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YouTube Gear #1 | Blue Yeti!

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Showcasing the gear that makes the videos happen! Blue Yeti Blackout Edition: http://amzn.to/1NtPcFQ Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MKBHD http://instagram.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (3946)
ciaran McIntyre (6 days ago)
Why is it black if its called a blue yeti
Jason Kyle (7 days ago)
Hey dude thanks for sharing! Do you have a tutorial for using this mic and editing with audacity? So more of an audacity tutorial for VO. Thanks!
Ay (11 days ago)
Can you use connect it to iphone?
Aron Mask (11 days ago)
Hey, only found you 2018, good review! As a beginner I don't have good mic. I am creating a basic Adobe Premiere tutorial how to tweak audio sound with equalizer. Can I use some parts of this video just to show people how good quality sound should be like? Thanks
Tourzity (13 days ago)
I just bough the blue yeti yesterday, my first every mic was a snowball and i can notice a diffrence from snowball and yeti. :3
SQUIDDUCK TV (17 days ago)
That’s not the pro
Beautiful review! You just gained a subscriber.
NewbAtYoutube (18 days ago)
so this isnt the yeti pro i know the video is 3 years old buit still its just the blackout edition
rajeev kumar (21 days ago)
Android box v88plus sutable mic model namber for skype chatting
professionel gamer (23 days ago)
witch one is the best the micro razer serein or the blue yéti😕😕
Mika Tarkela (23 days ago)
Which position is good for voip and recording from in front of the mic?
Thanks for the review! It was really helpful. Excited to get mine in the mail! Also - I'm digging the subliminal messaging in the background. Subscribed.
sibilloo (1 month ago)
do a video on what kind of camera lenses you use on your videos please and thank you
iiJxstinPlayz (1 month ago)
Thanks Marques!! This review made me buy this! Thanks a lot!!
It's also an ASMR mic.
For tingles and enjoy you to sleep.
Ryan Hunt (1 month ago)
Am I too late for the giveaway?
ABM GAMING123 (1 month ago)
This vid made me realize how broke I am
Real Techz (1 month ago)
I watched this more than 20 times after watching other mic reviews but still could not find a better one than this
oscarrodasTV (1 month ago)
so can this one mic work if say i wanted to do a podcast with myself and 2 other people
soapie the sush (1 month ago)
thank you so much!! ahhh i only have garageband and audacity and this mic (not the pro version) and im trying to record vocals, im not very good with technology so thank you so much for this.
BeruaNgeGame (1 month ago)
hi marq , what about cheap condenser microphone for gaming etc??
rykid Pandaman101 (2 months ago)
Thanks for the advice I have the yeti on a scissor arm and shockmount and it sounds perfect
korho (2 months ago)
Carter Holm (2 months ago)
You sound white
LavaToken (2 months ago)
Do you use phantom power?
Edmund Dragojlović (2 months ago)
The blue yeti is the canon 80D of microphones.. overrated and garbage. I have a ATR2100 and 6D Mark ii
Great video. I'm just kind of getting started.
The Original ONION (2 months ago)
aissa jez (2 months ago)
Well mine sounds like shit..nothing near the sound quality that you showcased!!
Synthetic Everything (2 months ago)
Filtroox (2 months ago)
Is it worth paying more for an audio technica at2020 usb or not?
Inferno (2 months ago)
man wtf,5.5 m subs last time i was here you got like 13k ? what the fuck , good job
NumBskullZ (2 months ago)
Nice camera on the left
Werby (2 months ago)
Wat is gear ( i am from belgium don't Hurt me please xD )
BoninFire9 (2 months ago)
Could you do a Arozzi microphone review?
Edm Production (2 months ago)
the shogun mic you are using sounds so much better. "you can obviously not tell the difference between the mic i been using". Yes i can its a big difference. The shogun has much more full low mid and less nasal sounding then yeti. Anyway to get mic built in dac and a preamp with headphone jack plus different polar patterns its a great price. But if one own a audio interface this isnt recommended.
