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iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL SPEED Test

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Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Speed and Performance test, Camera launch, Browser, Apps, Gaming Speed tests as well as RAM management. ►►► dbrand skins: http://dbrand.com/SuperSaf SUBSCRIBE for more ►►► https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 iPhone X the Apple A11 Bionic Chip vs Google Pixel 2 XL with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSafTV Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (1064)
Krishna Mohan (14 hours ago)
Pixel has sharper screen, unlimited photo and video storage at original quality, better camera, more software freedom for a cheaper price. Iphone has better performance and battery life and few extras like face id for 300$ more. Pixel seems to be a better choice for many.
Krishna Mohan (14 hours ago)
Amazing that android is finally giving competition. Steve jobs would have been very disappointed by these videos.
Pierre (4 days ago)
Google needs to design and manufactur they're own processors, because this is why Apple will always be faster. Apple has been designing and maufacturing they're own processors from the beggining. Google needs that edge on it's flagship, or they won't come close to competing. Open source, customization and more Ram is great, but speed is also a plus.
ENLFRO (12 days ago)
So much wasted screen real estate for a lot of apps on the iPhone.
Nitigya Soni (17 days ago)
Pixel 2 xl and iphone X best of both the worlds ..
Hardik Aswal (18 days ago)
Notice how the screen in almost all the android flagships (except 5T maybe) goes black for a tiny fraction of a second while opening games whereas it is super smooth in the iPhone! Apple anyday <3
Rubei (20 days ago)
google pixel 2 half the price of iphone X . just as good...android in a nutshell
mohd aslam (29 days ago)
Bro..pliss...I want pixel 2 xl pliss..sent to malaysia
Mark Binder (1 month ago)
Where is the iPhone X vx Pixel 2 XL battery drain test. I see speed tests and iPhone X vs Pixel 2 but no Pixel XL? Can you please do a Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone X battery drain test?
Abhishek Ruhela (1 month ago)
Always be evergreen iPhone X I love iPhone X
Jackson (1 month ago)
Honestly, if you would have closed the games after you opened them one by one, I bet you the pixel would have taken the lead.
Apple User (1 month ago)
The iphone x loaded the games faster than my phone opens facebook :(
Joshua Arciaga (1 month ago)
Who plays that much games lol
Emrah Solmaz (1 month ago)
en çok güzel google 2 vs google 2 xl hangi
mikeyb (1 month ago)
Dang I don't like that big bezel up top the iphone x. Ugly. Ruins the design
Biplob Majumder (1 month ago)
Yes we want speed test after sometime again between them....
Putin Clash Royale (1 month ago)
rameez akhtar (1 month ago)
I'm big fan of your's but this time i'm very disappointed..
rameez akhtar (1 month ago)
I'm seriously disappointed this time supersaf, i mean seriously who does a speed test with games? What were you thinking when you made this test. And above all everybody know that ios is faster in gaming...
Varun Suri (1 month ago)
Pixel is incredible
HAM (1 month ago)
These are pretty awesome phones
Ananth Anath (1 month ago)
I think pixal display is way better than iPhone x
Diego A. Taveras (1 month ago)
Animations NEVER fail on the iPhone...
Joseph Nivin (1 month ago)
One of best speed review
Mandingo (1 month ago)
Pixel is BEAST !
BOBBA SAI HARSHA (1 month ago)
iphone is champ
Рома Зварич (1 month ago)
Please, test OnePlus 5T vs Google Pixel 2
Yassir Ghanim (1 month ago)
Y r there so many games in this test, most people don't play mobile games
Madhav Maheshwari (1 month ago)
Apps faster on pixel Games faster on iphone
Jupazami99 9 (2 months ago)
Just so u know developers make most of the games for iPhone first n then for Android that's why Android kinda struggle with games..... Just saying
Maryan Pekha (2 months ago)
1+5t the best
Modikoe Pule (2 months ago)
the launch on iphone is probably the biggest advantage, it launches games like its opening a picture.
zomgtehvikings (2 months ago)
Without being strictly Android or strictly iOS, it seems to come down to: do you want the best camera (Pixel 2 XL), or do you want the best CPU (iPhone 8/X)? There are other options to weigh (like LG's horrendous quality control), but these seem to be the main ones barring OS preference. The Pixel 2 XL is great in everyday use, but even if you got one with a "perfect" screen like I did, it will still have issues. Mine just started getting bad after it being perfect since release date October 18th. So me personally, I'm gonna RMA it and/or return it (if I can), or sell it once it's replaced and 100% new, and get an iPhone X. Both are fine and this doesn't need to be a phone maker pissing match constantly. Let's just all agree that LG's quality control is absolute garbage. Apple was smart to invest in LG, but go with Samsung for the screens.
