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Chromebooks Are No Joke

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Can a sub-$400 Chromebook do the job of a Mac or Windows PC? WSJ Personal Tech Columnist Joanna Stern finds out. Subscribe to the WSJ channel here: http://bit.ly/14Q81Xy Visit the WSJ channel for more video: https://www.youtube.com/wsjdigitalnetwork More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: http://online.wsj.com/home-page Follow WSJ on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wsjlive Follow WSJ on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+wsj/posts Follow WSJ on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJLive Follow WSJ on Instagram: http://instagram.com/wsj Follow WSJ on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/wsj/ Follow WSJ on Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/wall-street-journal

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Text Comments (454)
Nevermore (1 day ago)
I wouldn't mind owning a Chromebook... Just have to wipe the disk and put lubuntu on it.
Finlay Mitchell (1 day ago)
They're much better now they virtually run Android.
Heer Ollie (4 days ago)
yes sure with a lifespan of 5 years
James Hendrick (6 days ago)
I'm a Chromebook lover.
Adrien Charlton (6 days ago)
Mehmet Kara (7 days ago)
Oh Joanna what could have been! I was falling head over heels in love with you here and then you said you have a Macbook, no just no ! ;-)
shiba lover (24 days ago)
nope there trash
Marc Novell (26 days ago)
outdated video delete
Tiffany Marlow (1 month ago)
2:05 are you sure? I have one that all I had to do is select my printer and it printed
Ernie Casado (1 month ago)
Chrome books are super slow and they lag
Who else watched this on a chromebook?
Daniel11420 (1 month ago)
I use my chromebook daily, with 20 tabs open at average with no lag on chrome (which would require 383gb of ram on chrome for windows) and the only reason I ever use my PC is gaming. I have a 1080p 21.5inch HP 22es monitor that I use with it + red logitech M171 wireless mouse + a keyboard. It works perfectly, and, to add even more, since there's android app support, I almost never use my phone. (Well, I use my phone for HQ Trivia since it doesn't run well on chromebooks for some reason.)
Marcelo Matiello (1 month ago)
"... a high end design" then shows a plastic cheap looking laptop
llama boy84 (1 month ago)
they now have the GP(google play) store :)
Some newer chromebooks can now run android apps, alot are offline apps meaning the Chromebook can rival a windows PC in alot of cases
Masternd887 (1 month ago)
Masternd887 (1 month ago)
spam 1 on your keyboard
VyvRΞousTM (1 month ago)
Leave the hard jobs to Mac And Windows.
Victor Kidd (1 month ago)
Notice the "roomy" screen sizes... Ahhhhhhh
Samuel Lessman (1 month ago)
These are a great for dual booting linux distros.
Riley BrownRiley (2 months ago)
my school has us use Chromebooks and they can do everything the desktops can except print
Kyhnz (2 months ago)
Dell XPS 15 or Chromebook?
Squaretable22 (2 months ago)
I use my Chromebook for almost everything, internet browsing, music listening (via Spotify), video streaming, word processing - when I need to use specialist software for my course (I'm a Uni Student) or to pretty an assignment up in Office before submitting, I just take a trip down to the library and do it there. For a student, and for a home user who doesn't game - it's ideal.
RiRi J (1 month ago)
Squaretable22 That sounds brilliant. I'm a Londoner so the £ applies me. Never had a laptop before but just recently found out about Chromebooks and have been doing research about the diffetent makes so I can finally purchase one, nothing to expensive. The R11 was the first one I really looked into and I was deciding out of that or R13. Heard more good reviews about R11so i'm leaning more to that one
Squaretable22 (1 month ago)
an Acer Chromebook 11 from 2015. it operates really well even with obscene number of tabs (I tend to keep all tabs open when writing assignments so I can flick back to my sources and articles I've looked at). I understand that Chromebooks have gotten even better since. it cost me about £80 in the Black Friday sales in then-british pounds, which with today's exchange rate is $114, I understand that the current model of the Acer Chromebook 11 retailed in 2017 at £180 ($260 but it may be cheaper due to lower US Sales Tax and the stronger dollar)
RiRi J (1 month ago)
Squaretable22 Which model did you settle for and how's it's performance thusfar?!