Christopher Aune (2 months ago)
Needs a shock mount. I can hear every time you tap a finger or move your elbows on the table.
AlienFridge (2 months ago)
Marques brownlee "youtubegear its about gear for youtube" lol
PrestigeNova (2 months ago)
Hey man, I have some questions. So first off, I’m gonna just come out and say it. I do gaming videos for Xbox. Now I have a blue yeti mic, a cover, and I should be getting a floor stand. So how do I attach this and my soundboard to a mix amp for Xbox videos, but still get really good audio quality? I’m thinking I record the game audio with my elgato and have a headset to talk into the game chat, but have my yeti hooked up to my computer with audacity and my sound board hooked up to the mix amp in my Xbox. But I can’t record my party audio without using the commentary button on my elgato. So I don’t know how that setup would work if I wanted to do party videos. I know this sounds like a lot. But could you help me and let me know if this would work. Thanks a lot man!!! Keep up the great work!
STEN Gaming And Music (2 months ago)
Great review man I just got this!
Kobe 2016073 (3 months ago)
I just bought one blue yeti and I got the slate color
Ed D (3 months ago)
Your channel has grown. Last time you were in the 2 million . Congratulations on continue to grow.
Siren (3 months ago)
its $50 on amazon right now
The Hero of Awesome (3 months ago)
ya no the audio technica at2020 or shure sm7b is were its at blue yeti is ehhh
nightriders92 (3 months ago)
Can anyone please tell me if this is good for recording songs? Thank you
Unknown Music (3 months ago)
Sub to fact gamer survival pls that's my friends Minecraft YouTube channel
kmyymk2 (3 months ago)
Called it a blue yeti pro no no sir the pro it's about a 100 more
DatGrunt (3 months ago)
This with the Blue Lolas ($250 headphones) was going for $143. Around $120 with the Amazon Harmony discount. It didn't work for me, but Amazon fixed it and gave me another 15% and I paid about $107. You pretty much get the headphones for free lol
9002 (3 months ago)
Or you know, just get a cheap £20 that sounds just as good as a Blue Yeti Plus.
Tank Abrams (3 months ago)
I have a question for you. I purchased the blue yeti microphone and there is a defect in the mount who you contact I've been trying to find the distributor because the store does not take it as a return after a certain amount of days and when I first bought it. It was on a stand and when I tried putting it on a mount. I found out that the threads are all wrong. Hit me back tell me what you think
Nate Night Show (3 months ago)
do you play ultimate frisbee?
Reliable Productions (3 months ago)
What's the model of the Sennheiser shotgun mic you're using at the beginning of the clip? Sounds not bad at all.
Mark Barner (3 months ago)
Does the mic have a rubber mount to avoid table tapping resonance?
GP Patrol (4 months ago)
this not not youtube gear #1. A usb mic is never a good youtube gear. For that money get a at2020, umc22, and a arm. Sounds way better than this tinny usb piece of shit
Axtenar Gaming (4 months ago)
I own a microphone called Rode NT USB & using it in my channel to record my voice...that thing is amazing and pricey too! but it is a USB so that a plug and play!
Blain Czys (4 months ago)
Good vid! Really helped me out. I think I'm going to buy this mic.
Simran Toor (4 months ago)
Not a Yeti Pro
Jose Cerdeiras (4 months ago)
is there anything better than yeti i notice everyone has this one is been out for yrs now
Braswell Unleashed (4 months ago)
Got mine for $72 with Ghost Recon included. It was a clearance sale at Best Buy 2 weeks ago.
ConnerHasDysentery (4 months ago)
I'm gonna make some animations So I'm thinking about trying to mount the yeti to wall... Of my closet
Damme King (4 months ago)
I have a Yeti and it works perfect ! Nice job !
M3MZ (4 months ago)
170 dollars in Switzerland... Wished we had similar prices ._.
Leha Gotti (4 months ago)
hey can you give youtube gear this year 2017
Jonas Lazauskas (4 months ago)
Can I still partisipate in the micrafone contest?