Damon Martin (2 months ago)
Re test :)
Arhi duk (2 months ago)
only your video testing that iPhone faster so weird
Danny Aston (2 months ago)
What the fuck is wrong with google? Having to swipe up from the bottom of the screen then press the home key to go to the home screen?!? That’s one step too much!
PHXNTXM (2 months ago)
I think it is the weirdest thing how the iPhone X has these slow ass animations for social apps, and yet, the phone itself is an absolute beast in every other regard. Apple really needs to optimize iOS 11 more efficiently in a future update, because the rollout of the entire software release has been an imperfect mess since it launched initially.
astral traveler (2 months ago)
How well do these phones perform over the life of ownership while enduring endless downloads and repeated updates from developers? This is the question inquiring minds want answered.
astral traveler (2 months ago)
How does their speed hold up over time with ongoing updates?
Njebillionaire (2 months ago)
Please kindly stop doing speed tests with gaming Apps ,as this top high end devises are used for business. Pls try using business app
Watching iPhone X😉
Rafael Kharkongor (2 months ago)
Google going down
Rafael Kharkongor (2 months ago)
iPhone X is the best
Debajit Jit (2 months ago)
HELLO supersaf,, please do a speed test betwn pixel 2 xl vs note 8
Wong Matt (2 months ago)
Pixel 2 is ran out of ram by opening all of the apps above.
Albert Stewart (2 months ago)
What's the point in running stock Android if it performs worse than Samsung phones running TouchWiz?
Derek Furst (2 months ago)
why does everyone do 90% games on these things. Who cares about game loading times? I don't have a single game on my phone. But on every single productivity one or "daily" app like youtube, the pixel wins
Derek Furst (2 months ago)
wtf, android 8.1 is available right now. why aren't you using it
Vishal Karbhari (2 months ago)
Note 8 dabba hai iphone ke samne hahahah hanging mobail
Vishal Karbhari (2 months ago)
Android dabba hai ios ke samne
Vishal Karbhari (2 months ago)
Iphone only best all world any time
Hi_Im_Flabber (2 months ago)
Tell me if I'm wrong but the game loading speed has a lot to do with the software it's programmed for/on. When designing an app for Android the app has to be a lot more versatile vs designing an app for Apple. They might be the same games in the end but they are still separate programs.
Apple Tech (2 months ago)
Jeremi Santo (2 months ago)
thats weird there was another video i saw where the pixel was slightly faster than the iphone
David Blyth (2 months ago)
Yes, I would like to see another comparison once the OSs mature a bit.
I don't know a name (2 months ago)
Google pixel 2 and every other phone after the s8... is pretty much a pricy scam.
Bimantara Ksatria Putra (2 months ago)
Who are on earth minimizing 8 games on their daily life. Put more useful apps in your next video. At least 4 social medias, 4 office apps (docs, pdf, mail etc), and 4 games.
Darren Stephenson (2 months ago)
What storage size is the Pixel 2 XL in this video?
ahbahpuh (2 months ago)
It turned to be the problem is somewhere in the iOS' kernel network stack: as you can see, the iPhone lost in apps what needs the internet connection. It would be nice if you will test apps that doesn't need internet connection, candidates: 1) VSCOcam 2) Snapseed 3) Gallery app 4) Calculator 5) Contacts 6) Dialer
LC (2 months ago)
What the fuck you mean social apps a tie? literally all of them loaded faster on the Pixel. As for games, Iphone.
Matthew Moscotto (2 months ago)
Pixel deprioritizes games as anyone should if their life isn't in order 👌😂
Josh Dillon (2 months ago)
The Pixel XL 2 looks so nice next to the iPhone Ex... surprised.
RaviTej 's (2 months ago)
you're awesome bro
arun alex (2 months ago)
no matter what people says iphone again best in the market...
Jonas Trinidad (2 months ago)
Android better for Apps, iOS betther for games.
Imtiaz Rahman (2 months ago)
google pixel 2xl is the best smartphone ever
Fernando Rodriguez (2 months ago)
You should do a Supersaf style comparison between iphone 8 Plus vrs Iphone X
asolo006 (2 months ago)
Wow, this really was a great comparison test! nice job!
תומר לוי (2 months ago)
STFR (2 months ago)
the loading speed of the images depends on the speed of your connection, you fucking moron
D Rex (2 months ago)
Honestly, pixel screen does look better imho
Adam Patterson (2 months ago)
Can performance differences come down to how games are ported to other platforms? I would think that none of these games is written from scratch for each platform and is using something like Unity or equivalent. Its possible that the difference lies in the underlying framework.
