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Arm Cortex A76 - What Does It Mean For Smartphone Performance?

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Read the full post: http://andauth.co/MluBfe | Arm's latest Cortex-A76 architecture promises major performance boosts for high-performance smartphones and for Windows 10 Arm-based laptops. Take a closer look at this ground-up redesign and find out some of the details on how Arm has achieved these improvements and what they mean for you. Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - http://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (196)
Android Authority (14 days ago)
The next big change in SoC architecture is here. Let Gary break it down for you in the way only he can.
Is the specter and meltdown fixes applyed in silicon this time?
Gary Sims (14 days ago)
Jaison Zhang While the move to 7nm is certainly significant, I think you have misunderstood some of the data. For example the graphs at 8:00 compare the A73, the A75 and the A76 at the same process node and the same frequency.
Jaison Zhang (14 days ago)
By "the way only he can", you mean misleading? Omitting the 7nm vs 10nm difference when comparing A76 vs A75 is just laughable. TSMC's 7nm claims 40% lower power compare to 10nm, that means A76 has close to ZERO impact on power efficiency. You can't just mention it at the beginning then go on claiming A76 has the edge without pointing (at any point) what 7nm does. A 3GHz A75@7nm would have achieved the same power efficiency with only 20% less peak performance.
Can't wait
Saad Kidwai (4 days ago)
Nice, awesome stuff. Thanks!
Tendai Dongo (6 days ago)
Garry I love all you stuff and subbed to your channel, please keep it up
Dr Peter jones (9 days ago)
Microsoft is dying fast...trying to use their failed smartphone technology on laptops is really going to fail whatever chip they try to use. This chip is not going anywhere either as it effectively allows microsoft to lock the bios on these portable devices to allow hackers and spyware to spy on you. Most of the worlds software portfolio is x86 which is not going to change anytime soon. So whats left? A restricted eco system from a dying brand trying to use trade monoploies to stop its ultimate demise with low sales numbers. Watch brother softs shares tank if it tries to build this one just like intel when it tried a trade monopoly with ms.
Pay Pal (9 days ago)
Have they fixed spectrum? I don’t think they are fixable unless you switch the branch predictor with alternative tech(correct me if I am wrong)
Calvin Pixels (10 days ago)
9min video that can be 4 minutes long.......
sha shamad (10 days ago)
but gary .... thats a wrong info a bout cortex a75 .... maybe they based it on their structure where a75 built with 10nm while other manufacturers like Huawei built it with 7nm 😕
Mo Ainine (10 days ago)
Oscar Vásquez (10 days ago)
Gary explains CPU instruction cycle please!
sruly pin (11 days ago)
Tnx Gary ...
schakaljr (11 days ago)
Came to AA because of phone reviews, stayed because of Gary!
Nexu Jin (11 days ago)
So excited to see this technology functioning in our hands
Cheetos Ortiz (11 days ago)
My favorite AA presenter now that Josh is gone
Kristein Salmath (11 days ago)
Gary, pls help me. This new SoC can work in 3.0GHz, so why does Windows performance on ARM SoC sucks? And is it same with Linux kernel?
Damien McGhee (12 days ago)
Thank you Gary!
Mo Ainine (12 days ago)
I can smell his breath from here
Gary Sims (10 days ago)
Mo Ainine Minty fresh?
WizardNumberNext (12 days ago)
just 4 years to design new architecture from scratch. That is THE achievement, especially taking in account how much was achieved with new design. P. S. making any advancements taking in account number of transistors in core is THE achievement every and each time, add there is not much breathing room there as number of transistors is in tens of thousands, not in millions or billions as with pretty much all modern x86_64
aftab malvi (12 days ago)
New chips are all fun and games until OEM manufacturers decide not to provide or write feature set to save money on licences or what not that enables new features even on some flagships. Like my OnePlus 3 with Usb type C @ Usb 2.0 speed and no x12 modem to name a few!
FriedEgg (12 days ago)
ARM, that well known Japanese company.
