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Must-see insane stunt with the Property Brothers causes fans to nearly pass out!

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Fans almost pass out when the Scott Brothers pull off a crazy trick at the world-famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in the heart of New York City, where they are in town celebrating the launch of Brother VS Brother season three!
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animecrazylover09 (1 month ago)
Honestly I would jump but would also attack haha fight or flight response would kick it, i'm glad no one kicked in you guys haha
Jenna Grace Emanuele (2 months ago)
love you so much
Poni Mele (6 months ago)
Cool thing to notice is that Drew reacts before Johnathan does. I just find that a cool little fact, lol! And if I was there I would’ve ran Alittle Bit away, before running back and hugging them both, lol
Claudia Mendoza (6 months ago)
Drew & Johnathan really know how to have fun & give the best surprise to their fans. Keep up the Great work, You Guys.
Jenna Grace Emanuele (7 months ago)
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Jenna Grace Emanuele (8 months ago)
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Anime's Balle du Soleil (7 months ago)
Courtney (9 months ago)
Honestly I would probably scream "ITS ALIVE...WAIT ITS ACTUALLY YOU!"
Jenna Grace Emanuele (10 months ago)
Mary Colonna (1 year ago)
I was there and I was part of the prank!! Jonathan was standing right next to me and scared the crap out of me!!! I was very surprised, but it was awesome to see them both, again.They are such sweet, genuine guys and I adore them!!!
STOOL PIGEON (1 year ago)
when was dis???? i missed it and i live right here!!!! 😢😢😢😢
msbutterfly714 (1 year ago)
That was so sweet of them to take the time out to do this HI5!!
Kaberator (1 year ago)
João oãoJ (1 year ago)
Kaberator YES
Aline Lima (1 year ago)
You might well look at your fans here in Brazil and do one of those here too !!! Anxious for a little visit from you ....
Randi Collins (2 years ago)
That was hysterical!!!! My abs hurt from laughing so hard.
vancitygurl (2 years ago)
would expect nothing less from these guys. I don't know how they are 'on' all the time...I'm always grumpy! LOL
ROSS (1 year ago)
fdf gyj
They must be good at staring... and standing still... I'm no good at both
TheHappyheart77 (2 years ago)
LOL that was cute!you guys are wicked ! :)
LateNightCrazies (2 years ago)
how'd they keep their eyes open lol
emily molina (2 years ago)
They are too cute
Lizzy Xie (2 years ago)
"Jonathan you cannot take Taylor Swift home" 😂😂
Selena Alma Nikolas (2 years ago)
Made me smile so much my poor cheeks hurt, and laugh too. :D
DarkCyradis (2 years ago)
It's so cute how everyone just immediately hugs the Property Bros like they're a pair of cuddly teddy bears or something. XD So cute~~~
Marie Sparling (2 years ago)
This just goes to show how funny you 2 are; & how much you guys love to have fun & see other peoples reactions to. Great video you guys, & awesome as always to!  :)
DisneyNerd101 (2 years ago)
I would freak out and then guve them the biggest hug ever! XD jonathan tickling that girl was so cute xD kinda jealous 😜
SilvaMC (2 years ago)
DIANA T. GROSS (2 years ago)
I always watch these guys so funny love them wish they were in my town
Yjiro Yjiro (2 years ago)
OMG .... I wish I am with them...
Cheryle Evans (2 years ago)
If your arms had been around me jonathan I wood not have move a kiss is better best to you and brew keep making us happy hope to meet you two one day
Rose William (2 years ago)
I love the Scott brothers! The Bro Cam is great! Your old webisodes are so cute and funny. Keep entertaining us!
Smegy Psiren (3 years ago)
And this is why you will never catch me in one of those was museums. Tooooo creepy!
Fab Nalmy (3 years ago)
Aww my mom loves you guys, would've been nice to be there!!
Mary Prine (3 years ago)
Love it would love to meet them
Tess Michaud (3 years ago)
Good thing I wasn't there I tend to swear when someone scares me lol
Sally Willow (3 years ago)
You going to give those girls a heart attack, that is AFTER you scare them.  They may stop breathing when they realize it is really both of you in person.  [fanning self]
Pamela Henson (3 years ago)
What awesome young men !!!!!!!
GeimywithaG (3 years ago)
Can't believe we missed it! That's so funny, you guys are the best!
tjt072 (3 years ago)
that is so freakin funny and how lucky those fans were :)
Tiah Easter (3 years ago)
Crying because a) that's hilarious! And b) I wasn't there ;n;
Hilda Vera (3 years ago)
love it! wish i could have been there!
amcarl612 (3 years ago)
So glad video is on YouTube!!! It's a KEEPER!!!
Lindy1985 (3 years ago)
Hahahahahahaha you guys are freaking awesome!
Nicole B (3 years ago)
So AWESOME!!! I wish I could have been there!! Love you guys!
Alex Guarino (3 years ago)
You are totally the best! :-D
Pili BD (3 years ago)
It would be a nice dream! +Jonathan Scott  +Drew Scott :) +Scott Brothers Entertainment
bánfi andrea mariska (3 years ago)
Hey guys! I really like video! you guys are a bit crazy but very adorable! poor girls scare them! oh, you're a Drew is a lady scare you! I just love this video! was how many people! but it would have been good for me to be there! You're my favorite guys! Hungary big fan! thanks for the video!
Cheryle Evans (2 years ago)

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