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ASUS Zenbook UX430 Review - Great Specs for a Great Price!

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The late 2017 ASUS Zenbook UX430UA is running Intels 8th Gen processors. It also comes fully loaded with 16 GB of RAM and an SSD. The best part is the price. It under cuts the competition by $200-$300 USD. Does the ASUS Zenbook UX430 have the best value on the market? Watch to find out! Buy the ASUS Zenbook UX430 on Amazon: http://geni.us/YVykA Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
Happy New Year everyone! This will be the last video of 2017! Also Two things. 1. I apologize for the screen flickering when I show the display. For some reason this display did not like my camera. No matter what shutter speed I set it too. 2. In the beginning I said "End of 2018" clearly meant to say 2017! = ) Thanks for all the support guys! Lots of great stuff coming in the new year.
he went in future and upload that video in future lol
beatsing (2 days ago)
ok, then I suppose the battery is fine. whew, I thought I might have to take it to the shop or warranty. Thanks Brad
Brad Haines (2 days ago)
beatsing so your wifi just eats battery is what it sounds like. and chips these days are specifically designed to be really effecient with video because thats what most battery tests use
beatsing (2 days ago)
Hi Brad, no just basic spreadsheets, no background tasks. Only running Word or excel, wifi on, in same room as router, and light web browser use. seems to last on about 6 hours, not a full day of work. the 9 hours of video is on loop, no wifi. any idea if it's the battery or something else? thanks Brad
Wesley Nixon (2 days ago)
Nice video dude! I am considering buying this laptop when I saw your review
Spectro (2 days ago)
I have the blue one. The back is awful. Would recommend getting the grey model.
Alex Parcharidis (4 days ago)
Thanks for the review! I have a question since you opened the back of yours.Does it get an extra ssd disc? Cause mine has an m2 240gb and i want to upgrade it.Thanks !
Alex Parcharidis (4 days ago)
oh i thought there was one! Anyway thank you very much for your reply! Cheers from Greece!
Matthew Moniz (4 days ago)
You can replace it for a bigger storage size but theres not another slot for a second one
Paul James Zabala (4 days ago)
what should i buy between ASUS ROG Strix GL553VD and Lenovo Y520?
Fransisco Wijaya (5 days ago)
Wtf who needs a 16gb ram for such an laptop lol. Shouldve 4gb
Zayan Khan (6 days ago)
2018, the shortest year
Gerald Labiran (6 days ago)
Not a good enough laptop
Cameron Crawford (6 days ago)
What's the difference between the uq and ua versions?
Kristian Löfvenmark (2 days ago)
Cameron Crawford uq geforce graphic
Paolo Panjaitan (9 days ago)
Boring design
Jungwoo Hwang (9 days ago)
Is there anyone who experienced coil whine noise from this laptop? I'm about to buy this one thru amazon but most of reviewers are complaining about coil whine.
Ashutosh Sharma (11 days ago)
I bought UX430U from Costco in Dec 2017. It's such a nice laptop...loved it...but it has PWM flickering on any brightness which is less than 100%...so i have to return it.
arjun anand (11 days ago)
I bought this one. Blue. i5 256 ssd model in India. Really good and the most stylish one
Budie Basri (13 days ago)
I love your review Matt so much because you compare the review unit with their competitor immediately. Keep doing it. Good Luck
Wesly Reyes (13 days ago)
Hi matt I like you review for ASUS Zenbook, how about making a review for ASUS X510UQ I really want to check that out. I hope you consider it thank and Happy New Year.
Parishrut Pandey (13 days ago)
I am buying a seventh gen one. How big a difference will be there in battery life between this and seventh generation?
Masrur Molla (13 days ago)
Aaron Lyimo (14 days ago)
"Almost the end of 2018"??😂 How did this get past editing
Ennio Deliu (15 days ago)
Nig*a living in the future
Stephanie Bernard-Roy (15 days ago)
I got this computer for a really good price on boxing day. So far I absolutely love it. As a student, it completely suits my needs. I was worried about the fan noise complaint that often shows up in reviews, and its true, the fan does come on for seemingly no good reason once in a while, but it's not nearly as loud as I thought it would be. Also, I think the new 8th gen processor eats up some of the battery because mine doesn't seem to last as long as those reviewers'. Still, it lasts long enough for me. I'm really happy with my purchase.