Yanglem Telheiba Singh (12 days ago)
Gary best professor ever seen in YouTube
Yanglem Telheiba Singh (12 days ago)
Gary I wish my mathematics teacher like u , u explain very interestingly and and every detail even under middle class grade student 👨‍🎓 understand ur words and explain android authority or internet explain void without u ur the keep it 1000 likes were permitted then I will hit it ...
Yanglem Telheiba Singh (12 days ago)
Gary I wish my mathematics teacher like u , u explain very interestingly and and every detail even under middle class grade student 👨‍🎓 understand ur words and explain android authority or internet explain void without u ur the keep it 1000 likes were permitted then I will hit it ...
Redmond Leonard Tho (12 days ago)
For most users, their behavior pattern will not change. They'll open same apps regardless of what devices they buy or what's processor inside. That's why faster processor is not a must for them if older one still opening their apps just fine. What most users really need is better power efficiency for longer battery time. Every year there's a slight boost of efficiency but still not enough.
Veerabhadra Ravula (11 days ago)
Redmond Leonard Tho Absolutely spot on. Give the masses a SD800-level performance & a week's worth of battery- you'll conquer 99% of the "smartphone" market
CasualTech (13 days ago)
Please watch my first video! Mrwhosetheboss commented! 😍
Joe Cleveland (13 days ago)
This coupled with apple announcing they will make their own CPU for Mac, I can see the ARM platform overtaking x86 on desktop completely within the future.
Kethamakkala Bhaskar (13 days ago)
Your YouTube programs are very educative. In fact I have developed interest in Android phones after seeing your videos. Kudos!
Maxxwell Walt (13 days ago)
Incredible.. Thanks Gary..
Dipanshu Biswas (13 days ago)
Sir please tell about the onboard graphics capabilities of the A76 based processor vs the i3 7th generation like i3-7130U which I happen to have on my laptop. With 12gb dd4 2133mhz installed ram, it shows 5.9gb as GPU shared graphics and seems sufficient for everyday work including Adobe light room Autocad and Photoshop. I'm curious whether a mobile processor can replace the least of i3 series and still give equivalent performance and good battery life.
Dipanshu Biswas (1 day ago)
aa bb - I understand my confusion. Yes A76 based processor for mobile platform would have a graphic support Adreno or Mali (names I've heard) to perform completely. My question simply put sir, would a 64bit mobile processor with onboard graphic support perform equivalent to a 64bit Intel i3 or i5 processor with onboard graphic and still be able to give a better battery backup? Is that possible ?
aa bb (13 days ago)
Dipanshu Biswas Simply said, I think A76 is CPU, not GPU. Maybe you are referring to PowerVR, Adreno or Tegra, the GPU series that embedded into the SoC.
Dick B. (13 days ago)
Professor Sims - Whilst I marvel at the innovative minds that develop technology, I really appreciate the mind that can explain new tech to those of us who have no tech background. Among the latter set, you are unmatched. Nicely done yet again.
SpaceRock (13 days ago)
Good evening Prof. Sims!
ALph4 (13 days ago)
Gary always makes the most interesting videos
Tian Qing (13 days ago)
huawei gpu turbo explain please.
111danish111 (13 days ago)
Can A76 cores encode 8k video ?
Gary Sims (13 days ago)
The Adreno is Qualcomm's in-house GPU. The Mali G series is Arm's GPU. Qualcomm uses its own GPU in the Snapdragon processors and Samsung uses Arm's Mali GPUs in the Exynos line.
111danish111 (13 days ago)
This is great stuff !! Thanks for the clarification . The Mali V76 and the Amberella H3 are a significant step toward consumer 8k . I have some confusion though . Is the Mali series incorporated into Adreno line ? Galaxy s9 wikipedia page says for the GPU: Exynos: Mali-G72 MP18 Snapdragon: Adreno 630 I have confusion between Mali and Adreno . What is the difference . Does Adreno has its own Video Processor or does it use a Mali based Video Processor ? What Video Processor does the S9 use and do you think if the S10 will potentially use the new Mali V76 video processor ?
