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Dexterous robot could be your next doorman

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Boston Dynamics' latest robot can open a door and hold it while you walk inside.
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Smith Lynch (5 days ago)
Joseph Atnip needs his retard dumbass strapped to the next spacex rocket so the world can say goodbye while he prepares to swim in the drink. Till he realizes the drink is outer space. Elon Musk is lightyears ahead of anyone accept making money. Hes profusely bleeding money. Its not about cash. Take out all that solder from your 80s tank and melt a dome to fit your stupid face. Or bash your teeth out with the board till you become educated or lose your faggot
City Nature (7 days ago)
Somebody please get this robot a gun!
raynarayskye (9 days ago)
Do you want Skynet because that's how you get Skynet?
Tyler McGrath (10 days ago)
Well shit, that isn't terrifying at all.
Michael bryne II (10 days ago)
I need to get one of these.i
Decentralized TV (10 days ago)
Jamey Mikels (10 days ago)
Now the robots can get in your fucking house!
sky luna (10 days ago)
Let's not try to go where they end up hiding these robot's or else they will hunt us
That thing has really changed
Joseph Atnip (10 days ago)
I had a programmable robot truck in like 1982 go five feet turn left go 2 feet turn gun 90° fire :-p ... Total BS just trying to get investment money no proof of A. I......... This s*** is latest scam I'm surprised SpaceX isn't all over this or maybe they tried couldn't get in and that's why Elon Musk speaking out he's pissed he didn't think of it you sitting around faking shuttle missions.... That's why he's pissed he's got to spend millions of dollars to shoot Rockets into the ocean to make billions of dollars......1980s Tek https://youtu.be/4LQ0NQWs2TA
Joshua Tobin (10 days ago)
No! They are practicing word dominiation by breaking in to the secret BostonDynamics lab!
ewanen (10 days ago)
I love these kind of robots
Rico Hanker (11 days ago)
Black mirror AF
Eric (11 days ago)
This is just like Black Mirror, episode: Metalhead. Scary. You've been warned. Humans are stupid to be playing with this fire.
Decentralized TV (10 days ago)
Like all films and tv series.. programming before such things actually happen
Emiliano Ramirez (11 days ago)
This is stupid they are taking away people's jobs.
first name last name (11 days ago)
I guess this robot is made in Canada.
Raditya Oe (11 days ago)
Future robot, indeed centaur type.
Jentul Jay (11 days ago)
When u look at this demonstration makes u appreciate how wonderful we humans are.
Sa Sa (11 days ago)
Deborah Kline (11 days ago)
Tobias Adams (11 days ago)
This is some Black Mirror shit
Peter Luxington (11 days ago)
wow, not long after the actual video release, props to you

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