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This company could power the world for 65 billion years

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Nuclear fusion is the 'silver bullet' energy solution, but making it work is a near impossible task.
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User8571 (1 month ago)
For someone reporting on such an important subject, you show up dressed like you were doing these interviews on your way to a dance club. Then compound the lack of professionalism and commit one of the biggest journalism faux pas by saying "nuke-u-ler". 0:10 Congratulations on making the CNN B-Team: YouTube Division, and reminding us all why, even after a decade, online journalism is still a joke.
Jesus Christ (1 month ago)
If it's near impossible to make then why don't they make a Thorium plant which is possible to make!
Openmind Newworld (4 months ago)
milk milk (5 months ago)
She is hot asf
Joel Falla (8 months ago)
Nuclear became “new queue ler” It’s pronounced like “new clear”
Matthew Grotke (8 months ago)
OK I'll say it... she looks good.
DIsmayedConfuse (9 months ago)
Fusion may never be practical as a power source.
StuffedDonut (9 months ago)
fake news
Vincent Snyder (10 months ago)
They accomplish this and we are that much closer to fueling our colonization of the solar system
D. Ryan (10 months ago)
Watch at 3:30 how she mimics the professor with her hand gestures pretending to know about the release of nutrons as she says "right". Generally speaking women have become so comfortable with pretending, they insult us by not thinking we'll catch them on their subtleties. It's the little things like this which are slowly but surely turning me into a misogynist.
jorge pearl (10 months ago)
50 years ago, scientists thought in 10 years they could control fussion, there have been advances in time confinement, temperature, density, but is still out of reach, artificial inteligence is another thing that looked very near, and was not, with computers I think is impossible, ignorant people have no idea what the problems are
tuhin shaikh (10 months ago)
I didn't understand the theory when he said 🐯
hankscorpiouk (10 months ago)
Pokechop Achunky (10 months ago)
be careful who you mention this to. everyone who invited an energy source not related to fossil fuels has disappeared or ended up in prison or been ruined. it's the corrupt that decides the future for all
Sun Dance (10 months ago)
I am in a box. Free me I am being manipulated. Time to call my radicals
we are standing on the holy grail
Saqy G (10 months ago)
She was like wtf ...??!! Professor Charles Xavier
Jay Allen (10 months ago)
all of that just to create a steam engine. SMH
Christara Sp (10 months ago)
I can barely trust my government. How can i trust you?
GistTech (10 months ago)
Nigeria, Saudi, Take note, start looking for alternatives rather than depending on your Crude oil, very soon crude oil and water will have the same value
Baltazar Bächli (10 months ago)
Why is youtube recommending me the fake news chanel?
premiercconstruction (10 months ago)
If we truly were free then we could accomplish anything but we live on a controlled technologically suppressed prison within which the wardens transform them selves into another race. A race with all the info tech and power.
Heartbeat Storm (10 months ago)
Aaron Walderslade (10 months ago)
I love the fact that the only way of harnessing the power kinetically is through a steam engine. I hope they wear top hats when they operate it. if we just controlled our STUPID self destructive baby baby baby baby baby population explosion, we could use steam power, coal, anything. the real lack of civilization is the fact that we just expand our population like a mindless virus. intelligent? ha! give me strength
michel paduelli de canha (10 months ago)
The energy solution is Keshe technology.
Deepankan Chowdhury (10 months ago)
The girl is looking at those guys like " WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT??!!" 😂😂
BHALT0S (10 months ago)
if we do not figure out fusion, humanity is fucked.
Angel 999 (10 months ago)
How about nuclear waste ? Where we gonna dump it ? What will happen when we dump nuclear waste dump ?
TheGreat One (10 months ago)
I m thinking if I should like the video or not like .... Coz I did not understand.
Yours Truly (10 months ago)
Albert Mao Einstein: The most straightforward explanation of fusion vs fission so far so basically fission cooling rods and fusion piston engine system. All this stuff will never work unless scientist get the basics first. The physicists community need to get their shit straight out of the tralalaland they create in the first place to get a breakthrough and understand two basic concept they get wrong., 1.) THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ATOM 2.) THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE SUN. Fission is never going to work without rods are the way to go, but not for cooling but for something else.