Gary Sims (13 days ago)
Video encoding isn't handling by the CPU. Along with the Cortex-A76, Arm also announced the Mali V76 video processor. It can handle 8K encoding and decoding.
111danish111 (13 days ago)
3 Ghz multiple cores . They have a come a long way from their flagship revolutionary at that time 1 Ghz single core which was in my first android phone Google Nexus One .
will 1 (13 days ago)
0:42 what about apple?🤔
Ameer Mankuttukara (13 days ago)
Azam domino (13 days ago)
Too complicated to me, I just need Grindr app didn't crash when I go for hunting.
anemos78 (13 days ago)
Archana Sharma (13 days ago)
Which to buy ...garmain vivofit 4 or Fitbit flex 2 or xiaomi amazfit bip
Spandan Das (13 days ago)
But does this architecture address the Spectre and meltdown vulnerabilities of the previous versions???
aa bb (13 days ago)
Spandan Das I just had the same thinking as you are are. But I think they will be some kernel patches similar in kernel 4.17.
Rounak Sadhukhan (13 days ago)
So can we expect a Dolphin emulator (I think many people don't know about what Dolphin emulator is)performance improvement in A76 powered Snapdragon 855!!
YCANCM (13 days ago)
I don't think companies will jump to 7 nm. The 10 nm is working great and there space to improve. I think they would make it in 2020 or 2021 but not next year. The physics and the size 7 nm do not get together very will as my software engineering friend told me. So I don't know if they can make 7 nm ready by 2019
IBaseCropGaming (13 days ago)
I got have sworn that guy was Lue from UnboxTheripy!
Saurabh Wagh (13 days ago)
Please .... Let me explain
Hamad Hasan (13 days ago)
can it beat A11??
Mark Keller (13 days ago)
*GARY!!!* *Good Evening Professor!* Sorry I'm so late, but work calls.
Gary Sims (13 days ago)
Michael Murphy (14 days ago)
I wanna start a CPU company and call it leg
ahmed mohsin (14 days ago)
is this new design immune to speculative execution vulnerabilities ?
Mike Lay (14 days ago)
Yeey Garry 💪💪
Mark Keller (13 days ago)
I know right!
ahmed hamdy (14 days ago)
Which one is the best cortex-A76 or kyro architecture??? And what is the difference between them?
eivis13 (14 days ago)
well, you can't read performance improvements per generation.
Colin Heaton (14 days ago)
Does it actualy bridge the performance gap between android and ios soc tho? Or will android still be behind.
Jessy Landry (13 days ago)
Apple has inbuilt software in their chip that cheats testbench apps, just like how samsung and such had cheated their test results in the past sometimes. Only difference is apple haven't been caught still
Miguel Relvas (14 days ago)
I wonder if the Snapdragon 855 will use this architecture, because this sounds promising. I was thinking about treating myself to a Google Pixel 3 this year after using a Nexus 5 for 4 years now, but I'm starting to question how I'd feel next year with the new and much improved architecture knowing I watched this video in advance. Oh well
DrFli2401 (14 days ago)
Was waiting for this video, gotta love these explain vids.
muhammed adil jahfar (14 days ago)
Where is Mark Keller?
muhammed adil jahfar (13 days ago)
as long as you are here, everything is awesome.
Mark Keller (13 days ago)
*MUHAMMED!!!* I was working and couldn't post til now.
rndom persn (14 days ago)
Intel and AMD may be in some trouble.
shismohammad mulla (14 days ago)
Start tutorials on Arm cpus
Gary Sims (14 days ago)
shismohammad mulla That is a good idea, what type of tutorials exactly?
Tejas Gundigara (14 days ago)
Superbly explained 👍
Mayur Arun (14 days ago)
I love Gary explains
Mark Keller (13 days ago)
Don't we all!
سميح الرواد (14 days ago)
مرحبا تابع
jayesh dubey (14 days ago)
Hey Gary, most the things you said just flew over my head, except that in 2019 battery if the smartphone s will be smaller, body slimmer, performance good and battery efficiency will be again average.
