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HTC 10 Revisited: One Year Later

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Read the full post: https://goo.gl/7Z3m4W | Buy at Amazon: http://geni.us/HTC10 With the HTC U 11 set to be announced soon, we take a look back at one of the most underrated flagships of 2016, the HTC 10. Download the AndroidAuthority App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androidauthority.app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=androidauthority ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://google.com/+androidauthority - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://twitter.com/jvtechtea Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave John Velasco: https://twitter.com/john_c_velasco Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1

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Text Comments (779)
WiffyLight (2 days ago)
Only paid $125 for an unlocked htc 10 and Im loving it.
Isaac Lozano (8 days ago)
Hey guys, I also have an HTC 10, and I love it. However I've been having some trouble with software updates. I'm running Marshmallow 6.0.1 and every single time I check for an update, a message pops out saying that there was an unexpected error and that the file system may be corrupted, and that I need to contact HTC support for assistance. Any recommendations??
Niz Tube (27 days ago)
That's y I luv HTC
whaleronthemoon (1 month ago)
Whoever takes photos of food reincarnates into an alcatel phone
HaloNoobGrunt (1 month ago)
its on for 200 should i get it?
Jason Chen (2 months ago)
台灣啤酒 :)
Dushyant Sharma (2 months ago)
That Spongebob Squarepants thumbnail tho! 😂
Kevin Fok (3 months ago)
Great phone, WHEN IT WORKED. I have been a loyal HTC owner since the HTC One (loved this phone, won't even boot up anymore). Exactly one year after I purchased the 10 the battery started to erode. I can't even keep it running unless it is pulled into some sort of power source (WITH the original quick charge USB C cable. The customer service is USELESS. They would not grant me the 1 year warranty, even though I was only 3 days past the warranty. After numerous phone calls into customer service, they agreed to send me a 100$ discount code (which I have yet to receive after 2 days.....) So I am thinking about jumping over to the ONeplus 5t or staying with HTC purchasing the U11. I would be paying almost htc exact same price, so that is not the issue. Anyone thoughts?
Randeep M.K (3 months ago)
Got the Oreo update today 😎
Toronto Gtaguy (3 months ago)
Super Metrics (3 months ago)
What's the game he plays on the phone? the action game that looks like power rangers
M Morales (4 months ago)
January 15 2018... This beauty still running like day one and that DAC audio performance!!
HTC 10 my Next phone no doubt
Michael C (4 months ago)
ENLFRO (4 months ago)
Watching on my HTC 10. It's been a really solid phone. I'm planning on an upgrade soon and I'm most likely jumping to the pixel 2 xl or the galaxy s9 depending on how it turns out since the u11 seems like such a letdown. Unless HTC comes out of nowhere with another killer phone this year. Still holding my breath, but there are so many great phones on the market now.
ENLFRO (4 months ago)
I was also listening to this video with my ath m50x as well! No upgrade on those is necessary since they are such a fantastic pair of cans.
Sam Hoskins (4 months ago)
I loved my HTC 10, but after only 1.5 years the battery went dead. Very common, apparently. The battery extremely hard to replace and many phone repair shops won't touch it.. HTC really bungled the engineering on this phone. For more about this check www.reddit.com/r/HTC10 .
Damien Van Bokhoven (4 months ago)
I want one:(
Seth Clayburn (4 months ago)
He's not lying, because when I bought the M7 I couldn't go anywhere without people asking me what it was then I start seeing a lot of people with it I used to love that phone.. It was with me on my journey when I lost 72 lb and I took a bunch of pictures with it, pictures this still stored in my library only replacing the M7 for the Note 4, because HTC would not allow multi screen use for some strange reason.. and I held on to the Note 4 then got sick of Android crashing and moved to iPhone 6s plus, which I'm currently watching and commenting on this video
Leonard Bowen (5 months ago)
I'm still using this phone
Ben Kroger (5 months ago)
Hi, Lanh - Is there a setting that enables burst/continuous photos? I've read that all I need to do is hold the capture button, but all I get is a single photo. Thanks!
brent bynoe (4 months ago)
How's Snapchat?
Steven Wong (5 months ago)
It's built like a tank and has stamina like an Olympic swimmer. Had mine for a year, still going strong, one of the best I've had.
zeus lim (5 months ago)
I tried to get one, but it was sold out and they weren't bringing anymore in. I could get a phone of any value and a phone under $200 , so I'm using a Sony xa , I also got an iphone 7 and sold it. Black friday sale is apparently still on , so I'm gonna get a htc 10 now.I kinda miss htc phones, mainly because nobody uses it , heck I have a butterfly and a butterfly 2, the butterfly 3 isn't sold here, even htc users didn't know what phone I was using. So excited about finally getting a hifi phone
wafflesbro5412 (6 months ago)
i just bought the U11 Life for $300 but i forgot these 10's are on ebay for the same price... i might have to switch
Mehedi hasan Akon (6 months ago)
Htc always rocks
HT C (6 months ago)
Having this phone since one week of launch, I am never giving this tank up.
