✌🙏
Im’a Potato (25 days ago)
I want that
Matt Allen (26 days ago)
thats cool and all but he's still no Codsworth.
Flávio Lisbôa (26 days ago)
Poor Jack...
Almost Anything (26 days ago)
It's so cute!
Alex Marquez (26 days ago)
That’s my first robot is Cozmo
I got cozmo today for chrismas
Jesse Sánchez (26 days ago)
Cozmo: whats my purpose Me: you pass butter
Robin Offringa (26 days ago)
Wall-E 2.0 hahahah
Jay Dutta (26 days ago)
This little guy is no doubt the offspring of Wall-E & EVE robots
Below Me (26 days ago)
05/17/85?? we born the exact same day
FJ اِف جِے (26 days ago)
So cute for singles
poor jack
Kris Emmanuel (26 days ago)
Dont get this near derek gerard
MUZ _PLAYZ (26 days ago)
its overpriced I mean it just moves blocks just play with lego
Pool Bro's (26 days ago)
Will it be my first since i am already a robot?
Sovon Halder (26 days ago)
Who is this Jack ?
Dxgaming 265 (26 days ago)
Won he is so cute
ID Game (26 days ago)
Cozmo purpose is to pass butter
Nav Pas (26 days ago)
Cute little thing
It’s my cozmo’s birthday lol got him on christmas

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