Jessy Landry (13 days ago)
example http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/autotrends-4000-mah-power-bank-0356105p.html
Jessy Landry (13 days ago)
Power banks will solve that problem, nowadays 4000mah ones are pretty small, so..
Just Playing (14 days ago)
free mov (14 days ago)
Cortex A76 7nm @3.0GHz Very poor clock speed!!!
LowLightVideos (14 days ago)
AnandTech's article: "Arm's Cortex-A76 CPU Unveiled: Taking Aim at the Top for 7nm" (page 4) says that 3GHz will be optimistic for a smartphone using these cores because "mobile chips generally aren’t performance binned but rather power binned, vendors need to lower the target clock to get sufficient volume for commercialisation". On page 1 they say: "In Arm’s words, it’s a “laptop-class” performance processor with mobile efficiency. The vision of the A76 as a laptop-class processor had been emphasised throughout the TechDay presentation ...". SoCs for smartphones may only have 1 or 2 of these cores with the remainder comprising of A55's - so the benefit will be limited to a few threads in this first round with the subsequent version realizing more tweaks and possibly a 4+4. For a phablet or larger, with a larger battery, as long as 8-10 hours can be obtained all will be good, but for a smartphone fewer hours than that will meet with dismay. Indeed AnandTech's article *projectively* _estimates_ that these cores will fall short of Apple's A10 and A11 - and with Samsung putting the 845 onto 7nm it will fall short there too. As per the usual, next year's gonna be great! I wouldn't call this a _leading_ smartphone SoC before then, and probably later than that.
LowLightVideos (13 days ago)
Yes, at semimd there's an article: "Logic Densities Advance at IEDM 2017", which says: "Most of the semiconductor production equipment being used for fabrication of 10nm chip will also be used for 7nm manufacturing, according to Woo. Those 7nm chips will be 10 to 15 percent faster than 10nm chips, while reducing power consumption by 35 to 40 percent, she said.". The 845 is quite good for power consumption, so a 20% performance wouldn't be impossible; if that comes from a tiny bit of IPC it looks like a 500 MHz boost is coming, putting it well past 3 GHz. 2+2+4 is better (for perf) than 4+4, so maybe we'll see a bit of that too and a more aggressive clock like 3.5 (on the 4's, with one of the 2's slower).
111danish111 (13 days ago)
However Galaxy S9 already has four 2.8 GHz cores so I doubt if they will have too much trouble increasing it by 200 Mhz .
Gary Sims (13 days ago)
I think for the mid-range then you are going to see SoCs with 2 Cortex-A76 and 6 A55, more maybe even 1+7. However for the high-end we will certainly see 4+4 processors.
Zimr Tech Tips (14 days ago)
More brawn for my performance hog open-world Android game projects. This is motivational. With these, I can introduce more complex environments with playable framerates.
Abdullah Zafar (14 days ago)
I have Snapdragon 835 ,,, will my device support all the latest apps for another year ..?
IIABODEII (13 days ago)
It will be good until late 2020. Used my note 3 for 4 years only to have it killed by a drop of water, the performance was still good.
Davroid Full (14 days ago)
Its always a flagship even SD 821 can handle it
Abdullah Zafar (14 days ago)
SUPER USER hmm ,, that's good because that should be a major advantage of buying flagship phones
SUPER USER (14 days ago)
Abdullah Zafar more than 2 years
Can it compete with an X86 ?
i44 (14 days ago)
Hmmmm...but can it run Crysis?
Carlos Duarte (14 days ago)
always a pleasure to hear you, Great Explanation!
Mark Keller (13 days ago)
Shalin D (14 days ago)
And there I am stuck with a Honor 6x with arm Cortex A53 cores only
Malibu Beatz (14 days ago)
It's funny how you ignore quantum computing
Gary Sims (14 days ago)
Gregory Paul George M (14 days ago)
I always ALWAYS like the way he says "please let me explain"
Mark Keller (13 days ago)
lol, yep!
Pinchy Prince (14 days ago)
But this is not gary explain's ain't it?
Mark Keller (13 days ago)
Gary Sims 12 hours ago No, I run the Gary Explains channel in parallel.