MENON (15 days ago)
Can I have a Zenbook? If you are ready to giveaway this
Kingsmen XxX (16 days ago)
I have 1000$. Should I save up or buy something now. I want an Alienware laptop. I need help Idk what to get😩
UNBOXINg dude (16 days ago)
hey grate thumbs upp
Smit_K (18 days ago)
Great video matt! Happy New Year hope u reach 1 million this year😁
Matthew Moniz (18 days ago)
Thanks SMIT!! Happy new year to you too : )
Syed Shabab (18 days ago)
is this a video from future? :P
Matthew Moniz (18 days ago)
I’m A time traveler!
K K (18 days ago)
Suggestion: Please shoot these videos outdoors...that cinematography is dope. These indoor background setups are boring.
K K (18 days ago)
Matthew Moniz we will wait for it. The video that you did of "I returned iphone X" was the best from you, felt like watching a movie. Casey Neistat does similar type videos and we love that. Thanks 😊
Matthew Moniz (18 days ago)
It’s -20 outside right now and snowing 😂 maybe in the summer
syed fahad (18 days ago)
What's the contrast ratio
박우석 (18 days ago)
happy new year matt~
Sönmez Reyiz (18 days ago)
I love that guy cuz my English not perfect and his wordz easy to understand but I don't know the means :D
Android Zz tech (19 days ago)
End of 2018 are u okeee
Vishuwat Rawat (19 days ago)
Thanks for doing a review on Asus ux430, I was looking for it all over. 👍
Matthew Moniz (19 days ago)
You're welcome! = )
Vraj Limbachiya (19 days ago)
Please make a video on Lenovo Yoga 720 15” with gtx 1050 in it
Vraj Limbachiya (19 days ago)
Please make a video on Lenovo Yoga 720 15” with gtx 1050 in it
Vraj Limbachiya (19 days ago)
Please make a video on Lenovo Yoga 720 15” with gtx 1050 in it
Vraj Limbachiya (19 days ago)
Please make a video on Lenovo Yoga 720 15” with gtx 1050 in it
Sharma Shivkumar (19 days ago)
Review the Xiaomi Mi notebook pro 15" i7 Otherwise gud video.... :)
Matthew Moniz (19 days ago)
Thanks Sharma! I'll look into it = )
7skies (19 days ago)
Still overpriced lol, This thing worths around $750-$800 considering the lack of a dedicated GPU,Thunderbolt 3 and a fast NVMe SSD, But what can i say? It's ALMOST the end of 2018 ;)
javier castilla (19 days ago)
I don't find any "Asus ux430 uar" on Amazon...
Ridwan Gosal (19 days ago)
I just bought The Yoga 920, had I realized this Zenbook was in the market I'd purchased this one :( You uploaded the review a tad too late, Matthew j/k
Matthew Moniz (19 days ago)
Lol sorry thanks for watching though. The yoga 920 is great
Johnson Shen (19 days ago)
great video. can you please do a review on the asus vivobook pro 15? i think its great too.
Siddhartha Khanna (19 days ago)
i like the way you say closing thoughts in every laptop review 😂😂
Ma Names Jeff (19 days ago)
This Guy Is From Future. Dude WTF
Matthew Moniz (19 days ago)
I’m a time traveller!
juicy boi (19 days ago)
And again a great video
DEATH (20 days ago)
Nice laptop but I’m happy with my Razer stealth
Degup Demolin (20 days ago)
I stopped watching at "not thunderbolt".. shame
Nikita Martynov (20 days ago)
It's 2017
Noah Hunsaker (20 days ago)
Almost the end of 2018? That's what you said
Zak Tech Reviews (20 days ago)
Wait...maybe I missed this. I've gone back and watched twice now. Can I hook this up to a 4k monitor and get 60hz refresh rate?
Kourosh Farrokhzad (20 days ago)
Another great video. Very impressed with this laptop. Happy New Year!
Andrei Agulescu (20 days ago)
mwell, this is a somewhat disappointing review... ultrabookreview dot com said the display is about 330 nits so it's definitely bright but here, it got 290 so I don't trust either sources now. The keyboard was praised on the other review but here not so much. The performance was lauded on both reviews and I guess it proves how good the 8th gen chips are. I just hope it doesn't suffer from the friggin coil whine because I had a UX530 a few months ago and that thing buzzed and whined like a bunch of drunken crickets.
Andrei Agulescu (5 days ago)
I bough the ideapad 720s 15.6'' version. It's amazing! No coil whine, bigger screen, better keyboard, an HQ processor (i7 7700HQ), upgradable RAM (2400Mhz), and PCIe NVMe SSD, thunderbolt 3 will full 4 lanes support... There is no competition really. The lenovo is better in almost every way!
Robin (5 days ago)
You could check out the Lenovo Ideapad 720s as well, if it's available near you. Fairly similar laptop but better built (at the cost of weight) and a glossy screen.
