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Snapdragon 835 - 6 AWESOME FEATURES! [in Hindi]

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We are seeing many flagship smartphones getting launched with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. This includes OnePlus 5, Xiaomi MI 6, Mi MIx and many more. However, what is it that makes Snapdragon 835 so good., In this video, we explain why Snapdragon 835 is so good! Video Highlights ************************************************************* 00:48 Snapdragon 835 processor Introduction 00:59 Snapdragon 835 features & benefits 01:01 Snapdragon 835 battery life increase 01:17 Snapdragon 835 quick charging feature 01:35 Snapdragon 835 Virtual Reality support 01:58 Snapdragon 835 dual camera support 02:15 Snapdragon 835 optical zoom support 02:38 Snapdragon 835 Faster download speed 03:07 Snapdragon 835 security features 03:42 Snapdragon 835 device machine learning 04:30 Conclusion ************************************************************* Subscribe for more videos ►►► http://bit.ly/TrakinTech Follow us on: Web: http://trak.in Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/trakin Twitter personal: http://www.twitter.com/8ap Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IndiaBusiness... GooglePlus: http://www.google.com/+TrakinTech ************************************************************ Trakin Tech 100k Subscriber Mega Giveaway - http://trak.in/giveaway Credits ************************************************************** Background Music - www.Bensound.com Source:
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Text Comments (81)
Pratik Thakor (2 months ago)
Bhai infinix s3 lena chahiye ya nahi
Pratik Thakor (2 months ago)
Good vidio bhai
Ritik Gill (2 months ago)
Superb bro
Guljar SK (3 months ago)
Vishal chavan (4 months ago)
Laga hee nhi sir aaj missing he
Mahendra Maharana (4 months ago)
Bro your my real bro it is best tech news
DHEERAJ Bajaj (4 months ago)
sharma ji ki cheating krr raha hai
mohammed saleem shaik (4 months ago)
BAHOOT ACCHA information diya hi, it is useful to us
Ashif Khan (5 months ago)
bhai aap ye bhi bataao ki browser kaun se pe accha chalta hai Hollywood dubbed movie dekhne ke liye jo log kam jante in cheezo ke baare mein
Venkatesh Dubey (6 months ago)
thank u for ur opinion sir
Vimal Bhai Tank (6 months ago)
Veri good vidio muje phon lena he konsha lukanfuyj hu aapmuje btavo 20.000
sachin yadav (6 months ago)
635 kiss hai
Ajdaul Hoque (6 months ago)
Mediated p25 processor Vs snapdragon 625 processor
NikTech Knowledge (6 months ago)
Thank u good video
saidul islam (7 months ago)
Under 25000.r.me snapdragon835wala Mobil melega ?video banao please......
Kumar Sudipt (7 months ago)
Snapdragon835 is awesome
soumendu Nanda (7 months ago)
plz do a comparison between cool 1 and cool play 6....camera,speed test, etc...plz...plz....plz...thank u...u r great
utsav kumar (7 months ago)
very nice bro.... ye processor lounch ko gya h
KAMAL SINGH (9 months ago)
where are you chetanya ? we miss you now a days. please come back
PAWAN SONI (9 months ago)
mujeeb6672 (9 months ago)
hello sir Htc U11 or U ultra k bare kya opinion hai app ka
Sushant - (9 months ago)
informative video 👈... best tech
kudrot ali (10 months ago)
price ko bhul jao
kudrot ali (10 months ago)
apko konsa phone sabse jyada accha lakta hai galaxy s8,mi 6,oneplus 5 ?
gagan garg (10 months ago)
good sir
Gupta Deeepak (10 months ago)
Ooo Yehaa..
Raj Kumar Gupta (10 months ago)
Sir, Human ke andar kitna GB ka RAM hota hai? 😂😅
sandeep puri (10 months ago)
Sir ji what do you say abt oneplus 5 cheating on benchmark
Arun Basoya (10 months ago)
fast you tuber dekha hai mene jiski voice. looking. style aur explain karna awesome keep it up brother
MD Usman (10 months ago)
snaipdregan 850 isse b accha h. bhai plz reply one plus 5 me hai 850
Akram khan mansuri (10 months ago)
Bhai aapaka video shandar hai...