Gary looks like Unbox Therapy.
Gary Sims (14 days ago)
I look at the name of a YouTube Channel... interesting... You ever taken a Rorschach test?
Rahat Al Beruni (14 days ago)
Does Apple use architecture from ARM or they design their CPU by themselves?
Gary Sims (14 days ago)
jaya surya I don't quite understand what you mean. Are you referring to the SoftBank's purchase of Arm?
Byron Bishun (14 days ago)
Rahat Al Beruni
jaya surya (14 days ago)
Gary Sims wouldn't it be beneficial to Apple if they hadn't sold ARM ?
Gary Sims (14 days ago)
Apple uses the Arm architecture to design its own CPUs.
Lìvíø (14 days ago)
So cortex a76 = exynos m3. Thats still behind apple own cpus
Ben Dunn (14 days ago)
So still not better then the Apples A11?
Ben Dunn (14 days ago)
SUPER USER obviously
Zach (14 days ago)
Apple's processors are roughly a year or two ahead. depending on how high the 855 is clocked it should be faster, or at least on par with the A11, but definitely not the A12
Pratyush Kishore (14 days ago)
SUPER USER But processor is there in both
SUPER USER (14 days ago)
Ben Dunn iOS and Android are 2 different things
Pratyush Kishore (14 days ago)
Ben Dunn I think it will on par with A11 But then apple will have A12
noor khan (14 days ago)
Bionic A12😐😐😐
Febrianto Daniel (14 days ago)
Oo theres a unicorn
Lelouch V Britannia (14 days ago)
so kirin 980 will have A 76 , what do u think Gary?
maxim menage (14 days ago)
fuckin GAAAARRRY! legend
Mark Keller (13 days ago)
The Legendary Professor!
Mauri QHD - Try (14 days ago)
simplified? wait, so is not just a lot of squares what it has inside?
Isaac Adam (14 days ago)
The Arm Vortex A-76 might be implemented to Qualcomm Snapdragon 850/1000 and Kirin 980, and maybe the A12 chips.
Isaac Adam (14 days ago)
Gary Sims Oh man...
Gary Sims (14 days ago)
Isaac, it won't be available in *all* laptops and *all* smartphones, that just isn't possible. Also, the cost of the processor has little to do with the overall cost of the current Arm based Windows 10 Always-Connected PCs.
Isaac Adam (14 days ago)
Gary Sims But does it mean that the laptops and smartphones of 2019 will be cheaper?
Isaac Adam (14 days ago)
Gary Sims I see. Hopefully this Cortex A-76 will be available to all laptops and smartphones by 2019.
Gary Sims (14 days ago)
The Snapdragon 850 is based on the Cortex-A75. It is a possible for the SD1000 and next Kirin. Certainly won't be in the A12.
Sammy Salman (14 days ago)
Every time: 50% faster, half the power intake, more technology. Intel is already the best cpu maker in the planet, why don't they just make an m cpu for android and kill arm for good
Justin Miller (13 days ago)
Viyus Avery yes Intel is lazy, just compare the Intel 2500k to the 6600k, almost 5 years apart from each other and only about a 25% increase in typical performance increases, they just keep milking our wallets.
Sammy Salman (14 days ago)
I think the market is cornered by arm, they own everything man
mikldude (14 days ago)
Sammy Salman comparing a pc to a smart phone is like comparing a bar of soap to a dishwasher . It takes a lot more effort and money to cram a whole lot of tech and hardware into the size of a smart phone .
SUPER USER (14 days ago)
Sammy Salman buy one plus 6 with Snapdragon 845 for 550 USD
Sammy Salman (14 days ago)
Viyus Avery yes but they're overcharging the crap out of us, we dont wanna pay $1400 for a snapdragon 845 phone. We want cheap and fast chip maker to step in, I can buy a whole gaming pc for 1400
TR CommentZ (14 days ago)
Qualcomm: Finally SD855 beats A11 in CPU performance! Apple: *Releases A12 and A12X* Qualcomm: aww f...