Andrei Agulescu (11 days ago)
Robin running a cpu stress test results in the coil whine. Running an SSD benchmark results in ... Well, some coil whine but not as bad. I can conclude that the wine is related to the cpu and the voltage regulators+inductors. At this point I'm just going to return it since it's not really worth it for me. Asus' quality has taken a hit
Michael Boadi (20 days ago)
awesome review
Dwaine Burrell (20 days ago)
"So here are my closing thoughts" @ 4:56. Then closes the laptop. I see what u did right there.
Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
Santarpan Roy (20 days ago)
looking forward to the Windows on ARM in 2018
JohnACalero (20 days ago)
It has a charging port, Really? why not just swap it for a USB type c with thunderbolt instead and remove the other type c.
DQuiLon (20 days ago)
Hey Matt, as always great video... however not "every other webcam on the market" suck... Surfaces use the best out there...
Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
Thanks man and fair enough: ) most do suck though. Happy new year !
Àlex Ribé Bachiller (20 days ago)
Happy new yar Matt! Love your unike videos!! =)
Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for watching them and supporting the channel ! 🙌
Muhitul Khan (20 days ago)
Great review! Happy New Year !
Muhitul Khan (18 days ago)
Matthew Moniz your are welcome.
Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
Thanks Muhitul! Happy New Year to you too !
Rahul Anand (20 days ago)
Can you compare this with vivobook S15?
David Homan (20 days ago)
Yashveer Soni (20 days ago)
I bought the ux430un a few weeks ago. Excellent machine for students in highschool and uni. Doesn't break the bank and offers good performance and build for the price. I do agree with Mathew on the battery life, as using asus's included battery manager to extend the physical life of the battery will allow the battery to charge up to 80%. At 80% I can average around 8-10 hours of use. However with a full 100% it should be close to 10-11 hrs. Usage does vary per user but in my case besides the usually word docs and PowerPoints and pdfs, I program on eclipse and Android studio as well as pycharm, I use Sony Vegas 15 for video editing(editing and gaming will reduce battery life to 2-4 hrs), I've tried light gaming which works fine and the speakers, as Mathew mentioned, are a bit tinny but sound crisp and rich . In my experience the display has been good, gets bright enough in classrooms and in sunny environements (brightness preferences may vary per user) and the port selection is very good for the price. Although, I do wish Asus included a dongle as they do with their upper lever models. I also have to mention that the fan is usually on for the most part. Now, this can get annoying if youre someone that pays attention to that but to me they're very quite so you'd really have to get close to hear them. The upside to this is that the computer stays nice and cool! Here's the specs to my machine: -8th gen Core i5-8250u -16gb ram -512 GB SSD(sata not nvme) -nvdia mx150 w/ 2gb VRAM -FullHD non touch matte display (~300 nits) -50 When battery (8-11 hrs depending on usage) If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
beatsing (3 days ago)
hi my battery life is about 6 hours on wifi Web browsing and word excel but 9 hours on watching video without wifi. is my battery defective? thanks
teknown (13 days ago)
mx150 or not?
Draphos (17 days ago)
Andrei Agulescu Thank you!
Andrei Agulescu (17 days ago)
The coil whine is more noticeable while plugged in because windows disables some battery saving optimizations which increase the processor frequency and therefore the power consumption. The coil whine is caused by inductors (coils) that manage the power and stuff for the chip. The noise is made because the fine copper wires present in the inductors vibrate and you get that high pitched, annoying whine. Those vibrations will cause fatigue in the metals (copper wire) and it could break in time (could be in 4 years or 4 days...). Asus is using shitty components and it's inexcusable to pay quite a hefty price for something that's basically built with shitty components. I had a Lenovo Yoga 720 with much beefier processor, SSD, RAM etc and it had zero coil whine which means that it's possible to have a laptop that has no whine. I've also exchanged a few Yoga 720 units due to really bad screens but none had coil whine issues. If it weren't for the nasty screen (dim and uneven backlight) and underwhelming build quality, I would have kept it!
Rémi Toussaint (17 days ago)
Hello, Do you think that the noise from the fan can be annoying for people around you if you are at school, or is it discreet? Many thanks
Happy new year .. good luck for 2018.
Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
Happy new year to you too!
Aunkur pramanik (20 days ago)
I bought this
Andrei Agulescu (20 days ago)
coil whine?
Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
Nice how do you like it ?
ARJUN SETH (20 days ago)
End of 2018?
David Mendez (20 days ago)
absolutely not!, not having a DGPU for that price should be illegal.