YASEEN SYED (10 months ago)
Bhai supse alag entrasting video banaoo jaldhi oparr jaoo ge 4 month me 300000 srb hojai ge
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
Shukriya Yaseen bhai - Hum jaroor koshish karenge aur acche videos banaane ke :) Aap sirf dekhte rahiye aur comment karte rahiye!
Balu Raj Pandit (10 months ago)
please tell me the link or name of your mic which you are using sir for recording
vinod Kumar (10 months ago)
1 lakh ho jaye jaldi bas
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
+Tushar chaudhary Aap sabke ke support se Jaldi hi 1 lakh sub ho jayenge.. Thanks all of you.
vinod Kumar (10 months ago)
bhai videos bhot acche banare ho aap
Ameya Nagarkar (10 months ago)
Thanks for making us aware about Snapdragon 835! Keep posting👍👍
KAMAL SINGH (10 months ago)
sir kya 835 processor 5G support krta h?
pardeep mor (10 months ago)
nice video bro
Rahul pandey (10 months ago)
nice information
M. Meena (10 months ago)
Bhai waiting for your vedio,kaha ho aaj
Subham Rajput (10 months ago)
bhai ek video optical zoom vs digital zoom pr banaye
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
Jaroor... I think thats a good topic.. we will do that video in coming days..
pawan anand (10 months ago)
Badia jaa rhe ho bhai
Dheeman Jit goswami (10 months ago)
Sir Charging k time kya kam krta hai...?.
Chandan Kumar (10 months ago)
Keep it up...
sai hambarde (10 months ago)
Mi 6 india me Kab aane wala hai sir please bataoo
Amit Kumar (10 months ago)
kitne nm ki technology par based hai aur cortex kaunsa hai
Ambar Dey (10 months ago)
I want 2 know that Exynos 8895 processor which was used in samsung s8 in india was equally powerful with snapdragon 835?
Mukesh Gupta (10 months ago)
superb explanation 😀😀😀
amin khan (10 months ago)
you are good looking kya aap dil bhi?????
gadgets lover (10 months ago)
this channel deserve more subscribers
Ammar Buliwala (10 months ago)
nice speeach......
Ammar Buliwala (10 months ago)
its ok bro....
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
Ammar Buliwala Thanks keep watching all videos
Technical Antu (10 months ago)
please make a video on explaining SD 600 series and 800 series. is 808 is better than 625. I have so much confusion.
Harsh Patel (10 months ago)
kis chiz ko kaise explain krna hai wo aapko bahot achhi tarah se aata hai.. warna sabko samjh to aata hai pr explain nahi krpate aapki tarah.. ❤
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
+Harsh Patel Thanks.. keep watching all videos..
Jashraj Kanhar (10 months ago)
keep it up .nice
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
+Jashraj Kanhar Thank you..
Liza Shama (10 months ago)
1 lakh bahut jaldi all the best
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
+Liza Shama sure.. Thanks
Arun Bhore (10 months ago)
Nice bro
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
+Arun Bhore Thanks keep watching all videos
Technical Antu (10 months ago)
nice keep going you will get many subscribers.if you keep doing this in your way.
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
+Technical Antu Thanks keep watching all videos
raju verma (10 months ago)
apki presentation bahut kamal ki hai keep it up bro .apki awaj bhi bahut clear or damdar hai .
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
raju verma Thanks keep watching all videos
Ritesh Choudhary (10 months ago)
thanks for sharing knowledge
Ritesh Choudhary (10 months ago)
Trakin Tech ok bro
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
Ritesh Choudhary Thanks keep watching all videos
nitesh kanwar (10 months ago)
achha lga bro
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
+nitesh kanwar Thanks keep watching all videos
kumarpravin 82 (10 months ago)
nice tech
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
+kps videos Thanks keep watching all videos
M. Meena (10 months ago)
gud going bhai
deepak rana (10 months ago)
Very gud bro keep it up
Trakin Tech (10 months ago)
+deepak rana Thanks keep watching all videos
Kirti Solanki (10 months ago)
atleats SD 835 has many genuine and awesome features thank u very much ........
Nilutpal Saikia (10 months ago)

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