Antoine Babin (4 months ago)
kind of weird in the low frequencys but a great EQ can fix it for sure ! nice microphone.
Rapid Speed (4 months ago)
It’s like bees and flowers No good gear good content NO GOOD No good content good gear NO GOOD Good content good gear PERFECT 👌🏼
Captain Antoni (4 months ago)
This is usb type b or usb type mini b???
Matierre (3 months ago)
Usb mini b for plugging into the mic and a standard usb port for a computer on the other end
Mario Rugeles (5 months ago)
Hi there. How can I minimize noise? I'm using Blur Yeti
Haze Baze (5 months ago)
For what is the Gain? I'm new in this kind of Microphones. I use only Headsets but buyed today this mircophone.
OPF (5 months ago)
I love u marques
Wesley Brand (5 months ago)
I heard usb mics are inferior to xlr mics. How does the blue yeti pro sound though
brittisnotokay (5 months ago)
mine only works with earbuds?? :(
Models Workshop (5 months ago)
You need to do these again!
Bad Max (6 months ago)
subbed aaaaaaaaa :=)
Sk8r Gamer (6 months ago)
i have a blue snowball and a logitech hd c615
BGM TV (6 months ago)
Just give me the Sony camera on your desk with a shotgun røde mic. Thank you!
PatGamez (6 months ago)
this is old ik but is there like an actual USB cord to put in the USB slot for your monitor,pc,or laptop?
Naughtystimpy (6 months ago)
Goyal Technical (6 months ago)
Hiii this.mic is directly connected yo nikon d5500 dslr pls replay me
Naeven lim (6 months ago)
subscribe s
dat_chip (6 months ago)
Listening in a sound studio here, and yes I can tell the difference. However it's not as different as I would have expected, but a bit more nasal, picks up the room in a different way, and I must say, I prefer the sennheisser. But for the price, it seems okay.
Adrian Musteata (6 months ago)
Looks nice. Professional. I am thinking of getting one. Your YouTube channel is really helpful... Thanks a lot.
StelleBest (7 months ago)
Azam marodz (7 months ago)
nice content bro i now know which microphone good for my gaming :3
Matias Gomez (7 months ago)
the yeti pro have xlr conector...
vibememes (7 months ago)
Please dont buy this
legenDAIRYcow (7 months ago)
That's not the pro..
Kyle Nash (7 months ago)
You've got bug eyes
ITzDennis (7 months ago)
Does the Blue Yeti Work on the Ps4 Please Can Someone please Answer My Question Thank you
Robert Horovitz (7 months ago)
Would you recommend this mic for doing a person to person interview?
UK news (7 months ago)
hi, i am interested in your audio? how to get the best audio?
CaronShaine (7 months ago)
I'm curious what type of sennheiser mic did you use? Cause it sounded great!
Tobi Fasuyi69 (7 months ago)
can it be used for making vocals for recording music?
askbanaan (7 months ago)
Tobi Fasuyi69 It can definitely work for that sort of thing, especially if you're a hobbyist. It's pretty much a plug-and-play microphone, meaning it requires little to no setup, although you might want a shock mount/arm to go along with it. In short, yeah.
Ahmed Rezk (8 months ago)
Thanks for this review. Regarding YT gear, I want to record my lectures. I am after a free software to hand on first, then I can go for a more advanced paid one. Any advice?
Angela Miller Davis (8 months ago)
You are a good presenter, well done!
1102 Cuber (8 months ago)
I'd just like to point out... You said its the Yeti pro... Its not, its just a normal yeti
Gold (8 months ago)
اصحاب مشهور هنا ؟ #سعودي_قيمرز
Echtvergoldet (8 months ago)
Marques ASMR? :D
DeeAlanda (8 months ago)
Hi, I'm looking for a microphone that I can use with latest MacBook pro touch bar. I'm interested in starting my own podcast and need a mic that's inexpensive but has good quality. I'll be recording my own podcast as well as interviewing others and I want to make sure the sound quality is good. Any recommendations? Your help will be very appreciated. Thanks
PandaWorth (8 months ago)
got it for 70

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