Sn SM (2 months ago)
Yes and NO...these units are HEAVILY locked down. If you grow tired of Googles spying and utter absence of privacy your stuck. With a PC I can load a different OS. Also, the chromebook are really designed to be disposable. I repair laptops among other tasks and chromebooks are mostly disposable,,,
Roun Dair (2 months ago)
These "laptoids" actually are good. For a secondsry, or for a somewhst cheap-ish primary.
sushi dream (2 months ago)
not paying $1000 for a laptop that can barely run any programs.
Zayd Abbas (2 months ago)
"Intels latest processors" I love myself some integrated atom graphics... seriously get an el cheapo i5 laptop repaste it and put an ssd boot drive in it and install ubuntu
manual (2 months ago)
sorry...it is still a bad joke
cønner the wølf (2 months ago)
Good kid laptop till the find out how to get Linux or windows 10 on it
The lone observer ‘ (2 months ago)
Oh god the invasion has begun
Rahzar Blade (2 months ago)
Yes they are
Jaredy Boi (2 months ago)
Man this acting is great
See Nomore (2 months ago)
WalrusLord01 (2 months ago)
You are not funny please stop ur just cringe
TheTexasOOF Gamer (2 months ago)
Or just buy a Gaming PC
jm Morgenstern (2 months ago)
, please do your homework before, thank you
jm Morgenstern (2 months ago)
Time to get rid of your Chromebook because of the lower case letter keyboard very very confusing look at all your other keyboard such as Windows Mac Linux all have uppercase letters on the keyboard why does Google make it lower case I don't know their stupid Google make your keyboards with uppercase letters the same way that everybody makes it I asked people to not buy the netbooks to rather buy Windows Netbook PCS and not by Google's version of netbooks or Chromebooks as a more commonly called Chromebooks as a more commonly called don't buy Google Chromebook and that's why I got rid of my Chromebook I don't like it it bothers me that I can't type on it I can't do anything on it I have to relearn the letters practically I don't know about you but I formation so I got rid of my Chromebook two uppercase letters written on it not lowercase I asked for people to go to to make a petition on change.org and ask how many people hate the Chromebook because of the lower case letters in Benton bossed on the keyboard itself I would sign it that I absolutely hate it and I got rid of my Chromebook because of that now Google made a lot of other good products I'm not bashing Google hair but when they make a product that's the junkyard I'm sorry and you're right what is Google going to sell us next a toaster that only I can cook chicken or a microwave that can only cook cheeseburgers I mean like hanging out I mean I'm being sarcastic here but I mean reality is that the Google sold us with a Chromebook a bag of of of of of Earth that there's nothing you can do with it you can't use it as fertilizer you can't use it for anything this is the point that I'm trying to bring out with a Chromebook forget it you can bring the Android apps to Chrome you can do all that stuff it doesn't matter to me as long as the keyboard is written and lowercase letters embraced and emboss on the keyboard I am going to be an it against buying a Chromebook and I'm going to start a petition that is going to go straight to hopefully if I can get a Google email to somebody in the office is not a straight to them and I'm going to make such a stink about this that believe me they're going to have to change it this is my first attempt at making a big stink about the Chromebook keyboard it's just horrible and a portable that Google will actually make that type of a mistake and not only that but the day that they're proud of it we have to change Google for the better and we have to make sure that Chromebooks all right usable by everybody and that people do not have to learn a new keyboard formats
Emin Nart (2 months ago)
the search button will decrease my productivity, i have a bad habit of using caps lock for capital letters
MrMoneyHelper (2 months ago)
I've been exclusively using a Chromebook for over three years. I just bought a Windoz machine only because it was a screaming good deal. I'm putting GNU/Linux on it as a dual boot; but I might use a service that supplies Chrome OS to school systems to make their old machines run fast and worry free. They offer free versions of Chrome OS to individuals for home use. Their updates are only one month behind Google's updates. Look up the company called Neverware to get the free download of Chrome OS.
Boba Squid (2 months ago)
I do everything I need on a 200 dollar android tablet (with full GooglePlayStore access) and a blue tooth keyboard. For gaming or seriously heavy editing and or more demanding programs, you need a good laptop with a graphics card. That's it. 400 bucks for a Chromebook is just an insanely, huge waste of money.
Mike Duijghuisen (2 months ago)
Chromebooks are phones with a keyboard. I CAN’T PLAY ALL STEAM GAMES ON A PHONE. None actually
cool guy (3 months ago)
They are a joke
Alab (3 months ago)
i love the humor in this video, great job. It was so bad it became good.