Recon (6 months ago)
Used market for this phone is PRIME. I'm buying one now.
Lai Yuin Hong (6 months ago)
build quality check design check audio/speaker quality check cpu/gpu performance check smooth clean sense ui check camera check hmm basically phone of the year
yo Alex (6 months ago)
HTC sucks with marketing.
Ferry Dwijaya (6 months ago)
Right time to get this beauty
Voidex Gaming (6 months ago)
I'm using an HTC 10..
Zeeshan Nasir (6 months ago)
Watching on my HTC 10. I like it. It has everything check marked. Value for 💰.
Chris Ayres (6 months ago)
You can buy this phone brand new in Ireland for 200 euros , also it is funny the 10 is better than the 11 stay away from the 11 it has no image stabilization and the processor was the same
Sophia Desilva (6 months ago)
Good they did not market it better , because is cheaper now...
lednerg (6 months ago)
I'm with Josh on this. The thing I do the most with smartphones, by far, is listen to music and podcasts. The HTC 10's superior audio DAC and headphone amp made it the obvious choice for me last year, and I'd choose it again for the same reason. It just sounds great, especially with quality audio gear. What's really nice is you can make custom "Boom Sound" profiles for each of your headphones, earphones, or what have you. The biggest worry I had when I got the phone was the screen. I had been using an AMOLED display for over 3 years, so I thought I was going to be making a big sacrifice with an LCD. Turns out, the panel is good enough that it's actually never been an issue for me. The main thing I miss from my old phone has ended up being the RGB message indicator, which is a pretty stupid omission on HTC's part, but not a deal breaker. As far as battery life goes, I've never ran out of juice except for one time when I didn't charge it for like 3 days in a row. I don't talk a lot on this phone or play games on it, mostly I just use audio apps and a GPS exercise tracker. It supports Doze, so I'd get pretty good standby time of maybe around 4 days if I just let it sit still, and longer if it goes to Super Saver mode.
Den s (7 months ago)
i sold my lg g6 for htc 10.. worth it.. lg g6 audio is terrible. htc 10 best audio . .nice display.. only heating and battery is less.
Mr.Mostwanted11 (7 months ago)
Background song?
ali arif (7 months ago)
Getting this phone for $360 from amazon, 32 gb. I dont want to pay alot for a phone $600-700 is something I cant afford. Need an opinion from people who have this phone. Thank you
Chris Ayres (6 months ago)
No worries hope everything works out for you bro.
ali arif (6 months ago)
thank you man! Will look into it.
Chris Ayres (6 months ago)
No worries bro and the phone is awesome definitely a steal for the price but do be careful on Ebay , recently a lot of scams happening i tried to buy an old Moto Defy it was only out of nostalgia i wanted it and it was mega cheap like 10 pounds so i thought id buy it , waited 3 weeks never received anything so had to go get my money back through pay pal , lucky it was not an expensive device otherwise i would have been more worried , so yeah just be a bit careful .
ali arif (6 months ago)
Thanks man! I will check it out, how has your experience been on ebay? Hope you have a good experience with the phone.
Chris Ayres (6 months ago)
Hope you did not already pay the money my friend , if you go on Ebay you can buy a HTC 10 brand new from Ireland for 200 euro , i did that instead of paying 350 pounds in the UK
David Blackwell (7 months ago)
The HTC 10 camera was the best of 2016 with the LG G5 a very close 2nd then the iPhone 7+ the Sony Xperia coming in 4th. Then your Samsung Galaxy S7 coming in 5th. Go get a job at Samsung. You're a fanboy anyway.
Mel Hyde (7 months ago)
Why is my htc 10 battery dying so badly?
max J. (4 months ago)
Mel Hyde DONT UPDATE YOUR Phone!! THAT'S why
begbrain (7 months ago)
Good review. I dont like new phones so I will be coming from an m8. Skipping the m9 since Ill be able to afford the 10 and because the 10 is such a far cry from the cheapness HTC was giving up with the a9 and m9.
shahab shafiee (7 months ago)
Please don't end your sentence with that tone!!!!!