John Harrison (10 months ago)
Why would we want to do that just keep using coal
Freedom from oppression (10 months ago)
We can power the world on internet troll hate... these days.
paul barnett (10 months ago)
Supernova! 👍 Just joking
John Cameron (10 months ago)
The bottom line is that despite all the high tech, it is still just a steam engine.
Firstclass Men (10 months ago)
They just like to play with lasers everyday,thats all and giving excuses like power for billions of years.those nerdy kids just joking :)
joracer1 (10 months ago)
Good idea pump millions of $$ into a project only to have (they) to destroy it.. you are still going to pay a $150 power bill. (they) say the only way you can have solar energy is for (they) to control it and charge what (they) want for it. this is the same bs. get real... you guys been talking this bs for 70 years. nothing more than a carrot dangle. (they) decide what your asses do. End of story.
greekgodlamb (10 months ago)
This reminds me of the movie "The Saint" hot fusion, cold fusion, still brings the world cheap limitless energy..
Es Mussseinb (10 months ago)
2:16 that babe's face is PRICELESS! She's like: what the fuck did I get myself into, this dude talks about lasers and I don't even know what makes water boil! Fuck this, I'm goin' back to strippin'! :)
austin1839 (10 months ago)
They'd all be better off focusing resources and money on Zero Point.
Ramy G (10 months ago)
She is like what TF is he talking?
Frozen Code (10 months ago)
She's hot
James Quiroz (10 months ago)
It's so many way to generate power, the problem it's, those who want to make a profit they take control!
Steve Baker (10 months ago)
Lol what a load of shit... mean while in my garage I have successfully split the atom using a chisel 🤣
mohamed ahmed (10 months ago)
i remember my high school physics
ahmed (10 months ago)
God! the reporter is hot! :D
RalfHDLP (10 months ago)
RalfHDLP (10 months ago)
mario sarabia (10 months ago)
To better Humanity yeah right... this will be just another tool to enslave the masses even more
Solexx X (10 months ago)
And still only ten years away. Thorium MSR is the future and its doable today.
dudelivestrong (10 months ago)
Get Elon on this he'll get it done
Leo Brazz (10 months ago)
cnn is fake news
Jaden CM (10 months ago)
And the word "nucular" is often associated with my materials prof... what a butt
Schnozistan Czar (10 months ago)
What they are basically doing is steam power and using the fact that as matter gets denser faster, it gets hotter. This is not fusion fusion is the combination of two different atoms to create a larger atom of a different element, literally the reverse of current nuclear fission. This will allow us to make atoms of rarer elements through trial and error experimentation, basically you can use the concept of the sci-fi concept of "Alchemy" to make a gold atom out of two atoms that when combined have the same number of protons. Simply put, say in an alternate universe gold has seven protons, if you get an atom with three protons and input energy to combine it with another that has four, there's a chance that you might get gold
SIR WAFFLEBOB (10 months ago)
The way he explained makes it sound no different than the nuclear fission process. :/
Liven Seemee (10 months ago)
Why no subtitle stupid what are you afraid of
Liven Seemee (10 months ago)
Why no subtitle stupid what are you afraid of
gamer cat (10 months ago)
Way too complicated to be replicated by backyard scientists lol
Kunal Kankheria (10 months ago)
Press like if u think blonde doesn't understand anything
Lightest Asian (10 months ago)
Isnt the universe only 6billion years old? And the earth is 4bn yrs old Where is the logic in 65bn years come from?
3pointsracer (10 months ago)
Yes we could provide power for the planet today... but we're not going to do that we need to contaminate and earn useless "money".
Paul Mobley (10 months ago)
Yeah except, they have yet to find a metal suitable to make a fussion reactor. After only a short period of time the the metal begins have small cracks throughout. The amount of energy it takes to keep that reaction going and the pressures that are used are astronomical. The cost to build a fussion reactor does not match the output especially if it must be made of a special metal they still are unsure exists. And just like fission this process still produces radioactive waste.
Kaiser68 (10 months ago)
Yeah, the energy companies will never let this happen. They will buy up or, if they can't, sabotage every effort to make this a reality because they make too much money from burning shit and destroying the planet
tekoneiric (10 months ago)
Thorium would be much easier to produce reactors for in the short term.