Danatron (3 months ago)
chromebooks are a joke for programmer and always will be
Computer kid (3 months ago)
Chromebooks are literally a computer made by google. You are 100% at the mercy of a giant company about to become the real world Buy ‘n’ Large. I’m sure you’ve seen WALL-E.
Lisa Donnelly (3 months ago)
This computer was already a "real laptop" I mean they have the same programs and plus the only thing they don't have is the Microsoft windows
Cute Kitten Wooystun (3 months ago)
laptops that cant do anything w/out an internet connection and you call that no joke?? in your dreams p.s i appropriately disliked this video
Jordan Malfara (3 months ago)
Im a developer and use a Pentium chromebook running linux. ChromeOS is not bad and has gotten alot better but Linux on these machines is the way to go
John Cena (3 months ago)
chromebook is a f............g joke
static llama (3 months ago)
Laptops are bad, chromebooks are horrible
ChamChoCraft (3 months ago)
I half agree but some laptops are good like the asus q553ub which has 12 gb ddr3 ram a gt 940m i7 6500u 2tb hdd but the $900 price tag is kinda too expensive
Nikki H (3 months ago)
I love my chromebook. It does everything I need. I would prefer chromebooks then windows laptops anyday. They are faster, the battery is long lasting, and the sound is amazing.
DirectTech22 (3 months ago)
Better than a ThinkPad P51?
Death Wraith (3 months ago)
Wth they just said that they have features which bring them close to a real laptop Chrome books ARE laptops .-.
Theresa Horton (3 months ago)
Chromebook sucks. They are just plastic cheap netbooks that you just browse. You can’t get no programs so goodbye your preferred bowser, games, media players, and viruses. Apps don’t help because they are “not really” programs. They don’t do the work we need or we want to get done. For $300, you can now get cheap windows notebooks that do WAY MORE than a piece of brick. Or you could just get Linux mint or Ubuntu if it is even possible so you will have at least “some” useful programs to start with.
Cookie (3 months ago)
Whats the Name of the Music
astrophysx (3 months ago)
chrome-books are real laptops as long as you install non-prop linux software on them.
SadVaporBoi (3 months ago)
It is now no joke, for it now has the play store
Antonio APC79 (3 months ago)
What about chrome extension
Gary Rahemba (3 months ago)
I heard you can turn a old useless (2yr old) Windows machine into a Chromebook for free. I'd be all in on that if I needed to. But I don't cause I already have a Chromebook.
ChamChoCraft (3 months ago)
yeah and that old useless 2 year old machine might still run crisis 1440p max setting with 60 fps and also ive seen pc's from 2012 still running games with the same performance as a 1050 ti
Len Calimot (3 months ago)
Can it run full Adobe features?
Nikhil Dhande (3 months ago)
This book sucks
Chrome books are used in my school.
EddyGraphic (3 months ago)
Now you can even install Android apps.
Wario (3 months ago)
sorry my lung collapsed from laughing so hard who needs a i5 in BIG phone with a keyboard!
VyvRΞousTM (3 months ago)
Chrome is a joke.
Argon (3 months ago)
It sucks, Windows laptop all the way.
takeadayofff (4 months ago)
If ChromeBooks aren't a joke them how come I LOLd ;-)
Leigh Canning (4 months ago)
Do apps and extensions available in the store take away from my already limited Memory on my notebook? Thanks
ChamChoCraft (3 months ago)
mabe not because usually come with at least 4gb of ram but I wouldn't run too many things at once with it
Ken Hudson (4 months ago)
Your "real" laptop gets stolen, you're screwed. Like most dumbasses you haven't been backing up your stored stuff. Your Chromebook gets stolen, you access all your stored stuff in the cloud using ANY piece of hardware. Your "real" laptop needs you to remember updates for the OS. Your Chromebook OS updates automatically. Your "real" laptop has to get viruses cleaned out all the time. Your Chromebook is immune to viruses. No malware. No spyware. Your "real" laptop costs big bucks. Your Chromebook is cheap. True...there are drawbacks. It all depends on exactly what you want the machine to do and how much you're willing to pay. 50 years ago people would've KILLED or sold their kids into slavery to have something like this. And some millennial pissants today are bitching because a Chromebook won't let them win the lottery? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
indian scammer (3 months ago)
Ken Hudson “Your Chromebook is immune to viruses” hahaha nice joke!
