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Text Comments (33)
Sterling Edwards (1 day ago)
Tremain Mishoe (23 days ago)
Live dahling!!!!
Jodeine N (24 days ago)
Favorite place to vacation : Tokyo.
Nina Carranza (24 days ago)
Since your in Cali now you gotta make a trip up to Big Bear. It's not that far and it's absolutely stunning. Winter or summer it's a must see.
oh em gee u have to do that at my wedding...🙃💃😻🕺👑♦️🦇🍋🍅🍉☕️🎂🥂💙 love yous a bunch!!!
pegger1982 (24 days ago)
Oh pls say your gonna upload some karaoke Vids to your channel now 😁
Annalee Belle (25 days ago)
Uuugggghhhhh having all of you there was soooo rad!
Danielle Zepess (25 days ago)
4:12 Are we absolutely SURE Cameron isn't really a super-suave, sexy secret agent? "double-oh-HANDSOME" PS - Best "Cake" performance... EVER!!! ❤
Jennifer Miller (25 days ago)
Caleb , Haley , and Bria all I want for my birthday is to be in a fitness Marshall video with you and a phone 📱 love you guys you guys are awesome 😍😍😍
Marissa Sosa (26 days ago)
I wish you came to my wedding. Xx
prakash prajapati (26 days ago)
Oooohhh the reception dance with everyone does looks great fun wish if i u will ever come to india
prakash prajapati (26 days ago)
Awesome karaoke
Keshia beardy (26 days ago)
Your too cute celab ❤️ and at least you had a good time
sls5114 (26 days ago)
Looooooove you guys sooo much!
Lauren Lawrence (26 days ago)
Caleb you look so nice💝
Tiffany Patricia (26 days ago)
That looks like so much fun! I LOVED that dance at 8:30, and the bride at 9:40ish! Don't worry, the cake will wash off. 😚
Megan Moogle (26 days ago)
I saw a gossip mag today with Drew and Linda's wedding on the front and I was tempted to flip through to try and find you guys in the background of any photos ahahaha I'm gonna have to go back and look just in case. I'm planning to go to London and Paris in September/October-ish and ngl I'm extra excited after seeing you guys doing stuff in Paris since you were in Brisbane after I went. One day I'll get to be at the same place as you guys... at the same time.
Chaotic Fun Life (26 days ago)
Daaannng!!! So much skillz at this wedding, look at everyone getting down!!! Looks like such a great time!!! Congratulations to the happy couple!
Sheila Thompson (26 days ago)
Damn you guys killed that!!! What a wedding! Amazing!
Sarah M2020 (26 days ago)
YAS!!!! The cake dance was BOMB!!!! I was dancing with y'all!! Love y'all! congrats to drew and Linda. Their first dance had me screaming and dancing! <3
Kahlen Deveraux (26 days ago)
When are we getting the HaleyXCaleb debut album??
Kahlen Deveraux (26 days ago)
I will be the first to purchase it!
Caleb Marshall (26 days ago)
Kahlen Deveraux lol right
stacey _1618 (26 days ago)
omg i cant wait till its you and cameron's wedding
Nesia Mbow (25 days ago)
stacey _1618 yesss
stacey _1618 (26 days ago)
yes you should collab with victoria
فكر فكر اكثر (26 days ago)
I love you too
Sklya Rose (26 days ago)
I love you
Neecy C (26 days ago)
So happy for Drew and Linda. Looks like you guys had a great time!
iCoverStuff (26 days ago)
Also I hope u had fun!
iCoverStuff (26 days ago)
Caleb, Haley, Bria, Cameron. Please be careful!

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