Phantom Descent (8 months ago)
Watching on my HTC 10
mitilini6 (8 months ago)
Hey guys. I got an important question to ask and I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me . I just bought the HTC 10 and so far, it's been a wicked phone. The thing is, when I cover the bottom firing speaker with my finger, the sound coming out of the front facing one, is very low. Is that normal? Thanks in advance.
Zeeshan Nasir (8 months ago)
I like my HTC 10. It's rock solid and all rounder.
michael king (8 months ago)
Battery life sucks... I do like this phone... I'm also having issues with blue tooth not working... Does anyone have any fixes?
Dan Badd (8 months ago)
I just bought an HTC10 like 5 minutes ago. It's my 6th successive HTC phone and for price vs performance it seemed a better deal than the U11.
Yashar MJ (8 months ago)
I love my HTC 10, wont switch until HTC 12
Farzad Hafeez (8 months ago)
I traded in my htc 10 and got the moto z about 8 months ago. I miss the audio quality and overall fantastic quaility of the htc 10, looked at the U series and nothing compares to the greatness of the 10. I am thinking of getting the htc 10 again!
Djura (8 months ago)
I bought a brand new HTC 10 a month ago, faster than the LG G6, looks beautiful, and can't see a difference.
RandomLegos (8 months ago)
I'm buying this soon! Can't wait for it!
Liyad Salem Mridu (8 months ago)
HTC could have added features like water and dust resistance while upgrading it's battery to 3600 mAh, price is never a problem for those who are willing to buy!
Marney Olson (8 months ago)
One of the best thumbnails I've seen. "ONE YEAR LATER." Read it in the French accent.
Dan Taylor (8 months ago)
Grabbed it last week it's dope
Wrona (8 months ago)
Can get this one for 400$ right now. Worth?
eviee (8 months ago)
You are adorable
houchi69 (8 months ago)
Why does Android Authority have so many ugly guys? This guy doesn't have a wide face, but every one of his facial feature is wide...wtf?
Romeo Diyong (8 months ago)
houchi69 lol😂
svs2siu (8 months ago)
Wow, I never liked this phone. It was not as user friendly as Samsung, LG or my original HTC windows phone back in 2010.
rami s (9 months ago)
my htc 10 broke down in a few months without any reason. kept getting ghost touches on screen. i moved to a nearby country so htc couldn't do anything for me. money down the drain....
Isaac Rogers (9 months ago)
My priorities: #1 Camera #2 DAC/Amp #3 Battery. HTC please make a true HTC 10 successor with a 3.5mm jack!
Stewart Daniels (9 months ago)
Lack of a headphone jack will have me keeping my 10 for the forseeable future.
Mr.Mostwanted11 (9 months ago)
HTC 10 or Oneplus 5?
Tarik Sonmez (9 months ago)
İ got it for 399 from htc
QualityKush (9 months ago)
HTC all day, just bought another 10 in their summer sale for $400!
Got it on sale for 400 ! Worth 400 for sure
luca c (9 months ago)
I had a galaxy s5 as my first
Cristi Soare (9 months ago)
As an owner of the HTC 10 I think it is an amazing device and the camera works excellent.The audio experience(headphones) it is by far the best in the business.The HTC 11 it is the best device on the market in any aspect,only the design can be judeged without arguments,in any other aspects the arguments stand by its side.
B Tte (9 months ago)
HTC company is like a picture on a black screen getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller until its completely gone, why? poor design poor specs greeds over priced I got htc for music quality and speakers but  the rest is just sucks
kèhbab (9 months ago)
Does it get hot/warm easily?
Hassan 2k Whiteside (9 months ago)
Worst part about the 10 is the battery life. I can barely get through a day with about 3-4h SOT
Justice Thompson (10 months ago)
I love my HTC 10. Especially when it's out of it's case. Unfortunately I am starting to have serious issues with the battery, which will force me to upgrade soon. I'm so disappointed by that since the metal body and ergonomics are incredible and it was one of the best all-round phones from last year.
Drakador (10 months ago)
The only reason I traded my HTC 10 in for a Samsung S8+ is the battery life. However there was some heating issues I had with it from time to time.
Albinoblacksnake (10 months ago)
I just love how smooth it is. 😍. it never slows down. it feels nice too. was gonna get galaxy but this phone feels much more durable.
zzebra (10 months ago)
I hope price drops quickly, I really love this phone but I'm too poor to get it lmao
bikertod (10 months ago)
Wanted to like this phone but on Verizon's network,,the call clarity and connectivity issues were horrendous. I've been with Verizon for years,don't understand what is going on
Chandradev Singh (10 months ago)
Would HTC 10 Lifestyle be a better choice in 2017 ?