Carboy7 (4 months ago)
My school had to cancel its robotics class because the Chromebooks the school "upgraded" to didn't support the program we were using.
ArchGirl (1 month ago)
Carboy7 Ah yeah, that's what I meant. Technic is the model cars and trucks etc. 🙂
Carboy7 (1 month ago)
Yes, the Lego NXT software kind of thing.
ArchGirl (1 month ago)
Carboy7 Like Lego Technic? I seem to remember that came with motors and electronic controls to build robots. There are Rubik's Cube solving robots made with that and K'nex. :)
Carboy7 (1 month ago)
It was some windows-only Lego thing.
ArchGirl (1 month ago)
Carboy7 That's the problem with school boards when it comes to digital learning. They wanna look like they're ahead of the curve, but price is more important than function, so they go cheap. They're perfectly fine for your average student using online tools, but specialized stuff like your robotics class would need gets abandoned to save money. Shame, really. What was the software, out of curiosity?
killmoo (4 months ago)
You can just plug in a printer* I did it with a old dell one from 2008 and it worked!
Blake Wixom (4 months ago)
to me they are still a joke. They are ok college laptops if you a major that doesn't do anything tech related. If you are doing programming you should just get a used thinkpad because you can't program on a chromebook and on a chromebook the keyboard feel is terrible. Thinkpads are very famous for their amazing keyboard feel.
JDM BRO (4 months ago)
I am the 1k liker :D if that makes sense.
Steven Snow (4 months ago)
This girl definitely chromes domes as good as any lady of the night.
V3TORX1 (4 months ago)
Can you play an actual game on chromebook ha nope
ejl 233 (4 months ago)
These chromebooks are designed for people who are on a budge like college students who just need to write essays or need to search the web.
blake vaughan (4 months ago)
Have chrome books now for all the family, so good so fast by by my window 10 machine not looked back, now need to get one at work all my problems would be solved.
Cheri Sullivan (5 months ago)
Well I got a windows ten andI like what I have
KEIKI (5 months ago)
I like chrome books but they can't game
Fahmi Herlambang (5 months ago)
Can we install firefox on that?
Vincent Scales (5 months ago)
So you can't print from chromebooks?
Razer Studios (5 months ago)
301st comment
ChamChoCraft (3 months ago)
ima be 501'st!!!!!!!!!! ORDER 66!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grandpa (5 months ago)
She's halarious
Urbano Barbosa (5 months ago)
Do you know any app to programming on Chromebook???
small9000 Roblox (5 months ago)
the chromebooks at a SCHOOL (budget ones) are better than an apple macbook pro (except for the integrated storage)
flakeu (2 months ago)
By better you mean cheaper right? Even the Macbook air with i5 beats the Chromebooks when it comes to do some serious video, photo, sound editing. If you are only using a laptop to type some text and browse Facebook then I guess I don't see why your school is spending money on Macbook pros
ChamChoCraft (3 months ago)
I hate apple but MacBook pros have i7's 250 gb ssd's dedicated graphics better displays 16 gb of ram and an aluminum chassis
Kuri0 : Gaming & More (3 months ago)
Ethan Prior really
kalle olson (5 months ago)
reel shieet
manual (5 months ago)
chromebooks arent just a joke, its a bad joke
Flyingdeerpig3 (6 months ago)
Wait chrome books are that expensive now that’s overpriced and the screen is crap
Flyingdeerpig3 (6 months ago)
They are a joke
NoobKiller Roof (6 months ago)
Ola Söderlind (6 months ago)
"real" laptop is a porteble computer whit a screen, keyboard, and pointer device like tuchpad Cromebook is a real laptop too
Pancake Killer (6 months ago)
0:44 Hey look, that's the exact Chromebook model I'm using right now!
Cynical Fox (6 months ago)
i connected one of the most poweful graphics cards to these and it crapped out
TheSampLamp (6 months ago)
Acer Aspire. Cheap and powerful. ‘Nuff said. Also, the OS isn’t a web browser. And you don’t need dongles to do literally anything.
Theosmush (6 months ago)
To Call it a joke is an insault to jokes
Noah Fogarty (6 months ago)
JPM Trolling (6 months ago)
Chromebooks Are A Joke
vihanga akalanka (6 months ago)
she is awesome gained my sub
Tilen Zupanc (7 months ago)
Just buy a used laptop...
Tilen Zupanc (7 months ago)
Just buy a used laptop...

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