Shubham Songara (2 months ago)
iOS 11 is crap.....jeopardised battery life and RAM management.
jetho (2 months ago)
Who the fuck constantly loads apps from a completely closed state? Once you have opened them for the first time , the are mostly in your RAM already.
Richard Servello (2 months ago)
Well, I don't game. So for me... Pixel is better.
Richard Servello (2 months ago)
Noticed Mario crops on pixel. Fng Nintendo
CarToonVideos (2 months ago)
iphone is good in game
ARMAG3D3N56 (2 months ago)
Saying that android is better than iOS in terms of optimization immediately shows that you DO NOT know what you’re talking about. Android may NEVER be better optimized better than iOS. Why? Apple uses the same operating system on all their latest phones. Everything right now as far back as the 6 and maybe even the 5s has iOS 11. Developers don’t have to jump through hoops to design these apps for Apple products because most the time it’s a simple as a few tweaks like adjusting the screen size to fit the new phone and utilizing the cpu if there’s more power to have it at peak performance for the latest phone. Android is nothing like this at all. There are THOUSANDS of Android phones using different internal specs, different displays and screen sizes, and different versions of android. Developers have to take ALL of this into account when designing an app for android and it’s why usually if you don’t have a flagship android you get force closing app issues all the time. Zero optimization. Even certain apps still won’t support the flagship phones to their fullest. The most iconic one for example would be snapchat where on iOS it not only performs very well but also looks like a clear photo, but on android its known to have so many glitches, given worse filters and even takes worse pictures. Why? There is no optimization for android as even stated by the developers themselves. They do not want to have to design for android because they don’t want to have to deal with all the different phones under android. So when you’re on Snapchat and you take a picture of something, instead of taking a picture and having your phone process it and produce a nice photo your phone just screenshots whatever is on the screen. That is not optimization.
Deep prajapati (2 months ago)
Hello sir I am one of your fan and sunscriber so I want to say that please do a giveaway of iPhone x ...........hope you like my opinion thank you
adeeb075 (2 months ago)
Game performance on iPhoneX is so amazingly unreal, wow. And continues with a high res screen, so many used to attribute this to 1080p, but it seems it's really faster.
Dan Pl4yz (2 months ago)
hopely intel make processor for smartphone that include it's gpu mayne can called it intel core S-750 and then score 400000++ on antutu at 2K resolution with super effieciency usage like 2000 mAh can last 6 hours+ with heavy usage...srsly intel has to Just my opinion ok ;)no hate :P
Entertainment (2 months ago)
nice video
Krautmaster86 (2 months ago)
ok apps = Pixel win, Games iOS. But its that tight, who cares...
Sheldon Cooper (2 months ago)
Video on pixel colour correction update
Sunday Erhonmose (2 months ago)
Worst speed test ever
nafran nfrn (2 months ago)
Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL each one best in their platform.... ios and android,,,, You're The best reviewer i really mad with ur videos. i am a die hard fan of ur Tech review videos. i am waiting for ur HTC U11+ vs iphone X Performance test. i like u boss...
Munyez1 (2 months ago)
Where is the web browser speedtest ?
PepiSchmeichel (2 months ago)
Make speed test Iphone X vs. Xperia Xz premium ,please!
ExtremeYT (2 months ago)
Hey its awesome its good I like your video sorry for saying that can you give me too my mother need pixel xl
david tadros (2 months ago)
iPhone x killed it
2911moj (2 months ago)
Has anyone else noticed that the iphone screen colours looks dull compared to the pixel. How are people complaining about unsaturated colours on the pixel when the iphone is even more unsaturated? And iphone is using samsung's amoled panel.
Akshay Sainani (2 months ago)
when will we get to see the speed test between the razor phone and iphone X? Especially when it comes to gaming!!
Tanjim The Tech Guy (2 months ago)
Very Nice
Abdulrahman Kamal (2 months ago)
guys seriously you won't buy one over the other just because it did open a game or an app a second faster, mobile industry is overall improved mobiles quality and most of high-end mobile will leave you satisfied with what you have
Mohd. Hameed Khan (2 months ago)
Nameste Saif I’m from india and love your Chanel Keep up the good work
Animesh Ghosh (2 months ago)
Xperia xz1 speed test plz
Ahmed Abdi (2 months ago)
I think Apple skipped iPhone 9 cuz they ran out of ideas
Beastly G (2 months ago)
Same old same old. Faster apps on android, faster games on ios. Not much of a gap anymore on the games anymore though. I am curious though how they loaded faster on Tech Trinket's video and not here. Any ideas why?
Udipotah XD (2 months ago)
Stupid speed test who needs 4-5 games playing in the background
Ivan Castro (2 months ago)
Wallpaper on the pixel please😁

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