Ryan Barclay (20 days ago)
Nice review Matt , very detailed Good range of Input/output Looks very premium and a really reasonable price Have a great day
Christopher Lee (20 days ago)
Great video. You’re doing a great job at pushing all these vids out! 👍
Payhole Everdouche (20 days ago)
All Metal means Magnito will take away control from the owner....!!!
Love2FFu Mister (20 days ago)
I mean 2017 😂😂😂🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🍸🍸
Reasat Mahmud (20 days ago)
This laptop's been out for a year now in Canada. (At least the 7th gen version)
Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
Ya the 8th gen was just released a couple of months ago
Muhammad Afif Siduppa (20 days ago)
Oh gosh I had been waiting for this review! THANKS SIR
Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
You’re very welcome !
Sammy Ganjoo (20 days ago)
happy new year matthew and there is a model with the mx 150 its the ux430un
Dodger 1351 (20 days ago)
End of 2018??? U got serious problem man..
rishabh kabade (20 days ago)
Nano imprint lithography is what I want to work on in my life.
Erika Martin Taylor (20 days ago)
Love the subtle use of the loonie 🇨🇦
Alex (20 days ago)
The truth is out, he's a time traveller and forgot to adapt back to real world
shrlnzam (20 days ago)
hp envy 13 is much more better, i think
Alcial (20 days ago)
Under 1k views
flooka (20 days ago)
Just my two cents: I own the UX430UQ with the 940MX - heats up if you play light games to don't play too long, and also it may just be my model but the trackpad sucks. Im using an external mouse at home but on the go it spazzes out at random. Otherwise great laptop!
Abdullah Hasnain (20 days ago)
can u please review the acer aspire 5 with i7 8th gen and mx150.. its 700 dollar and look very good value for money
Parth Desai (20 days ago)
End of 2018??
WiLDFiRe GTR (20 days ago)
$1000 laptop with no dedicated gpu is a scam. It should have at least an nvidia mx150
Skeal (14 days ago)
Asus UX430UN has a MX150 tho....
Abner Hernandez (19 days ago)
WiLDFiRe GTR agree
AeroDesigns (19 days ago)
WiLDFiRe GTR ultrabooks are not aimed at people who want to game or edit video, they are designed for people who want to work on the go with good battery life and light construction. There are other types of laptops with dedicated gpus for different purposes so to call this a scam is incorrect
Andrei Agulescu (20 days ago)
there is a version with the mx150 (ux430un)
WiLDFiRe GTR (20 days ago)
You're paying $1000 ,that's a lot of money for just browsing the web. This kind of deny led us have either, some ugly bumpy gaming laptops, or thin notebooks that can't do more than simple tasks. The mx150 is sweet spot between both. Some notebooks do have it
Wait did I just pass through another year serruptiously? I totally forgot what I've done in 2018. Maybe time to consult my psychiatrist to see if I am still relavent.
Howie F (20 days ago)
Meh, I'd wait til ces 2018 at this point.
Parth Desai (20 days ago)
Matthew Moniz 8th core it and an mx150 was desirable at a grand
Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
All the ultrabooks will be rocking similar processors to this in CES 2018. It's the more heavy duty 6-core processors for slightly larger laptops that will be interesting
Nguyen Minh Hieu (20 days ago)
Ugly logo
Charoen P (20 days ago)
Too much digital toys, I need to go back to the bush and live natural life 😁😄
Yashwant Chougale (20 days ago)
Hey Matthew, wish you a Happy and successful (1M sub) New year!! In advance.
Eric Yap Chin Yang (20 days ago)
Hi, can you please review the latest HP envy 13,thx :) Happy New Year !!!
HriShi (20 days ago)
2019? Anyone?
Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
Pryonto Sarker (20 days ago)
End of 2018 wtf
Sammy Ganjoo (20 days ago)
wait what if the doctors real name is matthew?
Mr Rishi The Cookie (20 days ago)
He is a timelord buddy. EXPOSED
Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
2017 clearly you know what I mean = )
Rohit k Tech (20 days ago)
I wish I had a laptop like that for portability
Hamad Alsayed (20 days ago)
I don't really like their computers, most of them have faulty motherboards.
aqif izzat (20 days ago)
Nice review💪💪
Mario Mario (20 days ago)
Hi Matthew, can you review the Asus Chimera G703? I love your reviews!
shakiba charles (20 days ago)
4 views no likes 1comment I’m early
Copter Rattanapitak (20 days ago)
Almost the END? of 2018?
Eddie Perkins (20 days ago)
Matthew Moniz is from the future. #Aliens
Matthew Moniz (20 days ago)
LOL oops 2017
Rohit k Tech (20 days ago)
Hey man

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