MickDick l (10 months ago)
what's with all the cobwebs floating around?
kwv4865 (10 months ago)
But of course those from CNN money, well be around in around 65 billion years to see what happens?
David Ssaana (10 months ago)
looking forward before I die
CharlieWhitesWig (10 months ago)
You are fake news
S.A (10 months ago)
The Jews won't let this happen till they want to. If you think otherwise... you need a cock slap into reality.
mrthebillman (10 months ago)
Ahem, ... HYDROGEN.
Allard Freichmann (10 months ago)
What about nuclear waste? What about all the salt mines we buried nuclear waste in? We know that the earth is constantly changing. Evolution doesn't stop because we are here. O, yeah what about that big nuclear power plant in space. It's there for free. We didn't even invented it. So why are we even talking about nuclear plants on earth? Why don't we get rid of all the corruption and pollution that is a threat to us on a daily bases?
Communist Chang (11 months ago)
American false propaganda as usual. Try harder at brainwashing people who aren't Americans. Get wrekt you fucking scrubs and suck Trump's cock. Oh wait he banned the dishonest media from entering the White House.
Deep-fried-zombie (11 months ago)
What did the liberal say to the conservative. Hey man what if I can give you unlimited power for every aspect of your life. Response that would be great. OK, so you have to pay a flat rate with your taxes every year. Response go fuck yourself.. 😕
assmatronix (11 months ago)
Why do I feel the urge to go to pornhub after watching this?
Dan Williams (11 months ago)
251 oil company executive disliked this video.
1tobicat (11 months ago)
This must be true. It's on CNN.
sagar pandey (11 months ago)
she is so hot.
david simmons (11 months ago)
Why only 65,000,000,000 years?
puncheex2 (11 months ago)
The gentleman with the beard's explanation was just about exactly the same explanation that I read in an article in Scientific American back in 1957.
Jay Sanders (11 months ago)
Where do the dylithium crystals go?
The Yorkshire Rambler (11 months ago)
Fake then
Djazeiry (11 months ago)
NorthKorea Ain't a terrorist country though , they've never bombarded civilians or invaded other countries
Ankit Sharma (11 months ago)
Just for reference, the observable universe is only 13 billion years old. The earth is expected to survive for another 5 billion years or so and life on earth will perish long before that.
maxthereof (11 months ago)
Always with the steam...
Nidhin Naresh (11 months ago)
We all can agree the blonde was dumb
Ben Ginter (11 months ago)
Fusion is the energy of the future and it always will be
Benjamin Dollisson (11 months ago)
CNN = FakeNews
magixxx66 (11 months ago)
The best way to get rich, come up with an unknown group of words and machinery that scares the oil industry, they'll buy it off the market. You're rich!
s puentes (11 months ago)
I don't know much about this, but it seems to be a hybrid system? I don't think it's a true fusion because you're utilizing reciprocating pistons to perform the compression portion of the process. That just seems to defeat the process. Those pistons won't last forever, either because of materials and friction.
Chris Gruno (11 months ago)
They should come up with a new name for the process that doesn't scare idiots. Molecular super-compression or neutron energy recovery. Keep the hysteria at a dull moan.
Jeffrey Lannen (11 months ago)
She so didn't get the science. "Uh-huh".
Doug Whitney (11 months ago)
Dark Archon (11 months ago)
That girl has a cute face and nice body.
Kevin Guy (11 months ago)
One problem, If they succeed. The company that does will screw everyone just the same as we get screwed now. Like Hydro power today once the infrastructure is built the actual power generation is almost free, this would be the same for Tidal power generation or Wind. But companies charge much much, more than is justifiable. AND govt lets them because they have no comprehension or understanding
wholeNwon (11 months ago)
There is already a successful fusion reactor that showers the planet with abundant energy every instant of every day.
Julio Jackson (11 months ago)
You show up at a science interview with tight pants. Did you just come from a biology interview?
Templar Knight (11 months ago)
And I believe this is an absolute crock of s***
DK Kempion (11 months ago)
... but won't.
going2sleep (11 months ago)
Million degrees? My brain doesn't process
Caesar (11 months ago)
Is this fake news
vishal mondal (11 months ago)
Chick anchor is clueless as shit
Chris Benham (11 months ago)
What about LFTR's

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