Chris Ayres (6 months ago)
Facts speak for themselves number of drops an S8 can survive 3 ,Number of drops HTC 10 can survive 32
Saad Aftab (10 months ago)
the most underrated phone
George Renda (10 months ago)
hate the HTC 10, i get shit phone reception and alot of dropped calls
Lg Marquez (10 months ago)
Watching on my Galaxy s7 😂😂
Rohan Agarwal (10 months ago)
I would like to buy second hand phone (options: galaxy s6, s7, Nexus6p or HTC 10)I am not a heavy user though, but I play game some time. Apart from all that I am going to hold (use) that device for next 3-4 year, I cannot buy new device every 2 year. Please guide me the android phone which has long lasting hard-ware, I know that mobile will slow down as the year pass but still it should work for 3-4 years. As I am using my iPhone 4s till now, using it for 3.5 years still no hardware problem
AMPyro (10 months ago)
HTC 10 look here soo many good reviews https://www.phonearena.com/phones/HTC-10_id9582/reviews
lee price (10 months ago)
Great video.... I changed from s7edge to htc10 for the smaller form factor and that audio experience, very underrated phone, cherry on the cake I picked the phone up 2nd hand for £120 ✌🏻
Azad SIDDIK (10 months ago)
I hope htc 12 is a metal beast
M.K 1990 (10 months ago)
Never regret my decision to give a try for HTC 10. Still using this awesome phone till now
azrul nizam (10 months ago)
And there you go the U11 the next successor
Lorenzo Duron (10 months ago)
I had a LG G2 once, after my experience with that phone I will never get any other LG phone again.
Viraj Tolia (10 months ago)
Hello there. I am big Fan of HTC phone but due to bad customer Service from HTC in UAE last year switched to Samsung galaxy S7. it's not always Phone quality we have see but also after sales service has to be seen.
RidgeRider RC (10 months ago)
i miss my htc 10 its getting warranty work for the touch feedback not working hope to get it back soon...
gars129 (10 months ago)
It just looks so much like an iPhone from the front.
Das' Lame (10 months ago)
HTC should bring htc 10 back with larger screen and water proof it ... hate The U line ...
Bullet Supremo (11 months ago)
My idea is for HTC to design another metal build like this one, and coat it with a beautiful gorilla glass ala U11. so even if you dropped it and the glass breaks, just peel it off and you have an entirely new fon.
Creatorex (11 months ago)
more than one year with my HTC 10 and my recently ordered HTC u 11 incoming. I only used case and screen it's still perfect with zero scratches and I had 2 o 3 phone falls to the tarmac. HTC 10 software is fluent, screen perfect, updates are frequently released and what else... the u 11 Will bring a refreshing. design, better audio , the best camera and new functions. I think I will keep 10 with the 11. HTC phones are always durable and solid products. with U 11 they took the edge again.
saeed khani (11 months ago)
still a beast 💪
Mr Valenzuela (11 months ago)
Crazy that nobody talks about usb type c audio on this phone.
Simon Isenberg (11 months ago)
I just now bought one for 450€ but had it on my radar for half a year. Still hoped the price would reach 400 but the price didn't really budge at the dawn of the U11 and it rather looked like the last 10s are being sold now. I'm upgrading from the original HTC One Mini, so the jump in performance will hopefully be quite noticeable. My one Mini also suffers from a broken back cam (as most do within a year :/ ) and a more and more unresponsive top button and the battery hardly get's me through a day of light use. Still wanted to stick with HTC since I like their android implementation, I want good audio and I only heard good things over the year.
Kwasu (11 months ago)
Iphone 6 or HTC 10 ???
Musang Berjanggut (11 months ago)
m7 is timeless. advance specs back then in 2013 then all other brands are trying to copy but its very exclusive. im looking forward to see what htc could bring in the future. just like the good old days.
william muldowney (11 months ago)
Best Android phone I ever had
Dennis Jernberg (11 months ago)
Only problem with the HTC 10 is the wifi radio. It has crap reception (really slow or even no transfer at all) and I've tried two different sets with the same results.
Joanna Kwan (11 months ago)
Israel Parra (11 months ago)
still have my HTC 10 and is running like a champ. camera is great! this phone I feel is underrated and people need to get there hands on HTC phones!
Răzvan Botea (11 months ago)
what's up with the crazy hair
FG-NEG LAKAY (11 months ago)
yeah HTC 10 is one of the best of 2016, best audio and very durable. I changed my mind for a LG V20 only because I like bigger screen, but from my experience with the 10 and V20, HTC 10 is better a phone.

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