TR CommentZ (13 days ago)
Ashutosh Yadav i don't think so, A11 can already run all games at max settings and max frame rate...
Ashutosh Yadav (14 days ago)
TR CommentZ Then there is the GPU. Apple coils and cries in a solitary corner.
Soumyadeep Banerjee (14 days ago)
Just got a love from Android Authority
Robby Chandra (14 days ago)
Hey ,good evening professor!!!! Sorry yesterday I'm late!!!! But on time for this class!!!!
Robby Chandra (13 days ago)
No problem mate some times it happens !!! Be on time for the next class !!!!!
Mark Keller (13 days ago)
*ROBBY!!!* I'm really late today!
Maverick (14 days ago)
Looks Great
KHURT P. (14 days ago)
Thx for the excellent video sir! Btw 100% sure galaxy s10 will have 7nm processor.. or.... The Note9? Who knows? Maybe it will have SD 855 already
Zach (14 days ago)
There's no way the 855 will be out in time for the note 9, but definitely the s10 assuming samsung plays a role in production again
Hell Blazer (14 days ago)
The ryzen "zen 2" processors also claim a 35% performance increase and a 50% power reduction and they are also shrinking to 7nm..hmm🤔
Hell Blazer (14 days ago)
SUPER USER sorry i meant zen 2
SUPER USER (14 days ago)
Hell Blazer ryzen 1st gen 14 nm and ryzen 2nd gen is 12 nm
PRADEEP KUMAR (14 days ago)
Gary the professor.
Mark Keller (13 days ago)
The legend!
Kumar Sudipt (14 days ago)
You have done great job, you explain things so clearly and effectively,I like your videos , your contents of the videos are really meaningful.
Mark Keller (13 days ago)
As always!
Kumar Sudipt (14 days ago)
Should we expect cortex A76 to be implemented with snapdragon 855 processor with 7nm fin fit technology???????? please answer me and give me some details also.
davidlt (14 days ago)
Based on leaked information (e.g. via LinkedIn profiles) it's currently called 855. Of course nothing stops Qualcomm from changing it before making a release. Remember that 850 is not for smartphones, it's a different line of SOCs. There are also rumors about 1000 series, which might be 12W solution (definitely for laptops).
Pratyush Kishore (14 days ago)
I think they will not call it 855 but something bigger as the performance increase is quite high compared to 850 which are basically overclocked 845s
Gary Sims (14 days ago)
The 850 is a different processor, it has already been announced and it is basically a Snapdragon 845 tweaked for laptops. It uses the Cortex-A75.
Ben Dunn (14 days ago)
Isn’t it being called the 850 not the 855?
Gary Sims (14 days ago)
I think it is safe to say that the next Snapdragon processor for 2019's flagships will be based on the A76. If Qualcomm follows its schedule from last year then it will be announced some time towards the end of this year.
Ninja Byte (14 days ago)
Thinking of skipping Snapdragon 850 for my next laptop which I will buy and jumping to next Snapdragon based on Cortex A76
Swift Boiz (14 days ago)
Not a mature market yet, if you need it for anything but web browsing/simple usage then skip it.
Tuhin Nayak (14 days ago)
Every OEM are interested on CPU performance rather than GPU, the mid-ranger and budget phones have very inefficient and less powerful GPUs, and it's the same GPU with some less power consumption but almost the same bandwidth.
ali yasser (14 days ago)
A75+A55 vs A76,😊😊
A A (14 days ago)
Isn't moving from 10nm to 7nm already means 30% bettey performance and battery efficeiancy? So the new Arch only gives 5% better performance and 10% efficeiancy if they are both 10nm ?
davidlt (14 days ago)
I think, part of this was explained in recent Computex ARM event. IIRC, on the same node performance is 20 or 25%, not 35%. You need to find the video for more details.
Brady Snelgrove (14 days ago)
Mark Keller (13 days ago)
LOL! *GA-RY!* *GA-RY!* *GA-RY!*
vidhub (14 days ago)
Good one
Sting Taker (14 days ago)
Gary is the best guru of techs. Love his explanations☺
Mark Keller (13 days ago)

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