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Life inside a 'dome' home

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See what it's like to live in a house with a geodesic dome.
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Esther Goodheart (1 month ago)
My Dreamhouse as a gifted knitter :-)
B S (1 month ago)
I love the Idea of a under ground house. like what green magic does.
Vic Felekian (4 months ago)
dope property, anyone know the address? I'd love to drive by and admire this home.
Vita Leonis (9 months ago)
This guy is as Gay as a day in may! Neutered and knitting...
Terry Baby (2 months ago)
And your point is...?
Indie Media Eastcoast (5 months ago)
so what.. i have gay neighbours.. they lovely lads.. and dog guys .. friendly and sweet .. leave em alone
Mike Paul (10 months ago)
I like the underground part, good fallout shelter. What's the total square feet (in a round home thats a strange question) of living space. Beautiful home.
marcellahdez (5 months ago)
Mike Paul don't be a square! :V
Damoce kay (1 year ago)
Too big for my taste.
RichHomieTom (1 year ago)
Oie d'etudiant (1 year ago)
Gotta love that round door
Brandt McCall (2 years ago)
Wonderful, creative, beautiful, spiritual home. He is so neat and tidy too....lovely fellow!
F C Burgner (2 years ago)
"Centered" touchy feely living at it's best.
Mia Vine (2 years ago)
I. love. this. house. it's amaaazing!!!
Brandt McCall (2 years ago)
+Mia Vine I agree, love the idea of feeling centered and calm when one goes in it as the gentleman said.
HQCOMMS65 (2 years ago)
at 1.29 is that a dildo on the table !
KreoOptimusPrime1 (10 months ago)
you really have a dirty mind
campbell souup (2 years ago)
+HQCOMMS65 doesn't really look like it, but hes definitely growing bud in that same shot lol
HQCOMMS65 (2 years ago)
Oh!sama (2 years ago)
+HQCOMMS65 my kind of guy
Todd Phillips (3 years ago)
that's odd since when could u not use other post to like or dislike? since when was the top 3 the only ones u can like or dislike n especially since the only top 3 r trolling? well now u can like mine but wdf
globalnova (3 years ago)
" no room says specifically what is supposed to happen there, because sometimes I like to knit in the washing machine , you know, or, like, sleep in the sink "
Heins Snieh (2 months ago)
Yeah mate, dadaism lol
megadeth22885 (3 years ago)
lmao at the gay hippie calling knitting his job in art
Heins Snieh (2 months ago)
jeremifrancisco1 (1 year ago)
spotdogs1 (3 years ago)
Relaxing and trippey very cool. All in a but shell, it's fantastic !
Matt Lowry (4 years ago)
We offer a hub system at .domemade.co.uk to allow you to create a garden dome for low cost
Maclain Herbers (4 years ago)
U see triforce?!?!
spartyutube (4 years ago)
Amazing house :) Did you knit and crochet all the things in it!? :)
Talons X (4 years ago)
I lived in one and I can tell you--roof covered in cedar is so freaking expensive...so we opted for the asphalt, but only half of the roof...It made the HOT...as you went upstairs the temp radically changed...I don't know why or if it was good or bad...
Indie Media Eastcoast (5 months ago)
marcellahdez (5 months ago)
Talons X do you recomend it or not? Considering I live in on the San Andres Fault seems like a pretty good option... In the 60 and 70's it seemed like the future but for some reason abandoned the whole concept... Most importantly for economic reasons... Any insight?
Beatnikzombie (4 years ago)
Yes! When I build my dome, it's going to have a metal roof.
Pacific Domes (4 years ago)
Think Geodesic!
Practical Spirituality (4 years ago)
Domes are the most energy efficient shape since the air circulates rather than all the heat rising, but the asphalt shingles on the roof are destined for the landfill. Need to find a better roofing solution. Slate shingles? Ideally a metal standing seam roof if possible.
Rodney Amey Jr. (4 years ago)
Tri-Force ftw

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